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Shiona Martin 💙 @Silverangel882 Scotland, United Kingdom

Registered Nurse! Passionate about Holistic Care! Care Home Nursing! Make a difference! All views are my own x

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Looking forward to my 2nd day! I wonder what challenges the day shall bring? #WeNurses #CareHomeNurse
@C_Carmichael83 @louisebrady17 Its been amazing! So many different challenges! Plus getting my 1st Covid test eekk!… @NMAHP_Highland @scottishcare @JoSmithHighland Stephen it was Amazing! We have some UHI students and it was great w… day in my new Care home Nursing role! Still got a few hours to go but wow! #WeNurses #CareHomeNurse @TraceyJCooper Patient wasnt aware he could refuse. Family unable to collect.
@Justacarehomeg1 Yeah it was my dad! Very unhappy daughter!Hmmm sending a patient home at 11pm at night in a taxi! 30 mile journey! Any thoughts? #WeNurses #WeStNs
On what is the 72nd Birthday of the NHS I am so glad for them! Had to call the @Scotambservice for my dad and they… to do when your between nursing positions! Home made Yorkshire Puddings! Now guess I better make the rest of t…
As aDoctor of English parents who has worked in Scotland including providing specialist care to the people of the W…
Retweeted by Shiona Martin 💙 @paedsnursebeth @WeNurses Peptac is another one that I hate lol! @paedsnursebeth @WeNurses Sorry but calpol is a nightmare! Especially for putting down an ng/peg! @RCNNQN I'm starting on Tuesday and cant wait to meet the residents and staff! @RCNNQN But I only worked in hospital for 11 weeks as then got my dream community job! Stayed here 7 month and star… @morag_francis @scottishcare @RoyalBlind Thanks x @morag_francis @scottishcare @RoyalBlind Is the care home on the site of the old Jenny's Well? My great grandmother lived there I believe!Celebrate Care Home Day on 15th July👌more here about the virtual events 2 highlight the great work th…
Retweeted by Shiona Martin 💙 @abbeycourt34 @scotgov I was a community nurse thru the pandemic not been tested once. Moving to work In a care hom… year's #carehomeday20 is on Wed 15 July. This day aims at busting myths & shining a light on the #carehome s…
Retweeted by Shiona Martin 💙 @MarilynCrosby15 @WeNurses I trained in the Highlands, where we are still way behind electronic charting in hospita…
@Lisaannet_ @WeNurses @CambricSystems #morse
@DGlaucomflecken I remember doing manual BP which was 230/150. Another nurse said no way u have it right. He went a… @Lisaannet_ @WeNurses As a community nurse we had ipads and an electronic system called #Morse. Allowed us to write… @WeNurses Thanks for a great chat #WeNurses @WeNurses Has to be national standards across the UK and electronic so that it can be seen from Shetland to the Sci… @WeNurses I think it all depends where you work. I've just finished as a community nurse and feel the balance was r… @WeNurses Has to be a balance, but not always easy to do depending on how unwell your patients might be. Even when… @WeNurses When I was in community we used Morse which is an electronic system. Loved it when it was working lol #WeNurses @MHealthDez @WeNurses Sounds amazing! @Melissa59484575 @WeNurses Totally agree with you! If a carer/HCSW has supported a person with personal care then t… @WeNurses Standardisation across similar services UK wide would help with consistency and quality. I also think ap… @GwenWPunc19 @WeNurses Totally agree with you, but it's the quality of the information recorded that helps holistic… @WeNurses Knowing what's required for where you work. Not always the same even though you work for the same employe… @WeNurses Documentation is a necessary evil so to speak. Important to record patient interventions, but is is just… @WeNurses Hello! #WeNurses Documentation is great if it serves a purpose as isnt just a tick box exercise @fikawithkitty Sounds amazing! Any hints on funding options?Scottish Care, alongside other colleagues, has co-signed a letter by @BIHRhumanrights that was sent to the Equaliti…
Retweeted by Shiona Martin 💙Amazing opportunity!
@Ste730649869 No problem! Glad I can help @RCNNQN @RCNFoundation @MannersOfMarple Wow that would be amazing! As on going to work in private sector this would… @Helenski17 @CYPStNN @StNurseProject @RCNNQN @Gpnsnn @WeCYPnurses How to remind others you are still New? I went bk… wait for this tweet chat! @Ste730649869 This is a better resource which you might find helpful 😀 @Ste730649869 I will have a look and post the link!
