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Travelling the world so you don't have to, for @Independent, @EveningStandard & @theipaper. EscapePodcast: Travel question? Feel free to DM me

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@sense_reason @Debbie24300 @SkyNewsBreak I'm afraid no automatic right to cancel without penalty. and the coronavirus I have tried to answer all the key questions, but let me know if you have others. And re… @foxyboy60 Be really careful at the airport – avoiding queues wherever possible, washing hands thoroughly after the… Palmas airport turned into a dormitory again last night night, when Britain's biggest holiday company apparentl…
Covid-19: if there is such a thing as an overabundance of caution, I think we may have reached it. No point decidin… sandstorm: thousands still stranded. No cash compensation, but airlines have a strict duty to provide disr…
@GSimba Isolation covers 10 small towns in Lombardy: Codogno, Castiglione d’Adda, Casalpusterlengo, Fombio, Maleo,… @NikkiChads01 Compared with all the other risks, the chances of being anywhere near someone with this unpleasant vi… Gran Canaria (airport worst hit by sandstorm) easyJet is telling passengers it won't provide hotels: ”We’ve been… flight chaos caused by sandstorm
@franwatkins Plane in Tenerife, only a 20 minute hop from Gran Canaria, but the big problem with Canaries flights i… @darrenhopkinson Airlines must provide meals/accommodation and get you out of there as soon as possible. Dozens of… @Stevros1988 Only works from St Pancras, and only on the 3.31pm (which has a swift seven-minute connection at Sheffield to Leeds). @Matthew40366745 The Foreign Office warns visitor to Prague of "Pick-pocketing on flights from the UK" "Bogus plain…
Covid-19 and its dramatic impact on aviation Cadillac? More likely a Mercedes E-Class will be taking you to the airport for your Virgin Atlantic Upper Clas… favourite European restaurants: looking like a very close four-way tie so far between France, Italy, Portugal…
@Pruadvisory This 48 Hours in Amsterdam article celebrated its fourth birthday yesterday, but I think it still does… @W1LBA Turn up with a passport that meets these conditions: The Turkish government advise that your passport should… @husbandmalc Just turn up, but note the official advice: "The Turkish government advise that your passport should b… @grandetoro1949 And then the rest of the country @grandetoro1949 Explore Valletta, one of the most astonishing places in the Mediterranean @joe_g_jogjig Thank you for asking for a travel question for you, if I may. Foreign Office warning of "radiation spikes" in southern Moscow e-visas scrapped for British visitors from 2 March 2020. The move will save 2 million+ UK tourists this yea…
France demain? Bonne chance? airport in disarray again: United's flight from Washington has diverted to Gatwick, along with British Air… (which has just banned Chinese tourists because of the coronavirus) wants to attract more visitors. So from…
@domandkittysmum British Airways should immediately have arranged a flight via Paris/Frankfurt/Amsterdam/Dubai etc… @our_gert From the facts as you present them, you are due a full refund within two weeks.EU air passengers’ rights rules stipulate any airline cancelling a flight for any reason must book travellers on th… @michell06274882 Until 1.1.21: Your passport is valid for travel anywhere in the European Union, including the Cana… on cruise ships are FAR more prevalent in winter I've analysed big outbreaks over the last decade Worst mon…
@Mrsljn Yes, easyJet must recompense travel and meal costs.easyJet: "We've cancelled your flight to the Canaries. Next available: Thursday" Family (unaware of easyJet's duty… @garyhorner_gh @SJBretty @bbc5live Yes, if you gave easyJet a reasonable opportunity to provide alternative transpo…, confused and fed up. No, not me: 10s of 1,000s of passengers, after 100s of flight cancellations due to S… it's a wild world out there, with widespread disruption for the zillionth day in a row. Good luck every… IT failure: system now fixed but disruption continues, with more than 80 British Airways flights cancelled…
@JennyNielsenNPT @HeathrowAirport Thank you very much. @jackmilly2010 Heathrow airport.Heathrow chaos, 2240 update. IT failure now fixed, but tens of thousands hit by cancellations and long delays. Also… @JennyNielsenNPT @HeathrowAirport Hi Jenny, Simon Calder from The Independent here. May we use one of your Heathrow… Europe's busiest airport is unravelling due to another IT failure @samanthawylie If I may, your account asserts that easyJet failed to offer a full range of options, then when you b… @samanthawylie As easyJet knows, it must book you a ticket as soon as possible on a rival airline – on the same day… Dennis: more travel disruption @PurpleHayes1969 Yes, and if there are no seats on easyJet it must buy you a ticket on another airline as soon as p… @noemifyo @annaboulter @easyJet @MartinSLewis It's not an insurance issue; easyJet must pay for the first available…
