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🤓 I create news content for web developers on (@WebPlatformNews).

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Started recovering from 24 hours of abdominal pain and loss of appetite. Being healthy is underrated. 😄"Open in Safari" in the @Medium app doesn't work when you change the default browser App in iOS 14. It happens on m…
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Should the single-page HTML spec try to improve performance? @raymondcamden (I grew up in Germany) @raymondcamden A mother’s story
@JackOfAllTech1 In reality, browsers have gotten *better* at rendering web pages, by fixing bugs to improve compati… @JackOfAllTech1 If I scratch a CD, the best CD player in the world won’t be able to play it. Is it the CD player’s… @zachleat @rob_dodson @tomayac @_developit (and removing min-width: 512px) @zachleat @rob_dodson @tomayac @_developit Yep, it helped. It seems the page overflow can be fixed by adding table-… out this Sudoku solver in the browser! #MadeWithTFJS awesomeness! VIDEO: Code:…
Retweeted by Šime Vidas @rob_dodson @tomayac @_developit I’m *very* interested in learning how to debug this type of issue. If somebody of… at Strava thought to put dark gray text on a black background. Somebody else at Strava reviewed this and d…"uBO works best on Firefox."
Retweeted by Šime VidasI’ve now watched the Netflix documentary #TheSocialDilemma. Friends, please watch it too. 🙏🏼 We have to get out of…
Retweeted by Šime VidasBack to the mainland, too many websites have bloat, glitches, bugs and an awful user experience. @JackOfAllTech1 blames browse…
CSS scrollbar-color property spotted on 😍 just had a vision that Jason will tweet out this article on Monday #nostRadamuSS @css @pprg1996 Have you checked if your demos meet the Resize text requirement?, Zuckerberg! 14.0.1 solves the default browser App bug on restart. Some apps are still unable to open URLs when the browser is not set as Safari
Retweeted by Šime Vidas @getify I follow 900+ feeds ( and open dozens of articles per day. One common, frustrating… @getify Alright. The word “tl;dr” has these problems, so it should probably be avoided. But if after writing a lon… @getify Reading the entire article to get the full information is of course very important. A tl;dr is not a replac… @starqueen_elisa Yup @getify However, if you provide a TL;DR, you pretty much ensure that *everyone* at least learns the key information… @getify Let’s say you write a long article about web accessibility. My theory is that 90+ percent of people who ope… @getify To me a TL;DR is a concise summary of the key information. I view it as an important tool to inform as many… seems that Alex does not understand what “tl;dr” means. This is a vague introduction to the article that doesn’t… and more people are discovering that the web can host apps 😁 @gregwhitworth The spec suggests “a time in milliseconds accurate enough to allow measurement while preventing timi… @patrickhulce @HenriHelvetica Yep, that fixes the issue. 🙌 I had to remove the asterisk from the flag though becaus…
Ooh @FirefoxDevTools - I like this 👍
Retweeted by Šime Vidas @RickHunter7 @raymondcamden @MicrosoftEdge Sounds like a job for the feedback form 😁 @HenriHelvetica I mean in general. With the feedback I get here, I can usually submit a more useful issue. I don’t… @HenriHelvetica I think getting some feedback on Twitter first is a better approach. I’m in Canary. The error happe… with the Guest profile. Same error. What now? How do I debug Lighthouse? do I debug this in @____lighthouse? Also, why is the tool treating me like a layman? Give me an error code, me… @gregwhitworth I get 4 in Safari and Firefox. I wasn’t aware that performance measurements are supposed to be interoperable. 😂 @gpxl_ @robinberjon @mozilla The *share* is down 85%. Usage seems to have stayed the same. 300 million Firefox use…
Retweeted by Šime Vidas @gpxl_ @robinberjon @mozilla The *share* is down 85%. Usage seems to have stayed the same. 300 million Firefox use… @patrickbrosset Is the publication date correct? @elisabethirg @cjno @magnars First clue: floats with zero height do not shorten line boxes. @rafaFERIAH @firt The duck outran the lion, huh? 😂
@bytemode What if Mozilla never had a chance? Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung have operating systems, device…
