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Every single emotion or state of being you have has its time and place. They have their own stomach that needs to… @JoshuaLisec Algo strikes again with @EdLatimore's ironic that the people who worship science are the ones pointing out exceptions to the rules. Humans are mean… @ZubyMusic *Looks to his left, looks to his right* "Psst, hey dude!" *Opens one side of his jacket* "Wanna buy a brisket?"Y'all think I'm kidding about the Iron Man suit. I'm just being realistic. @GoldenJanus 1 more to go, Brother نِكْ. @leoncastilloVC Thinking is the process of filtering and finally accepting what to believe.
@irfaanf 😂 @BirthofClarity Very well done, Roscoe. To an entire lifetime of the latter! @OpheliaMaddsen @smith_graeme Yeah, Turkey is never a problem! 😂One thing I love about this quarantine is that the bars and clubs are closed. The entire atmosphere of the city ce… @AnClimacus 😂😂😂Skill unlocks the door Consistency keeps it open Delegation makes sure you don't close it Integrity keeps it from s…
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷 @TheBodhisattva4 Something with twelves and stuff within 2 monthsWhy the hell would one order 13 kg worth of flanks? Probably up to something. there are many important things to do. @leoncastilloVC Just remember, Leon. We won't force you. We will only be absolutely disappointed.I just read an article about bitcoin and was confused why insufficient bitcoin could lead to hair loss and depressi… doesn’t ‘embrace’ culture. It accommodates it. Know the difference.
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷 @MrKautilya @HowToWinLife @TheOnion Oh thank god it's fake. @HowToWinLife @TheOnion I certainly won't stop you😂 @HowToWinLife @TheOnion Good point. As long as he is human, he should have a threshold. Life is not something I decide. @HowToWinLife @TheOnion I'm an advocate for anything that puts man's brains back where it belongs. The shame of pu… @HowToWinLife @TheOnion Trust me, you want to read it. can't save them all. Sometimes what you have to do is to move on. It's not against them. It's for your own sanity.
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷It's astonishing how much people reveal about themselves with the questions they ask.
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@HooaFury I still hope. grandfather was a collegiate gymnast and running back, was in school for mathematics and engineering. Competitio…
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷This is a high school in 1962. They "answered the president's call for physical fitness." So, who was this amazi… your mistakes as quickly you spot them in others.
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷 @conradthorpe1 @BGZeroTwoOne Good point. @conradthorpe1 @BGZeroTwoOne That's right. But in the long term, only the real deal will prevail. As soon as the s… @DeeperThrill It's true even if he doesn't die.I’ve coached hundreds of entrepreneurs Managed & optimized large internal teams (private equity) Built an internati…
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷The outcomes you desire show you the sources you need. Life literally wants you to succeed. Stop getting in your way by making up excuses.Moments will give you exposure. Days will give you experience. Months will give you lessons. Years will give you di…
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷It's astonishing how much people reveal about themselves with the questions they ask.The toughest barriers to break through aren't physical. It's the challenges that give you a cold hard look at your… @mostlyCivilized That's perfect! What characteristic would the person have in order to pass those tests? @BillyRedHorse And ˹remember, O Prophet,˺ when the disbelievers conspired to capture, kill, or exile you. They pla… @mostlyCivilized Fair enough. What would you want the return of investment to be, if you were to invest a large sum of money?"Excessive addiction to the sense causes turbulence in the minds of men." - The Ramayana
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷The funny thing is, most people think about the generosity of another person. But you're getting a certain amount…"The refusal to take sides on great moral issues is itself a decision. It is a silent acquiescence to evil. The tra…
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Just lost manuscript to the book I was working on in my computer notes This is a Blessing of Tao Flow... because t…
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷Equality is a false god.
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷 @BGZeroTwoOne 🤝You: *literally 21 years old, with zero capital, network or experience* Your competition: +15 years older than you…
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷 @BGZeroTwoOne One big, fat, hard reality check. Thanks for the thread! @BGZeroTwoOne Imagine selling something like "7 steps to elite infantry unit" Ebook without ever having tasted bloo… @BGZeroTwoOne Those aren't even normal people. I'm talking about black belts who have years of experience training… @BGZeroTwoOne I was just thinking about this. A few years ago I got to watch a training to select people for speci…"Newscasters are the new spellcasters." The longer you think about this, the more you realize this is true.
