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Sinnamon Love @SinnamonLove House of Love, Brooklyn, NY

Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion @PeepdotMe | Founder @BIPOC_AIC | Fellow @ Sex Worker Giving Circle at @3wave | AVN & Urban X Hall of Fame | Writer

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I just want to say, on this partial lunar eclipse, that my birthday is 32.5 days away.Great thread on the reality of purchasing a home. #TransIsBeautiful @carisbrook5 Buy some... bush? @rz_00 *avail @deepfonzo Hit my OF! 🥳🥳🥳🥳 @EXPENSIVE_HOE Thank you!!😩😩😩😩 @DrewBreez I mean, my room was popping last night. @alanaevansxxx Pretty much. @mstanyabarnett1 Happy Birthday!!!Pretty much. @thepbg Omg, I am so sorry. How are you feeling now? @MrShannon313 Thanks! See you tonight? @ayemann_187 Thank you! @carisbrook5 Yes! @rz_00 I’m ACA for virtual dates only! Hit me on OF to book!And because it’s Cyber weekend, I have 20 free subscriptions for new subscribers so you can check out tonight’s liv… you miss my live show on OF last week? If so, inbox me for the video. 😋 Oh, and don’t miss me tonight. 9p EST.… @donwill Bravo.Sir. I'm not allowed to sell this video anywhere, you can enjoy my bendy stripper stoner antics for free...…
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love @JamilahLemieux @Farajidc @CharAntGold @CheriRoman @NikkiExperience Last night was such a great convo!… @Farajidc @JamilahLemieux @CharAntGold @CheriRoman @NikkiExperience Thanks @Farajidc! Was that you who said “shout…👑 @aliciakeys @shopforthesoulOmg this is awesome you Daisy for this list of banned content via site. Also remember TOS changes frequently. @DaisyDucati AyyyyI love this. @DaisyDucati If you find it please let me know!Sexual racism at its finest. @theleilaraven✨Unpopular Opinion: Be nicer to the influx of new whores we are seeing right now. I know you all see it too. This…
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveI moderated an impromptu, 5-hour room on CH tonight on spoiling women. It was a gorgeous exchange of energy between… that every sex worker is a small business owner. So sending sex workers money on small business Saturday i…
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For #SmallBusinessSaturday the #phonesex course is on sale for $59.
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love @DantePosh Whoa @Felonious_munk in need of a safe space to live. #MutualAid 2 make me cum ;)
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Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveDon’t forget! You can text on @SextPanther any time but I only take calls on Saturday nights. Set your alarm and ca… @LarryTann Mike & Roy?Omigod, my massage and acupuncture today at #lifewellnessbk was essential. Touch is imperative to our overall well-… @daisiesandhalos Acupuncture!Happy Saturday! What’s on your agenda for the day?Read this. @CandiceBenbow You have a great therapist.🎉🎉🎉🥰 @LNEM_CH SO much fun! @MistrixMsE I read about that. So crazy.Okay fine. @MistrixMsE WOW.Signing off #NiteFlirt for a while, but you can catch me Monday & Friday from 9-11p EST. @BeingCharisBlog I’ve been looking at the cost of them and they are SO EXPENSIVE. @_rosesgold You need rest mama. #naplife @pronounced_ing Yes.I live for stuff like this. @cameronglover_ Congrats! @_rosesgold Go take a nap! @cameronglover_ This is great! @thekiranoir Ahh... good question. @lupefuentes I haven’t seen your face in forever! Hi! @CeeReeSpeaks @TheBrookeAsh And premeditated.Did you know concussion symptoms can mimic ADHD? I didn’t until 2 months ago. Twitter! A dear friend recently came back on the scene and asked about Tr*st vs E*os. Advice? She’s based in Chicago and tours.Call me. 😈 @Jok3rClassic @NiteFlirt Ayyy!!!! Call me tonight! @Prince888PR @NiteFlirt NOPE.
@JLBarrow Word. @Prince888PR @NiteFlirt 🤷🏾‍♀️ @Jok3rClassic @NiteFlirt You can sign up to call me. 😻Did you miss me on @Niteflirt this past Monday? Plan ahead & call me tonight. @GuyRoutte @firefire100 DOOMED. @thewayoftheid Oh god. I was supposed to host a game night and do a talk. 😩 @chinchilla1970 @NeffiWalker @LashaLane @DaisyDucati Mrs Roper was a GAWDESS! @DaisyDucati Can we dress them up with the old school kitten heel with marabou or do they need to be the beauty supply ones in ever color? @DaisyDucati is so HOT. boy. @DaisyDucati Indeed! I want ALL the kaftans!I had such a headache I kept fucking this up. Pork, shiitake, & shrimp steamed dumplings 🥟 @PeepdotMe Don’t tempt me!!! @DaisyDucati already said I need to monetize my food content!You end racism in business by hiring, welcoming & promoting Black talent, bc then you PAY Black talent & channel we…
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Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveHey y'all! I'm raising money to get new tech so that I can continue to support myself working from home. My laptop…
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love @DonRumdrinker Thanks!*steamed pork dumplings 🥟#Coquito season is my favorite time of the year. Who has the goods? @DaisyDucati Yum! @samsprnindy 🎉 @SpyderD Same to you! @ohheyitsjaz Thank you. 🥰 @Jimanekia Thank you. :) @DaisyDucati I’m thinking of adding it to my OnlyFans. Lol You’re right though. With it becoming so white washed, I… @miketurtlexxx No, just my daughter and I.Breaking with tradition today: I made fried veggie dumplings, paper wrapped chicken, steamed pork spare ribs with b…