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Music Entity ✨ Composer for Refunct, Swarmlake, & SCP Confinement ✨ Commissions: singtoconley (@) gmail ✨ Art: @LunarahOfficial #BlackLivesMatter

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This is giving me chills, nostalgic in a way Hard to explain what I feel and see when I hear this
Retweeted by Singto Claus 🦌 @MWOffisch makes me extremely happy to hear that, thank you ✨i’m sorry i missed bandcamp friday again. making music has been kinda hard this year! (says the guy who dropped an… is the only person who thought that was a good idea because he was looking at it from a brand familiarity p… has me thinking about how i’m so bad at choosing names. i almost rebranded to “Deer Prince” instead of my real… @om_neb literally never got to try any of thesewhat does it even mean to “superman that hoe”the council shall now decide your fate they have chosen: death @hikarustation LET’S GOOOOO now twitter next✨Houseki no Kuni Busted Busts✨ 🥀Cinnabar❤💙Phosphophyllite🦋 ◇ #housekinokuni_fanart #宝石の国 #housekinokuni #houseki
Retweeted by Singto Claus 🦌 @noisemisato @FillWerrell THE SECOND TWEET ???? ?? ????✨Fashion gems✨ Phos and Shinsha went to the mall 😌🌸 #宝石の国 #housekinokuni_fanart #phos #cinnabar #shinsha #hnk
Retweeted by Singto Claus 🦌i am once again thinking about this scene and’t we all @nebita you know what? fine. i’ll hear you out. go on.THE CELESTIAL SERIES VOL. 2 – FUTURE 🦄 featuring music from my upcoming album + collabs with @laxcitymusic,…
Retweeted by Singto Claus 🦌sometimes the speed at which i can make music genuinely shocks me and makes me wonder how prolific of a musician i… a WIP: “please listen please listen please listen“ exporting a new version: “don’t listen yet don’t listen yet don’t listen yet”take yuor pick, holiday man… SAINTE........ or Grunch @xavimakesmusic are we about to kissxavi is making some of the absolute coolest music i’ve ever heard right now, literally everything is an auditory tr… @lilykrr mcdonald’s bag2016: fullscreen tweetdeck command center 2021: is going to look me in the eye and say “this magnet charger is worth more than a smart speaker”🕊️[NEW MUSIC]🕊️ Alice Knows Karate 𝓹𝓻𝓮𝓼𝓮𝓷𝓽𝓼 Running Up That Hill (prod. @bansheetweet) Stream/Download:…
Retweeted by Singto Claus 🦌 @singtoconley
Retweeted by Singto Claus 🦌i have no idea what you’re talking about @yanl1n if i want something to fit in a more EDM-centric mix easier then yeah otherwise for upfront realism and control it's the hans for meowns the hans zimmer cinematic hits kontakt library but still reaches for those KSHMR samples for certain things be… @LVGHST hidden epilogues are super cool if they're literally hidden within the last track after some silence. i str… don't like doing bonus tracks! if i make an album you better believe i toiled over the exact tracklisting and flo…
@tanukimusic I’m so sorry. Sending love and keeping you & your mom in my thoughts, hoping for the best ❤️I can't believe I get to say this but, ITS OUT. Neverless, my first single off my upcoming album with…
Retweeted by Singto Claus 🦌i don’t even HAVE thoughtsstaying off the twitter timeline has completely dried up my supply of funny images to send to friends to initiate c… a picture of me, reminding you to pre-save Neverless, coming out tomorrow with @OpheliaRecords as my first sin…
Retweeted by Singto Claus 🦌 @faporizer my favorite is the very thin wavy line waveform, they should let us make all our uploads look like that on purpose @MooreKismetBass happy birthday!!! 