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷"Ego finds what it wants in words. The soul finds what it wants in silence." -UNKNOWN
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷A long tongue shortens a life.
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷One of the best traits you can learn is conflict resolution. The ability to be unbiased, detached, & identify sel…
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷 @YS I hear that a lot. I haven't used wireless for desk work. What would you say are the biggest cons vs wired?
@YS I was just thinking of getting wireless earbuds. Still 10/10 no? @AdvThinking Reminds me of the bifurcation diagram. @Caesar_VICI @zeyneppozenn @alecrheaume @JohnConstas Because Alec and John wouldn't understand canım ciğerim❤️ @zeyneppozenn @alecrheaume @JohnConstas Hahaha don't worry, all good👍🏼 @Cakeinacrisis_ @Cakeinacrisis_ Until you meet someone who is high conscientious and can't forgive themselves when you forgive them easily😂"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." The same is true of relationships.
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷Did an hour-long conversation with @palakzat on "Building an audience on social media". Key takeaways: 1. Reduce…
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷 @Kevin_Cage_ Speaking of point of views. Are you related to @MK_JohnnyCage? @Archetypes_h your quarantine pass like uncle Iroh's prison time. @nunosancha @JoshuaLisec @alecrheaume @zeyneppozenn Ain't nothin gonna stop me from my cuppa Joe! I've got @JohnConstas to remind me to take magnesium daily anyway😂Once you prime your entire being into your mission, Then you become exceptional. The key is to know what you are… minutes walk in early morning will set your circadian rhythm. + You won't be dependent on your morning coffe…
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷There are people who inspire you There are people you can brainstorm with. There are people who need your help.… secret to achievement is to consistently perform at the highest rate you can sustain FOREVER
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷 @iam__prashanth @orangebook_ @Route2FI @z3nblack @ryanstephens @forgeofman @Thenakedpoet2 @TinkeredThinker all my new followers, here are a few people who will inspire you to think better: @orangebook_ @Route2FI
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷 @SimplyVedat 💯 this is why it is so important to plan your training in advance. Your subconscious mind knows what w…
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷 @askindianwoman @limitlessleila 🤝 @SimplyVedat @limitlessleila Self discovery leads you to the ultimate purpose of your life.
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷 @iam__prashanth Next time. Already started with his punishment👌🏼’re looking for an outlet for creativity. Check it out
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷 @iam__prashanth It didn't work. It flipped me off and told me to stay consistent with 20. I guess an extra round o… on the impermanence of things has taught me two things: 1. To accept things and people for what and who…
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷 @iam__prashanth Shall we try the scare? 😏Your body is your student. If it aims for 12 reps and you need 20, tell him beforehand to gather the required ener… is the condensed universe in your mind. It's waiting for you to take control, bring order and then man…
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷How to get people athletic in 8 steps: 1. Aim for something specific. 2. Show them the whey. 3. Plan meals toget… @ROGUEWEALTH @joserosado I'm calling it. doesn't matter that it has been said before: say it anyways. You can read the same thing 10 times and "not get…
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷 @DrSepah @mkobach @McDonalds What a champ😂Places of worship that pander to the feminist and LGBT movement are suffereing from spiritual bankruptcy. They sold their souls.
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷- × - = + amirite🤙🏼"The important task isn't to seek love. It's to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you've built a…"The hand which you cannot wring, should be kissed." - Turkish proverb.
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@TyTweed Basically😂 @OneJKMolina Basically trap it in something, then deep fry it. Cheating. Hacks.Yeah, it's time to delete YouTube. curious
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷Your prolonged destructive habits will eventually summon the demons who will bring darkness to your soul, destroy y…
Retweeted by Vedat 🇹🇷"The hand which you cannot wring, should be kissed." - Turkish proverb.