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Like i wish baymax was my father
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@SeptFPS its giving ⌛️Deadpool solos Wanda in the MCU
Retweeted by Juan Orlandome when tbagging becomes bannable
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Retweeted by Juan OrlandoUpdate: Cash App Day (a real day) is now July 6th. We’ll still be giving away a lot of stock, bitcoin, cash, etc.…
Retweeted by Juan Orlando @CashApp Wait, July 6th? 🧐 Ohh 💡 That’s my birthday 🥳 @mawsaw_ Spencers lmaoEasy-Bake Coven 🧙🏽‍♂️✨🌜🔮
@xjaaybear @MindofSeem wish i was in the middle of that meat cake 😔message to the youth: Put the vape down, pick the blunt up.
Retweeted by Juan Orlando @ItsKyloHD it was chompin on them sweats
@Nameless6102022 @AceTsuu “wahhh wahhh wahh” holy shit, piss baby. if you’re broke just say that, dont bring negati…
@AceTsuu so thats you every game? @QueenEsme97 imy2 bitch 😭😭 @QueenEsme97 im here, i can carry my own weight 🫡 lol jk im poopLMAOO im so funny @PuddinButtt especially is ur last name starts with “z” lmaoHarassing women for content is now okay and the fact that these are partnered streamers… this guy and his friend jo…
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PRELUDE INTO CHAOS GIVEAWAY 🟣 TO ENTER: ✅ Follow @akrewhq & @ValorLeaks ✅ Like and RT ✅ Tag 2 Friends Ends in 7 D…
Retweeted by Juan OrlandoStranger Things x Gravity Falls
Retweeted by Juan Orlando @_QueenSteph Hermosura, te amo! <3Sona Guardiana de las estrellas ✨
Retweeted by Juan Orlando“Head high, chin up, fangs ready!” 🕸🩸 Skullector Gwen🩸🕸 (heavily inspired by Draculaura from Monster High 💘)…
Retweeted by Juan Orlando @dinkndots @OfficialNilanaK @mawsaw_ loookkk omfgggYesss Season 3 is out😱
Star Guardian Sona repaint for @/mercenarykat Its been great working on this again!
Retweeted by Juan OrlandoOMFGGG nah this is crazy
Retweeted by Juan Orlandothrowback to the best swing in valorant 😺
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Retweeted by Juan Orlando @PuddinButtt @Iuminaa I love ur hair bestie, its cute 🥰 @Shinorro @Shinorro ‼️ SEND YOUR BEST CLIPS OR FUNNY CLIPS I’ll react later tonight on stream! ANY GAME!
Retweeted by Juan Orlando @Mariselaa_cx yesHe’s a 10 but hes under 5’7 the guys are doing the “shes a 10, but…” girls its our turn 😇😈 @joseyokok @lilquanito @mawsaw_ I FUCKING CANT LOLOLOLA new day is just over the horizon. #StarGuardian returns on July 14 💫
Retweeted by Juan OrlandoIt’s been a while–Welcome back to Valoran City! 💫 #StarGuardian returns July 14.
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cum wish me a Happy Fathers Day @mawsaw_ Prelude to Chaos VALORANT BUNDLE GIVEAWAY ✨ Rules: - Follow @hitology & @buiatric - Like and RT - Tag 2…
Retweeted by Juan Orlandohey wait a minute
Retweeted by Juan Orlando[TW: POLICE, FLASHING LIGHTS] last night i was swatted. at first hearing yelling and police sirens, i was simply co…
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My foot hurts someone come massage it pls and thanks @itscatrinaa thank you @sunflower_marii tys <3im feeling myself a facial/lash lift self care is the best care
I cannot control my facial expressions😩😩, if you irritate me you'll see it immediately.
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@Mariselaa_cx Happy Bornday! Ily mamas! <3 @elixv_ wish i could fly, just wanna be up there and not have to think about all the shit weighing down on my rn 🙄
Random Stream in a couple mins :Dmy dog needs to find her own toy 😭
Retweeted by Juan OrlandoI ate NAH IM CRYIN 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Juan Orlandoconfirmed @xjaaybear says stretch marks are ugly..
Retweeted by Juan Orlando @allisonayona @xjaaybear omg cancel him #bodypositivity @witchofwaxhaw enjoy morning, I need this
Retweeted by Juan Orlandoplease watch this @PlayApex #ApexLedgends
Retweeted by Juan OrlandoVALO AND SZA LISTENING PARTY!
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@prodiNTOX @GHOSTM4RY @LeagueOfLegends its not gay if you’re 5ft apart @DeadboyUnknown literally, namis healing is hilarious 😆 @DeadboyUnknown I like Astral Mage, but i recently went swiftshot and its not that bad lol @DeadboyUnknown Honestly, i love it too! lol
Her: "hes probably out cheating" Him with the boys: how's Teamfight Tactics going for you guys?
@mawsaw_ i hate you 😭😭😭When is it gonna be my turn? 😔
Big thank you to everyone who ordered one! Look at all these cuties! Happy Pride Month!
Retweeted by Juan Orlandobroo please 😭😫 24 Hours
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@izeofmyworld Frr, sometimes my Spanish accent comes out when i speak English, and then i get mocked for not saying it the “proper” way 🙄Confession: I do not like when people who have English speaking parents make fun of how I pronounce a word because…
Retweeted by Juan Orlando @mcyfield “and then i made her snap crackle & pop in front of eddie. girl i-“
Retweeted by Juan Orlando @mcyfield “-and then thats when i was like: chrissy open this door!! and she thought it was her mom, it was so funn…
Retweeted by Juan Orlando @mcyfield “Sksksksk bitch! Not me in your mind.. 😜💅🏽”
Retweeted by Juan Orlandosomeone want to play tft with me? 🥺 @EzakReal bro im so sad lmao
Pistol round Ace?!?! @QueenEsme97 Esme, woaahhh 🤤😍omg that poor Omen lmfao wanted to let my ear rest from my industrial piercing snd that mf closed over night 😭😭😭The successful ambush was led by Sgt. Meow.
Retweeted by Juan Orlando @TSavT21 Ofc! 🫶🏽
do men just not get embarrassed
Retweeted by Juan Orlando @TSavT21 you look soooo good 😍 @SeptFPS same energy all my fellow streamers and friends, I know I don't have pull like that but I know if we work together we can ge…
Retweeted by Juan Orlandothis guy just genuinely doesn't care about what he said on stream and is continuing to lie and laugh about the situ…
Retweeted by Juan OrlandoPlease read. @Angriest_Elf *TW*:
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Class is now in session as Pengu and Choncc tackle their toughest challenge yet… School! Time to study up on Teamf…
Retweeted by Juan OrlandoOk, i can change, but you wont like it.
@TSavT21 ily <3ROBLOX HORROR with Clegg, Michelle, and Linda! Tonight at 7PM (Hopefully No Stream Issues)
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