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simonrimmer @simonrim England, United Kingdom

chef, presenter, liverpool fan, restaurant owner, inventor of pulled pork. agent - Laura Hill 0207 636 6565

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@dickndom Warwick as it’s closest parking to building (wee and coffee speed break) or Tebay for great local food @pierrestozza @RitaOra @Viktor_and_Rolf oh yes!yes this is essential
We're absolutely loving your pet pics! Keep them coming in 😻 #SundayBrunch
Retweeted by simonrimmerMissing the sunshine? Here's sunshine in a song. More than 1,500 plays on #SoundCloud in just a few days. Find out…
Retweeted by simonrimmerCali and me @THEKERRYHOWARD A new life in the sun @cookinboots @SundayBrunchC4 me too!!!!!!!We're thrilled to be shortlisted for Best Food Show at this year's @TVChoice Awards 🥳 Vote for #SundayBrunch here:…
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. @alex_brooker chats to Tim and Simon about his documentary 'Disability and Me', having conversations he hadn't ha…
Retweeted by simonrimmer @GaryBarlow @GMB you’d always be top of the list @SundayBrunchC4 Gary. We love having you onIts a little Known fact that acting superstar Yul Brynner was a Liverpool fan. He also refused to wear aftershave a…
Retweeted by simonrimmerTakeaway update We are still offering collection and delivery even though we have opened the doors again. The hours…
Retweeted by simonrimmerLook at this beauty 😍 Get the recipe for @simonrim's Steak Katsu Curry Sando here:
Retweeted by simonrimmerGood morning Brunchers! Miss yesterday's #SundayBrunch or want to watch it again? Stream it now on All 4:…
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@13Fearon @greensveggie thanks so much x @rees_julie @SundayBrunchC4 200g s r flour @Phoenix1974 @SundayBrunchC4 yes 200g s r flour
See you in the morning, Brunchers! We'll be with you from 9.30am on @Channel4 🥐☕️ #SundayBrunch
Retweeted by simonrimmerJust one day to go until this week's #SundayBrunch! How are you spending your day today? 😌
Retweeted by simonrimmerKeep sending us pics of the best meal you've ever had, we'll be showing some on #SundayBrunch tomorrow 🤩🍽
Retweeted by simonrimmer @greensveggie back open today at noon. Good luck to everyone in hospitality and welcome back #StaySafe
Retweeted by simonrimmerHave you made any of Simon's recipes recently? If not, head over to our Food Instagram page where you can find load…
Retweeted by simonrimmer @simoncgreens @greensveggie has earned an early morning taster! @greensveggie back open today at noon. Good luck to everyone in hospitality and welcome back #StaySafe @EFC_Dan Luther was the soundtrack to when myself and @simonrim opened @greensveggie in 1990. We reopen today after…
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@MarayRestaurant good luck guysServing on actual plates tomorrow 🎉
Retweeted by simonrimmerA table of 4 has just become available for tomorrow evening - bookings via the website please @simonrim
Retweeted by simonrimmer @martcrow @hatscarforabadgx friend Laura’s band and their fab first single - have Listen. Miso Loco (it's a fine time in the sunshine) by Ba… yourself, try @simonrim's delicious Strawberry Yoghurt Cake: 🍰 #SundayBrunch
Retweeted by simonrimmerMorning Brunchers! Who's looking forward to the weekend? As restaurants begin to open again, we want to see the bes…
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Huge thanks to @unibox for our external and internal covid safe screens. Designed, manufactured and fitted in a rid…
Retweeted by simonrimmer @beckybo0 @EllaEyre @SundayBrunchC4 @timlovejoy wow! well Ella is that what you have to do with my food?it’s not glamorous but excited our screens @greensveggie have arrived. Getting ready for July 4 Tim and Simon to join your favourite party photo? Send it over to us and you might see yourself on…
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@grayers40 I don’t own the Elephant any more I’m afraidWhat's the best meal out you've ever had? Send us a photo (along with a photo of yourself) and you might see yourse…
Retweeted by simonrimmer. @RochendaSandall gets surprised by @MarkStanley12 live on #SundayBrunch as they discuss wardrobes and virtually s…
Retweeted by simonrimmer @CHigginsLaw @elephant1934 @LivEchonews I don’t own it any more @bourke_michael @weareliquid @LEVIS of course!morning all - Jurgen Klopp @weareliquid @LEVIS the Passions and coffee for your Wednesday
Restaurants will be reopening soon, so this week we want to see photos of the best meals out you've ever had! Send…
Retweeted by simonrimmerWe have now moved over to Go Cardless for all monthly membership payments. You may need to update your details with…
