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@PaintClown_ Gn🧡 @YuhuuurSpam Same @FkdUpInDaCrib LMFAOOO @JustThatFishTV Fr sameHe just like me world W @YuhuuurSpam 🙏🏽 @YuhuuurSpam If she’s there I will be happy fr I need her @YuhuuurSpam She was so pretty her smile was cute af I was so sad bro @YuhuuurSpam Fr I just need a gf today there was this girl eyeing and smiling at me but she was goin in the bus so much pain @YuhuuurSpam I already got a girl bff @FkdUpInDaCrib MeAye bruh when I say there were tears in me eyes son #PS4share
Retweeted by Silva🇦🇴 @hexbby Omg @FkdUpInDaCrib FRRRR @Boy1drr :) gn @Boy1drr love u bro I had a lot of fun @longneckedbeck Meholy deathmatch clips JOIN UP
Retweeted by Silva🇦🇴 @itspanduuh LOL twice the love @Boy1drr YESSSS OMGGG I WAS ABOUT TO SLEEPI looked like such a baby OMG @itspanduuh YOOOO @CFC_Ant LOL @CFC_Ant Damn @Viipxrz Who’s this @wtfshaay 🔥😼 @YuhuuurSpam No cap @FkdUpInDaCrib I will be there @FkdUpInDaCrib Go for it🔥🔥🔥 @FkdUpInDaCrib Yup I feel this... now I moved to Manchester and I barely move lol @FkdUpInDaCrib And having CONFIDENSE @FkdUpInDaCrib Same man I miss looking at my six pack😖 @FkdUpInDaCrib SAMEEE BRO LMFAOOO I THOUGHT ID BE FIT FOREVER @theweeknd KingPLAYING AMONG US FOR THE FIRST TIME with friends :)
Retweeted by Silva🇦🇴 @FkdUpInDaCrib Oooh niceee I need a bike man I miss it bad my life really fell apart LMFAOOOO @FkdUpInDaCrib Yhyh goin for walks to start it up goes crazy @FkdUpInDaCrib @Viipxrz But being active really is needed I’m scared of being an adult and being a bum LOL @FkdUpInDaCrib @Viipxrz Damn @FkdUpInDaCrib @Viipxrz Cant* @longneckedbeck Ohhh Nice your body looks good @FkdUpInDaCrib @Viipxrz I used to run everyday 7.5 miles now I can even run 3 @longneckedbeck Bump @FkdUpInDaCrib @Viipxrz LOL I got like 18 kg heavier bro @Mela12lima Eh mesmo se não fazes algo bom sem pensar em ti próprio isso não é tao bom né @FkdUpInDaCrib @Viipxrz Yh I need that too I want a routine and be fit bro my body needs it in highschool i was act… @FkdUpInDaCrib @Viipxrz Yhyh I get it @FkdUpInDaCrib @Viipxrz Sounds good im investing into it... when I’m fighting my legs are so good but I feel 0 confidense punching @FkdUpInDaCrib @Viipxrz Really? Still my left wrist is weak af cause of a car accident so I feel like if I did boxing it would improve a lot @Mela12lima Yup... getting praised... pra mim se tu fazes algo bom n precisas falar @FkdUpInDaCrib @Viipxrz Wtf @FkdUpInDaCrib @Viipxrz LOL @FkdUpInDaCrib @Viipxrz Niceee I need to do boxing tho my fists are not v good compared to kicks and grabs @Viipxrz I did jiu jitsu karate and taekwondo😋 @Viipxrz LMAOOOO bro imma start taekwondo soon #silvaganghunter @privsxo LOLReading this fighting manga got me doing pull ups at 3am @gxmblr Gn night @Viipxrz FRRR @Mela12lima Yup acho q tbm aonde uma pessoa é criada a não ser q tens um bom senso vai te fzr o adulto q és muita g… @Viipxrz Mmm I’m on 40 @Viipxrz On @Viipxrz Also what chapter u o @xdVRLD LOL @Viipxrz He’s a good rapper @Mela12lima Depende também mas n tas errada @ijdawg998 Im good brother hbu @oFabz Okay @tyler_butsad Yh @xdbumbie Gn bumbie @optiuh You are beautiful funny sexy @tyler_butsad He can spit a freestyle tho @hexbby Nyow @hexbby It’s neither it happens just don’t be crazy @Yuhuuur LMFAOOOO @gxmblr LOL @longneckedbeck When’d u start @may_wedda I want to d*e @oFabz K*ll myself @Classify @Froste LOL @serenatei When u gonna play fn W me @Froste LMFAOOOOOO @may_wedda Jheez @serenatei Queen behavior🥵
My team is so bad bro they can aim 0 of them like what do i doMy team is so bad man @overthonker Bet @overthonker Yh @Froste @100Thieves Im so glad u boys are where your at rnPlayed 2 rounds got 4 kills each goddamn I never had an aceShe’s so pretty @BlankzyPriv Every time I see this LMDAOOOO @may_wedda @shivisdumb Bro @BlankzyPriv LMFAOOOOOOO @hexbby 🙄 @yungricepatty Hopefully nothing brother❤️🙏🏽 @babieyoda OMG @oFabz @wtfshaay Cuz u don’t be sayin stuff like this