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Sparkly ops fairy, infrastructure sorceress. Paranoid, wee bit mental. Relentless doubter of everything. She/her.

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@saalon I HAVE THE BEAT AND SHOUTING "Is that classical music?" 😂 Best scene in all of Star Trek. @saalon Yeah, he just doesn't really convince, if that makes sense? The only reason I'll rewatch is because there's…"NYC's algorithm task force was 'a waste,' member says" A government report about its use of algorithms is biased… ground, in other words, for blood libel, pogroms, forced conversion, the Crusades, and the Holocaust. Don'… all, why would you care for the well-being for people who have 'hardened their hearts' after having been cast… also extends to Israel as a state, since the return of Israel as a people to their promised land, the restorat…, these are two sides of the same coin; on one side, the rejection of Israel (the people, not the state) that h…"However, the church's move to take responsibility for its part in Jewish persecution was impaired by stinging crit…"... first authoritative statement by the C of E on the part played by Christians in the stereotyping and persecuti…"It’s the user’s fault if a Ring camera violates your privacy, Amazon says" Ah yes. Nothing to do with our deliber… how long it'll take for 1Password to complete FedRAMP and whatnot with their newfound VC wealth, and start selling to ICE 🤔
@saalon @countmystars Mary Poppins is basically this 🤔 People around her change during the course of the story, an… @TucoTheCat Love the patch on the bag 🙂
Retweeted by Sindarina, Finder of Edge Cases @vossbrink @saalon 😏 @vossbrink @saalon Like, I'm doing an MCU rewatch at the moment, and the 'correct' list is just absolutely ridiculo… @vossbrink @saalon That's a critique of movie 'universes' as they exist today, which is totally valid in the same w… @vossbrink @saalon Well, yeah, but that IS a critique, in that you're calling attention to the fact that a series o… @saalon Honestly? That's not a critique, just a personal expression of taste. Like, I don't like horror movies, gen…, thank you, VMware Fusion. That's very helpful., yes, 'enterprise' sales 🤪"Police are prohibited from sending 'batch' requests for footage, according to the company, and users can select wh…"In one notable exchange, Amazon explained the scope of videos police can request. In addition to requesting up to…
Retweeted by Sindarina, Finder of Edge Cases @saalon And also a really, really hetero male take on superheroes. Yeesh.This 👇🏻 @saalon I need this on Blu-ray. Why can I not buy this on Blu-ray? 😭 @saalon @saalon I would also accept Star Wars made by the Macross Plus people. Most especially if it had a Yoko Kanno sound… @saalon I would so watch the everliving fuck out of this 😍 do you even say to someone who insists on equating global surveillance capitalism with a prelapsarian village…
Retweeted by Sindarina, Finder of Edge Cases
"US says Israeli settlements no longer considered illegal in dramatic shift" The amount of shit they pulled in les…
@saalon But first, he must be trained. hey! AI will help us find these children, because we are indeed thinking of the children, WITH COMPUTER. mean, not that it's not important, because it is, but the headline takes a specific subset of a particular catego…"Witchcraft and black magic are increasingly factors in the abuse of children, councils have warned, with official… @saalon 'Films That Made A Really Deep Impression On Me When I Was A Certain Age'A few infosec folks have been called out for taking a paid ad gig by tweeting out some shit about how good Lenovo i…
Retweeted by Sindarina, Finder of Edge Cases“Why didn’t they go to the police?”
Retweeted by Sindarina, Finder of Edge Cases @kyhwana This is indeed bank grade security. If you want something without RC4, you need 'military grade' security 🤪This is a mean joke.