@iwains @easyJet The tour operator should have paid for new flights but as it is, claim fares back from easyJet and… @easyJet @Denise84403680 "If there are flights available within 24 hours with easyJet then you will not be reimburs… @MEB987 Good choice. Hope they have a fabulous trip.easyJet cancellations latest @maryestall @easyJet @Girlguiding easyJet must book them on any other airline that can get them to their destinatio… @Raviii_Verma Yes. easyJet is responsible for getting you home, on a rival airline if it cannot get you home on the… easyJet cancellations for Sunday: Luton 26 (including the first four Geneva flights) Southend 8 (Geneva, Alica… @chairmanofthe12 If it's a package holiday (whether with easyJet Holidays or another tour operator) involving a fli… has just cancelled more than 60 Gatwick departures/arrivals on Sunday morning, including ski flights to Gen… @donvonbonn1 @dicky_burgess @easyJet An airline that cancels a flight has a strict duty of care to provide replacem… for the Alps? Trains more reliable than planes. @dicky_burgess easyJet must book you on the first available flight, whatever the airline and the fare. The only exc… @BenPBradshaw @easyJet Sorry to hear it. Fortunately European air passengers’ rights rules are on her side: easyJet… @BenPBradshaw @easyJet Good morning, Ben. Pre-emptive cancellations to try to keep the rest of the operation on tra… Dennis has triggered half-term holiday chaos. Hundreds of winter sun and ski flights for Saturday were abrupt…
@JoMidgley72 @CircuitousThe Having investigated similar cases in the wake of severe weather disruption (easyJet can… @MEB987 Sorry to hear it. Loads of good deals elsewhere if that helps? Look at for late-not… this weekend? Good luck 50 Heathrow flights already cancelled on Saturday afternoon/evening (in addition… nonstop: huge row between Qantas and the pilots' union over "Project Sunrise" Airline threatens to re… @GawpStaffs Yes.jetBlue's founder has a new plan
Seat recline: should you always ask the person behind if they mind or just exercise your right to recline? lost almost £4 per passenger in 2019, but vows it will shrink to success in 2020 – cutting flights by one… @HiddenPooh A letter from her GP should allow a claim under BA's Ts and Cs section 3e: "Your rights if you are prev…
@JBAEdmonds @sundayhandbag No, the timings are haphazard; on Saturday morning almost nothing arrives early enough a… @Colcestrian @seatsixtyone With the exception of Ireland, the same rule applies to visits to all of them: Bulgaria,… to the EU (or Norway, Switzerland, Iceland or plucky Liechtenstein) from 1.1.21? The government has just… @HortLouise On a package holiday that's now unfortunately not going ahead, my reading of the law is that they get f… Airways today launched a new route from Heathrow to Newquay I tried to book a trip on the first flight but… @McWhirterAlex @trustaviation @AviationVincent Alex, I'll copy the press release for you. PSO stipulates any of the… and cruising holidays Booked a proper package (flights and cruise in a single transaction)? Significant ch… @AlanSlevin1 That seems an odd demand. The chances of being anywhere near someone with this unpleasant virus, in Th… air war intensifies Flybe abandons the flagship link from Cornwall to Europe's busiest airport in…
Arrivederci, Air Italy. Two notable aspects: 1 A soft landing: booked passengers all promised full refunds or alter… @andywatson22 @CanadianUK @JaniceCharette Hi, unfortunately Canada's eTA appears to be designed to deter visitors a…'s busiest airports: at present rates of growth, Paris CDG will be neck-and-neck with London Heathrow by the… rail project: what, why, when and how much?
Coronavirus and travel: an expert view @mccooltweet @British_Airways @WhichMoney All due to BA’s archaic pricing structure. No need to pay it. Tell me the… morning's consignment of coronavirus/travel questions travel: the nightmare continues on trains and planes. West Coast main line flooded at Carlisle, trains in rural…
@AFinCB @kristemple No obligation to pay cash compensation. Unavoidable duty of care to provide hotel and meals, an… chaos: 10pm update After... Some rail passengers were told “We will be held here at Luton for the foreseeabl… @kristemple Fortunately, whatever Ryanair says the European air passengers’ rights rules are on their side Ryanair… be advised that @Port_of_Dover has now re-opened for ferry movements. A big thank you to all the Port’s cu…
Retweeted by Simon CalderThat British Airways Geneva-Gatwick (not quite)-Lyon marathon: I've been hearing from the passengers ... Airways flight 2749 from Geneva to Gatwick wasn't much fun today. Took off almost three hours late, hung ar… @billyboy_baker Yes. 40 people have been tested positive for the virus. 17 are Chinese nationals; the remainder liv… @Binibeca_rental easyJet must provide a flight as soon as possible on ANY airline (including British Airways or KLM…