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@bhathos “or” is supported only in Firefox. It seems unnecessary. Comma is probably enough. @JohnPGreen Good point 😁 @ecbos_ 👍 It was mandatory in the 2002 spec, if I’m reading it correctly.​media all { } Why does the “all” media type exist?
@​media typ and (feat) and (feat), (feat) and (feat) { I’m not sure how to read this. Does the comma mean OR? What… @pearsonified Websites have headers that contain the logo, main navigation, a search field, etc. Is that a problem?… think my text about “skip to content” links is pretty clear, but only one of the three commenters on Hacker News… @pearsonified WCAG is the basis of various accessibility and non-discrimination laws around the world. @pearsonified If I’m reading WCAG correctly, it’s required to provide a way to skip over the parts at the top of th… @wilsonpage @Nikolo_z It’s probably a cat-and-mouse game. Apple updates their ITP in every Safari release. Trackers… UK that has now the highest rate of confirmed deaths from #COVID19 worldwide. [Link to the source:…
Retweeted by Šime Vidas @Tomi_Tapio @chriscoyier I’m going to guess 10 to 20 percent of the world population. @chriscoyier Are there any stats on how many people have wide-gamut displays? @ianjmacintosh This RSS feed contains posts about what’s new in devtools this historic moment while searching Twitter for good content about web compatibility 😁
Dunno about others, but I open devtools with a specific goal in mind 100% of the time, so “What’s New” is never not…<a class="skip-link visually-hidden" href="#​main"> Skip to main content </a> .skip-link:focus { @​remove-class "visually-hidden"; }11. @artpi @w3cdevs p { width: fit-content; } (autoprefixed) @cwiiis @kornelski Imagine a low-tech phone that is just a white slab with an eink display. The web browser could h… @marvindanig Is there a test page where people can check if 1 --inch is indeed 1 inch on their screens (or how close it is)?Opera’s latest blog post shows how insanely fantastic an all-screen phone with a white front bezel would look. Why…
Here's a short list of things we do and don't yet know about #COVID19.
Retweeted by Šime Vidas @scottjehl Ah, it’s probably just a bug with the Network panel. The background is green, so the style sheet has loaded. @scottjehl It could be just me, but Firefox Nightly on Mac does not load the style sheet: @riad_bouziani @firt @JudahGabriel They may have focused all of their resources in the last year on Android. The ne… @JudahGabriel @riad_bouziani @firt I hope those Windows changes will be compatible with Firefox as well. 😁 @wail101 @Daniel_Rubino That one time I needed to convert a video, and I installed maybe 5 different apps until I f… @wail101 @Daniel_Rubino My problem with local apps is that you can’t try them out in the browser first. You have to… @MasterDevwi Please consider using <video> instead of GIF. Not only do your GIFs waste people’s data (14 MB) and ba…
Retweeted by Šime Vidas @MasterDevwi Please consider using <video> instead of GIF. Not only do your GIFs waste people’s data (14 MB) and ba… @schrepfler @codepo8 Yep, Chrome seems to be the first one to bring them back, but I’m not familiar with the details. @theSdev @codepo8 Yep, I forgot about that. @supersimplenet @HugoGiraudel It’d be interesting to see the effect visualized in a coordinate system. x-axis = fo… @edent PNG with black text and transparent background + Twitter’s web app with “Lights out” background Nightly is sharedarraybuffer away from 100% ECMAScript support. is disappointing that this search returns fewer than 10 results. You people need to tweet more. It doesn’t matte… @CtrlBlog The spec states that rootMargin accepts percentage values. Does 100% represent the viewport height? In t… @peduarte @benoitgrelard Have you considered disabling scroll chaining? @webrendyn Twitter has a really good search. It’s very easy to find your own tweets later. Great for notes to self.
@argyleink It seems that optical sizing is enabled by default for San Francisco. It’s 20 for <h1> and 19 for <p>.… @heydonworks @trumbitta max-age=0 for HTML is probably a good idea. I use cache-control: s-maxage=31557600, max-ag… @stommepoes @stevefaulkner @MSEdgeDev They could’ve. They didn’t want to. 😁 @anssik No permission required, huh? You just flip the switch on, and the screen stays on.… @sid_vishnoi The video that I quote-tweeted compares the two behaviors. Which one do you prefer, left or right? @CherryJimbo I was too weirded out by <portal> to give it a serious look 😂 @sid_vishnoi Notice how we want different behaviors for the two scroll containers: * The page’s own scroll positio… @sid_vishnoi That’s interesting. Firefox restores the scroll position for each page *separately* when performing Ba… there be a standard web platform feature for scroll restoration in non-root scroll containers across page lo… @hannespdev @hakimel @marvinhagemeist Single-page apps 😁In related news, Firefox supports `inline list-item` @tomayac The share_target member is not part of the Web Share spec. It’s a feature that Chromium is incubating, whi… @stommepoes @stevefaulkner @MSEdgeDev I disagree. Microsoft is one of the largest tech companies in the world. They… @tomayac @unsplash Should the article mention that the API is not a web standard? It would… @HugoGiraudel @supersimplenet Is there an advantage to using ex instead of the more common em?
