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SAD that nationalism is being misappropriated as patriotism; GLAD that we haven't left the EU (yet); MAD about Trumpism; DAD of 2: A(5) and C(7); BAD at bio's.

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@nickboocock I was wondering if he was affected by IR35 changes in April. As someone who works hard to earn less th… @bbcquestiontime @BBCOne To the guy asking if Jeremy Corbyn is happy with the break up of the UK. If anyone's polic… @nickboocock Did anyone find out who this man is and if he's on Twitter? Curious to see what he does to earn that… @BorisJohnson Then let's revoke, that's getting brexit done. Your plan is years of negiotiating and handing over co…
@Louise_Rowntree He wouldn't resign even if he lost his seat. He'd continue his reign of terror from the Lords. @BethRigby Labour were offered a chance to work with the Remain Alliance but said no. As a voter who wants to remai… @AnyaAscendant @guardian @KylieJenner Haha for me it's enough not to need to work if I didn't want to. About 10-20 million dollars perhaps. @p3te Oven Ready Lies, great line for @joswinson @jeremycorbyn to consider borrowing. @CCHQPress @Conservatives 1… @AnyaAscendant @guardian @KylieJenner How much money can one person need? @guardian Fair play to her, I hope she takes her money and disappears with it. Saying that @KylieJenner is a self m… @jae_dhi @dannolan7 @Niallafc @Lord_Sugar That's like saying Boris is the best Tory PM since Churchill. Not exactly a talented pool. @Lord_Sugar How long does Jose have to be ordinary before he loses that special one moniker? @ElizabethBangs Corbyn is also pro brexit, albeit for a softer brexit than Boris. It's literally his plan to negiot… @simonmaginn Bloody hell that would be hard to hear for any man. Poor Jeremy and his shortcomings. What does… @CCHQPress @jeremycorbyn @BorisJohnson Reported you to @verified @Twitter for clearly breaching verification rules. @davidrstaylor @Twitter C'mon @verified @Twitter clearly this breaks your rules. Remove @CCHQPress tick. They are s… @Fact Would be interesting if evolution became a bitch and stopped that Y Chromosome from kicking in? Probably a book or movie already. @YouGov If I'm right in the above people are nuts. A person can be smart but people on mass are utterly terrifying… @YouGov What the hell is Prime Ministerial and how can it be 14 points higher for BoJo than trustworthiness? And d… @patrickomaha46 @prageru @thewillwitt They are 8 sexes genetically though almost all are 46XX or XY. We are born wi… @prageru @thewillwitt Biologically they are about 8 sexes, though the vast majority are 46XX or 46XY. 3 is probably…
@theresa_may @BorisJohnson @Conservatives All tonights debate showed is that the choice for the electorate is utter… @Nigel_Farage @jeremycorbyn First time I have liked a Nigel Farage tweet @IanDunt Johnson is simple sticking to the slogans that play well. Corbyn should have prepared a better answer on t… @Conservatives @DominicRaab Corbyn has a clear position he wants a soft brexit. Unfortunately very few people want… to Amnesiac, so underated. The bass and percussion in particular, in such complete cohesion. @UKLabour Eye of the 🐅 @BorisJohnson Yes we need to get brexit done. There is one way to do this Boris, revoke A50, though ideally after a… @MattHancock You've had plenty of time to do that and failed. All the evidence from the Tory reign of terror is tha… @LibDems Our NHS was the envy of the world. @itvnews @ITV since half the debate tonight is on #Brexit, it would have been nice to have all 4 options discussed…
@ScrtDrugAddict @NevilleSouthall So many little lies he has been proven to have been told throughout the interview.… @Conservatives He's clearly said his position. It's on the fence, the far left side of the fence, painting it red a… @Shamils18 @bbclaurak All about the clicks @bbclaurak Has a Downing Street source confirmed? They may as well have you on payroll @simondonald @FluffyMcNutsFl1 Though in capitalism the system is rigged to keep the rich rich and the poor poor and… @ScrtDrugAddict Soylent Green? @GhostTheWolf @richardosman Agreed, Obama promised much but delivered little, like many politicians, though in retr… @Untidy_mind @CandidePeel @Snoozette1 @RemainerNow @Boredofwheels Yes you're right appropriated is a better word. P… @ScrtDrugAddict @NevilleSouthall Or in one sentence: I'd be more apathetic if I wasn't so lethargic. @CandidePeel @Snoozette1 @RemainerNow @Boredofwheels It's how Leavers votes have been misinterpreted by politicians… @DaleRaine @Andrew_Adonis @UKLabour Just re read point 2 again, you had this 😁 @DaleRaine @Andrew_Adonis @UKLabour It was also @UKLabour that caused the confirmation referendum in the indicative… @Andrew_Adonis But @UKLabour are so far to the left, that it reminds me of a Game of Thrones quote - What's left of… @LuckyHeronSay @Femi_Sorry It won't please anyone. A Labour soft brexit negiotiated over months, if not longer, wou… @Femi_Sorry @LabPublicVote A Labour brexit Vs Remain is the most in democratic of options, as it would result in sp…
@BorisJohnson Totally agree and the only way to do that is to revoke article 50. BoJo's deal which just makes May's… @richardosman Easy, game of thrones if you turn off half way through the last season
@CCHQPress The Tories @PeoplesMomentum Bonkers I say this as someone who's is anti Tory and very anti Johnson. You're all absolutely nuts!!!
