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one thing about me...ima make a big ass bowl of cereal 😂Sometimes you just have to stop a person & ask “What does that have to do with me?”
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i’m finally using it and ...whew it stank 💀💀 have a plate of mac & cheese, green beans, meatballs, baked beans, pasta & seafood salad in my fridge calling my name wow 🤩I’m just gonna leave this here without commentary.
Retweeted by Ky. @_itskbaby I have not I will look into that thank you!where can I find GOOD boobie tape? PLT out here tryna expose all my goodsyea probably @AaSimone_ ayo lmfao @MylessRaw I’m not answering none of your facetime calls this week!!!! LMFAO
me & my mother managed to coexist in the same place today without going at it ✨progress✨H øø d h æ l e r should've lost the account six misinformations ago
Retweeted by Ky.I am screamingggggg around the world today & still have to go to waldorf in a few hours 😣the way Starbucks made the sippy cups for iced drinks to eliminate straws...but y’all just stick a straw through th…
Retweeted by Ky.I crack myself up cause how I end up at ballston mall? Maps be doing anythingtay k was saying threats u never even heard before how u turn a nigga sideways and rip him like some homework
Retweeted by Ky. @AaSimone_ lmao whew i’m glad I don’t snore 🤣🤣 I be getting headaches just cause @Daddy_Warbuxxx Ice cube as wellY’all really be like “this person recreated my recreation of someone else’s idea” and like actually think it’s stealing😩
Retweeted by Ky. @__uptopj lmao exactlymy gym keep adding leg press & hack squat nigga can we get some dumbbells & another leg curl? lolYou ever wake up & just know you slept with your mouth wide open all night 🤣 throat dry af
lmfaooooooooooo way I would be running back to the streets after her saying some shit like that
Retweeted by Ky.legends never die. this one hurts.
Retweeted by mgr just asked me to be an interviewer 😎people be going out of office and have a million things pending or still in the works nahhhhh playa it’s gonna wait… friday 🙄cocktails by the beach
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okay lisa lisa & cult jam posting good news: HEY YALL I FINALLY GOT A NEW APARTMENT!! Twitter: An apartment? You excited about renting?…
Retweeted by Ky.gonna try to do sprints today (if the field is open) hopefully I don’t throw up 🤣 @taylerxashley thanks boo!need a nail tech preferably in waldorfI open the chick fil a app and boom free nuggets in there every timey’all gonna stop tryna push them lil almond shaped nails on medmv the only ppl that don’t use snapchat
Retweeted by Ky.franklin girl is not cute 😒y’all b like “i don’t owe anybody anything” n then cry later on about how nobody is there for u
Retweeted by being sad about my stomach then 5 minutes later
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Retweeted by Ky. @meohmy__ LMAO thank you 💀💀omg y’all i forgot to rewatch the last episode of snowfall I need a quick recap 💀💀💀olivia pope on how to get away with murder?!?! lol this is juicy
Everything’s golden
Retweeted by Ky. @xoSHINYxo 👀How I’m collecting all my mates from their houses this summer
Retweeted by Ky.Having no game & being corny as shit as a male has to suck lmao
Retweeted by Ky.i just got into law school w 80% of my tuition & fees covered, that’s how you start a hump day!! i’m so thankful 🥺
Retweeted by Ky. @alexandrialarae I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT YOU AND THIS CONGRATS BABY SO PROUD OF YOUUUUU!!!!! 🤍🤍🤍girls who only wear lashes and lipgloss will never let you forget they only wear lashes and lipgloss
Retweeted by Ky.certain insults from people sound like “why don’t you hate yourself for the things that i’ve been taught all my lif…
Retweeted by Ky. @lilarikahlo 💀this lady just emailed me twice addressing me as kayana and kayna smh“let’s normalize—“ girl just do it damn.
Retweeted by sister don’t be fw with the hugs either lol 🧍🏽‍♀️everyone thinks otherwise but I am very affectionate & I hate that none of my friends love language isn’t physical… be so cheap especially when it comes to they shorty , nigga pay to get her nails done tf
Retweeted by Ky.Idk how but it feels like I have a bruised rib 😳miss c*ty girl needs to take a break from social media ☹️
everyone in Virginia has a g-wagonim gonna start ignoring ppl like they do me 🙂yeah I can give up red meat but i’m not giving up pasta @OmgColleen_ yeah it’s annoying & take too long lolwho put a last stop in tysons lolHow do ppl shop with like 5 other ppl with them? I can barely do 1 @xoSHINYxo i’ve been doing that lol @sayivy_ oh it’ll be making it’s way back to whole foods 💀apple watch be cheating me...i’ve had this on all day and only got 2 hours of standing? f me and my goals huh?they are eating that boy UP lmaoI know you fuckin lyin.
Retweeted by Ky. @sayivy_ ☹️ yeah I tried the classic with apples and....I couldn’t do it lol @sayivy_ is it sweeter than the classic? bc whew it was gross lol I also don’t like things that taste or smell similar to chocolate 🥴I thought it was gonna be sweetit taste like chocolate 😭😭😭😭 @sayivy_ 😭😭 it was notok I bought a $12 jar of almond butter yesterday it better be goodMen will leave the house and see a plethora of attractive women quite often. We leave the house and see a good look…
Retweeted by Ky. @alexandrialarae 🥰🥰Me.
Retweeted by Ky.I get a headache every day...I’m a HORRIBLE i don’t even be lying because it’s so bad. I’d rather just tell the truth. 😭
Retweeted by Ky.2 weeks until y’all see the baddest come alive again (das me)I be working from home and still be ready to go
Retweeted by Ky.I’m not staying up past 10:30 anymore. I woke up so tiredWho decided 8am was the best time to cut bushes and blow leaves?“wanna hop on a call”? NO.
Retweeted by Ky.Can confirm that the Salisbury, MD, mass vaccination site is this empty on a daily basis (even to the point of havi…
Retweeted by Ky.fka twigs, by me
Retweeted by Ky.why is alex always catching the wildest things to ever happen in bowie? 😭😂I truly don’t be caring lol @domi_lauren I saw that too! if only I had some 😩I hate feeling nauseouscbs on my tv wont let me sign in to watch the game lol :/
I got like 5 things from whole foods...$45 kiss my ass lmao trader joe’s would never! @sayivy_ thanks bby! 🥰must haves from Whole foods?