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Jennifer ♊ @silverwyvern99 The Netherlands

Member of E-street nation. I want to be where the bands are!

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.@rickspringfield treated us to a special holiday performance of "Jessie's Girl." 🎤 Spend Thanksgiving listening to…
Retweeted by Jennifer ♊ @MVZaGoGo I agree! Love to see another season. @asok80 You can listen on demand 😉To my family and friends over the world celebrating Thanksgiving: Have a great day and stay safe!Finally time to listen to #FromMyHomeToYours. Bruce reading the lyrics of Johnny B Goode is amazing!Janine - Jake Clemons #OrangeTheWorld #orangetheworldnl @marycjen @Audioslave @chriscornell @tmorello @Wakrat @vickycornell The end is in sight! Keep rocking warrior! 🧡 from 🇳🇱
@azsweetheart013 @springsteen I love to see them play. But I hope they all can travel and perform safely, else it is not worth it @BruceFunds They can turn the phonebook in a son and I will take it 😉 I need The E-Street Band! @annehaines Exactly! The world seems brighter of the E- Street Band plays @annehaines That's the part I love most 😊Nice start of my Christmas break!, it's not to early for some Christmas spirit! Great song @StevieVanZandt! The Spirit of Christmas by Kurt Russ… @MrScheerder Dan is mijn oliebollenkraam verlichting minder erg 😂Vol.15 @springsteen @siriusxm Broadcast Schedule (all times ET) November 25 at 10am (not global) and 6pm; November…
Retweeted by Jennifer ♊ @backstreetsmag Some 'old fashioned ' setlusting 😂 @Krosen @redsox1234 Happy someone can listen! Web and app are down 😖Wow! @tommymcc321 Same here, will try to catch it later this week @tommymcc321 Does it work for you?Work and live music by @davewrightmusi1 combined.
Join @springsteen this Thanksgiving week as he pays tribute to rock ‘n’ roll and spins music from @ChuckBerry,…
Retweeted by Jennifer ♊I remember my sister blasting this song in the 80's, and now her favorite singer is singing it! @asok80 @connor_kpa We have to go back to see it! @MrScheerder O, dat. @connor_kpa @asok80 Like the one where she missed a Bowie mural in New Jersey? 🤪 @MrScheerder Heb ik wat gemist? @asok80 I know, but with pair programming I'm always in a callWork better not get in the way! #brucespringsteen
@cfleetshuffle You should have waited until your battery was at 43% 😜Old Trafford against Liverpool 6-5. Not complaining about that, right @gmacca69 @cfleetshuffle 😉! Springsteen’s 15th SiriusXM DJ show will be post-Election Day special via @njartsdaily
And another fake Bruce account reported and blocked. When will they learn? #brucespringsteenHappy 70th birthday to the multi talented "Little Steven" @StevieVanZandt, most notably a long-time member of Bruce…
Retweeted by Jennifer ♊Hartelijk gefeliciteerd @HolsnCo! Happy birthday! Have a great one! gefeliciteerd @StevieVanZandt! Happy 70th birthday! A big high five ✋from Tilburg, The Netherlands! Have…
@dpdNL pakket zou eerder vandaag bezorgd worden, maar helaas. Zo'n de hele dag thuis geweest. Geen briefje in de b…
@MrScheerder Fleets = @cfleetshuffle 😉
Ok desperate times require desperate things :) I need to get over 100 Subscribers so please share, like and get it…
Retweeted by Jennifer ♊Here is @wildandinn sharing his thoughts on @hollycara passing & her legacy If you have me…
Retweeted by Jennifer ♊ @dhosack821 Even without Bruce we can have a party in the barn. It's such an amazing location! @AnnaLind1 @asok80 Party Mambo!!! @marycjen @davewrightmusi1 @red_emperor @Timcav I love that band! Take care, Mary! 🧡from 🇳🇱"We'll go where the music never ends" (House of a Thousand Guitars) I am so ready to party at the barn!
