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@NSFGRFP Fellow @UVaCurry methods│stats│human capital│diversity #openscience Sometimes @USArmyReserve 🇺🇸 or @RANDCorporation but opinions are always own

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@henry_island @jbarro Technically this just means that the SC becomes electorally accountable @krusso14 @cjohnson999 @yashar I know that not everyone has the same opinions as me. I've seen plenty of people mak… @krusso14 @cjohnson999 @yashar There's a possibility you are wrong right? I don't know you but I willing to bet you… @krusso14 @cjohnson999 @yashar I never get why people think they can predict the future. Why can't everyone wait ti…
@jidebam I don't think I'd label them good but they are ideas 🙂 @jidebam Ehh I will file this statement with your snack takes @jidebam Gotcha as a metaphor for capitalism from Monopoly's history, gameplay, and constant cynical rebranding mak… @jidebam #2 was created to demonstrate the soul crushing nature of capitalism @jidebam I can't tell what variable this list is ranked by. @sdonahu2 @wil_da_beast630 Actually getting things done in government is harder than people think. @wil_da_beast630 I have to agree I don't understand why people think it would be better to have actual "Red" and "B… @NateAndHist Yep we will see how it goes I don't think most Americans have a real conception of the external enemie… @NateAndHist Yes the voters are also a problem. Perhaps the main problem as the "establishment" of the parties is historically weak @NateAndHist I believe the optimal strategy is retaliation almost every time but with random acts of reconciliation… Republicans and Democrats are in an endless cycle of the prisoner's dilemma but the Democrats are still surpris… @sheeba_pathak @quantitudepod @AmandaKMontoya @dp_moriarity @SolomonKurz @tovelarsson1 @WillavanDijk @BenListyg…
@JamesGDAngelo @newbury_eric @PsychPLockwood That's interesting this isn't really my area of interest but that is c… @newbury_eric @PsychPLockwood Yeah that is the advantage of the status quo. We will see the country will survive ei… @newbury_eric @PsychPLockwood Well to be fair starting with Bork the parties started appointing more rigidly ideolo… really is a minefield sometimes. @PsychPLockwood @newbury_eric It's politics you aren't doing it right if you're not blaming the other side @PsychPLockwood @newbury_eric Except there hasn't been a majority democratic supreme court since 1968 @wil_da_beast630 I don't know some people are talking about breaking up the country. At least one person thinks that can be done peacefully. @wil_da_beast630 I hope everyone remembers this when inevitably their side is no longer in power. No one win a 100…
@ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe It's perfectly constitutional for the GOP to engage in hardball supreme court tactics like… @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe At the end of the day what you're suggesting is throwing away the constitution because the… @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe Which Republican values are not present in a majority of Americans? This argument seems to… @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe Slavery wasn't a clear cut moral issue at the time and also Lincoln didnt explicitly declar… @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe It's kind of crazy that people think that the GOP can no longer win a majority of the popul… @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe I think as a solution it's widely unrealistic and worse than the problem so I don't see the… @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe And then we're back to civil war which is why this idea was bad in the first place @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe It would probably play out like Catalonia region votes for secession supreme court declares… @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe All of this is fantasy anyway because it's not a serious idea that will or should gain traction @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe Also no one would be shooting random civilians it's just likely that the 101st would kindly… @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe Look I'll just say if I was planning to secede it would be a bad idea to precede under the… @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe I really hope it's not necessary but anyone that thinks that the US military will stand by… @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe No one's going to like it but when Eisenhower federalized the alabama national guard they a… @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe You honestly would probably have less elements of the military on the rebels side state bas… @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe Would I support an invasion ? No if ordered to enforce federal law would I do so yes @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe That requires an amendment to the constitution which isn't happening @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe You would end up with a split believe me there are definitely major elements of the Army th… @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe Hmmm I think the south thought the same thing @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe What your proposing wouldn't be a dissolving of a federation it would be a full blown explo… @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe There have been zero peaceful break ups of countries that's how you get a real war @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe If the GOP wins a majority of the popular vote they'd still likely take the Senate not to m… @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe You believe the GOP or the Dems can't get a majority of Americans to vote for them? @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe Yeah that's what's going to be what ends up happening. The Dems can pack the court if they… @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe Dividing the USA would just make it weaker. @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe Why ? There's no way to do it well and the impetus seems to be people say nasty things to e… @ZachG932 @NathanKalmoe Still a bad idea there is no way that would work logistically you blue America are the citi… @PsychPLockwood Yeah she's been working there for about a year @PsychPLockwood Too bad my sister actually is on the equivalent for San Diego @PsychPLockwood Here you are @ZachG932 @JohnWDean @JoeBiden It wouldn't the lower courts should be expanded though the courts are backed up. Unf…