Retweeted by simonrimmer @_MikeMcCartney_ aaah bless you @PeteShaw6 sends it back to you Petemy amazing dad Pete is 87 today. 2 heart ops, 2 lots of cancer. He’s a fighter, he’s the smartest most gentle human…
Fancy a Crispy Salmon and Squash Salad? Get @simonrim's recipe here: #SundayBrunch
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Social distancing in style @SundayBrunchC4 @timlovejoy @simonrim
Retweeted by simonrimmerhold the front page @SamD83 @SundayBrunchC4 yeah you end up cooking it 3/4 so supermarket fine
Retweeted by simonrimmer @Manchestervint1 @hatscarforabadg @SundayBrunchC4 love an old t-shirt @mk_means @SundayBrunchC4 @hatscarforabadg we also say 6 european cups but 2 are actually UCL .....and City? @simonrim nice one mate,just got in to see our League Champions t shirt on national tv on @Sundaybrunch
Retweeted by simonrimmer @philm2244 @ChefTomKerridge me too he’s amazingmy t-shirt @SundayBrunchC4 is from @hatscarforabadg @Ants_79 @simonrim @LFC @timlovejoy Yes it’s item no:107 from our website
Retweeted by simonrimmeranytime - joy time have you on
Presented Great Food Live on @UKTV with @simonrim back in the day - great chef and non- stop giggles... Do join us…
Retweeted by simonrimmer @jamie_pragnell @SundayBrunchC4 @timlovejoy 6 seconds!!!!!! never gonna last that long @rigglar @SundayBrunchC4 vinegar 50/50 with water little by littleSee you in the morning 🥳 Have a wonderful evening 😁 #SundayBrunch
Retweeted by simonrimmerGet cooking! Find @simonrim's #SundayBrunch recipes here: 🍽
Retweeted by simonrimmer @wilson5roy @SundayBrunchC4 @LFC as if I would. Did I mention how much I love @LFC by the way?
Have a great weekend! Join us this Sunday from 9.30am on @Channel4 🥳🥐☕️ #SundayBrunch
Retweeted by simonrimmer. @TravisBand frontman @franhealy joins us from LA for a chat via the Celebrity Portal 🎶📺 #SundayBrunch
Retweeted by simonrimmer @gparr1977 @greensveggie @hatscarforabadgJuly 4 we are getting ready @greensveggie a sweet treat? Try @simonrim's delicious Salted Treacle Tart 😍 You can get the recipe here:…
Retweeted by simonrimmer @nikjamesfranco oh dear. I really dislike offensive people like you. There’s no need to speak like that really is there? @nikjamesfranco I think it’s ‘of’ a cookery programme not in Nikthis is class
What a moment for the Liverpool squad. 🥳🙌
Retweeted by simonrimmerbeer football @LFC CHAMPIONS @oddjob88 just taste a bit. If the rice is soft you’re there @oddjob88 cook til the rice is done. Sometimes brown rice can be stubborncan’t not say a HUGE thank you to everyone who’s booked @greensveggie tables for July 4 onwards. So humbling and em… 4th Reopening @simonrim @simoncgreens
Retweeted by simonrimmerOn #SundayBrunch this week: @RochendaSandall, @GarethMalone, @reginalddhunter, @ItsBigZuu and @RaleighRitchie! Plus…
Retweeted by simonrimmerYou know what would really go down a treat in this hot weather? Ice cream of course! Check out the ice creams that…
Retweeted by simonrimmerGood morning Brunchers! Let's have a look back at your Glastonbury and Pride memories, send us your photos and we'l…
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Been baking recently? Send us your photos and you might see yourself in Cakey Bakey Corner this weekend 🧁 (please i…
Retweeted by simonrimmerKeep sending us your photos from #Glastonbury or #Pride from over the years, we want to show as many of your pics a…
Retweeted by simonrimmer @caitlinmoran BarkenstocksIf you liked the look of @Jose_Pizarro's Grilled Sea Trout with Courgettes and Manchago Salad on Sunday, why not ma…
Retweeted by simonrimmerPlease please please retweet and let’s see if we can get Bertie home for his birthday tomorrow. Dogs don’t just dis…
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thank you thank you thank you x @SandraWors3 @SundayBrunchC4 @emmarealrigby @simondolan Sandy I have some thanks. His campaign is also based on an… @emmarealrigby chats about joining social media, her new show 'Make Me Famous' and the pressures that come with f…
Retweeted by simonrimmer @justinmoorhouse woah woah woah! that’s made me uneasyClick & Collect with a discount code @simonrim @simoncgreens
Retweeted by simonrimmerThis weekend would've been a big one! But let's still celebrate, send us your photos from both #Glastonbury and…
Retweeted by simonrimmerIt’s official folks - bookings are live for July 4th 💚
Retweeted by simonrimmerroll on July 4. Online bookings now open Thank you in advance x
to all fashion brands out there @timlovejoy and I are available for all modelling contracts @AshleyBanjo Shows us his lockdown invention and takes the Social Distancing Shuffle to a whole new level! 🕺…
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