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Daniel Craig explains why he prefers going to gay bars. Listen to his full interview with @Brucebozzi on the SXM Ap… out the hottest sounds in Latin Trap, Reggaeton, and more — including @FarrukoOfficial, @sechmusic,… Halloween season with the return of SCREAM Radio, featuring endless hours of music, ghost stories, and cr…🎯🎯🎯 Who's the best shooter on the @HoustonRockets? @talkhoops & @DarthAmin asked @Kevinporterjr, @Chriswood_5 and…
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In celebration of Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month, we're looking back at @grupointocable's memorable 2019 performa… was NOT aware of all the drama surrounding Lea Michele and 'Funny Girl' before she signed onto th… Hetfield tried hard to recruit a different lead singer for @Metallica in the 80s. 😱 Check out his Mandatory M… up some Soca sounds from #MiamiCarnival with exclusive performances and interviews all weekend long on… @zacbrownband's new album 'The Comeback' as they take over @Y2Kountry all weekend. Details:… BYE WEEKS are here and they don't have to be scary! @Jeff_Mans has a few under-the-radar plays to help you thro…
Retweeted by SiriusXMCelebrate the special edition release of @thebeatles' iconic album 'Let It Be' all week with exclusive content on T…
It's almost time! Listen to @JBALVIN's #SmallStageSeries performance on J Balvin Radio and @CalienteSXM at 10pm ET.…"Can you turn your music down?" 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩
Retweeted by SiriusXM"I only listen to AM/FM" 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩Let us know in the comments. ⬇️ Check out his #SmallStageSeries show on @JBALVIN Radio and @CalienteSXM tonight,…"It's going to involve a lot of people stepping up." @RichGannon12 on how the #Raiders move forward as an organiza…
Retweeted by SiriusXM.@chuchovaldes and @PaquitoDRivera have a lot of love and respect for each other. 💙 Check out the rest of the Irake… to the Vital Signs podcast team at @SIRIUSXM & @NYULangone for winning bronze at the…
Retweeted by SiriusXMGet back in the ring with the @BellaTwins as their beloved ‘The Bellas Podcast’ returns on SiriusXM’s @Stitcher. 🎙… WEEKS ARE HERE! Brad Evans (@NoisyHuevos) gives you his a Week 6 Fantasy Flame you should be starting with con…
Retweeted by SiriusXM @ApolloTheater @HERMusicx @pandoramusic We're hype too! 🙌 November can't come fast enough!We’re TOO HYPE for this one! 🎸🔥 Musical virtuoso @HERMusicx takes the Apollo stage for a one-night-only concert pr…
Retweeted by SiriusXM.@HERMusicx is playing an exclusive set as part of SiriusXM and @pandoramusic's #SmallStageSeries and you can hear…
Take a deep dive into 90s nostalgia with @DaveHolmes' new podcast, 'Waiting for Impact,' produced by @ExactlyRight.… was encouraged to post his now-viral audition tape by... Molly Shannon?! 🤯 Check out his full intervie… is impressed with what he sees in the @dallascowboys so far the season. Hear more on this week's… know it’s a great party when @SnoopDogg shows up... Full episode of "Let's Go!" with @JimGrayOfficial is out no…
Retweeted by SiriusXMWhat is @SantanaCarlos' secret to staying young? Listen to more on The Blend. the temperature begins to drop, heat things up with a new episode of @springsteen's 'From My Home To Yours' on 1… wants to share the different flavors and aromas of Mexican food with the world. 💚 Find all of our Latinx…
We're still not over @brandicarlile's heartfelt performance of "Right on Time" during her #SmallStageSeries set. 🙌…"This is the mission - to have the conversation and normalize it." @LilianGarcia discusses @tagmeinunited & its si…
Retweeted by SiriusXMSounds like @NICKIMINAJ hosting the #RHOP reunion will be must-see TV. 👀 Hear more from @Andy on @RadioAndySXM.… National Coming Out Day. 🏳️‍🌈 Celebrate with our collection of interviews with LGBTQ+ stars on their own comi… out interviews with Hispanic icons — including @cristela9, @JohnLeguizamo, @georgelopez, @realluciearnaz, and… October, SiriusXM is honoring the ongoing fight for breast cancer awareness with discussions on @NYUDocs in as @TomBrady, @LarryFitzgerald, and @JimGrayOfficial talk life on and off the football field! Catch 'Let'…
Kathy Hilton never watched season 1 of #RHOBH because she was so hurt by it. Check out her full interview with… poured all of her emotions into her latest album. 💜 Listen to more interviews with musicians on thei… lifted with @kennychesney's performance of "Song of the Saints", and then catch the replay of his…
Tell us down below and then catch our @GlassAnimals replay at 3 pm ET on @altnation. #SmallStageSeries expect you're gonna love this performance of "Hypotheticals" by @lakestreetdive. Listen to more like this on…
Hear @JBALVIN's #SmallStageSeries performance for SiriusXM and @pandoramusic next Wednesday, 10/13 on J Balvin Radi…¡Que Viva La Raza! Enjoy the passionately sung rancheras and accordion driven regional sounds of Mexico on Águila,…"He has a tremendous work ethic." @DallasCowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy told @BrettFavre and @BruceMurrayNFL why…