🎉🎊 @jedwill1999 “yooo the beat go off thanks for sending bro 👍” the beat:soundcloud mobile moving the cover across the screen but refusing to play audio @pooldad and the best part is everyone fucking hates these two giant books that came out years after homestuck endedgrubhub cancelled like half my order but not the entire order which means my delivery driver is getting a 60% tip o… @pooldad the epilogues alone are like two giant actual booksmarkiplier when i announced the eden ep and not a day later kanye announced his album for the same fucking day @jedwill1999 reminder that twitter forced itself to be obligated to write these descriptions as their way of making… @MWOffisch yeah i literally just dropped an album a couple months ago but it still wasn’t “the” album, i just make a lot of music @noahjmead my new album drops tomorrow @MWOffisch i’ve been talking about this album for at least 2 years, no secret there. just no official announcement… realized something i might have to wait to announce my album until after porter does for his because i just… for now, we ride this highjust finished a huge banger in less than a day. cannot wait to wake up tomorrow and realize it’s garbage @duumu don’t remind me how he released Love For That as the first single and it didn’t even make it onto the actual albumit’s fine. this is fine. can say with confidence that my album will be out in 2021 i can almost say with confidence that i'll finish it by the end of the yearTEAM SEND WHO UP
Retweeted by Singto Claus 🦌 @willycrooks This Don't Even Include The Sends Babeyanyway
i decided to finally look at my timeline after 2 days and immediately regretted itsaying “good”/“i hope we all die” when ppl talk about worst case c***d scenarios is downright embarrassing. you get… can only name one video game moment of my entire life that actually had me scream in true, utter shock, and it's… were you when you first heard the glitchy garbled Mirror vocals all the way back in January, at least 3 lifet… is functionally identical to gacha games only difference is the grinding comes after you wini'm in the pitts bro. down bradcan't see the sun itself setting from my balcony but the painted sky more than makes up for it @voiamusic i grew it @voiamusic woah. same hati actually still have twitter uninstalled, i just go on the web app to read notifications and tweet (less frequentl… king
@henry @duumu i got the Apollo Twin MKII (Dual Core) back in 2018. big fan @henry oh i'm big into UA plugins and their sound for sure, which means i get to bully them for charging $350 for a… to @duumu who bullied me away from Focusrite but accidentally pushed me to an even more headass company @MeishiSmile to the fans who listened: thank you to the corporate suits who ensured i wouldn't get paid for it: i am coming for you @PoofIsHere WOW 💖people spent 25,700 hours listening to my music this year. that's enough time to watch Megamind over 16,000 times.… @ireCasts WOW what a list, and top spot too??? thank you so much! 💕💕 @realnikkimusic i'm truly honored to be on that list and i'm extremely flattered to have your top song spot 💕💕 thank you!!!
i think i need to get off this app for a bit. i’m overwhelmed by recent events and sudden bad news, and twitter’s k… @YuukiRafflesia put this right before it tbh, a palate cleanserppl in the replies talking about how expensive the lights are but haven’t noticed what monitor he’s using know we had to either post to social media and save it from there or literally fully power down the switch to r… Aqua
Retweeted by Singto Claus 🦌i never talk about this but i have a real problem i own TOO many portable chargers and i have yet to be in a situa… @yitakulxiv ultraviolet ep blew me away and this song always felt like a warm comforting hug, so many memories tied to this songthe antlers were from work and were provided by workremembering that a year ago today i bought my moomin lamp at the same time as my junji ito hoodie @xavimakesmusic @SevenLionsMusic @OpheliaRecords IT’S XAVI SEASON BABYYYYYSo, here we go. Announcing 'Neverless', out December 4th. Neverless is the first single off of my upcoming alb…
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@night_owlll a whole ass open letter to nintendo to make them release a video game 5 days early because the fans are boredi did not forget how y’all asked nintendo to release Animal Crossing early to “make quarantine easier”, binged 3 ye… am not the kind of person to own both a desktop AND a laptop; if i’m going back to laptops, that’s all i’m gettin… projects use around this much ram as standard so yes i’m waiting for them to come out with a 32gb ASi MacBook Pro at this bullshit