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Father of a 6 year old girl and 4 year old boy, who do not deserve to live in a post brexit Britain. From Durham and work in Leeds for a US IT Consultancy.

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@PeterBa82304711 @PhilipHammondUK @Jacob_Rees_Mogg You are probably right that is usually the way of things when bo… @Paulie_Cashews @slay4ever007 @JamesCrisp6 @BorisJohnson @Nigel_Farage At best if Johnson falls and we have a GE ea… @JonHolb Time for a new anthem. We are not all republicans. Your tweet stinks of racist undertones. Look at Archer… @PeterBa82304711 @PhilipHammondUK @Jacob_Rees_Mogg I'm sure they're some exaggeration but there is no good brexit e… @nick_gutteridge @Nigel_Farage Why bother keeping it on the so called table and rejecting it in parliament… @PeterBa82304711 @PhilipHammondUK @Jacob_Rees_Mogg I agree your statement was wrong, which is why you couldn't prov… @EmilyThornberry At least they don't have Brexit @PeterBa82304711 @PhilipHammondUK @Jacob_Rees_Mogg They just aren't any
I wonder if the @brexitparty_uk would actually prefer @BorisJohnson to fail and a General Election instead. Party f… @PeterBa82304711 @PhilipHammondUK @Jacob_Rees_Mogg Over not other. Typo correct. @PeterBa82304711 @PhilipHammondUK @Jacob_Rees_Mogg Guess hyperbole goes other your head, either that or it as a gen… @shahil95 After 9's of brexit you could probably add a zero @PeterBa82304711 @PhilipHammondUK @Jacob_Rees_Mogg An intelligent observer of #Brexit???almost dropped my strawberr… @All4ReesMogg @PhilipHammondUK @DavidGauke Pretty sure No Deal with EU means No Treaty with EU actually Tim. It wou… does Tonight Tonight by Smashing Pumpkins sound like a #Feeder song from Comfort in Sound? @teem832 @Airbnb_uk Don't think I've ever seen a bad triangle: hypotenuse, isosceles, right, scalene, equilateral,… meaning of life is an answer not a question. Life gives meaning to the universe. The point of the universe is t… @teem832 @Airbnb_uk Beats waking up in Wakey 😏Unmade and Susperia by @thomyorke have to be 2 of the best songs I have ever heard. @realdavedoubleu @Conservatives Is that a Tory brexshit? @theresa_may Fair enough but lacks any credibility coming from you @Byron_Davies @Conservatives Lies, damned lies and Tory statistics @andrealeadsom The Tories would love to voting age increased to 40. @JMcCawberMEP Classless @Fact Doesn't count. You can't see the French Fries for mayo.
@Labour4EU @redken1973 The 10 most dispicable people in the country. @JohnWesleyShipp @realDonaldTrump Just for Trump's benefit that tweet is not meant to be taken seriously. Trump is… @JohnWesleyShipp @realDonaldTrump He couldn't sleep at night knowing that if he was at the wheel, with his finger o… @David45187901 @Nigel_Farage Leave means Leave. How ridiculous. I miss let's take back control. How about let's exi… @Nigel_Farage You really are digging your own grave with a tea spoon with that comment. @SimplyVeggie @BBCBreaking Brexit has already cost us 10 years worth of EU membership and that's before it's even happened and for what? @thetrainline All done. I called and the team were great. All sorted. Thanks all. @NickBoles Irrelevant. More good quality female MP's need to be encouraged into politics yes, given jobs because of… @ppukip @EdConwaySky @LiveSquawk Ok, so brexit has already cost around 7 years of EU membership and that is around… @EdConwaySky @ChrisLeslieMP Guess leave means poor economic performance then #Brexit @brexitparty_uk who'd have guessed? @bottomrung @JBP6575 @AmberRuddHR @bbcnickrobinson @annettedittert @BBCr4today Progressive. Socialist Democrats. @bottomrung @JBP6575 @AmberRuddHR I'm willing to listen to your argument if backed up? @bottomrung @JBP6575 @AmberRuddHR Absolutely wrong. Remainers are pro-Britain. If anyone is anti Britain it's No De… @TPEassist @thetrainline Hi @thetrainline how do I cancel this or get refund through you for the return part of my… @TPEassist Trainline @JBP6575 @AmberRuddHR Agree with your point but all those British flags after your name and the brexit party logo a… @AmberRuddHR More women in principle yes, but women don't necessarily make good MP's or PM's either, just like the… @Airbnb_uk Ponte Carlo @TPExpressTrains as the 6.18am is cancelled and as I have had to now give up on getting to Leeds for work and now w… @gavinesler @TiceRichard I should have took out brexit insurance in 2015 @AudraEqualityMc Isn't the irony that 'whitesplaining' itself is inherently racist?
