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good kid, Maad Lonely

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@videojorok kbeing friendzoned is kinda nice doe u can always stick w the person and constantly annoy the shit outta them withou… Allah mulutnya @dododid_ hah cakep bangetfake it ‘till u make it babymy cocky personality is like the shield of my fragile insecurity and self loathe that have been stacked since i was… @playboyriots mesometimes i feel like im too cute for this world @afat3000 purple 🧍🏽‍♀️ @afat3000 red and blue @jeankucingstein 🔥🔥🔥 @TheElleyy so pretty😍😍😍 @urmamfav foto 1 sama 2 di galeri nasional Jakarta, yang terakhir di gereja katedralarts in Jakarta maba: masih mending lo masih bisa asik asikan, nanti kl udh masuk kuliah capek boro2 bisa nyantai @troismotsvides you😁 @vnshiy LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO @troismotsvides omg yummy @chukaiddako u still look beautiful in my eyes doe 😍😍😍 @httpflaminqo scorpio i guess @yinfutang MAN IDK I NEVER USE TIKTOK BUT SEEING HIS VIDEO HERE 🤩😁😫🥵 ah made my day 👄👄👄 @playboyriots mePLS STOP TOUCHING UR LIPS @qwonidin WAKAKKAKAKAKA @astronac kok orang2 bisa joget sih my kaku ass can’t relate @procrastinatink bars @qwonidin parah aku bisa makan kaya 10 biji dalam satu kali duduk @Trollacoaster
Retweeted by nai @playboyriots 😍😍😍 @nameisboytoy @nameisdarko ur art is so cuteeeeeeeat this point you’re pretty much out of my mind, but when i close my eyes i think about you everytime concept art by Lisa Keene (left) and Claire Keane (right)
Retweeted by nai @gurulesmtk omg the view is so nice @riverphhoenix aku beli charger miniso udh setahun ga rusak2 pdhl selalu dimainin kalo lg ngecharge @shotgunsentot yes 💕 @kacaunisme i’m sorta feeling the same thing rn everything’s so overwhelming i might just roll up in my blanket and…’S PRIDE OVER FEELINGS BABEEEYYthe more i’m ignored the more i get curious and fall for the person but i still won’t do anything about it anyway 😈 @parisianysl the second one tho 🥵🥵🥵🥵real big tiddies with lilac or beige turtleneck 🥵
fuck the Grammys. still recovering from this.
Retweeted by naiif u don’t take an hour to think before u text something to me bc u’re afraid of making even the smallest mistake t…“i’m glad i found u” @raufinazahra let’s go bb drop the addy 😈😈 @supasadwhale WKWKWK ASLII MEKKGANTENG BGT @marlboronightss yes omfg tell me how u like it ❤️❤️❤️ @marlboronightss good for u king keep that shit upmood love it when someone actually reads the books i recommended them. makes me feel seen and loved @aphoediite Yes yes yes yes manifesting being taken out on a sushi datethese people really be putting their energy and mind into things that don’t even matter and it shows @httpflaminqo ya ampun adek pulang aja ih bobo @kawaiiis8n it’s a shame there’s no ciu bekonang @bertinder geli bgt @poethicc_chaos islami🧍🏽‍♀️oh ok @flowerbuoyy on god this tweet is beautifulno i still haven’t recovered from the embarrassment @cancerb0ys have a nice day ubayy ♪(´ε` ) @aphoediite have an amazing day beautifulgm everyone have a blessed day“Angel” ... ☁️ painted by yours truly
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@aphoediite do u wanna go wimme??? relating to brent faiyaz’ lyrics make me a toxic bitchmanifesting a ramen or sushi date by the end of this month or the beginning of next month. @twilightdaisiez @rage_afi SHUSHWIWIQOOWOWOWIHEU am i? damn i think my character just got developed @rage_afi they be over glorifying aryan motherfuckers like pack it up Hitler @yinfutang 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 @natajemima HAHHAHA bener bgt they’re so impulsive and have toxic slash fragile masculinity ✨ @yinfutang that’s me all the time girl 😭😭😭 the fear of rejection built up this attitude 😭😭u ever like someone so much the thought of the love’s gonna be unreciprocated and the possibilities of u getting re… @twilightdaisiez relatable much?first they kiss then they bite soft @playboyriots NASTY ONE DAY FOUR TIMES @aetheriecx i was boutta tweet the same thing @aetheriecx me @looneyfrozz nainai“noo why’d u guys split up? u two were so cute together” yeah in pictures LMFAOi think about this a lot
Retweeted by nai @Pramudito27 thank you! semangat juga!the only PDA i know is persamaan dasar akuntansi
Private school kids be listening to frank ocean all depressed like bro shut up you’re literally the super rich kids
Retweeted by nai @lebahtoples good night loveeee @flowerbuoyy lito said: hamster naila✨ @yummytammi hiiiii @playboyriots me too man me too 💔“none of these stupid dudes is you 😔💔” @tempehkecap yes wimme 🤩‼️“men ain’t shit” she says as she forces herself to wake up at 6.30 AM just to be the first person to say “good morning sunshine” to himI GOT SECOND HAND EMBARRASSMENTLMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @videojorok habit lo apa yg tidak disukaisome of us really just lived the same life didnt we? emo to pale grunge lana del rey/marina tumblr, into a weird ph…
Retweeted by nai @playboyriots @b no thx he hates me @playboyriots i want @b but he clearly doesn’t give a fuck @twilightdaisiez NYAWWWWW @obieza damn u keep getting edgier everydayi love when girls know they’re pretty like thats fucken right baby u r fine as hell never think otherwise
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