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Space may be the final frontier but it's made in a Hollywood basement

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If I could of I would of impregnated you‼️EL MONTE AREA‼️ two men in their 40s have been trying to make conversation with kids and convince them to leave…
Retweeted by MamaMaruchanI really waited 5 months just to get some wack dick. This exactly why I use to fuck on the first night it never fai…
Retweeted by MamaMaruchan“Why didn’t Mason Rudolph get suspended for tryna rip Myles Garrett helmet off and kicking him in the nuts?” NFL:
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How to the land.Querido Jorge:
Retweeted by MamaMaruchanThis man is an American hero for working with Wikileaks so that creeps like Podesta didn’t get in office let us not…
Retweeted by MamaMaruchanBad energy can ruin everything goodInvestigate before you commentate @suede_santoro He is from Turkey that's the middle east though 😫 js Rudolph started the whole thing but no one cares because Myles bashed him with a helmet and that's the 3 second… Browns organization should be absolutely embarrassed. Just gross.
Retweeted by MamaMaruchanMexicans aren't white stop pleaseIf your girl goes to Mexico in December and comes back with a WhatsApp, she’s ain’t yours no more 😂😂😂 SHE BELONGS TO LA PLAZA!!!
Retweeted by MamaMaruchanMyles Garrett doing the unthinkable and unimaginable.
Retweeted by MamaMaruchanKap coming back like Michael Vick....I'll wait
My coworkers give me anxiety 😑mermaid on loteria is my goalsI love these twitter debates of knowledge. @funshographix Egyptians are the truth though. @QunolOfficial Thanks boo @ThaSouth 👏👏👏Classic 🤫 Brady isn't washed up yet but the water is running and the soap is there.It's all fun and games until the chelas takis n tacos turn into lonjasJames harden without a beard was Igor material someone photoshop this for me a thing thanks tyler baby
Back to this Zack investigationI appreciate my @amazon packages arriving before the delivery dateAll of these girls beautiful, talented and smart I'm not mad 🤗 @Kehlani a gem to precious to lose...that's all imma say about that.Invest in property in AZ.He wore le tigre so it's not so farfetched nowIn disbelief and disgustedIf you are in the San gabriel valley and know Zack keep your shoes on.This was going on for 2 yearsSo much deliberation but the concencous is Zack Salazar is a certified pervert who stole women's shoes from the loc… stop creepin up on me I'm doing my work while I tweet I'm a multitasking mambaIgor hybrid es eterno- Adan Chalino SanchezIt's to early to misplace my flossMy little sister said "even hannah Montana " 💀💀💀😭This Disney+ is really all that 🔥 @jc2icy I miss you too happy meal😫 @jc2icy Baby gator
Retweeted by MamaMaruchan🤫I could never be a stripper not because I'm obese but because I'm allergic to cats.Bitch stop slurping noodles these cubicles paper thinSo is she done done with yg because I know she doesn't play games 🙄 @Lord_Radio They sucked me in with this disney classic shit no idea yg got down with us like this hate you but I love this macaroni salad it is 🔥🔥🔥More pepper less salt for meChance the rapper is a great guy I'm just not a fan of his music and people try to bash me for it 🤷‍♀️ @Lord_Radio Had the firestick and show box idk I hate how it stops I'm inpatient or my wifi is trash 🤷‍♀️I have hulu netflix prime and now disney plus I can't stand myselfRemember when being a hoe was taboo? 😂Turmeric and ginger are lifeSweet savage't blame insecurities on others smhNo one wants that bum you fuckin you are just insecure boo @Lord_Radio Fuck the clippers never a clutch team never will be even with all the stars from the galaxy 😂Thought it was hunger God 😭😭😭💀 dad is so sweet to text me 💙💚💙💚 went through an emotional roller coaster 😂WOW!!! What a game! #GoHawks
Retweeted by MamaMaruchanOt it can't beOne moment I'm yelling now I'm crying I hate this world or deceptionGet out my house with that shitCurrently with Seattle I feel Igor he do him like that! 😫😂 @mattsworlddd
Retweeted by MamaMaruchanThey say david took down goliath maybe the cardinals will give them their first L 😭😂😂😂 idk I'm upsetI gotta cook I don't have time for this fuckeryDefense you get paid to play not stand around in tight pants and padsNFC west showdown time to see if its team red or blue pikachu #GoHawksAlexa, borrame las lonjas y dame mas pompis 🍑😌
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I'm upset people get paid so much to play like trash if you can't seal the deal gtfoSeriously a waste of money he is NOT clutch just another Andy dalton Baker mayfield derek carr not clutch just a bu…'m happy my single days are over that shit was stressful whos gonna buy my potpie tonight?Clean and keep the children out of the x rated photos is that so hard?This guy sent this girl at work a dick pic she said clean that mess in the background....blastI'm not a beautiful narcissist so the likes on Instagram don't matter to meWheelchair jimmy was not invitedTrina got called the N word by a white racist lady what is new pikachu @Moreno FactsHer fish balls smellShow box it is girl is rude af where is Angela @Lord_Radio This is sooo on point God bless you and can God bless LA with a laker championship 😂While you live at home try to finish school milk it the right way 😂 I didn't I'm just sayingSome guys are content living at home with a Benz in the driveway 🤷‍♀️ no goalsYo no pienso ser segunda opción de nadie.
Retweeted by MamaMaruchanSame 😫 would one stopping posting on a social media site if that is where you have a large following, Simply because…
Retweeted by MamaMaruchanJust because someone is dark skinned doesn't make them black.My big boss is coming I know she hates me but I passed so bye girl 💅Maybe I'm impartial because I'm a Seahawks fan