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zeke i miss you @sirezeke she/her. 19. NSFW 🔞

CEO of Zeke and Hange helos propaganda. Self-inserted Zeke fan.

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I've been seeing so many Islamophobia these days what's wrong with ppl. Why are yall pressed over a religion that muchWell then you can just take your clothes off bitch you won't die anyway????!!!! abt aot with irls annoys me sm they will hate the warriors and say "eren should kill all of the population" 🤢 @PieckStan2 I love Gabi sm 😭Ilse's notebook OVA is the closest veteran ova we can got and it's SOOO sad @ackrbonds In terms of writing yes, warriors are so much better than rest of aot casts.... but the vets just hit different 😔
Retweeted by zeke i miss you @ackrbonds Veterans are actually so powerful if isayama gave more attention for them, we only know so little about themThe reason why Isayama didn't write hange backstory is because he knows hange is gonna be too powerful @catboyzekey Idc if people unfollow me, it means they can't accept factsYOOO I MISS YALL??!!! @MEANLESB0 Yes😎Zekehan are better than the main aot casts THISSSSSSS KOKU IS NOW THE WORST HANGE STAN @booperdooperboo If u stan zeke then you're an intellectual so true 😎19 tahun mikirnya bakal jadi orang keren eh malah jd wibuYes im projectingSometimes i just wanna be Hange's research assistant so I can be with Hange all the timesHANGETWT!!!! @hangeisms They're so sick 🤢please gain the courage to say no and stop being a people-pleaser. you must understand that there’s a fine line bet…
Retweeted by zeke i miss youBut i don't hate himThis is actually true @nyoomnyom Mood bgt wkwkwkI want to take a shower with zeke yeager's justified to ship two characters that never interacted or maybe they only interacted for 3 seconds in the seri…🟥☀️🟥 #AttackOnTitan #shingekinokiojin #zekeJaeger #zeke #cosplay #snk #aot
Retweeted by zeke i miss youPede bgt anjing cowo my religious uni has "other" in gender options😳Gue panik kok salah... ternyata malah ngetik NIMPeak menjadi mahasiswa adlh ketika ngisi pin laptop malah ngisi NIMMAUYYYYYYYUUU lil meow meow @hijikataswife WKWKWKWKKWKW @girlbossemma Me too 😭 and the fact he has the same va as falco make me wanna protect him more @hijikataswife Ya @hijikataswife Teh mbti nya CNTK yw @girlbossemma He's so lovely @xhirocos Fandoms can be dangerous sometimes bc some ppl will try to give a negative notion about certain characters so yeah @livieackerman Grisha is so ugly HSKABSISN @mikasa5upremacy Yes omg im so sad.... :( apalagi waktu zeke bilang i understand how you feel about your lil bro tp tetep bunuh colt huehue @posiepoppy Pepet terus jik ayo semangatI mean... look at how yelena sees zeke to dudebros eren stan if Zeke and Colt survived, maybe they will talk about how much they love their lil brothers... @catboyzekey Banger, follow me for more zeke content!!!I mean i love jean, mikasa, and reiner but i could've loved them more if they didn't say such a crap in chapter 139 @teethofthunder Omg yes zekehan and pikuhan 😭 tbh pikuhan has so much potential.. both of them r so smartThe 104ths could've been my favs if they didn't thank eren in the last chapter @posiepoppy TY POPPY @edeimpact TY EDE @catboyzekey TY SAM @zekesex Zeke is too hot to be alive @teethofthunder i hate eren"they're just side characters!!" Yeah yeah stfu but they're more relevant than half of the main charactersI want zekehan's sacrifices are being acknowledged explicitly in the manga is that too much to ask @Kokureno THE MEME?! @catboyzekey What are we going to argue anyway 😹 zevi is canon that's the truth @zeketitslover I still don't understand why they're fighting i mean none of which is problematic so,,, what they want to prove then @zeketitslover Yes so true! It's just so tiring bc in the end people are gonna ship what they want to ship @SHOUTACKERMAN OMG????!!! @zeketitslover Eremika is a popular ship so yeah understandable @Ruc1rasWish Yes omg... when you're attached to only one shipping fandom, it feels like you have to be super loyal for them i can't do it 😭My top aot ships are levihan, zevi, jeankasa, and jikupiku btw 😳😳😳😳😳 @teethofthunder Omg dw bc I think most of zeke ships aren't problematic except the incest one 😭 zevis and jikupikus are super chill @Ruc1rasWish I can ship levihan and zevi in peace finallyShipping without being involved in the shipping fandom is so peacefulThey remain as my top 3 even after the chaos happened in chapter 139. Zevihan helos!!!!My GOAT @jcckal Get well soon ya. 🙏
Retweeted by zeke i miss you @Zeke_Fucker OMG GAUDGAOXVKSVDD🐊🙉
Retweeted by zeke i miss youSssh they're dating @macabrespirals Don't forget to take a rest bb 🥺❤ @macabrespirals HOW ARE YOU??? @macabrespirals BINAAAABayangin uya kuya marah marah ke eren @GhostofKruger Zeke got more recognition as he should @beforelightsout Jeankasa my bb 😭❤ this is so beautiful @gabinotbraun Well we all unconsciously agree on his idea of nihilism @RomiJaeger OMG THIS IS SO ADORABLE 😭😭😭😭呪術廻戦
Retweeted by zeke i miss you128 days without zeke yeagercrop of a jeankasa commission for @/sokenot 💘
Retweeted by zeke i miss you @kakqashi WKWKWK ga keliatan ngabers kokHogwarts AU pt.2🐾 #zekeyaeger #hanjizoe #AttackOnTitan #HarryPotter
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@monkesupremacyy I think she has something to do irl 😔 @milfbaiting We miss u <3 @macabrespiralsI miss Bina 😭 @catboyzekey NVMMMM LMAO I THOUGHT YOU WERE 3 HOURS BEHINDOk bang jago @catboyzekey GO TO SLEEP @catboyzekey Naur 💔💔💔💔💔Zeketwt has been busy with exam and work i miss yall 💔Birthday gifts for Venti 💫 #xiaoven #GenshinImpact #genshinimpactfanart #原神
Retweeted by zeke i miss youDo yall realize life has been boring without zeke @zeketitslover TOP 5 LETS GOOYeagers #AttackOnTitan #aot #ShingekiNoKyojin #進撃の巨人 #erenyeager #zekeyeager
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