#OnThisDay 📅 In 1975, Bruce @springsteen makes his live debut on this side of the Atlantic at the Hammersmith Odeo…
Retweeted by Jennifer ♊Dit jaar geen chocolade van de paashaas gekregen, en ook de chocoladeletter van sinterklaas zit er niet in. Dus hee…
@EllenKoreman Sorry to hear that, sending a hug's rendition of ‘I Love Rock ’n’ Roll’ became her highest-charting hit, reaching number 1 on the Billboar…
Retweeted by Jennifer ♊🇺🇸 Born in The USA is Bruce @springsteen's most commercially successful album, making him one of the most successfu…
Retweeted by Jennifer ♊
Distance by Mammoth WVH @WolfVanHalen #NowPlayingchinatown (feat. Bruce Springsteen) by Bleachers, Bruce Springsteen #NowPlaying.@Liabof need more of #TheQueensGambit
Hartelijk gefeliciteerd @MrsCrusty! Happy birthday! gefeliciteerd @BerlinBritta! Happy birthday! @EllenKoreman Ik denk dat Eddie in de plaats kwam. En dat was zo terecht, Van Halen kon niet ontbreken. @EllenKoreman @EllenKoreman Gaan ze Stevie overslaan! 😭 Volgens Record Store Day zouden ze iets van Stevie met Bruce laten zien. @EllenKoreman Ze hebben vast geen live beelden van Jake. @EllenKoreman Ik heb niks aangevraagd. Heb geen goed verhaal 😜
@EllenKoreman Misschien helpt nacht van de popmuziek ook, nu op npo3. Als het goed is komt Little Steven nog langs @AnnaLind1 Great review, Anna!"2020 has been a crappy year and the album has given me energy and it has lifted me up" - @AnnaLind1 about… @jollybeggarman That's something great to look forward to! @AndrewTLowry Lots of postnl fraud going onThis little one made my day everyone who had a bad week 😘
@EllenKoreman Inderdaad. Was wel blij dat ik buiten de spits reisde.Song for Hope, Swan Song, Song for Orphans public transport ride since March. @DebFilcman @twi_age Happy #Twitterversary! Keep on tweeting!#LetterToYou by @springsteen and Eyes On The Horizon by @jakeclemons I can't and will not pick one over the other.
@BruceFunds @tutmarie Try Ctrl + F5 @BruceFunds Already suspended @Tony_Ginger @Astrid_Tontson @NikonatGrays Great shot, Tony! Good luck work the competition #astridxgrays
@jollybeggarman Did you make your own ac/dc logo at a new video: "The People You have Failed" #video
Retweeted by Jennifer ♊One more of the Taj Mahal in Agra India. This one in an ethereal finish.
Retweeted by Jennifer ♊
@tutmarie Jungleland, Blood Brothers, Johnny 99, Burning' Train, Rainmaker Will probably change in a couple of minutes 😂My Taj Mahal image, in several finishes, is now available for purchase. Please see my website for details and links…
Retweeted by Jennifer ♊ @SetLustingBruce It's almost time for #obbac again. Don't know if @BerlinBritta has something planned, but if she d…
@mrEelco There a few tough ones. But I don't feel sorry for you , you started all this 😜 @nilslofgren Reported and blocked @wildandinn @hollycara Beautifully written. Sending love 🧡Today is a good day to play Eyes on the Horizon, the album, by @JakeClemons start to finish. #EOTHalbum #NowPlayingHartelijk gefeliciteerd @MVZaGoGo! Happy birthday! NYC started the celebrations a day early 😉 Have a great day!“Sail on, sail on oh mighty ship of state... Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.!”
Retweeted by Jennifer ♊
@BruceFunds @hollycara So sorry to hear this. Sending love and hugs 🧡 #RIPHolly #CancerSucks @Thunderoad75 @hollycara Darn it. So sorry to hear that. Wish that I could have met Holly in person. Sending love. #CancerSucks @EllenKoreman Ik zei van de week nog tegen mijn pa dat ze de scheidingspapieren al klaar heeft liggen 😂 @billwolffsju @BruceFunds That is a nice line-up! @nancpl We feel the relief across the world! @jollybeggarman No, you want to hear all the speeches 😂🤪 @cfleetshuffle See you there! Bruce doesn't have to throw a party, we party anyway @bridgetgoirish Drinking tequila 🤪 @BruceFunds I know there is a lot to be done, but this is a good start. And yes, we will see each other again! #ALittleHopeWillGoALongWay @BruceFunds Sending love and hugs, so happy for you 💙 @nancpl So happy for you 💙 @azsweetheart013 @nilslofgren Sending love 💙 @MrScheerder Mijn beurt om pfffff te zeggen