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Classicist. Hon Research Fellow, Dept of Greek and Latin, UCL. Working on Homer, Religion, and Historical Linguistics. Solicitor (no longer practising). RTNE.

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@liamsims @AbeBooks This cannot be happening! 😬 @Digitalnun 🙏 @GregHGilles @cguyver As they say about Yorkshire, you can take the man out of Tower Hamlets but you can’t take Tow… competition with @cguyver’s Beautiful Surrey, may I present you with Demonic Tower Hamlets? @EdwardQuine @RobinWardSSH @FrPeterAnthony 🤣🤣🤣 @RobinWardSSH @FrPeterAnthony I think my cat is frankly a far better advert for the church. Here she is in page-tur… @RobinWardSSH As @FrPeterAnthony has noted, this looks more like an advert for a washing machine.
@carlosfnorena @thomsen_cph I used to sit in the basement of No 10 Merton St when it still housed the squeeze colle… @adriandkelly By no means for the first time, I reflect on what a decent place Scotland is. @SophieGraceCha1 know… @FaraiUnVers @FrPeterAnthony The church has to be Bolder. There used to be a soap powder called Bold. @liamsims @aglmasters @danieljtmckay Happy Birthday! Many happy returns!! @liamsims @DrFrancisYoung @theUL That said, my own collecting has gone down a different path. I take pleasure in ge… @liamsims @DrFrancisYoung @theUL As an undergraduate in the 80s, I was president of the Oxford University Society o… @liamsims @theUL Perfectly reasonable to have multiple copies. I do exactly the same. Sometimes for less good reasons than you. 😬
@UNGLambert @DrDadabhoy I remember my old tutor once remarking, with a characteristic Oxonian sniff, “What do they… @beaversnducks 🙏🕯🕯🕯Very happy to receive @Disc_light’s beautiful 2021 Yorkshire calendar today. I shall enjoy a year of looking at his… @FrPeterAnthony So there was some sort of manufacture of something like but unlike Chinese silk that the Romans cal… @FrPeterAnthony That said, the Elder Pliny (Natural History 11. 26. 76 knew that it came from grubs). He also says… @FrPeterAnthony Virgil Georgic 2.121 refers to the Seres (~Chinese) combing silk from the leaves of trees. They cle…
@john_ritzema I always expect there to be an episode of The Archers where either Peggy or Jill earnestly explains t… @JWartke It’s a good film with some great lines. “Auric Goldfinger? Sounds like a French nail varnish.” @mission_priest Much nicer. @mission_priest I entirely share the pleasures and satisfactions of typography and printing. But Gill Sans? I read… @FrDidymus I remember a rather arresting sermon where we were told, “OK, so you’re not Hitler or Pol Pot or Jack th… @rbnmyr I don’t know what any of this means but I am very happy for you, Robin! 🙂My cooking today has been bumpy My roux has become rather lumpy But I'm not out in Oz Which is lucky because The ro…
Retweeted by Simon Pulleyn @DrFrancisYoung Odd mix: three-day week, power cuts, long hot summer of ‘76, Queen’s silver jubilee, ABBA, Grunwick…
@GregHGilles Hell’s bells. That must be extremely painful. You’ve gouged out rather a lot. 🤕 @stephanuscoombs @adriandkelly @DannyBate4 Yes. Things in Yorkshire like [æstɘ fʊndɪt] for “hast thou found it” and so on. @DannyBate4 Thou and thee were alive and well in Yorkshire in my boyhood among some older people, some people away… @mission_priest I still can’t get used to the Nova Vulgata psalter. So many psalms are familiar from the Gallicana… @FrederickArmour Can #southernengland Twitter advise on clouts? @keenerclassics 🙂 @stephanuscoombs @cguyver It’s an odd expression. Still, as you say, it makes things easier. One of the Balliol por… @cguyver @stephanuscoombs Mine ran our during Lockdown 1.0. I guess there is no point in (or possibility of) renewi… @stephanuscoombs @cguyver I bought an MA gown and hood in the early 90s from S&W. I don’t recollect anyone asking f… @stephanuscoombs No. I don’t wear mine much but I have one. I got the most recent replacement at S&W during a storm… big, big shout out to daughter no.1 Emma Spoor for passing her exams - FRC Path. - excelsior! Hopefully the plagu…
Retweeted by Simon Pulleyn @FrederickArmour That takes me back to my Yorkshire roots. Do people in the south have dish clouts?
