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Sinn Féin @sinnfeinireland Ireland/Éire 🇮🇪

Irish republican party dedicated to the reunification of Ireland and the building of a new republic based on the principles of freedom, justice and equality.

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Kearney condemns those responsible for Mayfield security alert @DeclanKearneySF a missed opportunity to show commitment and ambition - Archibald @CArchibald_SF is an unstoppable conversation underway across this island All sections of society, including unionists, are…
Retweeted by Sinn FéinPolitical will key to restoring credible government – O’Neill @moneillsf thanks voters for endorsing Sinn Féin’s resolve to deliver progressive politics. “Brexit has changed every… Féin Justice Spokesperson @Martin_Kenny will be on @rtetwip today at 12 noon #TWIP
📻 Sinn Féin MEP @mattcarthy will be on @SaturdayRTE today at 1pm to discuss the Westminster General election & more…
“This was an historic election” - @MaryLouMcDonald Finucane defeats DUP Westminster leader and arch Brexiteer Nigel Dodds in an historic election victory in Nort…📻 Sinn Féin President @MaryLouMcDonald will be on the News at 1 on @RTERadio1 today at 1:30pm. Listen to it live h…✅ ELECTED: @gildernewm has been re-elected as MP for Fermanagh & South Tyrone #GE19✅ ELECTED: @MickeyBradySF has been re-elected as MP for Newry & Armagh #GE19 Féin MP for West Tyrone @OrfhlaithBegley has thanked the people of her constituency who have came out in their…✅ ELECTED: @ChrisHazzardSF has been re-elected as MP for South Down #GE19✅ ELECTED: @FrancieMolloy has been re-elected as MP for Mid Ulster #GE19✅ ELECTED: @PaulMaskeyMP has been re-elected as MP for West Belfast #GE19✅ ELECTED: @johnfinucane has been elected as MP for North Belfast after unseating DUP arch Brexiteer Nigel Dodds…“I want to represent everybody in North Belfast...” @johnfinucane arrives at Titanic count centre✅ ELECTED: @OrfhlaithBegley has been re-elected as MP for West Tyrone #GE19🎥 Update from Titanic Count Centre from @CaralNiChuilin - it’s gonna be a long night! #GE19 Féin MLA @AlexMaskeySF will be on @rtenews with @MarianRTE following the close of polls in #GE19
.@moneillsf thanks all those who voted YOU - the polls are now closed in #GE19 - we will keep you updated from the count centres‼️ Less than ONE HOUR until polls close in the Westminster election. Make sure your voice is heard. Get out and vot…🇮🇪 It’s time to vote for Irish Unity. 1 hour to go. #GeneralElection19 #GE19 stations will close at 10pm I would encourage all those that have not yet voted to get out and exercise yo…
Retweeted by Sinn FéinReject the Tory/DUP Brexiteers - you have 2 hours left to vote! Polls close at 10pm. Don't miss your opportunity!… election is about the future. Seize the moment and shape your future. You have 3 hours left to do something ab… HOURS TO GO! Reject Brexit, vote Sinn Féin! #GE19 strongly supported @frances_black Occuppied Territories Bill today & over the last 9 months in the Foreign Affair…
Retweeted by Sinn FéinThe clock is ticking! Don't miss your chance to reject the Brexiteers and vote Sinn Féin today! #GE19 investigation required into Premier Lotteries Ireland over missing prizes - @PearseDoherty after casting her vote in Foyle, @ElishaMcC_SF urged people to vote TODAY in the election of a generation.… is election day. It is the election of a lifetime. This is your opportunity to send a message to Westminster…
Retweeted by Sinn Féin⏰ Come out & make a difference! Ring your family & friends - Vote against Brexit, vote for Irish unity, vote for th…✊ Today is YOUR day. It's the people's day. Send a message to the DUP and Tories by rejecting them at the ballot bo…🗳️ The polls are now open for #GE19 - take five minutes out of your time to make a real difference today. Vote Sinn…⏰ Remember to set an alarm. Polls open at 7am. This is your chance to vote for the future. #GE19
.@PearseDoherty TD's Consumer Insurance Contracts Bill passes through all stages of the Seanad… is the election of a generation. Use your vote to reject Brexit and stand up for Irish Unity. Tomorrow, Thu… insurance legislation has just passed the next hurdle passing all stages of the Seanad. Still on track to have t…
Retweeted by Sinn FéinBeidh Teachta Dála Shinn Féin do lár theas Baile Átha Cliath @aosnodaigh beo ar "Tús Áite" inniu ag 5:25 i.n. 📻 Éi… words of ordinary people caught up in the housing crisis brought to the Dáil chamber today by @MaryLouMcDonald.… for the strongest remain candidate in South Antrim. Vótáil @DeclanKearneySF X Féin Leas Uachtarán @moneillsf joined our Foyle Candidate @ElishaMcC_SF on the campaign trail in Gobnascale th…“This is no longer just an accommodation crisis. It is a human emergency. It is a mental health emergency. But it d… DAY TO GO! Tomorrow is election day, vote for a strong team. Vótáil Sinn Féin ❌ #GE19
💬 @moneillsf on @BBCSpotlightNI: Direct rule is not an option, we can’t go back, we can only go forward and we ne…💬 @moneillsf on @BBCSpotlightNI: There isn’t anything good to come from Brexit. Businesses want certainty, we need…"Irish interests will never be served [at Westminster] - Jeffrey, you should know that more than most. You've been…💬 @moneillsf on @BBCSpotlightNI: I have successfully defended the GFA, the all island and made sure there is no ha… is the deadline for submissions @BusConnects Some welcome changes in latest draft but more changes needed. My…
