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Mango 🥭 @Simmango Giddings, TX // Aggieland

Semper Fi. Romans 8:18. Aggie Catholic. TAMU Former Student. Unapologetically me. I’m here for a good time and a long time. Yeehaw, let’s ride.

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It’s easier to lie to the world than to be honest with yourself
@MadisonIGuess It’s September thoThe thing about social media, in my opinion is it just cements the world’s (as a whole) need for affirmation and ap… @chitogainz Honestly I do too. Aside from LSU 2018 I mostly agree with him. But I feel like Mond knows that and is ready to shut people up“He’s great when they need average, but he’s average when they need greatness.” - Tim Tebow on Kellen Mond Well I…“Don’t fear the outcome. Change the outcome. It’s your narrative, you control it.” -Jimbo Fisher HELL YEAH BUDDY LETS GET IT!!
🤤🤤🤤It smells like Golden Chick in my car soooooo badIf you drive during weather like this without your running lights on, ima kill youI’m craving Taco Bell high key rnMy glutes are sore. My hips are tight. My knee is stiff. My quads are sore.I got a refund check from BCBS and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time 😭🙌🏼My vibes were off at Applebee’sno way in hell y’all are getting nutritional facts from a netflix documentary
Retweeted by Mango 🥭Y’all know Spring Break is gonna be short for the next 45 years to make up for the extra time we got last year, right....?Y’all worried about the price, I’m worried about the fact that this WHOLE ASS MEAL is called a “Snack Box” @crmatlock Like a light purplish colorSame, but still don’t want them stolen @victoriasmedley Happy birthday! @gdreit98 🥵🥵🥵 @AM29LT It was meEffect is a noun (“The effect this will have on us”). Affect is a verb (“This shouldn’t affect you”) out the color shirt I’m wearing today is a secret symbol that I’m bisexual, so I guess that was a cool fact to find out about myselfIt gave me a neck beard and I don’t like that’m moving here. haven’t felt anything since this song came out ❤️ @alne713 @beeyawnsaye Congratulations“When people don’t know who their enemy is, they start with people who look like me.” (For context: Said by a Middle Eastern man)
@Ameliaaaaaa11 Have you ever talked to yourself...? @ChrisMtz_16 @TAMU @AggieNetwork Congratulations 👍🏼Idk if y’all have ever heard the Eric Thomas speech about “When you want to be successful as bad as you want to bre… @tessa_moreno_ @TAMU Congratulations!!Will Smith is my favorite human“There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable o…’s this man that works out at my gym, Big Mike. This man is 87 years old and is at the gym 5 days a week. BIG… is why SEALs are such badasses. They’ll just work harder than you This isn’t the kinda guy you think of when… I can’t it do it Homie, it can’t be done Now I’ma let the champagne bottle pop Ima take it to the top For sure, ima make it hotWow it’s gonna be a great Monday need to hear Mrs. Orgeron say “Geaux Tigahs” @Turahh_ It really do be like thatY’all can’t tell me this wasn’t on purpose rly need someone to smoke a cigar and drink some whiskey with @mollyprigmore There’s some liars there
I’m also glad I don’t have to be a parent to Waldo, and I can be the cool uncle bc when my sister makes him go to h… am the same age as my mom when she had her first child CAN YOU IMAGINE ME TAKING CARE OF A CHILD LMFAOO Last week… do these overly enthusiastic white kindergarten teachers keep showing up on my FYP, and more importantly why do… in this modern world, when two lovers get together Chances of 'em ever makin' it to forever Couldn't be bett… what age are you supposed to stop snickering at the number 69?? Bc I feel like I’m approaching (or have surpasse… @sidneyldeese Edgy. @Simmango
Retweeted by Mango 🥭 @sidneyldeese I’m upset @sidneyldeese Say sikeWhy is @zachlanebryan not on the IG stories music?I think it takes more balls to say you’ve never been in combat than it takes to see combat @chitogainz I’m just tryna be as strong as you :/You got a kik? could never be a teacher bc this is the dumbest thing in the world** **and by dumbest thing I mean it’s incredib… I go to get BBQ, and you give me some wheat ass bread.... we’re fighting. You don’t eat wheat bread with bbq 😤“I want to be someone’s first choice.” - the girl that hits you up when her first choice doesn’t like herHave you ever been on a date with someone and they literally don’t ask you a single question???? Do you wonder if… know I’m just as guilty of this as the next person. I have trouble letting go of malice towards people that have… I say.... as a Christian, I believe that God did us all a favor by taking the responsibility of having to judg…"Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the me… @madilynTAMU21 Is it pretty small though? Bc the one I want stretches like... almost from my armpit to my hipI bet the angels are jealous of a girl I know She takes my stain and makes it white as snOOoooOOwGod didn’t give me the ability to sing bc it would make me too powerfulDon't stop goin', goin' South 'Cause they'll let you play your music real damn loud Don't stop headin', headin' Sou… @EldonPerignon Bro I already know it 😩 but hey pain is temporary, glory is foreverI wanted to get it on my tricep, but I don’t wanna not be able to get a job one day bc of it 😂Either that or like... down my latI want a rib cage tattoo so bad, but I’m scared LMFAOHigher rep sets are so much harder for me, mentally gets a whole lot better when you realize ain’t nobody owes you shit If you don’t have something you think you… y’all know how funny something has to be to make me actually laugh out loud over the internetWhy am I actually crying 💀💀💀 @the_ben_woolley @3rdWheelJordyn Man’s name is Tathan. He’s gone through enough in life let’s leave him alone
There’s this guy that lives on my parents’ street that waves SO AGGRESSIVELY every time I see him, like he wants to…’s just something that’s so calming about the sounds of cicadas in the early evening hours. Takes me back to my childhood buddy, 50-14 yessssssssirSounds like Giddings whooped up on Caldwell a bit last night smoking. That’s gross tooOne of the biggest turn offs for me is not being straight up. I’m a pretty straight shootin kinda person. I’ll be h… @Dad_Bod_John Not with that attitude 😤Steps to getting an immaculate jawline: Step 1: don’t Step 2: grow up and grow a beard97 days’m about to reach out and hold your hand in mine Feel your love baby, one more time Press against your lips and ho… is September 19th and I’m already tired of the word spooky :)I don’t see why British come to America taking all weird and stuff. If you’re going to come to OUR country, learn OUR language, English.Donuts for breakfast, tacos for lunch, I’m thrivingAnd meanwhile conservatives are happy a human has died bc now they can replace her with someone with their views.… people use the “Restrict” feature on Instagram? What exactly is it for? @sarajn07 CC @Robert_White14 @bernalalala Okay on your first tweet I thought you meant the uncle part @srasal IT KILLS ME BC SHE TRIES TO COPY HIS HANDWRITING 😂💀💀I don’t get it when people stand on a box or plates to do RDLs from a “deficit” and then don’t lower the plates bel…
Retweeted by Mango 🥭 @pumpkinking39 And all my homies can play PS5 without causing any problems