@HackneyAbbott Shouldn't we just be calling them UKIP @BestofBuffy Ahhh The Zeppo @Andrew_Adonis @Femi_Sorry @joswinson @RosieDuffield1 So if @joswinson agrees, in what seat will @UKLabour and…
@ForgyDoggy @HackedOffHugh @TeresaC123 Or hands down @steverichards14 @Andrew_Adonis @joswinson Equally @UKLabour and @jeremycorbyn need to get real and realise they ha… @Reuters @BritBox_US @Britbox_CA @BritBoxHelpUK meanwhile... @metpoliceuk @ExtinctionR Guess I know more about the law than @metpoliceuk - how utterly terrifying! @Nigel_Farage Then campaign in all seats. Since your supporters all think Johnson's deal is BRINO then campaign aga… @CatharineHoey @Conservatives @BorisJohnson Such a Tory, you where in the wrong party.
@HildegardP @mialp @TheStephenRalph @MrRJHolland You're right it's an ok boomer brexit @MattHancock @GregHands @Conservatives @WilliamJHague @Conservatives are about as liberal as a tightly laced corset… @GregHands @Jeremy_Hunt @ConHome Someone did a backroom deal with Farage though @Nigel_Farage So terrified of losing a 2nd ref @Markwheeler111 @Femi_Sorry @jeremycorbyn @joswinson How would a leave alliance "smash it"? The majority want to re…
@OwenSmith_UK @Plaid_Cymru @LibDems @JoStevensLabour @UKLabour As Labour are both pro brexit and pro remain like a… @OwenSmith_UK @Plaid_Cymru @LibDems @JoStevensLabour Whilst I agree with the principle point of your tweet, it is u… @IanAustin1965 whilst your opinion on @jeremycorbyn is your own and I'm certainly not going to challenge your views…
@Nigel_Farage I live in a Labour seat, though fortunately it's remain in nature, so I'm looking forward to putting…
@nickreeves9876 I think this is a point not considered in tactical voting. it's utterly pointless with a Labour can…
@noeldarlow Better with milk or a mix of water and milk. I use a dash of hot water to mix the ground coffee then a… @Nigel_Farage @BorisJohnson Well Boris deal definitely doesn't get brexit done, though it is technically brexit. Ho…
Should the many decide an important decision affecting the lives of millions or a few experts? If you answered the…
@GaryLineker VAR in football should go back to trial stage to get it right. @Ian_Fraser @bbcquestiontime would be nice if Fiona opened the next show with an apology and fact correction. @Ian_Fraser I did think it was disgraceful also. She didn't exactly slap down when some of the panelists talked bol… @piersmorgan It's been as boring as the Wales Vs South Africa game so far. Hope the 2nd half is better regardless of the victor. @FolPoliticsUK @Nigel_Farage @joswinson should be part of the debates. It's not a leaders debate without them and I… on earth are @joswinson and @Nigel_Farage not part of the debate @ITVPolitics @itvnews @ITV?
@wwwbigbaldhead Is it any good? @Kojima_Hideo @wwwbigbaldhead I need a new game to help ween my off my addiction to Assassin's Creed Odyssey @Corky_Brexit @EdReed10596364 @Nigel_Farage You're simply demonstrating a lack of understanding. @PeterThurlow @LibDems @brexitparty_uk @Nigel_Farage Of course a final say referendum would be better but a General… @PeterThurlow I don't understand why people think democracy in 2016 is more relevant than 2019. Of course an unlike… @Corky_Brexit @EdReed10596364 @Nigel_Farage Will be nice for us to join Mauritania as the only country working to W…
@Corky_Brexit @EdReed10596364 @Nigel_Farage But not what the leave campaign campaigned for @AllanGPaterson @DavidHWarwick I'd agree but they'd get a term spreading their infectious bile @DavidHWarwick We'd have a lot more votes for brexit party, green party and maybe a few more lib dem votes. Parliam… @EdReed10596364 @Nigel_Farage It's a crap deal but it is technically and legally brexit. What is brexit? It's becom… @paulwaugh @bbclaurak That's wrong but the initial questions were pretty poor and generic and perhaps suggested to… @Nigel_Farage We need the 'clean (dirty) break' favoured by most brexiteers Vs the existing Germany ++ deal putting…
@JohnWest_JAWS @redken1973 Tories won't be happy if that keeps spiking @SBarutta @UKLabour That's completely ridiculous @LauraPidcockMP there is nothing general about this election. You… @nickboocock This is a good point. if brexit had went ahead we would have had many many people on the street. Brexi… @richardosman The end of summer - With the long night arriving we get hyped up on sugar and dress up in costumes to… @OzKaterji @Baddiel If Anne Graham Lotz thinks Jesus is the answer, she doesn't understand the question. @amirsadjady @NicolaHorlick @catherineremy3 @AlisonLHancock @DanJCooke1 @StuartHoddinott @Karenzatownend @HFLibDems @BorisJohnson_MP @mrjamesob Perhaps we need a parody @bbclaurak account for to have cosy Twitter chats with 😁 @MirrorPolitics @jeremycorbyn Not if @jeremycorbyn pursues a soft brexit negiotiation and then after several months… @Claude_Moraes @FraserTinsley Should at least be a tax cut as you've not got full citizenship without voting rights… @fresh_outdoors @campbellclaret @MattHancock @BBCr4today You should see the clip of @MattHancock with @KayBurley @garveykev @Rachael_Swindon Yes they will definitely by whipped to vote against any future vote on this, regardless…