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@NSF Grad Research Fellow @UVA methods |stats| human capital | diversity #openscience Sometimes @USArmyReserve or @RANDCorporation but opinions are always own

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@ratman720 @PsychRabble @jasonintrator @CatfishFishy @mariachong @PamelaParesky @SpencerJayCase @ABertheim @AmyPerfors Cognitive empathy is definitely the key to these conversations. It's unfortunate that more a… @wgervais You'd get As that aren't aware of why anyone would think their behavior is objectionable and looking for validation. @dunaevtimur The original tweet doesn't refer to a recent experience of mine. I usually have a lot of patience with… @ABertheim @AmyPerfors It can be difficult to discuss things in frameworks including critical theory that don't end… @ABertheim @AmyPerfors In part I think this is because many aren't interested in productive conversation but are ve… @ABertheim @AmyPerfors Yeah for interpersonal communication this is definitely true but sometimes the goal is to dr… @AmyPerfors @ABertheim People don't like change part of the intermediary role for me is explaining why advocates ar…
@Michael_Mead32 @jaclynasiegel I'd recommend making friends with a statistician I really believe people should know… @ABertheim @AmyPerfors And there's the intermediary who works with the system to help translate that call to action… @ABertheim @AmyPerfors I agree with that however I don't think it's my place to give that advice and personally I t… @ABertheim @AmyPerfors True but MLK also pointed out that many moderates in that letter were saying he was being un… @AmyPerfors Yep I feel especially bad for those who are stereotyped as "angry" or "emotional" because it's so much… @mariachong @Sevens_2 @PsychRabble @Katja_Thieme @jasonintrator @CatfishFishy @PamelaParesky @SpencerJayCase I'm su… @Sevens_2 @PsychRabble @Katja_Thieme @jasonintrator @CatfishFishy @mariachong @PamelaParesky @SpencerJayCase It's f… time you're in the minority you face the catch-22 of civility. To spark change you often need to take aggressiv… @PsychRabble @Sevens_2 @Katja_Thieme @jasonintrator @CatfishFishy @mariachong @PamelaParesky @SpencerJayCase @jasonintrator @PsychRabble @CatfishFishy @mariachong @PamelaParesky @SpencerJayCase Yeah blaming the replication c… @PsychRabble @jasonintrator @CatfishFishy @mariachong @PamelaParesky @SpencerJayCase Yep I'm well aware of the peri… @jasonintrator @PsychRabble @CatfishFishy @mariachong @PamelaParesky @SpencerJayCase I'd extend that argument to al… @ChelseaParlett For applied work definitely but there's also methodological/statistical papers as well @PsychRabble I would be interested in a study in political bias of social science communication rather than social… is really important to consider when working with distinct groups. @ABertheim I'm also a consquentialist in regards to science as we can't investigate every question. Unfortunately a… @ABertheim That's my thinking as well. The good faith view is that such research prevents us from wasting resources… @ABertheim R2 is not a measure of effect size but I believe it's appropriate here because it's referring to the am… my area of expertise and not a debate I'm fond of but the question of genetics relationship with racial dispari… @GuyProchilo Any chance you know of good lit on power analysis when looking for moderating effects?We are looking for a *Research Director* to join us @STEPPcenter. If you've got a background in meta-analysis, syst…
Retweeted by Eli Talbert @AmyPerfors There's also the question of separating teaching from research. I know many like teaching but there are… @AmyPerfors I think it's a political problem. All the mechanisms we have now are basically a show so politicians ca…
@ZachG932 @NickWolfinger @dyudkin I'm always up for blaming the system but R is the obvious socialist solution. @ZachG932 @NickWolfinger @dyudkin You always struck me as a criminal Zach I o the other hand @NickWolfinger @ZachG932 @dyudkin Yes they changed to some BS system where only 50 users at a time can use at once.… @ZachG932 @NickWolfinger @dyudkin Just wait till your institution doesn't pay for STATA. @AmyPerfors To have research scientists someone has to define the research problem or issue. If individual scientis… @AmyPerfors Yeah after I posted that I realized the US has a structure similar that called an ffrdc where ind agenc… @AmyPerfors What do you think of a research structure where practitioners/lay people bring their problems and they… @seanrife @soashworth That is indeed the critique but making a broad point with an imperfect example is not effective. @R__INDEX I also don't believe it's the best approach but I've learned that most people aren't receptive to tactica… @R__INDEX I believe the idea is that there needs to be a strong proponent for change and that to balance out libera… is an eggregious case of other-race bias “they all look alike” If the BBC can make this mistake with Kobe & L…
Retweeted by Eli Talbert @R__INDEX Yes it also does select on the dv as well. Lee will sometimes choose the worst cases to make his point as… @R__INDEX He's referring to this study if you're curious people do jobs because of the money and the benefits. I'm not sure why people think that's different for the A… @williamcmay @PsychRabble @jonmummolo @namalhotra @SeanGailmard @cd_lucas @dean_c_knox @conjugateprior Yes the fram… @PsychPLockwood Yep there's the petty bs @JDHaltigan @PsychPLockwood To counter this tendency we should look for relevant literature among the authorship of… @JDHaltigan @PsychPLockwood Citation counts are a very dubious measure in the first place but this seems to be a ba… @ZachG932 @FriedrichHayek @MattMotyl Yep the inevitable tradeoffs of studying humans in any capacity. @PsychPLockwood @kobebryant *some people @thosjleeper It's also a lot to ask for practitioners which of course why collaboration is so important @ZachG932 @FriedrichHayek @MattMotyl Just popping in to make the point that if polysci people used an IRT scale the…