Retweeted by Sinn FéinSinn Féin TD for Cork South-Central @Donnchadhol will be on @LatedebateRTE tonight to discuss Sinn Féin's plan to f… calls on Seanad to make Consumer Insurance Contracts Bill law Féin TD for Louth @GerryAdamsSF joined @ElishaMcC_SF on the campaign trail in Derry this afternoon. "Don't be…📺 Watch Michelle O'Neill on the @BBCSpotlightNI Leaders' Debate tonight at 9.00pm on @BBCOneNI - follow the link:…"Tá brú mór ar dhaoine atá ag glacadh cíos ar na tithe seo, agus is iadsan na daoine a chaithfidh muid a chosaint."…,000 children living in substandard accommodation - @EOBroin live 📻 Sinn Féin Housing Spokesperson @EOBroin will be live in studio with @IvanYatesNT today at 4:20pm to… Féin have repeatedly called for rent reduction and for a rent freeze. Today's Bill does just that and the Op… @aosnodaigh beo ó studio na Dála inniu ag 1:30 i.n chun labhairt faoin Act Teangacha agus Bille Shinn Féin ch… election is our chance to reject Brexit, the Tories and the DUP. Do something about it! Vote for the only rema…🗳️ On Thursday you have a choice. Make the right one. Vótáil Sinn Féin X #GE19📻 Conor Murphy MLA will be on @BBCNolan at 9.05am to discuss the party's Manifesto for the upcoming Westminster ele… Sinn Féin team of 7 MP's, 22 TD's, 27 MLA's & 4 MEP's defended Ireland against Brexit #GE19 is the election of a…
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We will put our best efforts in to getting the power-sharing Assembly and Executive up and running again and making… LIVE 📻 Sinn Féin Finance Spokesperson @PearseDoherty will be on @lstwrd with @cooper_m today just after the… voting will not protect South Antrim from Brexit - @DeclanKearneySF Féin calls on Government to set up Ministerial task force to tackle insurance crisis in childcare sector –…
This is the election of a generation and you have a choice. Vote for hope over fear. Vote for Sinn Féin on Thursday…💬 What we need to have is an agreement that actually satisfies everybody, one that deals with all the outstanding i…💬 The DUP got carried away with their influence in Westminster, they are now sobering up to the reality, if you can…💬 The withdrawal agreement has been influenced by the EU side, we work with the EU side of the negotiating table…💬 I want to have an Assembly and Executive, I have been working tirelessly for the past three years to try and get…💬 This election is all about Brexit. And I think that people know that this election is all about Brexit and the im…💬 Our health service in crisis because of Tory austerity, even the Chief Medical Officer quoted the other day that… O’Neill will be on the ‘Leaders’ Debate’ starting shortly on @utv - tune in! #GE19 @moneillsf political will, we can overcome the problems that have prevented the re-establishment of Stormont. A deal is,…🗣️ Leas Uachtarán Michelle O'Neill will take part in the @UTV Leaders' Debate with @MarcMallett_UTV tonight at 8pm.…📺 Catch @johnfinucane on 'The Week in Politics: #GE19 Special' today at Noon on @RTEOne. Watch it live here:…𝐈𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐠𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐚 𝐛𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐤! @EOBroin's Bill would ensure renters are protected from further rent hikes and…
🗳 North Belfast Candidate @johnfinucane will be on @rtetwip Election Special, tomorrow at Noon on @RTEOne #GE19📻 Sinn Féin President @MaryLouMcDonald will be on with @gavreilly on Newstalk FM's 'On The Record' from 12noon tomo…🗳️ There is only 5 days left until the Westminster election. This is a once in a generation opportunity. Reject the… deal to re-establish the north's political institutions is possible - @MaryLouMcDonald
Retweeted by Sinn FéinAs a mother of three boys, I know the daily challenges that people face. That's what drives me - every single day…
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Good canvass in Cookstown this evening. A warm reception on the doors despite the cold weather. Lots of people agre…
Retweeted by Sinn FéinPay justice and safe staffing in public interest – @moneillsf'No such thing as good Brexit for the north' - @PaulMaskeyMP📺 The British gov will always act in what it perceives to be its own self-interest. - @GerryAdamsSF Teachta Adams… violence is a workplace issue. Victims need time off work to get medical treatment, attend court or to fi… Féin made YOUR voice heard against Brexit and delivered on our promises. Vótáil Sinn Féin X on 12 December.…
WATCH: 📺 Sinn Féin Housing Spokesperson @EOBroin will be on @TonightVMTV at 10:30pm to discuss Housing, the Childr… Féin's @davidcullinane calls the Minister for State for Housing out on his ridiculous deflection attempts when…"A deal [to restore the political institutions] absolutely can be done..." - @GerryAdamsSF speaking on the campaign… questioning from Sinn Féin's @ImeldaMunster this morning, the Chairman of the National Children's Hospita… confident Institutions will be restored “I believe we will have the power-s… Féin leader @MaryLouMcDonald seeks cross party support for domestic violence leave legislation… his first week as a TD @Wardy1916 introduces legislation to place waste collection services back under council c… Féin's @Wardy1916 the first of the new TDs to move a piece of legislation. He's the co-sponsor on a bill to br…
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