@ZachG932 If you don't believe in capitalism though you should delete both. @LifeformBri @PsychPLockwood @SarahGrynpas Well it's super visible and life long people change classes generally can't change races. @PsychPLockwood Most people interact regularly with people that generally agree with them and social media is a ter… @PsychPLockwood Hmmm I just don't think we need to have a consensus on what's abstractly safe to make collective de… @JoshuaDFoster1 @EikoFried Yeah also it would be nice if everyone switched to R because it's a lot easier to collab… @PsychPLockwood Mmm but it's so subjective that it's hard to build consensus @PsychPLockwood For the most part you are physically safe in America so that's why I'm not the biggest fan of addre… @JoshuaDFoster1 @EikoFried It's really dependent on what stuff you want to do for example network analysis can't be… @PsychPLockwood Ya I suppose so psychological safety interacts heavily with subjective notions of offensiveness so I'm wary @PsychPLockwood Yep concrete things I wouldn't even throw safety in there once you get more abstract about it @PsychPLockwood Yah I think the problem with values is that in the USA it's clear that there aren't a set of common… @PsychPLockwood As far as consensus building goes I think what is racist is irrelevant. Its better to talk about th… @PsychPLockwood Yeah the tricky thing about racism is a lot of people really want to focus on intent but most peopl… @PsychPLockwood I know you aren't serious but it really goes into what people consider racist. Anything that effect…
@joelwatsonfish @hbdchick @JayMan471 More funding for advanced methodological training would probably be more effec… @joelwatsonfish @hbdchick @JayMan471 It's that it is a rather difficult thing to do and psychometric expertise does… @joelwatsonfish @hbdchick @JayMan471 They'll publish white papers and reports and often researchers will publish in… @joelwatsonfish @hbdchick @JayMan471 That's why you'll see a lot of the work on methods and measurement come from o… @joelwatsonfish @hbdchick @JayMan471 I'd be happy with more grant funding. I think the problem is generally funders… is 🔥 in his handle for a reason @joelwatsonfish @hbdchick @JayMan471 as far as I can tell was originally validated on a sample size of around 30 pe… @joelwatsonfish @hbdchick @JayMan471 Asa follow up though I actually saw a link to the study they cite and its defi… @joelwatsonfish @hbdchick @JayMan471 Probably the biggest criticism of econometrics is that they never really think… @joelwatsonfish @hbdchick @JayMan471 Using infrequent names as a proxy for individualism. The justification seems t… @joelwatsonfish @hbdchick @JayMan471 Dependent variable is highly suspect
The struggle, it's too much work to constantly delete tweets though @mrgunn Look you know that most people in academia that don't work for a publishing company hate the system its fin… @mrgunn A report by a publishing company that relies on free peer review saying people wouldn't review for money i… @mrgunn This seems to be dodging the question. Which is why would people volunteer for a for profit company. Asking… @zerdeve @IrisVanRooij Yep my advisor came up with a more econ rather than stat focused approach with assumptions i… @mrgunn Imagine a for profit company doing the same for open source software @mrgunn The relative necessity of peer review are a different discussion. What's the justification for a for profit… @mrgunn The business model of most publishers is built on free academic labor. If Elsevier and other for profit co… @mrgunn @jamesheathers @dsquintana Also I realize you work for @ElsevierConnect so that might be a bit of a conflict of interest @mrgunn @jamesheathers @dsquintana I think the whole point is that unlike the open source community multinational c… @DMarshall113 @PsychRabble @NateAndHist Our system is designed for compromise but right now it seems that compromi… @DMarshall113 @PsychRabble @NateAndHist People that are unhappy because they feel like they are going backward are…
@AurelianofRome @PsychRabble To betray something you generally have to have allegiance to it first. The days of nob… @GordPennycook Yes this is a tough situation every institution that should be nonpartisan is getting pressured to p… PAM is hiring! Assistant, Associate, or Full Prof. (SOC, ECON, Public Policy) "working on race and public…
Retweeted by Eli Talbert 🎲 @GordPennycook There are costs though I think we need nonpartisan institutions but obviously there has to be a line somewhere @kelticwai17 If you come definitely recommend taking the qual course with Nancy Deutsch @wil_da_beast630 A bigger problem for the military is civilians including in academia simply have no clue how the m… @Ivuoma My department decided to try and make an ongoing commitment so it doesn't become a burn hot and fast scenar… @Ivuoma I think the original criticism is weird but I think there is a danger of all or nothing approaches. Someone… @PsychRabble @NateAndHist Yes there's definitely a question about social reality especially when it dictates behavi…