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Bangs on about music, beer and stuff for Seven West Media. An enigma wrapped in a paradox, dipped in chipotle sauce.

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@sarahvmac @wendy_harmer Both Christina and Linda are amazing. Unlike After Life, Dead to Me just gets better and better. @BellTowerTimes @SueYeap @BenCameron4 Dunno. JL played for Scarborough so... he can GGF. @fallofasparrow @NickdMiller NOT CASH 🤢This image is triggering. @jennamclarke Pubs. @GraceMillimaci Send the video you must have just shot to the West, Gracie! 😘 @freocookster Yeah but it has to be pronounced Darby to appease AFL House. @mattlaytonradio He buys a painting larger than his current one. @NickdMiller Cough into your elbows, bump elbows to greet a mate, measure from your elbow - this pandemic is really elbow-centric. @fallofasparrow Door-to-door soliloquys? Bard-O-Gram?
@strom_m Suppose NOW there will be a Walkley for rock criticism? @Tony_Burke @RNBreakfast Has someone tried switching Mathias off and then back on again? @SueYeap @TimHammond1 M’ local. DJ’d at the Lone Star once. Industrial night. Why I was hired to play NIN and Minis… @robelinda2 pleez @BenCameron4 Hundreds and *that* catch to get Kohli were never gonna be enough. @BenCameron4 Also begs the question of why Usman just lost his contract when he seemed to be making a score every episode. @BellTowerTimes Australian magical nanny Gary Poppins. @Heathfidelity How many did you have before you noticed? @GeoffHutchison @abcperth There’s some rippers. “Liked his bacon and hash browns crispy”. Now, there’s a legacy.
When we make a $100 tax miscalculation it results in a life fuck upping audit. When they make a $60 Billion miscalc…
Retweeted by Simon Bloke Collins @leggoet @DavidBowieReal @rageABC Oh god, no.Watching the @DavidBowieReal special on @rageABC that was aired shortly after his passing, again, and marveling, on… @MikeHarrisssss TIMS #ruinabandbyswappingletters @jennamclarke @GemmaTognini So they finally found someone competent? Huge, if true. @smallestroom Spacey Jane
@MarkRonson Stealy Dan #RuinABandNameByChangingOneLetter @GeoffHutchison @abcperth Back of the net.Blundie #RuinABandNameWithOneLetter @smallestroom Live tweet song by song? @hsidewinder There’s some bits that are pretty, pretty, pretty bad.To lift the national mood, renowned numbers man @MathiasCormann will now sing 46 Luft Balloons. #auspol #justJoshingAll-purpose #auspol tweet for today: “You must be Joshing!” @sclark_melbs You’ve got to be joshing... @sideshowkelso Camp Pope? @BadDreems Alternative title?
@BadDreems Sounds like a dark vision for psychedelic times. 🤘 @jacksonlangford PassVenezuelan Gold? Yes, pleeez. 😎
@AdamTroxtell @emzorbit For stores that are “enabling, encouraging, generally being awesome”... @PatrickGormanMP What’s the location? Make sure you’re wearing a light-up vest. @JayStill4 .... No.Intense @PerthZoo @GillOshaughness Gavin Jibbon?Kids love playing in the car. Wife, not so much. @zanrowe @SongExploder @halloates just used the raw power of really smooth music to write their @yachtrock classic of the same name. 🛥 🤘 @BellTowerTimes And, anyway, which pubs did they have left to re-open? Shitney No-Beers was already shut down. 😘 @RossDuckham @FiveThirtyEight Clearly, it’s Tub. @jonkudelka Snowpiercer II: Qantas @andrewprobyn @MadeleineMHKing @peterstefanovic Gold!For a moment, I thought @MadeleineMHKing had a pet lemur named after her favourite Goodie @peterstefanovic
Retweeted by Simon Bloke Collins @davecallantwit “Helpful”