@morag_francis Will do many thanks x @FionaCMcQueen Interested in seeing the new paperwork and how Care home nurses can support the new standards @Nursey1994 Brilliant thank you! X @HomesQi Thank you! Looking forward to improving on current skill set and gaining more experience. As a NQN the las… @WeNurses Thank you! @forsyth_joyce Brilliant thanks xx @forsyth_joyce Think this will do 😀👍 @forsyth_joyce Thanks 😀👍Will accept all other suggestions........Some light reading before I start my new job next week! #WeNurses #CareHomeNurse
@GGByrne So important to take meals together! It's the social aspect that people miss the most x
@Justacarehomeg1 So excited! Start a week Tuesday!An Amazing present to treasure 🤩 @DianaCameron70 Really looking forward to it! @DianaCameron70 Care Home NursingFinished my last Community Nursing Shift with the most amazing colleague! She was my mentor when I was a student an… @sue_durham @elcarthy Off to be a Care Home Nurse. In a family owned Care Home.What a final day as a community nurse! Challenging putting on PPE before entering houses in the rain lol! #WeDns
@elcarthy Did it 4 weeks ago and start my non NHS job in a weeks time!
#UoGMicrocredentialsDreams can come true! Short course at Masters Level funding confirmed! #WeNurses #CareHomeNurse #WeStNs @WeDistrictNurse Yip that will be me 2day! Got to love Actico! #WeDns#NewProfilePic day seeing all the staff at work 😥 Its come round so fast! Still the 2 days to work at weekend but it's just 2…
Beautiful day off in Sunny Scotland! Feeding the ducks with my wee lad! #SelfCare #MakingMemories @HHannington01 @Justacarehomeg1 Thought I would dip my toes in so to speak! Then just to find funding for a full masters.... @Justacarehomeg1 Sent x @Justacarehomeg1 Beautiful view of the Bridge! Crossed it many a time when I was growing up x @Justacarehomeg1 This is hopefully a funded short course from University of Glasgow. Need to be resident in Scotlan…! Just applied for an online short course at Masters Level! Fingers crossed I get the funding! #WeNurses
@louisebrady17 @WeNurses @AgencyNurse Sound like a great idea! But was wondering why care home nurses dont have their own "we" account?Amazing Tweetchat from @WeNurses on #WeCareHomes and empowerment! Not even started my new role and I'm learning..... @WeNurses @louisebrady17 @CoxonGeorge Thanks really enjoyed tonight #WeCareHomes @WeNurses Take that extra 5 minutes to get to know your resident, they are someone's mother/father/sister/brother/a… @dtbarron @WeNurses @Pollybird1 I think it's also about knowing who that person was before you met them. Their past… @WeNurses It's about supporting them to do the basics in their own time, or when they would rather. Having a wash d… @WeNurses I think the main challenge is for the families who feel they can make all the decisions regardless of wha… @WeNurses It's about risk assessment and mitigating what you can, not everything is risk free and as a society we s… @dtbarron @WeNurses Plus Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act #WeCareHomes @WeNurses It's really important for those that have been deemed to lack capacity. They still need control over thei… @WeNurses Supporting people to have control over their own lives #WeCareHomes @WeNurses Hello 😀 #WeCareHomes @AnnieWellsMSP @ScotTories What about councils changing how much ELC will be available for the next year. Highland…
@Cahill_Lou Totally agree! I remember a senior nurse manager coming onto the ward telling my mentor who was band 6… @TraceyJCooper @mistermatt79 And the grey lol! @RuthDavidsonMSP @jamiegreeneUK I heard today that in Highland, Nurseries and playgroups are unsure if the increase… @mistermatt79 I'm Ginger and after many years of being called all sorts I embrace it! You would be surprised by how… 12 year old daughter is getting fed up of being called carrot etc now. Ive told her every like is a show of love…
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This #MNDGlobalAwarenessDay I am caring for the first person I have ever encountered with MND. He's been with us fo…
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@WeNurses Signifies 7 shifts left till I move jobs. Lots of experience still to gain where I am before then. 🤞😀 #WeNurses
@The_Pars @WeNurses Thank you 😀 @AgencyNurse Mine comes up with my IMDB entry 😂 @WeNurses Thanks for a great evening! Great to see different perspectives. #WeNurses @WeNurses Yes! As a NQN I have learned so much from social media, from networking to advice. It's about risk assess… @WeNurses I think it would depend on the severity of what was posted, if on the higher end then I would probably re… @WeNurses I find it difficult to comment on my political allegiance due to the trolling that I would get! We are al…