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Simon Tucker @simontucker1979 J10i2 Carmarthen, United Kingd

Music obsessed Father, husband, loves a Bourbon biscuit. reviews editor @louderthanwar “setting the bar helpfully low” Chris Hawkins 6Music

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@jasprPR Thanks. Love Mark 😊Today we are celebrating the release of this very special collection of music by Ivor Raymonde, father of Bella Uni…
Retweeted by Simon TuckerIn case you missed it: Music for the Welsh European Funding Office Bit of a departure for us: minimal synth-pop i…
Retweeted by Simon Tucker @BeakBristol looks like @fourstringer was right when he said it was more 80/20 😂 to work I go Sleaford Mods - Liveable Shit via @YouTubeDear good people of #HastingsandRye #DontVoteToryThis is beyond words #DontVoteTory @LippyKidMusic @mixless @mixless @LippyKidMusic Glad you like it Ant. Played it on RFM a while back I believe x
“It is not too late. We have an interview prepared. Oven-ready, as Mr Johnson likes to say” Andrew Neil issues a c…
Retweeted by Simon TuckerBurial comp out now ❤️ That @afneil monologue at the end there calling out @BorisJohnson was rather goodFarage getting his arse handed to him here haha @ambienteer happy birthday x @bazzanagnagnag no mate. Mag and site are separate things and I don't bother with mag for a variety of reasons :) @Schofe @hollywills @herestillhere yep. the danger of the echo chamber xSiri “show me the current level of political discourse in the UK”
Retweeted by Simon TuckerEOB - Brasil via @YouTube#NowPlaying @tangledparrot the brilliant @timetemple 'Team Brick' album "alogon".this @ArthBychan hahahahaha x @Nick_Wilkinson dm mate x @BBC6Music easily @GreenManFest really family friendly and a great balance between big enough to wander and small e… @cf31bloobird Brilliant hahah @cf31bloobird Oh shit hahha I was right next to you. Mr Bud Light????? Haha. Were you with “you can play my bongos” lady? 😂A lot of big questions are being asked during #GE2019 but last night @BeakBristol asked the most important: is it e… @cf31bloobird Loved it mate. Sorry I didn’t see you @GlennAirey @fontainesdublin @membranes1 @MattielBrown @emoresponse @onusound @hash_redactor @slypersuaders Strong… @SueKassab @BeakBristol Ha spot on. That’s what typing at a pace does to you 😂New! Cassetteboy vs Boris Johnson
Retweeted by Simon TuckerVery much enjoyed @hiband last night supporting Beak>. First time I’ve heard them and was really impressed @timetemple Lovely seeing you last night MattLast night I witnessed a woman holding up a Lego stormtrooper in front of me so it could get a good view of the band. Only in Wales @WormholeWorld @LippyKidMusic @bbc6musiclover @ArthBychan @_makim_29110593 @AngeJWilliamson @RMeldrum1 @Peterlefeet’ll never tire of seeing this wonderful band. Thanks as always @BeakBristol ✌️ #whamageddon2019 #whamhalla #BASTARDS
📣Double a single ‘(Ddim yn) Grêt/Blow it in my Mouth’ by @blancoslos502 out this Friday on @LibertinoRecs. The last…
Retweeted by Simon Tucker @Mwstard Hahah. My favourite one is “you’re an adult wolf Col” 😂British people guess how much health care costs in the US — and they are shocked.
Retweeted by Simon Tucker @laurenlaverne @BBC6Music my mum once went to cut my brothers hair and the guard fell off the clippers as she went… @BBC6Music @BBCSounds Already haveBookmarked x interview with Phoebe Waller-Bridge on @BBC6Music @laurenlaverne just now. Catch up if you can. Such an extraordinary talentIf you’re in the area get to this great party I get to do one of my all time favourite things to do and that’s spend a few hours in the company of some w…“Every second I die a little more inside” much convincing does it take....?
