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simonrimmer @simonrim England, United Kingdom

chef, presenter, liverpool fan, restaurant owner, inventor of pulled pork. agent - Laura Hill 0207 636 6565

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@Barryk7 @tracey_thorn @Connellybooks just ordered the Defence @Barryk7 @tracey_thorn @Connellybooks oooh don’t know him. Thank you @sarahfwarman @FloRimmer1 thanks Sarah xSee you in the morning, Brunchers! It's going to be a great show 😁 9.30am, @Channel4 #SundayBrunch
Retweeted by simonrimmer @tracey_thorn Reacher is a drug Tracey. You’re doomed! You tried @Connellybooks yet? Black Echo is a gem xVOTING IS OPEN NOW!! (And not for long!) Please vote for me and @karen_hauer Landline- 090152252 03 Mobile- 62…
Retweeted by simonrimmer @GemmaMonaghan @FloRimmer1 Funny xHanging out with your neighbours today? Snap a pic and send it to us! You might be seen on #SundayBrunch tomorrow 😋
Retweeted by simonrimmerproud dad. When @FloRimmer1 is planning a week tomorrow meeting up with me @simonrim @timlovejoy
Retweeted by simonrimmerWe haven't stopped listening to @tonesandimusic's Dance Monkey this week! We can't wait for her to perform on…
Retweeted by simonrimmerGood morning Brunchers! Got much planned for the weekend? If you're looking for a tasty dish to make, check out our…
Retweeted by simonrimmer @juicemaster Volleyball challenge begins Tuesday then xLove the music you hear on #SundayBrunch? You can listen to all tracks featured on our Spotify Playlist:…
Retweeted by simonrimmer @juicemaster see you Sunday
Go on, treat yourself! Make @simonrim's delicious caramel brownies: 🤤 #SundayBrunch
Retweeted by simonrimmerGood morning Brunchers! Who's ready for the weekend? 🥳 #FridayFeeling #SundayBrunch
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@jonshinko76 @JamesMilner @thescenedubai well I had dinner with them both and their families afterOur all-new Sunday menu 🌱 Also available to view on our website!
Retweeted by simonrimmerFancy something spicy? Try @simonrim's Spiced Fish and Pepper Stew: 🤩 #SundayBrunch
Retweeted by simonrimmerHanging out with your neighbours tonight? Send us a pic and tell us why your neighbours are so great! You could be…
Retweeted by simonrimmerDo you have what it takes to be our next Sunday Cruncher? If you're a qualified personal trainer, send a one-minute…
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Fancy a Bacon Baklava? Get @simonrim's delicious recipe here: 🤩 #SundayBrunch
Retweeted by simonrimmeronly @JamesMilner @thescenedubai @LouTiger happy birthday to you xxWe want to see pics of you and your neighbours this week! Let us know why they're the best and you could be seen on…
Retweeted by simonrimmer @Jolly_Giant happy birthday to your mumhappy birthday to my mum (83 - looks incredible) x @cliffordnorton1 @thescenedubai go back Fridaymy fantastic mum Angela is 83 today. She still goes to the gym 3 times a week and is such an inspiration. Love you…
Are you best friends with your neighbours? Send us your pics and tell us why they're so great! You could be shown o…
Retweeted by simonrimmerOn #SundayBrunch this week: @chris_kammy, @JDonOfficial, @RochelleHumes and @susan_wokoma! Plus drinks with…
Retweeted by simonrimmer#NowPlaying CHIC - Everybody Dance 🎵 #discotuesdays
Retweeted by simonrimmer @ChrisHawkinsUK @thescenedubai morning Lord Hawkins.finally in Dubai. New dishes and me (dishy) @thescenedubai come on by for a midweek shandy
We’ve been told again today that someone is selling a rip off design of our campeones t shirt and also similar desi…
Retweeted by simonrimmerWant to spice things up? @snowpatrol's hot sauce will do the job! It was way hotter than anyone expected 🥵🌶…
Retweeted by simonrimmercannot praise all the staff @HM_Passport Liverpool today. Sorted out emergency passport so I can fly to Dubai tonig… BRUNCH: An OBE, the #GameOfThrones coffee cup and a bottle of really hot sauce! Stream the latest episode…
Retweeted by simonrimmer @JohnnyVegasReal @Kennyatkinson1 @jamesmartinchef @houseoftides @TheRealTimHealy let’s go together @CraigBl92128212 @SundayBrunchC4 @LFC @thescenedubai Craig I do. I don’t have signed photos. I can defo send something. Where to?