Retweeted by Sindarina, Finder of Edge CasesNormal brain: I don't want new construction in my backyard, or anywhere near me, or anywhere I might go past at any… @kyhwana Evergreen tweet 🍃😄
@quintenpowell Hah! I think they turned off the progress meter, 'Continue Watching', etc., as it was there during b… Infamous hacker Phineas Fisher offers $100,000 as a “Hacktivist Bug Hunting Program” for hacks against spyware…
Retweeted by Sindarina, Finder of Edge Cases"Sweden's central bank dumps Australian bonds over high emissions" Ahh, yes, good. Stop funding all of it. @letloverule42 @saalon BABY YODA! 😍🥰😂 @letloverule42 @saalon Get to it, Sipple! 😏Ahh, yes. America's competitive advantage at work! 😛'd even pay a subscription, it’s the offline part that’s key. I just don't want passwords ever accessible over the…
Retweeted by Sindarina, Finder of Edge Cases @saalon There are now TWO episodes waiting for your enjoyment 😄 @saalon I was so totally waiting for you to watch the first episode so I could squee about how cute Baby Yoda is 😂 @AndreaJessup One of us! One of us! 😂
@chiara84 If purchased for yourself; awesome, go you! If for someone else; meh, that's just prudent planning. Boring! 😜The extension is completely disabled in Safari, yet it still wants to phone home to a generic S3 bucket when Safari… @kennwhite Related note; they promise a full export, but that is not true for documents stored on the service, like… @kennwhite Oh, and first thing client said when told about the VC deal? "Maybe now they'll finally hire enough Win… @kennwhite Butted heads with them over their new regions, and their supposed GDPR compliance. Found bugs, got told… @kennwhite I was in the Teams beta, for example. None of the things I brought up were actually taken on board, alwa… @kennwhite Also, those aren't the people who determine product direction, and they haven't been for many years. As… @kennwhite Oh, yeah, I get the problem, it's just that, after years worth of feedback on their decision making, pro… @kennwhite Maybe they can hire and retain a few of those Actual Security Engineers, and a decent release manager, w… neither is the fact that your corporate recycling program is full of holes. You are doing your job, you are try…'s all connected, and the largest problem is that so much of it basically still comes down to 'out of sight, out… yes, I know I swapped from plastic garbage to e-waste there, mid-thread, but the problems are exactly the same,… we'll finally start being realistic about the cost of repair then, too. should be processing our own trash, period. No shipping it abroad, ever, requiring a reckoning for the entire cy… also this thread for Dell's history in terms of chain of custody for e-waste; also;"Argentina could become 'sacrificial country' for plastic waste, say activists" Or we do care, but mostly about th…"Indonesia's food chain turns toxic as plastic waste exports flood in" One country bans it, and it just moves to a… to name names. HireVue and Pymetrics are the top co's selling snake oil responsible for horror stories li…
Retweeted by Sindarina, Finder of Edge Cases"London ballroom hosts showcase event for 'golden passports'" The show must go on, and there's no better time to c… @1Password With more boilerplate answers that you've been repeating over and over for the past 24 hours? You're on…
@saalon Oh, and where applicable; @orbitalmisandry 😈
Retweeted by Sindarina, Finder of Edge Cases @saalon All I need is a set of coordinates 😜 @saalon May said friend step on a Lego brick in the very near future, barefoot. As often as necessary, until they never repeat this again.Especially if you consider this in the context of the move to subscription services, the slow decay of local featur… mean, I could possibly see this as gaining access to their network, getting you into the door at large prospects… honestly? If you've been bootstrapped for the past 14 years, successful, growing from 2 to 176 people, have pay… least they got the boilerplate responses sorted 🤪, I'm pretty sure I read '20%' for the minority stake Accel is taking in 1Password, yesterday, but today there d…"Google's silent Chrome experiment crashes thousands of browsers and angers IT admins" It's Google's network, and… @chiara84 On a weekday?! 😱Remember: block ads. @saalon I'll believe it when I see the final product. If the final product makes the fanbros mad again in a good wa…
@saalon Once Upon A Time On Mandalore @saalon Mandalorians In Black: International @saalon Fantastic Bounties And Where To Find Them @saalon SPIDER-MANDALORIAN: FAR FROM HOME You did already do that one, right? 😄 @saalon Avengers: Age of Ultralorian @saalon Et tu, Brutalorian? @saalon Young Mandalorian @saalon The Mandalorian, as directed by Martin Scorsese @saalon Nic Pizzolatto's The True Mandalorian @saalon @vossbrink @saalon Playing the mandaline 🎶 @saalon The Sandalorian ALWAYS has the high ground. @saalon The Mangrovelorian: He speaks for the very specific kind of tree that is threatened by the Trade Federation…