Retweeted by SiriusXMWe're celebrating Country Music Month by rocking along to @kennychesney performing "We Do". Listen to the replay of…'s words on sharing his culture's music are so powerful. ❤️ Find all of our Latinx and Hispanic Heritag… birthday @johnlennon! Celebrate with specials all day on @thebeatles channel, including guests @PaulMcCartney
.@pattonoswalt and Dave Chapelle started their comedy careers at the same event?! 🤯 Find more like this on…'s almost time. Check out @GlassAnimals' #SmallStageSeries on @altnation in less an hour. @GlassAnimals #SmallStageSeries was magical 💫 Transport yourself there on @altnation tonight, 10/7, at 6 pm ET… your karaoke partner in the comments 🎤 happy all the time with @GlassAnimals' exclusive #SmallStageSeries streaming on @altnation TONIGHT, 10/7, at 6 p…"I definitely took pride in shutting that up." Stephen Curry tells @thefrankisola and @scalabrine how it felt to s…
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Will Paul Giamatti ever quote one of his own movies in @SHO_Billions? Watch the full cast interview on… @JLo song did you get? 🤩 Let us know in the comments! performance gave us chills! ICYMI: with the cast of the second @KnivesOut in Greece sounds like the best time ever! 🥃 Check out Daniel Craig… you to everybody who brought the #smallstageseries to life in Key West. @siriusxm @noshoesradio @pandoramusic
Retweeted by SiriusXMCheck out @lakestreetdive's soulful cover of @thebeatles' "Don't Let Me Down". 🎙️ You can listen to their full perf… is adding another title to his resume — podcast host! 'Storytime with Seth Rogen' features a rich colle… @Complex 🙌.@JColeNC is playing an exclusive concert in Los Angeles as part of the SiriusXM + @pandoramusic #SmallStageSeries to be back in New England last weekend, but as a wise man once said.. “We’re on to Miami” @jimgrayofficial
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.@88risingRadio is launching a bunch of exciting new shows: from a weekly @gryffinofficial residency, to a morning… the first time @RobertTrujillo of @Metallica was recognized in public #WorthTheHype? 🎸 is impressed with the Cardinals start this season, especially with @K1's ability to command the o… a break with this performance of "Blackbird" by @thebeatles, and then check out @_JoseGonzalez_'s full session… felt the emotions surrounding his return to Foxborough this past weekend, but to him it was just another… about gender disparities in the trucking industry and initiatives to promote positive change during a special… @Adele SHE'S BACK!Meanwhile, at the Home of SiriusXM... Would you trust @diplo with your laundry? 🤣 @Normani, @bellapoarch, and… had incredible performances from @billieeilish, @DojaCat, @BlackPumasMusic, @phoebe_bridgers, @machinegunkelly
Listen to legendary salsa artists — like @CeliaCruz, @cheofeliciano, Ray Barretto, @rubenblades and more — on Rumbó…"Their job is to go out there and do it, my job is to make it easier on them." @BrooklynNets Guard James Harden te…
Retweeted by SiriusXMListen in as @TomBrady, @LarryFitzgerald, and @JimGrayOfficial talk life on and off the football field! Catch 'Let'…’s the day! Hear the first two episodes of “@Marvel’s Wastelanders: Hawkeye” NOW on the SXM App and on Marvel… @RamTrucks @TheFoxiesMusic 🙌
.@souljaboy is definitely taking a little credit for how big dancing is on @tiktok_us. Find more interviews with…!🕺 Let us know in the comments, and listen to all of his music on @pitbull's Globalization.…"I'm not gonna be thinking about 20 years of history. I'm gonna be thinking about one night of football": @TomBrady
Retweeted by SiriusXMMichael Gandolfini never watched 'The Sopranos' before auditioning for @newarkmovie?! 😮 Catch the full town hall o… does @MollyRingwald think about her movies that haven't aged as well? Check out her full interview with @Andy
We'll definitely be happier than ever listening to @billieeilish's set LIVE from #ACL at 8:30 pm CT on @altnation a… Planet Her with @DojaCat's performance from #ACL — LIVE on @SiriusXMHits1 and @SIRIUSXMTHEHEAT, at 6:20 pm CT… big deal — just @dopequeenpheebs texting @Oprah AND @MichelleObama! 😮 Listen to her full interview on…
Groove along to this performance of "La Camisa Negra" by @juanes, and then find more performances from artists of L… Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month with "El Viaje: Latinx Link to the NFL" hosted by @alexmarvez, featuring…
Retweeted by SiriusXMHow did @LilNasX come to do that cover of @DollyParton's "Jolene"? Check out his full interview with @Andy on the S… @JBALVIN Radio ya está disponible en SiriusXM hasta el 14 de octubre. ¡Escucha ahora! Radio is live on SiriusXM until October 14. Listen now! that @lilnasx's boyfriend in the "That's What I Want" music video? Find more like this on @siriusxmhits1.… us in the comments! 🎆 Check out all our @aclfestival coverage on the SXM App. Radio is back with never-released live concerts, exclusive interviews, and insights on their latest… lucky @SIRIUSXM subscriber can win a trip for two to @KNOTFEST Roadshow feat. @slipknot, @kseofficial,…
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Watch our latest performances over on our YouTube: had a huge September — stream all this and more on the SXM App. 🌟 us know.👇 Check out @kennychesney's #SmallStageSeries performance TONIGHT. Learn more: exclusive interviews and sets from #ACL — including @billieeilish, @phoebe_bridgers, @machinegunkelly,…