@ABertheim Policing can definitely be improved regardless of the racial bias question. I don't have any expertise i… @ABertheim Stereotypes are heuristics that can lead us astray. There is definitely a moral argument for not using t… @ABertheim Instead we should look at changing policies that can inadvertently encourage police violence. For exampl… @ABertheim So for this particular case the methodological criticism was sound . Unfortunately there are cases where… @ABertheim Well some stereotypes are advantageous in certain situations the ones around gender probably are the ones with the most tradeoffs @ABertheim I believe the issue is that there is a difference in the use of titles. As in the same person addresses… @PsychRabble @RickCarlsson People scrutinize things they disagree with more. I don't thing that will change. I stil… @ChelseaParlett @EvanDKnox I had a friend that was an applied math major who got looked down on by "real" math majo… @StrawmanMeBro @rasmansa No problem any respectful conversation on Twitter is a rare win. @PsychPLockwood It's a function of how little voice middle class minorities have. Biden has a lot of support in pa… @PsychPLockwood I agree with this. I think one of the reasons language is such a big deal with progressives is that… @StrawmanMeBro @rasmansa Yes and that's what the original tweet says and that's what I said in my first reply. @StrawmanMeBro @rasmansa I outlined why it's a problem under the legal definition as the right to free speech is pr… @StrawmanMeBro @rasmansa I keep on referring to the legal definitions because I believe in free speech as defined b… @StrawmanMeBro @rasmansa No but again you can advocate for stricter restrictions at Yale but that violates freedom… @StrawmanMeBro @rasmansa Here's a link outlining the differences. @StrawmanMeBro @rasmansa The courts have decided secondary schools are a special type of government institution. @StrawmanMeBro @rasmansa You can say Yale needs tighter rules but calling for expulsion after the fact violates fre… @StrawmanMeBro @rasmansa HIgh schoolers are minors and the school is considered in loco parentis. Thus more restric… @pdakean OA at least allows people to read the methods section and the limitations. The current system just has eve… @ABertheim Yes the politics are not an issue if there is an underlying factual problem. Emotional appeals based on… @StrawmanMeBro @rasmansa Intimidation and harassment are illegal. Imagine if we arrested someone that angrily shout… @StrawmanMeBro @rasmansa Harrasment usually involves a sustained campaign this was an isolated incident. Intimidati… usually comes from the people who disagree with us. In research valid methodological criticism is partic… @StrawmanMeBro @rasmansa Here's a snippet of the incident that is being referred to in the tweet… @StrawmanMeBro @rasmansa Restrictions have to be viewpoint neutral. Yale can forbid yelling at faculty members or s… @StrawmanMeBro @rasmansa It's more of a free speech issue than a viewpoint diversity one. The idea is institutions… RETWEET: Jacob Bien and I are hiring a post-doc!!!! It's the perfect set-up: ✅live in sunny Los Angeles ✅wor…
Retweeted by Eli Talbert @PsychPLockwood @FrontPsychol Ah you want to follow up on that convo maybe @PsychRabble wants to court the accompanying controversy? @Andrew___Baker It really is a tricky problem because humans are very bad at statistical thinking naturally it take… @PsychPLockwood @FrontPsychol What's CT in this context? @ZachG932 @MattMotyl There is a bias towards causal questions so I think the trick would definitely be in the framing.
@ZachG932 @MattMotyl Wow that's the dream for a survey. Technically you don't even need error bars unless your tryi… @ZachG932 @MattMotyl Did you collect anything like personality measures in your survey? Also what was the sampling strategy? @ZachG932 @MattMotyl It does look like there is a difference at every level. I wish political idealogy scales were… @ZachG932 @MattMotyl Its possible that very liberals are driving much of the difference as I would suspect that the… @ZachG932 @MattMotyl How was political idealogy measured? I'm assuming self report but what scale? @joelwatsonfish Well most social scientists don't either so at least the mathematicians aren't making math mistakes… @joelwatsonfish It's all descriptive work and it should be explicitly framed as such. @joelwatsonfish Agree my criticism would focus on the interpretation for both analyses. You simply can't say people… @joelwatsonfish That being said personal attacks on authors tend not to be helpful. @joelwatsonfish IMHO once you start doing social science author background becomes more important. There is a lot m… the tweet for more details but basically if you can't tell how many times a police officer encounters minority… coronavirus fears ramp up. Here is a good and well sourced podcast from 2019 that explores the likely effects of… @PsychRabble @coldxman This is a critique that engages with intersectionality rather than "folk intersectionality" which is good.
@PsychRabble @RickCarlsson @HdxAcademy @JamesADamore @jamesheathers I think the lesson from that episode is that yo… @AcademicChatter If you're in the program you have enough experience. There's way too much variance to day anything more than that.