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Journalist with a camera & a pen. New York Bureau @CNN. @stamadvocate alum, son of North Jersey. Photo work:

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@PatBlanchfield JFC, what a horror. I am sorry you’re dealing with this. Let’s talk offline I might be able to assistThis has been keeping me up at night for months they come for me for trying to shoehorn a Tesla motor into an old Ford pickup, tell the world my story)What happens when a ventilator company won’t sell spare parts in a pandemic? Or when you’re told you’re just licens… @jonkeegan @Space_Station Nice! @SarahLJorgensen Sarahjust want everyone to know that in the year 2020, many online forms *still* don’t recognize hyphenated names as names.
Retweeted by Evan Simko-Bednarski @thephatic 🥰 @GeneraLMcMill Yes. Also dogs.(Many an oil leak on the Volvo has been solved by looking back and seeing which seal *hasnt* been replaced in the past decade)(It also give you the opportunity to wax poetic about your mechanic’s knack for welding stainless steel)In the meantime, time to start a log for the truck. I’m not a terribly organized person, but keeping a notebook i… two-year old, interrupting while my wife and I talk industry gossip over breakfast: “WE ARE ALL REPORTERS!” @wyethwire Due West @cmtbasecamp oh this looks really interesting @cmtbasecamp in my experience there's a whole other kind of mental muscle memory involved in working my metaphor th… @cmtbasecamp yeah, def. distinct phenomena My sound->texture thing was so hard to identify because it's just so li… @cmtbasecamp It's a bad example, but, I often feel like the same neurons light up in the same order when I'm fixing… @cmtbasecamp If we can define syn. as the mapping of one kind of neurological experience onto the organizational pr… @cmtbasecamp I totally agree with that instinct, re: left/right brain. The thing that always fascinates me re: syne… @cmtbasecamp But FWIW I only learned synesthesia was even a thing from @adambermudez in a conversation my sophomor… @cmtbasecamp That's a really interesting question. Especially given that I bet most synethetic high school kids ha…; intifada; alternative country🔥🔥🔥 assumption is that we’ve rebuild and changed enough systems at once that there will be some gremlin-chasing for…’t made one of these in a while: encourages controversy and quantity over clarity and quality. Our job is to cut through the nois…
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I can’t subscribe to every local newspaper but I can do my part to support local news. So let’s do this: On October…
Retweeted by Evan Simko-Bednarski engine looks *good* —still waiting on a new fuel pump, but we sealed some leaks in the intake/valve covers, put… the truck today, helped Josh button up some engine things (he let me feel useful) and test fit the mirrors… @jonkeegan @themarkup ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼Another delivery of finishing-touches parts—I should probably have side view mirrors. to find some time to update this database of local news sites and their owners. Nice for anyone who does link…
Retweeted by Evan Simko-Bednarski @DougJC28 That thing looks awesomeIf you like the New York Times’s expose on fake local news outlets, you’ll love the original version, written by…
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NEW: A network of 1,300 websites aim to fill a news void left by vanishing local papers across the U.S. It is built…
Retweeted by Evan Simko-Bednarskithis comic is one of my favorite pieces of art ever
Retweeted by Evan Simko-Bednarski @Chris__Boyette Absolutely. Though as the parent of a toddler, I think sometimes you got to let them yell and walk… did our version of journalism stray from this kind of pointed, no holds-barred questioning? woman I contacted last week told me: “you should not be asking any COVID related questions, as its a violation of…
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"There's something about that, when you watched everybody getting pushed around, there's some very beautiful about…
Retweeted by Evan Simko-BednarskiJosh is going to tune it and patch up the one rust hole we found under the cowl/dash, and then, back on the road 🤞🏼TIL: there is a “new Ford blue” and an “old Ford blue” from the shop: truck is moving under it’s own power again, and—the part I failed to do—*stopping* under its… fellow white reporters. You are allowed to talk about race. Do not make this singularly the responsibility of…
Retweeted by Evan Simko-Bednarski @CengizYar @EmilyKinskey (So I’ve been told) @CengizYar @EmilyKinskey A true master can do both in one @Jose_Pagliery Well playedbillion dollar tech companies don't need to talk on background
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@MarkupUnion Congratulations, you guys!We have a union!
