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@beautyschll SupI got my blue afro
Retweeted by Silva @esexIover Safe flight tiff <3 @daintysl0th How did I not see this @esexIover Nice @kuntanokhinte Replies full of sick niggas LMFAOOO @kuntanokhinte 😭😭😭😭😭 @oFabz LMAOO ffs @oFabz Fuck does that mean @oFabz Breathe @oFabz I hate u @oFabz I got nothing to do @af4iry Man @Hauntterr Love it bro @Hauntterr 🔥🔥🔥 @DarienBMG He’s ill
@Hauntterr @MohamaadS_ LMFAOOO @NOTgonnie Queen @SouljaStann YepppHAHAHAHA @KaleiRenay Fr @femcelgirIboss Gn bestie @femcelgirIboss Samezies @femcelgirIboss Ohhh I’m slacking in anime watching @HarryButAverage @ScottTheWoz Vouch @femcelgirIboss So cute what anime @FakeySensei Damn @beautyschll U snapped @limbolul Michaelsoft @TristanGHill Madness @TristanGHill ERMMMM👁👁👁 @femcelgirIboss Eu n tenho paciência pra isso LMAOOO @AccWhorestar LMAOOO @femcelgirIboss Isto ta errado @femcelgirIboss WtfA conversation between the LTFC owners & the fans (who own 51% of the club) has resulted in a decision against the…
Retweeted by Silva @longneckbeck Tf😭 @mrs_poggers Bruh @JoeyTheSuperJew Fireeee @FavsPriv Ez @OffbrandMilkbag And what is thatAt home have lost my AirPods @JuniorReyes17 Ur so shameless @icedoutomnitrix He just like me @honourmyson LETS GOOOOO @NOTgonnie Is today ur birthday @timboNASTY Ur so good @daveisabum U too @kuntanokhinte no cap @Hauntterr HAHAHAHA @Hauntterr In some shit that should be 700 @Hauntterr Me when they ask for 1250 words @Hauntterr LMAOOO @Froste LMAOO @Froste That’s how time works dumbass @KEDINYTWT LMFAOOO @lozzgarcia Doing fineeee @lozzgarcia Hii LMAOOO how u feeling rn tho @lozzgarcia LMAOO I ain’t seen u on my tl for a while @ThisAintLexOng Pretty af lex @hudsonwisler Sheesh @okleslie Awww @Boltsiola YEP @esexIover Gn @esexIover LMAOOO @esexIover Practice with a toothbrush @shinigaminat LOL @DarienBMG LETS GOOO some rest time Fr @Hauntterr 🤷🏽‍♂️ @ClutchRodgersss 😭😭😭 @Hauntterr tree🌳 #ShingekiNoKyojin #AttackOnTitan
Retweeted by Silva @SamManIoI @Yuhuuur @CrypticNoHoes LMAOOOO @earendilpickle Fireeee @bori_antt Hes insane bro look at his vision LOL @Hauntterr I havent watched past s2 dawg LMAOOO @Hauntterr LMAOOOHe’s a terrorist @Hauntterr I was like 11 when I first saw dawg I went crazy @buffcore BANGGGGG @JuniorReyes17 😭😭😭 @xx_chiki Sup @DarienBMG Nigga let them know LMAOOOKroenke at the Emirates after he uses the 400m on the Rams
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@ugIyguy Man @Leo__ffs 🥲PSG joining the super league after claiming UCL trophy
Retweeted by Silva @dxnboyi LET HIM KNOW @ugIyguy LMAOOOO @ugIyguy Ur done @itsWaddles_ @HarryButAverage BANGGGGG @bori_antt LMAOOO NOPE @itsWaddles_ @JoeyTheSuperJew LMFAOOOO @luvharabella :) @Saipphires LESS GOOO @luvharabella U look good ara🖕🏽