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Last two games Oly - WD Utd - LL
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A woman was arrested after allegedly driving into oncoming traffic and hitting a car with three passengers to "test…
Retweeted by Eurëka!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @TheSaItIsHere we just kick the ball east west and south then a aimless long ball from lindelof or maguire headed n…
Retweeted by Eurëka!STOP SPORTS BETTING. It's not good for your health.
Retweeted by Eurëka! @GCBBankLimited Thanks @SuperJoeyy 👊This. Is. Fucking. Insane.
Retweeted by Eurëka!Agreement between #Inter and #Chelsea for Victor #Moses. He will leave #Fenerbahce in the next hours. Inter will cl…
Retweeted by Eurëka!I’ve come oh. The system was down 💀
Retweeted by Eurëka!The drug dealers I grew up with had cars, a house and money. Y’all mfs today ain’t got nothing!!! Not even the damn drugs!
Retweeted by Eurëka!So the fuel you Dey increase, ebe kebab sellers dem Dey pay?
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He forgot she’s 23 with a lot energy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Eurëka!Future going thru it
Retweeted by Eurëka!Terminator Dark Fate 🎬🎥It's in Spanish sigh, need to get an English dub or subtitle. I'm pausing this till thenPSA 19/01/2020. #WeDey4U
Retweeted by Eurëka!Yo @MTNGhana are u guys sure u connected the cable well?
Retweeted by Eurëka!Bruhhh the street won’t forget the struggle
Retweeted by Eurëka!LRT whew! And I'm yet to receive even 5k with my masters 😭 I must really borga by any meansI guess one thing that separates the tech industry from others is we really don’t care about credentials. You go MI…
Retweeted by Eurëka!I saw that vacancy paying 5K GHS for a masters degree holder and realized that all of us are each living in very di…
Retweeted by Eurëka!The App 🎥🎬 @GrantGoldberg Oh you like mixed men? Well-
Retweeted by Eurëka! @GrantGoldberg In 2013 this was funny, now it kinda sounds like modern rap music 😂
Retweeted by Eurëka!SUPA HOT BACK
Retweeted by Eurëka! @ForlaOlatunji 🤝🤝🤝Jexi 🎥🎬📸 : The lads have landed safely at the home grounds of @AduanaStarsFc Kick off in just about an hour. Come on Leg…
Retweeted by Eurëka! @Gyette_ 🤝 @Gyette_ Forward odds x50gh? Ebi susu box or rural bank?
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Retweeted by Eurëka!Fuel is 5.50 for fucks sake. Eii Show beezy
Retweeted by Eurëka!Send this picture to anyone on your contact with the caption "This could be us" Drop your screenshots let's laugh…
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Wakaso is set to undergo a medical in China ahead of his move to Jiangsu Suning which will quadruple his current wa…
Retweeted by Eurëka!Girls dey lie oo herh!! Unprovoked!!! Like you catch am say she dey lie oo but she still go deny. Fear Women. Ei
Retweeted by Eurëka!The NPP government doesn’t know why the cedi is depreciating after three years and has set up a committee in an ele…
Retweeted by Eurëka!Cape Town windy 42 mphr
Retweeted by Eurëka! @giltgh @blac4rina @MBawumia Lol you have a pointElection year, the guns are already out and firing 😂😂 @MBawumia isn't part of the committee that has been set up to investigate the falling of the cedi, the same pers…
Retweeted by Eurëka!"You have acquired academic knowledge without any industrial input. You cannot use textbooks to manage Ghana's Econ…
Retweeted by Eurëka!Wow. I’m confused. Do the people behind this daft idea hate Dr. Bawumia or something? Why didn’t they just go for o…
Retweeted by Eurëka!It is only in Ghana that when something goes wrong, we set up a committee to investigate but we won’t implement the…
Retweeted by Eurëka!Lol aww @optimum_desire @AnDroid_Qpid @_dey___ 😬 @AnDroid_Qpid Delivery dey?social media wahala , miss me with all that drama.
Retweeted by Eurëka! @76erCule Google drive and iCloud herePlease do. I lost everything on my phone when it crashed. Nbs chest pains.
Retweeted by Eurëka! @naswa16 I can feel your pain. I learnt from someone's mistake @sukufees Lol smh @vena_c7 @_dey___ 😂 I go just block you people very soon @vena_c7 😂😂😂 ah ah ah smhWatch what happened when @efiaodo1 video called Akrobeto on the #RealNews 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Eurëka! @missyrebby WhyJohnny Drille the truth.
Retweeted by Eurëka!Take your time to watch this😂, Women are scum but Men are Scumbag😂
Retweeted by Eurëka! @Priscie_Twyla Lol what? @GCBBankLimited What is G-money?
@donduwey Bro! Very trash year @optimum_desire God e dey hold we downThank you, @Twitter
Retweeted by Eurëka!Every once in a while I get flashbacks from 2017, one of my worst years. I just shake my head cos I actually learnt the lesson. God is good @beekindbitch How you gon get mad at my boy for talking to a co worker in the break room but the you go and post th…
Retweeted by Eurëka!Who sent my husband my tweet?
Retweeted by Eurëka!Pls fuck me. My husband doesn’t have a twitter. Pls.
Retweeted by Eurëka! @beekindbitch @bbycilvia We really livin in an age where tweets like this happen and guys get called insecure for n…
Retweeted by Eurëka!I'm trying to let this phone discharge completely then give it a full charge @NaaQue 😧😨😰😥😢Thanks picture of my Fans and I !! There's no victory without sacrifice indeed !! Y'all thought charm was just there…
Retweeted by Eurëka!Maybe yes maybe noAm I broken? 😢
Retweeted by Eurëka!📝 DEAL DONE: Ashley Young has signed for Inter Milan for £1.5m on an 18-month contract. (Source: @Inter)
Retweeted by Eurëka!I still think this is one of the best hack videos I’ve seen
Retweeted by Eurëka!I know it’s late but I’ve just come across this black version of Netflix’s You on IG and I need the second part 😂👏🏿
Retweeted by Eurëka! @_naneee_ @iTech911 Thanks bro, someone will contact you soonImagine sending them a voice note why they should quit music and then hearing it in the intro of their album.
Retweeted by Eurëka!Found my first Nigerian!!!! We spent like 10 seconds screaming “how you deyyyyyy???!!!!” cos mans was tired of “hi,how are you??” 🤣
Retweeted by Eurëka!Putin looking at his potential successors.
Retweeted by Eurëka!mom and dad 🥺🥺🥺
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Retweeted by Eurëka!Mac Miller's posthumous album has been released by his family. It's meant to be a sister album to his 2018 Grammy…
Retweeted by Eurëka!I have accepted my fate morning you’ll wake up and before you go back to sleep at night, your whole life will change for good. Everyo…
Retweeted by Eurëka!A rare coin featuring Britain's King Edward VIII, who abdicated to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson, has sold…
Retweeted by Eurëka! @appledealergh @iTech911 Thanks chief @appledealergh boss you dey do iwatch battery replacement?Lemme cash the money I haven’t lost on betway and buy a chemical peel that will make my skin flawless so I can attr…
Retweeted by Eurëka!Guess who's back 😱 @Eminem just dropped a brand new album. Listen now →
Retweeted by Eurëka! @ikem86ikem Bro! Sad stuff @99Poke_em 🤝The most disgusting thing just happened to me guys. Someone called me via WhatsApp video and was wanking. I don’t…
Retweeted by Eurëka!Ah ah ah not even 2gh @99Poke_em The jobBruh by this first quarter the money all for come dey my side cossssssss the bleeding make too merch!
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