Retweeted by Simon Tucker @RMeldrum1 @retreat_music @louderthanwar @LippyKidMusic @IndElecGroup @RadioMatlock That’s great to hear mate. It’s… @LippyKidMusic @IndElecGroup @RadioMatlock Always do mate xCatching up with the Xmas @IndElecGroup @LippyKidMusic show for @RadioMatlock this morning. From the twitter buzz I…“Morning Mrs Davies. How’s the family?” @LippyKidMusic @CottonWolfWorld Ha the song you picked Happens to feature a Welsh Music Prize winner and all 😊x @LippyKidMusic @CottonWolfWorld Great album that I believe appears in my list 😉x
I adore these vids 😂 listening to a lot of @idlesband recently. This is me and somewhere was my mucker @simontucker1979 (it rhymes!…
Retweeted by Simon Tucker @carolecadwalla Good luck Carole ✌️"Nigel Farage? He's a cartoon character." Watch these people react to Nigel Farage's comments in a new video from… review of the debut album by [retreat] is now live over at Louder Than War back from watching my sons nativity. It’s always a good evening and the kids do great. Only weird thing tonigh… Bowie - Wild Is The Wind You touch me I hear the sound of mandolins You kiss me With…
Retweeted by Simon Tucker @Dicko71127971 @retreat_music Thank you @DaiSpora @Datblygu @LibertinoRadio @meicapneb @diervilla @CGLeedsWS There won’t be any gigs I don’t think @cf31bloobird Ah you’re in for a treat mate. Hopefully see you there @cf31bloobird Hell yeah. You going as well mate? @cf31bloobird Hahah. My brother is also firmly against it and he’s younger than us mate so it’s not an age thing 😉 @thomyorke @CeremoniaFest @nigelgod @tarikbarri Great poster x @Laurencehall @wingsfromspines Just the way you like it my friend @Laurencehall @wingsfromspines Wore it underneath you plum x @wingsfromspines @Laurencehall Same here mate x @weare1of100 @MarshallJeffers Hell ya #rockyabody @DominicRaab any comment? Trump has landed on British soil, and Nigel Farage has set about defending the awful things he's said. Nev… is quite an interesting thread @billswansea @Datblygu is Darryl Cunnington an investigator with @LeagueACS Darryl's neck was broken in three places after an assaul…
Retweeted by Simon TuckerBrand new David R Edwards ⁦@Datblygu⁩ single. His first in the English language available now via fledgling Carmart… thanks to @simontucker1979 and @louderthanwar for a cracking review of the [retreat] album ❤️
Retweeted by Simon Tucker @LippyKidMusic @louderthanwar @retreat_music @johnrobb77 thanks mate. It's a beauty xChuffed to bits with this review from @simontucker1979 on Louder than War. Thank you.
Retweeted by Simon TuckerMy review of the debut album by [retreat] is now live over at Louder Than War[retreat] - [retreat] - album review via @louderthanwar @NeilVaughan81 @laura_jayne123 Stop it 😂BEAK> 2009-2019
Retweeted by Simon Tucker @BeakBristol Bloody hell that Sooty resemblance is uncanny Will 😂ANIMA really is a quite brilliant album @ArthBychan Code 😉x
Gig etiquette question: is it ok to wear a band t-shirt to a gig of said band? 🧐I'll be creating and performing a new live score for Mark Jenkin's magnificent film Bait on January 17th at the BFI…
Retweeted by Simon TuckerWatching Farage on the Welsh news & its sleaze personified 😬 @wingsfromspines Sent you text x @The_Black_Lamps dm mate xWe asked a billionaire about our plans to slash rail fares by 33%. He wasn't happy.
Retweeted by Simon TuckerThanks to @CCfunkandsoul I have now heard this absolute monster of remix. 11 minutes of pure joy. CRANK IT UP 🙏'Jack would be livid his death has been used to further an agenda of hate' | Dave Merritt🧡 @adwaithband are in session live on the @janicelongdj @BBCRadioWales show tonight, new songs and reworked songs…
Retweeted by Simon Tucker @LoJamMusic Congratulations. Well deservedIt's here... The Quietus top 100 Albums Of The Year Chart for 2019... but what's number one?…
Retweeted by Simon Tucker @Nationalcollec2 And you ✌️