@TheSipBeer @jennamclarke @FeralBrewing How difficult would it be to pull together a list of the WA beers made with WA barley? @jennamclarke @FeralBrewing Plus Bright Tank, Blasta, Northbridge Brewing Co., Gage Roads... SO MANY... and so many… @jennamclarke @FeralBrewing So many great WA breweries - do love Biggie... plus great beers from Otherside, Nail, N…
@doublejmornings @MarkRonson @DoubleJRadio Dinosaur Train theme song? @ryanchodgson @mattreddin Solid...Could be wrong but think @MarkMcGowanMP is saying that this is a nice place and it would be a shame if anything hap… @SueYeap No space. Just beer, burger and chips. @Dunhacking @anintegralstate @LelHulagirl101 Was buying a round at the Sydney Theatre Company bar and the tender dr… @emmadavidsonACT @anintegralstate I call shenanigans. Not that you met Barney... but that he reads. @SueYeap Burger. Burger. Burgeeeeeerrrrr. @NiftyNev13 @westaustralian There were jobs. Jobs, mate. @NiftyNev13 @westaustralian “Their”, “arse” and no, there was welfare “back in your day”. @PatrickGormanMP Takeaway vs. Sleepytime - don’t @ me @Tracy_Vo Big Chats fan, Trace? @zanrowe @declanf Donald “Duck” DunnHappy birthday to me. Thanks ⁦@MarkMcGowanMP⁩ for opening the pubs and cheers Blasta for the tasty NEIPA. #perth
@mattreddin Gold.Hale yes... what?! Eurovision Johnny Logan on point with an all-white ensemble #EurovisionShineALight #EurovisionComeTogether @MadeleineMHKing can you please help @Birmo out and tee up a call with #china - he’s a bit out of his depth. #auspolThis is leadership. @AlexLahey @cjmarks @handshakemgmt @DeadOceans @CarolineMusicAu Any excuse to crank this one! @PeterFo46396181 Barry Crocker @LucyRGibson Is that the Mersey?
@PierraWillix @SBSEurovision @Eurovision Whaaaaaaaaa!????? @jonkudelka @albion2304 @matttburke Goodness! Me! @ScotMacDonald1 @OfficialBlueyTV @ABCTV @westaustralian Woah. Now that’s a hot potato. @GarrettIvo @OfficialBlueyTV @ABCTV @westaustralian Next project, mate. Stay tuned. @DZatTurnstiles @SanCiscoMusic @westaustralian @freodockers Footy’s back, Fyfe’s front! @SyanDougherty @OfficialBlueyTV @ABCTV @westaustralian Dave was totally up for it. Top fella.In a gross abuse of my privilege as a journo, I badgered David McCormack to give my kids a shout-out in character a… rocking a @SanCiscoMusic windcheater in @westaustralian @freodockers #AFL @ricanjq “WOOAH, WE’RE HALF WAY THERE-AH, WOOOOOAH, LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER!!!”Hipster
@rosswilsonmusic Very cool! Will need to track that down.“Bluey’s dad has some band” or “the dude from Custard is in some cartoon”... the double life of David McCormack, to… @rosswilsonmusic I beg your pardon, sir! Please forgive me for breaking, breaking in to your... cool world. 🤘 @diamondjim_king @ABCTV @OfficialBlueyTV @westaustralian I’m on leave. Spelling is for profesionals. @diamondjim_king @ABCTV @OfficialBlueyTV @westaustralian Custard are from Brisvegas, bro! @WisdenCricket Fast bowlers 🙄 @TWSnowdon Expect many DMs from the sports journos not busy speculating about NRL/AFL. 👍 @freocookster @TheNTNews Usually my first, last and middle stops in D-town.Googles: how to filter out pictures of Darwin Ski Club. #Darwin #covid @TheNTNews @TheNTNews Spillage!!! @PierraWillix @SBSEurovision @Eurovision Ha ha — highly unlikely. But love watching it each year with fellow… @PerthLive6PR @6PR Where’s the leave at three-quarter time for a chardy on the deck option? @tim_dunlop @natalietran So, so many. @BopgirlPat What? And boot out Dutton?