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@ChaseNCashe this a drake sample I know you see the vision
Retweeted by $pitta Stan Account @MarkyDee3 @TheRealGahri Why they keep doing this to us ? 😂 @MarkyDee3 @TheRealGahri Larry doing a tape with Berner lmaoooo @sir_darkskin @TheRealGahri
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountTrump in 4
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@TheRealGahri Naw I ain’t judging. I’m just trippin off them puttin it on pornhub😂Idk fam... women used to steal somebody else’s man off their ability to cook.. at least that’s what my great-grandm… macaroni was pure and not used for horny clout.
Retweeted by $pitta Stan Account @TheRealGahri Nigga 😂😂😂I knew it was voting time when I see voting ads on pornhub 🤦🏿‍♂️
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountEverybody wants Trump gone 😂 a load of Ricky over here
Retweeted by $pitta Stan Accountim not arguing no more, I’m just blocking.
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountTerry Rozier and Devonte’ Graham talk to each other during games too
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountMan and I thought teams get trash after THA KANG moves his throne. that hurts!!!! Damn 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountWhy men never have smoke for other niggas but be loud with women lol?
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountI love this team
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountITS ALMOST TIME!!! #BeatOleMiss @GatorsFB 🐊 🐊 🐊
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountRiding to that Bronson
Retweeted by $pitta Stan Account @allecs876 Ikr... she piling it on that man 😂She trash 😂 leave me alone
Retweeted by $pitta Stan Account @SirSoze_ Man I seen my check stub yesterday and had to take a sip of water 😂I’m so damn burnt.. all this OT been whoopin me @asianclock They fell for the okey dokeThe fact that people are even giving T*ry L*nez the time of day and actually took the time to dissect his lyrics just to “make sure” is sad
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountO shit @WeekendAtSwanks Preached a horny sermon 😂Nigga 😂😂😂 @IAmWana I don’t see why he shouldn’t be a starter. The west gone be crazy.I actually agree with this @IAmWana And at the end of that game they needed buckets.. Jokic going cold in the 4th and Jamal Murray can’t do it… said this like he earned a psn trophy @IAmWana Exactly. You see what Spo doing with his young guns and MPJ is a bucket. They gotta give him some burn in game 5.How do you delete someone else’s account ? 😂😂😂😂😂 legs are overrated but you missing out on the rest @MedoMoe *threw @MedoMoe He basically done three the series. He won’t feed MPJ and diversify the offense. He keeps putting Plumlee… Malone really benched him after this and the three he hit afterwards. Fire that man. can’t be the same brain I was using to memorize cheat codes on San Andres
Retweeted by $pitta Stan Account @Dreadlockedyout Nigga is pure poopShe ain’t being a brat. I wouldn’t wanna listen to that nigga either. @TheRealGahri @sir_darkskin I blocked everyone who mentions Tekashi. Ignoring is the best weapon
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountBeing a LeBron flunky seems to get you places
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountNaw, that pussy gotta put in work if it wanna squirt 💯
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountWomen think telling you that you’re fine is enough to get you
Retweeted by $pitta Stan Account @TheRealGahri 😂😂😂Yup she’s been blocked tbh her and chance the rapper lol
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountIt’s always been fuck the shenanigans of mainstream anything though .... the underground gets my love
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountIt’s wild that it’s 2020 and people still don’t understand that attention is the new currency. It’s been that way f… @TheRealGahri THANK YOU BRO.... I been telling niggas since 2016 to ignore her... she’s literally in her position j…’s the same tactic that gives that Tomi whatever her name checks
Retweeted by $pitta Stan Account @TheRealGahri And everybody fell for it by making him a trending topic 🤦🏾‍♂️Idk why folks surprised that people streaming that album lol that midget was gonna do numbers regardless
Retweeted by $pitta Stan Account @taurusp11_ I don’t understand how niggas don’t pick his pocket more.
Retweeted by $pitta Stan Accounteveryone saying “I didn’t know Tichina Arnold could sing” clearly didn’t watch Martin.
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountYoung Roddy discography is dope af I know folks outside of lifers hella sleep
Retweeted by $pitta Stan Account🖕🏾twitter is unbelievable. How did TNT allow Barkley to go on television and sound this ignorant while spreading misinfo…
Retweeted by $pitta Stan Accounti swear dat lil dude gon get dealt wit my love
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountI ain’t got no control over that but it be like that 😂😂😂 but it’d also help if you fed MPJ you dunce. when LeBron asked the nba to suspend Draymond in the 2016 Finals? his initial technical foul was changed t…
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountA wise man told me don’t argue with fools
Retweeted by $pitta Stan Account @JJMaples55_MST @100mackjones Man really sold his soulDraymond don't do this level of PR for steph this is WILD LMAOOOOOO
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountBilly Paul was probably 23 in this video too 🤣🤣
Retweeted by $pitta Stan Accountlol my grandma used to keep me up on everything I needed to know 😔 need this shirt in silk for my post corona vacay. this a woman in men’s business?
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountAnd y’all claim the media and the NBA hates Lebron and the Lakers. Y’all foolish. 😂
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountI feel like I say this at least once a week but everything doesn’t deserve a response. Honestly, limiting the thing… @realtalk808 Definitely 😂 @GPED_Boogie Facts @sir_darkskin Like Nipsey said “Let that succka shit pass and don’t pay it no mind and it’ll fade out”
Retweeted by $pitta Stan Account @realtalk808 I ain’t gone say his name. Just look at what’s trending and you’ll see it. Just ice em out.Don’t even tweet that nigga name. Ice em out. @GPED_Boogie I feel you. I ain’t trippin tho. I’m telling these folks to not trip. 😂If baby girl ain’t gone file charges, it’s no point in speaking on that particular situation anymore. You’re only helping him.All y’all gotta do is not give attention to this nigga. Talking about him in a negative way still makes him trend.… brother got Supercuts in that mf
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountThey hoe’d them boys wins this series: Game 1: 25 free throws in one quarter Game 2: Plumlee selling Game 4: crying to league office
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Retweeted by $pitta Stan Account @TheRealGahri I’m not ijs they need to unleash himWHOS SURPRISED 💀🤣
Retweeted by $pitta Stan Account @TheRealGahri He cooking Amber Rose right nowThey gotta get Kuzma off MPJCold @BigDaddyXXI Shit was coldNigga the jangalang judge gotta unleash MPJ... did y’all see the move he put on KuzmaY’all be judging other niggas dicks? Respectfully?
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountJamal Murray WHAT
Retweeted by $pitta Stan AccountDamn Murray 😳