@Jacob_Rees_Mogg Correction on Rashid, I missed the word son or rather grandson of an immigrant. Accidentally cut… @Nickorando @Jacob_Rees_Mogg Apologies if not clear (tweet limits and that) son of an immigrant,well grandson of on… @campbellclaret He's done a great job of polishing an absolute turd of a CV @campbellclaret This government would never have been given the Olympics.#Turing a great hero of the greatest generation, though #Turing50 is also a reminder of how and why he died. Fighti… watched by me so far 1/24 #JamesBond (one as enough) will remain at 1/25 regardless of whether #JamesBond007 @Jacob_Rees_Mogg Of the starting 11: Roy, Stokes, Archer not born in UK. Rashid an immigrant. A Brummie swinger, a… @DoniLad10 Should be a choice, hence the debate will go on. The people who want to pay for those show's are welcome…
@KateHoeyMP @MoggMentum @EmilyThornberry @UKLabour @brexitparty_uk @jeremycorbyn Your seat is as strong as a remain… @RichardTropes @BackBoris I wasn't the one that brought up polls, but it was the, you gov e…
@hyppi737 @Paulfarrant01 Polling moved a year and a half ago @hyppi737 @Paulfarrant01 Those brexit programmes to move jobs and money overseas just because of the threat of brex… @hyppi737 @Paulfarrant01 I'm not an expert on German bonds but I do know the threat of brexit has cost jobs and inv… @hyppi737 @Paulfarrant01 Pound has lost 20 cents on the dollar will.lose another 20 cents by Halloween. Dollar is t… @hyppi737 @stevesnell59uk @Femi_Sorry Agree on the last point and potentially the second of last and on the first (… @hyppi737 @Paulfarrant01 No one has given a reasoned argument about how this No Deal makes anything better in this… @hyppi737 @Paulfarrant01 Personally the Irish border issue is low low low down on the totem pole. Economy, trade an… @hyppi737 @stevesnell59uk @Femi_Sorry Most remainers will accept leave if that's what the country want on clear ter… @RichardTropes @BackBoris Latest poll is actually 44 to 38 for remain over no deal. All 2019 poll data in favour of… @RichardTropes @BackBoris 45%remain 35% no deal. Not that close. @RichardTropes @BackBoris Public opinion is remain over no deal
@marmite Nearly sick at the thought of any of those combo's. Marmite yuck. Peanut Butter Marmite. Triple Yuck. @1daneman @Jpb130 @bbclaurak Congrats for being one of the 0.25% of un-representive imbeciles deciding the next PM… @hyppi737 @stevesnell59uk @nickatkinson__ @Femi_Sorry So to any leavers leveraging my vote or others for justificat… @hyppi737 @Paulfarrant01 I actually voted to leave because I thought we would get a general election (we actually g… @hyppi737 @stevesnell59uk @nickatkinson__ @Femi_Sorry Europe has many faults but this country's handling of brexit… @hyppi737 @Paulfarrant01 What of someone voted on the winning side but changed their mind as it's clearly going to… @stevesnell59uk @nickatkinson__ @hyppi737 @Femi_Sorry The Way the EU have behaved???? I was never actually a fan of…
@hyppi737 @stevesnell59uk @Femi_Sorry Why are leave so terrified of this confirmation vote. It's been the clear way… @hyppi737 @stevesnell59uk @Femi_Sorry The mass civil disruption is likely far greater and certainly more long term… @Paulfarrant01 @hyppi737 Could the governments shambolic and shameful handling of brexit have something to do with… @hyppi737 @stevesnell59uk @Femi_Sorry It was partly in jest. It should be the proposed deal from the government, wh… @BackBoris Arbitrary deadlines do not make deals. Boris has no chance of making a deal. @JH_Brexit @ConorMcGinn @Love_EqualityNI If anything we should have a referendum on keeping NI in the union if they… @Femi_Sorry #Mindflayer that's all I am gonna say @Andrew_Adonis Bristol is much cheaper than the North East of England. Over £1000 a year there. Pleased I don't hav… @Lord_Sugar how do you find the time to send out an average of 15 tweets a day and run a business your lordship? #AskingForAFriend @DavidLo09134020 @slowlaner66 @Andrew_Adonis For clarity I would rather the UK stay United but post Brexit I would… @DavidLo09134020 @slowlaner66 @Andrew_Adonis Maybe the vote should be 2 ways.svotland get to vote on whether they l… @hyppi737 @stevesnell59uk @Femi_Sorry What is? @stevesnell59uk @Femi_Sorry We have a disproportionate say within the EU, though we choose not to use it by electin… @ChrisMc59151681 Not what the vote leave campaign said at any point. Explain that?
@greggrunberg @ScottGrimes Not looking a day over 57. All that space exploration is good for looking young I guess. @nytimes Maybe they can ask about climate change in the state more responsible than any other in the world for gree… @kaseyjo5 I actually predicted that 2 weeks before it happened when no political commentator predicted it. I called… @didierdelmer Only 0.25% get to vote so proportionately it was 24000 minutes long, or 24000 minutes too long. #itvdebate @Femi_Sorry I would have 2 primary options: Remain with the deal we have Leave Under Leave 3 sub options: No Deal… @Rowdi1 @quangels Still better than BBC debate though. Moderator and format was better than @BBCOne. C4 format was… @didierdelmer What part is wrong? I perhaps could have said the brexit deal was fucking awful and was brexit in nam… @didierdelmer What kind of Brexit did you vote for? Honest and genuine question.EU renegotiations with Boris. Boris: open the withdrawal agreement and remove the backstop and I will get brexit so… The referendum was advisory Fact: The UK voted to leave the EU Fact: The deal was awful and meant being in th… @MrTommo83 @KevKeith @campbellclaret @OFOCBrexit @FFSake_ @peoplesvote_uk Certainly not Stockholm syndrome, though…