Retweeted by Evan Simko-BednarskiPlease join us in welcoming our newest bargaining unit to the @nyguild family, @MarkupUnion ! #UnionYes
Retweeted by Evan Simko-Bednarski“I broke my ribs twice. I scratched my cornea with ice. The only time I’ve ever seen soldiers more afraid than goin…
Retweeted by Evan Simko-BednarskiThis really gives you a “closing credits of Contagion” vibe.
Retweeted by Evan Simko-BednarskiNJ AG has the authority to order the release of names of disciplined cops, NJ appellate panel rules
Retweeted by Evan Simko-BednarskiThe @washingtonpost is looking to hire a sports investigative reporter!
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Since JFK v. Nixon, the idea of televised presidential debates [and Town Halls] is to serve the voters—not the whim…
Retweeted by Evan Simko-Bednarski @ndhapple Initially misread that as "sez RZA," and was doubly intriguedOh man... remember this?'s another, from ancient times in 2017 of the early March dates just feel plain eerie into Eric Kunsman's Fake New Archive Project -- a day-by-day image of competing headlines during the Trump pre… @soniamoghe I’ve done it. I’m not proud. @soniamoghe I mean if you collect all the sticky notes there’s a complete draft in there somewhere @SamuelAshworth You do long form. You get those kinds of luxuries.Chaotic Neutral, baby
@emmaruthless @lkirchner “New” is a strong word to use herewhat a lossThinking of the time my buddy Andrew turned me on to Killip's In Flagrante while we huddled around a propane heater… found out photographer Chris Killip died., please please please be careful running with armed vigilante voter intimidation stories. Scary stories…
Retweeted by Evan Simko-BednarskiDueling filter-bubbles update: I got fired today for doing this interview. Less than 24 hours before the Press goes to print. The paper…
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I don’t care what Lindsey Graham said. Here is the news.
Retweeted by Evan Simko-Bednarski @Lkatzenberg @NYTimesAtWar @johnismay Sad to see this ending. You all did important work @danslimmon Thank you for this honor @samthielman I really loved it a few years after it came out.Registration in Virginia is still down as of this tweet, as the day's ticking by. Verizon spox says roadside worker…
Retweeted by Evan Simko-Bednarski"Specifically, why should somebody with that amount of power be the only one allowed to talk about what happened in…
Retweeted by Evan Simko-BednarskiI'm going to remove the phrase "avoid like the plague" from my vocabulary, because .. people are not avoiding the plague, it turns out.
Retweeted by Evan Simko-Bednarski @jonkeegan @adrjeffries No ISS video yet but I did get a laughably large antenna @jonkeegan @adrjeffries Jon’s got me on SatSat @joshua_eaton 💯the national newsrooms arent great at this. And if you are a working class reporter struggling to… @TrentBWrites Agreed. There is not nearly enough working class representation in national media. Though when you co… think you’ve got to read more widely, dude. you a good writer and great at social media? @restofworld is seeking an Audience Engagement Editor. Info here:
Retweeted by Evan Simko-Bednarski🚨🚨🚨JOB ALERT: @propublica is hiring FOUR investigative editors to join our local team. -Deputy editor, local -Senio…
Retweeted by Evan Simko-Bednarski @nkostelic One DIY haircut to date since March
I want what they have
Retweeted by Evan Simko-Bednarski @LeifSkodnick Easy enough to relocate, there’s space under the bed. And if it hasn’t been driving regularly, you’re… @LeifSkodnick Gas tank was in the cab until 71 or 72. Disc brakes only became standard up front in 73. All of that… @LeifSkodnick The old I6 seems like an unkillable motor, and honesty I would have gone with one if I could find it… @LeifSkodnick I had a hard time finding a manual transmission truck (I didn't). Let me know when you're in the tire… @LeifSkodnick I started looking in upstate New York and the dollar-to-rust ratio was untenable. Looking for any make or era in particular? @LeifSkodnick This should make up for the fact that I only have an AM radio. For now.Some new parts came in today for the finishing-touches stage: a proper air cleaner and a liquid-filled fuel-pressur…, uh... this thing is going to get loud.Shop update: exhaust is going in. Josh has done some really clean welding work here. @yeahbenwhatever I would be mildly surprised if AZ, NC and WI all go red