Retweeted by Šime Vidas @bytemode I believe that a great product is only half of the picture. You can have the best product and still fail.… @bytemode What if Mozilla never had a chance? Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung have operating systems, device… @firt I’d be fine with calling native apps system apps from now on. @malyw You haven’t blogged in a while… 😁 @AmeliasBrain @lloydi @JamieKnight Where would you put image attributes (width, height, loading=lazy)? @Una “Why does the page overflow?” 😩
Retweeted by Šime Vidas @Una “Why does the page overflow?” 😩“You can help us test Fission (out-of-process iframes) in @FirefoxNightly by setting fission.autostart to true in a… @miketaylr That’s a lot of Tokay geckos. @derSchepp @ppk Microsoft tried (with Windows Phone) and failed. Do you think that Mozilla could have succeeded and… @ppk @derSchepp Even if Firefox on mobile was a great browser all along, wouldn’t most people not still end up usin… @ThainBBdL @zachleat That would be my guess as well. The product is only half of the story. The other half is tra… @yoavweiss Chrome for Android still dominates India, according to Stat Counter: @derSchepp Wait, are you saying that Firefox OS could have been a success and a significant competitor to Android t… @zachleat I guess I should clarify that I’m not implying anything. I’m just curious what other people think Firefox… Mozilla did a flawless job developing Firefox in the past 10 years, if they did everything right, how much bigge…'s been almost a week and Safari 14 has no final release notes. We know they are not even complete, but at least…
Retweeted by Šime Vidas @codepo8 According to this article, if “flipping the toggle has an immediate effect,” the recommended pattern is <b…
@tulchin Diaries are usually private. @zachleat @philwalton Is it a problem that the test case is not valid HTML? @FilipStanis @adactio Yes, I am only responding to the two sentences that I’ve quoted.Is this evil? body:hover { background-image: url("https://you-got-tracked.png"); } Full post 👇
Retweeted by Šime Vidas @triblondon I wish it were that easy to get rid of it. @yoavweiss Yeah, I guess that’s the strongest argument against calling them proper browsers. @shaycojo Of course, they share WebKit bugs, just like Chrome and Edge often share Blink/Chromium bugs. I’m not ve… Edge now a Chrome skin? No. Was Chrome a Safari skin before it forked WebKit? No. The engine is only a part of…> Safari is the only browser on iOS devices. Just because Chrome and Firefox use WebKit does not make them Safari.…, a random notification from Opera Mini, which I almost never use. What is the meaning of this?
Also, feature request for browser dev tools: Let me quickly test out a site with different time zones, language pre…
Retweeted by Šime Vidas @argyleink No because you can’t expect not to be tracked by the page you’re viewing to begin with. @miketaylr @mozilla > brainstorming business ideas rn @raymondcamden Hopefully someone will read my tweet and actually make it. 😂 @raymondcamden There’s still value in that. Quantifying those emotions may lead you to make better decisions in the future.An app that lets you record how you feel (relaxed, stressed out, tired, lazy, focused, energized, etc.) via a grid… @zachleat @davatron5000 @speedlify @zachleat @davatron5000 @speedlify I’m looking for feedback on the criteria. Are these the five key factors that de… Fashion 2020
Retweeted by Šime Vidas @passle_ 👏 @passle_ Would you look at that. of improvements to the Custom Elements Locator extension! - Improved check to see if an element is an actual…
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@davatron5000 @zachleat @speedlify How about a simple five-star rating? ⭐️ functionality comparable to native app… should be a website that keeps score of how PWA-friendly the major sites and apps are. @mattburgess1 Found a typo in> Europe has reported 4.4 million cases and 217,278 deaths among a population of 750 million, while the US has repo… @johannh If Google mandates strict UX best practices regarding permission prompts, then yes, this would be a bug, b…
Out of the 64 Mario games, only 5 of them are on the Switch 😱 would be useful if chrome://settings/help told me *when* Canary was last updated (e.g., 2 hours ago or 22 hours… blocking in mobile Firefox really speed up websites performance
Retweeted by Šime Vidas @briankardell I’m thinking about it 😁oof, Twitter's crop detection feature seems to reliably choose white faces
Retweeted by Šime VidasDo you keep a diary? @davrous @MicrosoftEdge @pwabuilder What if the default browser is changed (from Chrome to Edge, or vice versa) *af… does the large share of legacy Android versions affect web developers? @DanielPox That would be the Android item. Btw, it fell to 0% for the first time this year. 🙌 The Google app I’m r…
W3C retweets people 😁