los nuevos intentos @taufiqsabirin @FirefoxPreview @dubeg_ The issue is still open. Try to reload the page.I needed to see the whole picture @Ekaterina_Vu Not necessarily: inline-block, inline-flex, and inline-grid are containers, but their outer display type is inline. @bhathos list-item is a block container @bhathos Whoops, forgot the link @bhathos Yes, I think that’s the best term. table-caption is a block container. @Ekaterina_Vu I think the answer to my question is block, flex, or grid container. There seems to be no umbrella term for all three.Ignoring replaced elements, this should be correct: spec, you’re not helping 😂 ( there a term for elements with the following CSS display property values? • block • flex • grid • inline-block… @dubeg_ @taufiqsabirin @FirefoxPreview No, those are tabs. @stommepoes @stevefaulkner @MSEdgeDev Wait, I’m to sure what you mean. If they feel there’s nothing they can do abo… @FirefoxPreview There is the New Tab button? 😂 @kavun No, just a random thought. 😁
@FlintBeastw00D Just if statements. I thought it looked neat. @FlintBeastw00D As far as I know, double negation is not needed in if-headers because the expression is automatically converted to Boolean.if (!this.state․data) { ⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎ if not (this.state․data) { @MSEdgeDev You did not answer my question, but I will keep asking. 😁 “Edge is now a Chromium-based browser. The co… @stshank If there’s ambiguity, a hyphen is needed. @mmatuzo I’m not a big keyboard user, but that sounds like something that could come in handy. @mmatuzo It’s the website’s responsibility to identify the main content via the <main> element, but it should be th… I use the <main> element, should I not need a “skip to content” link?1. DuckDuckGo 10/10 2. Startpage 9.4 3. 1Password 8.6 4. Twist 8.5 5. GitHub 8.1 6. Flipgrid 8.1 7. Wikipedia 7.9 8…, opening up JSON in Firefox will report on any syntax errors - much better than Edge or Chrome.
Retweeted by Šime Vidas @raymondcamden @CygniusV Works like a charm. I have a memory of this not working that well a few years ago. Might h… @CygniusV @raymondcamden I once accidentally deleted a random comma from a long JSON file. It took me maybe five mi… @brucel Free interactive testing in IE11 and Edge: @jaroslawjarosik Should be fixed now.
People in 2016: BAHAHAHAHA! People in 2020: *starts sweating* @sxpert1 @FirefoxNightly Not in my case. I had to re-install. It wasn’t a problem because all user data is in the p… @kore_sar I’ve been using Nightly as my main browser for maybe 6 years. Occasionally something breaks, but it’s fix… @KenzXYZ According to MDN, IE only supports column-gap in multicol.Twitter's privacy policy updated, including this: "To help us understand if these ads are effective, we share devic…
Retweeted by Šime VidasiPhone died, can’t access authenticator app + Firefox Nightly broke, the only browser where I’m logged in on most s…
@kyrogers @FultonHealth Sub 2:1, ouch. It’s truly mind-boggling that someone okayed this. 😁div { @​supports (gap: 0) { // styles for <div>s that are grid/flex/multicol containers } }Do you measure the performance of your site for users who opt-in and opt-out of cookie consent? Here's how to do it…
Retweeted by Šime Vidas @simonhearne 6 landed in Chrome Canary @DanielPox As for <img alt>, I follow @becka11y’s advice: @DanielPox I probably should have clarified. I do not recommend <a title> unless you want the tooltip behavior on d… @pepelsbey_ I found it useful to display the URL next to the cursor when hovering an image link. Probably an edge case though. @stshank @googledocs The “Open” button has low contrast (about 2.5:1). Everyone at Google must have really good eyesight.<a title="foo"> <img alt=""> </a> ⇒ the link’s accessible name is "foo" <a title="foo"> <img alt="bar"> </a>…