@PriceLaurence @DannyBate4 It has crossed my mind to wonder if those σήματα λυγρά are not a sort of knowing joke (n… @rbnmyr Nice. Beside fox cf. cougar. @stephanuscoombs @bluedot_UK Nave - I especially like that. The wheel sense is not at the front of my mind. Brings back words like felley. @EdwardQuine I wondered that myself. OED is cautious about whether the sense of ‘group’ really does belong with the… @ArmandDAngour This struck me too. But it seems to me that quite a few pairs are metaphorical. Table as in chart is… @dgmargolin Ha! @ArmandDAngour I did wonder ... @ArmandDAngour Nice one. All the same, I worry that the sense of ‘lavatory’ is too little removed from that of ‘quagmire’.New game. Caddy: tea box or golf slave Gum: tooth socket or tree sap Quarry: stone source or sad animal Band: h… @cguyver Those old-fashioned manual typewriters are the best! 🙂 @clearlyGG Brain-fag. Interesting. I thought it was brain-fog. Smoker’s complaint?RIP indeed. Very sad to hear of her death. @FrederickArmour Ah! Better than the TV then. I’m fairly strong of stomach, but even so. But even in this Fox rema… @eeprodi @Quatr_us @solisnatus @MagisterConway Well said. Sir Harold Bailey was one of the most polyglot scholars e… @FrederickArmour I have to confess to not having seen the original. Max von Sydow is, of course, a legend. I baulk… at Fox TV’s quite slick remake of The Exorcist, I wondered to myself as soon as Mrs Towers came on screen,… @VicarOfClee Congratulations!!! @mission_priest @ChCh_Oxford Please don’t forget to show us Teilo in Christmas outfit. @hugo_greenhalgh 19 3/4 is fantastic. Long may Mishka continue! We lost Mildred in September aged 19.
@LuciaNixon @lizgloyn Many happy returns! @stephanuscoombs @eeprodi Yes. One sees MM referred to as The Magdalen. (Also a place, of course, but perhaps forgotten.) @stephanuscoombs I think in Latin Aquino was rendered Aquinas and I have seen him referred to as de Aquinate. @badphilologist There are worse places ... 🙂
@mythsbaby @DocCrom Iliad 2.515 ὃ δέ οἱ παρελέξατο λάθρῃ· It describes Ares lying “secretly” or stealthily beside A… @mythsbaby @theancientgeeko Hes. Th. 278ff says παρελέξατο. The verb literally means “lay beside in bed”. But it is… @iamunholyjoe @JayneOzanne @OzanneFoundn @EdwardQuine Interesting. I didn’t know Xavier was a place. I thought he was St Francis Xavier de la (Place). I hav… @EdwardQuine Could that be because Xavier isn’t a place and so it’s like using somebody’s middle name? @cguyver Deeply Catholic country! 🙂 @cguyver Ha! Certainly they say Thomas and we are expected to understand thereby the Doctor Angelicus. I wonder i… @EdwardQuine That’s very odd. Thank you.Just saw TV drama where priest goes to the « St Aquinas Retreat Centre. » Since when do we say St Aquinas? Do we say St Assisi? Or St Padua? @Bloodyromcom 🤣🤣🤣 @peter_sarris The existence of other road users comes as a constant surprise to some. @mission_priest “He ordered for her a life of great austerity - including physical suffering.” Er ..... @FrDidymus Somebody commenting on this once said rather acutely that it was as though those who talk most loudly on… @badphilologist @LinguistJosh You might think it means they had a warming Scots cereal for breakfast. But it’s a long way from bein…
@sapphicapuella Likewise! 🙂This was really excellent from @sapphicapuella. I learned a lot of interesting stuff about Φ, about censorship, abo… Bridge on my #dailywalk
Retweeted by Simon Pulleyn @stephanuscoombs @tufnelljimmy Ah yes. Very good. When I got my OLD the two-volume presentation was not an option.… @tufnelljimmy How splendid. I feel like that about my very grubby and battered copy of the small Liddell & Scott. I… @tufnelljimmy Pleased to see Lewis & Short. Fond as I am of my OLD, I am not persuaded to throw out my Lewis & Shor…
Well done for doing this, and God bless you @RobbieRinder
Retweeted by Simon Pulleyn @cguyver I have a friend in Minsk  Who has a friend in Pinsk  Whose Friend in Omsk   Has friend in Tomsk  With friend in Akmolinsk ... @tonythorne007 @DannyBate4 Austin would have liked this. Daleks are using pro-drop English. So it’s as though they… @DannyBate4 Injunctive (Brahminic daleks). @HIVBlogger 😬 @JLC1956 @csoppenhuizen Yes! Without knowing it at the time! Thanks. 🙂 @csoppenhuizen Plumbing.“I’m an expat” • banal • boring • what are you, an American in Florence or something? “I’m an émigré” • classy…
Retweeted by Simon Pulleyn @ypma_albert @claytonhutchins Good point. You can see why. Pedagogy says to concentrate on what you plan to read, n… @ypma_albert @claytonhutchins I don’t know whether it’s either of those. It could be vanity in the sense of emptine…
@DrMichaelBonner Formosus is an unfortunate name. (Either that or he let himself go rather after he died.) @ryanfb 🤣 @matt_boot_ That’s an interesting idea. Thank you. @matt_boot_ Interesting. Both Lane and Kazimirski list a form زَوٌّ to which they assign the sense of couple or pai… photos were taken at the same spot in the Arctic. The first was taken in 1917, while the second was taken in…
Retweeted by Simon Pulleyn @LuciaNixon @lizgloyn Aha! Thank you. How lovely it looks today.