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Simby ✈️ PAX EAST @SimbyBTW Where ever my kitties are

Partnered streamer on @WatchMixer💙 I love cats & gaming 🎮💕😻 Business inquiries:

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@ShearMixer Literally 2 mins this shit a bop lmao
#tiktok literally reminds me of @B_Dubb_Jr LMAOO I’m living for this @JennySimilee’m about to upload a tiktok 👀KYLE LIKED MY TWEET IS THIS REAL LIFE 😭 @SuperDuperKyle!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Simby ✈️ PAX EAST @SuperDuperKyle Me during the whole song @Reggaekira1 Yassss!If ya'll are bored, please check out my omegle vid! Replying to comments right now🥰 ✨Part… @NemmyBtw A lot of people are saying sign is having issues as well @wittej18 Xbox. I can’t sign inIs Xbox down rn? @HandsOffTV That beer is so good 🥵Are you thirsty? Well lucky you my code is currently 30% off at @GFuelEnergy’s checkout 👀 Pick up the new coffee fl…
The Ember vault is back open! We've got another 10,000 Embers to giveaway. Simply follow and retweet for your chanc…
Retweeted by Simby ✈️ PAX EASTI spy @kabbyTV & I on the Xbox dash 👀 still live !!! Come hang 💘 Playing gang beasts w the kitty gang 😻
I'll be making a bunch of @WatchMixer Partners uploaded to the gallery on @TheSims off stream! Today, I made…
Retweeted by Simby ✈️ PAX EAST @colelep HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY!! 💙We are live ALLL day! & yes, we brought back the green screen 👀 Live right meow with the new season of Fortnite, c… @SimbyBTW is that your skin in the fortnite trailer?!
Retweeted by Simby ✈️ PAX EAST @EMGGguru LOL @ImDeemo Synergy is amazeballs @alexmonney Omggggg @ZachButera I’m fighting you @VinnyBLive Left is hella saturated. The green screen legit makes it look like a whole diff cam !! @jbsiegfried must not be a perfectionist lol @_KickAce LmaoI can make me bigger on the right. It’s a green screen btw. I’m talking about the background & how the hearts look.… @HeadshotStk Lmao jk ily @HeadshotStk But ur ass would drink ever clear I bet @AndresCreates @atlreality @ScufGaming @NamesXTV @Crix_TV @JaredFPS @SheriffStrafe @theGaGOD @KarimCheeseGG And me…’s your favorite kombucha? Here’s mine 😍
Am no longer ratchet Nails done for PAX 💅🏻 @lindsywood7 Everyone’s like make sure you bundle up I’m like that’s nice weather ! LOL @TheZachLHS 👀 @AndresCreates @Xbox This is literally insane. A dream actually. You’re so talented ! Thank you for making this concept 😍💕 @HeadshotStk You’re so welcome 💘💘 luh yooouI’ve literally been so busy, I’ve barely had time to hang in my friends streams and I apologize. I made a promise t…🐈Concept Design 🐈for @SimbyBTW @Xbox Controller. RT & Likes appreciated 👍 #Xbox #XboxOne
Retweeted by Simby ✈️ PAX EAST @TonzyMixer CANT WAIIIIT💘This mans is so dope! Pls show him some love, he’s killing it on Mixer 💙 on expecting to have a short little stream after work, then out of nowhere we got a host from @SimbyBTW ! Thank…
Retweeted by Simby ✈️ PAX EASTFollow this mans !!! 🎮💪🏻
We LIVE btw 👀 @CowWarriorz Imagine you have to get the worst possible angle @AndresCreates @Jus_Reloaded @SykoPlayz @JulzD4WTV OMG 🥰🥰🥰✨If you haven’t seen my newest YT vid, pls check it out!✨ USING TINY HANDS ON OMEGLE @RaynRaps LOL thank you so much! I loved filming this !!! @SaporitoZach You can’t miss me tho -_- lmao @SaporitoZach Yes! (: @SaporitoZach Pls say hiiii! @SaporitoZach LOL you get to meet me in a week! @SaporitoZach Morninggggg!
Happy Monday, we LIVE 🌞✨ ALSO, if you haven’t checked out my brand new YT vid, pls do! 💖… y’all 🌞✨ New YouTube vid is now LIVE 👀 Harder. Create more. Dream Bigger. Stay humble. Set Goals. Make a Plan. Get Shit done. Believe in UR sel…
Retweeted by Simby ✈️ PAX EAST
Y’all I just got done filming my Omegle video. Ended up having SO many technical difficulties but I made so many co… @tofu_gamess 15k bitrate? @tofu_gamess What bitrate do you use ? @tofu_gamess Girl it’s happening every other video I make :( @sydney_king_97 @ScufGaming YAY OMGGG 💖💖💖Just Bought my first @ScufGaming Controller! Using code Simby!!! @SimbyBTW !!! With my Scuf Giftcard!!!! What an am…
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@SixxZeroOne @glitchygg If you could DM me that’d be dope :) @NotMJClive Not streaming it! For YouTube @NotMJClive ???? @BirdmanTfg LMAOOOO bet @boundupone Has nothing to do w penis lol @HappyMuffBTW o @steinekin LOL pray for me pls @CharlMChapman It’s for a vid!!!If I’m filming a video on Omegle, when’s the best time to go on? Kinda scared LOL @HandsOffTV Ew wtfHAPPY BIRTHDAY pwetty💘💘💘 @mxrgoddess! I’m live for a bit with PUBG 💘🤯🤯 Valentine’s Day 💘
Happy Valentines @VinnyBLive! Sometimes love is painful ♥️
Retweeted by Simby ✈️ PAX EAST @ZachButera @VinnyBLive Then Vinny clicks the report abuse button @VinnyBLive still live! 11 hours strong 💪🏻 Having a blast playing gang beasts Come hang 💘
@Driggsy_ MeeeeWe live on Mixer right meow using my new @ScufGaming controller! 🎮💘 If you wanna cop yourse… for a chance to win a Limited Edition Jordan Brand Custom Xbox One X console. NoPurchNec. Ends 2/27. Rules:…
Retweeted by Simby ✈️ PAX EAST @branjkura I’m on Xbox you can’t hear my random fill’s audio lol @JennySimilee @saintNlCKgaming OMGGGG 😍😍😍😍 he’s so sweet! @PrincessRoyer_ I have something like that planned w @lindsywood7 ;)I kinda wanna post a YouTube video before pax East! Any ideas ?Literally no one: That one viewer that doesn’t stop talking about their own stream 😬
Retweeted by Simby ✈️ PAX EASTKinda crassssy 🤯
Ayeeeee 💖 @Weeztho_ @BirdmanTfg @BirdmanTfg LMAOOOO @HappyMuffBTW @InvasionPriiime @TheBIGcrabcake9 I’m gonna stream pub 👀 @TheBIGcrabcake9 @QueenEliminator @deanwink12 Appreciate y’all sm. Miss y’all 💗 @VinnyBLive Twyyyy it @VinnyBLive