@wotever001 @SundayBrunchC4 @LFC @thescenedubai yeah supposed to be @riggsysoprano @SundayBrunchC4 @LFC @thescenedubai unless you were flying from Heathrow! @ahageog @SundayBrunchC4 @LFC @thescenedubai so true. And hindsight is a wonderful thing. Oh and thanks x @juicemaster @SundayBrunchC4 @LFC @thescenedubai it will be I promise xvery very strange day - good things 1. @SundayBrunchC4 2. @LFC win very bad thing. My passport didn’t have 6 months… @gmac1110 I don’t arrive til. 3 tomorrowIt's your last chance to take advantage of our £17 three course set Sunday menu today. Next week we will be serving…
Retweeted by simonrimmerso proud of Sean. Known him since he was 5. Now just 17 and making his debut @thesilkmen in the FA Cup @AnnabelScholey @SundayBrunchC4 lovely to see you A.xx @boyer316 or make it, taste it then tweet me with your opinion from fact?Hey Twitter. I need your help. My wife starts chemo tomorrow and our amazing daughter wants to cut her hair off t…
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For all our new followers a little retweet weekend treat
Retweeted by simonrimmerI would if I were you @TiaVivash absolute pleasure. Thank you for standing in the rain listening to me waffle on!Keep sending us your #RemembranceSunday photos, we're going to show as many as we possibly can tomorrow.…
Retweeted by simonrimmerThe best part about Saturday? Having a lie in 😌The second best part about Saturday? Remembering there's just one da…
Retweeted by simonrimmerMy hot pots are now available at selected @sainsburys nationwide! I've brought my favourite recipes to life for eve…
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Have a great weekend everyone, we'll see you on Sunday with these awesome guests 😁🥐☕️ #SundayBrunch
Retweeted by simonrimmerRemember to keep sending us your #RemembranceSunday photos, we're going to show as many as we can on #SundayBrunch
Retweeted by simonrimmerOn Sunday, @lizbonnin joined @ChrisGPackham in a very exclusive club... #SundayBrunch guests that have guessed the…
Retweeted by simonrimmerHave you followed @simonrim's food Instagram page yet? We upload a recipe every day! 🤩👉
Retweeted by simonrimmerSpice up your Friday with @simonrim's delicious Moroccan Spiced Filo Parcels With Carrot and Rose Water Puree:…
Retweeted by simonrimmerHappy Friday everyone! Do you have the #FridayFeeling? 🥳💃🕺 #SundayBrunch
Retweeted by simonrimmerOrder now for next day delivery!
Retweeted by simonrimmerKeep sending us your #RemembranceSunday photos, we want to show as many of them as possible this Sunday ❤️…
Retweeted by simonrimmer @FrancineDanaher one o’clocklast session @Bells_Gym @StevieBellos before @thescenedubai next week. Proper hard session - ta coach
While waiting for Jeff Goldblum to arrive on Sunday, @simonrim sent him a text... Then @clarkepeters surprised ever…
Retweeted by simonrimmer @nikkijadeday @SundayBrunchC4 if it’s a booze thing use flavouringThese are delicious 😍 make @simonrim's Brandy Snaps with Hazelnut Cream here: #SundayBrunch
Retweeted by simonrimmer#NowPlaying Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness 🌧 Pretty weather appropriate? 😂
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@Yorkie1956 not any shandy a midweek shandythere are 2 expressions I’m loving at the moment - 1. DISHY (feel free to tell me I am) 2. MIDWEEK SHANDY - embrace… fish for dinner tonight? Get @simonrim's Megrim Sole With Tarragon and Mushroom recipe here:…
Retweeted by simonrimmerKeep sending in photos of your friends and family that have served in the forces and they may be featured on…
Retweeted by simonrimmerCheers @simonrim for the lovely show! #RememberRemember #bonfirenight2019 #Liverpool
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When you've mastered that synchronised-presenting routine 🤣 @timlovejoy @simonrim #TuesdayMotivation #SundayBrunch
Retweeted by simonrimmer @Melvinodoom yeah nice guy - just can’t remember his first namedon’t forget I’m @thescenedubai from Monday to Thursday next week. Some great new specials to try @Melvinodoom we had this irish guy on Sunday Brunch .....somebody O’Doom @rachelleskovac1 sugar or honey or agave syrup
BITESIZE BRUNCH: Yesterday's show was so much fun! From miniature furniture with @clarkepeters to jazz with Jeff Go…
Retweeted by simonrimmer @AlanRapson @timlovejoy yes!
@aidangf666 @SundayBrunchC4 @jamesmartinchef @jamieoliver @timlovejoy personal choice not a ruleGet following @simonrim's new recipe Instagram! 🤩🍽️
Retweeted by simonrimmerTime for @timlovejoy and @simonrim to chat to the legendary Jeff Goldblum! #SundayBrunch
Retweeted by simonrimmer @Dave_Holbrook thanks so muchHalf an hour to go! Send us a thumbs up if you're watching along with us today 😁👍 #SundayBrunch
Retweeted by simonrimmer @chefcalum bored by any chance?Good morning Brunchers! Today's the day 🥳 See you at 9.30am on @Channel4! 🥐☕️ #SundayBrunch
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@JaneRob94168415 @virginmedia believe me @virginmedia response was a waste of timeoh my god @karen_hauer and @IAmChrisRamsey were hilarious. LOVED IT @bbcstrictlyJust one more sleep until this bunch of amazing guests join Tim and Simon! Don't miss #SundayBrunch, tomorrow at 9.…
Retweeted by simonrimmer @TommyBlaize all good. X @TommyBlaize close one today Tommyooooh lucky us! @virginmedia that’s a generic link to a help page. More bullsh*t @virginmedia sure @virginmedia installation cancelled twice. Despite promises 2 weeks ago that this morning it would be done. It wasn…