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.@chrisdcomedy went to @chazzpalminteri's restaurant and got dinner and a show. 👀 🤣 Watch his full interview on…"He's a fiery competitor." @Panthers Guard Austin Corbett discussed the trade for QB Baker Mayfield in Carolina an…
Retweeted by SiriusXM.@DiRealShaggy singing "Old Black Magic" will put a spell on you. 🌟 Hear more like this on @SiriusXMFLY.… @WolfVanHalen Big congrats! 👏👏.@RealGilbert impersonating @JerrySeinfeld is such a great reminder of why we still love him so much. Hear his full…📢📢 ANNOUNCING The first four members of the American League roster for the 2022 @SIRIUSXM All-Star #FuturesGame:
Retweeted by SiriusXMGaming 🤝 @SkubaBaby Sada Baby tells @DJNINA9 how playing video games has helped in his personal life and with mus…
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.@orvillepeck performing "C'mon Baby, Cry" will hit you right in the feels. 💙 #ESSENCEFest this weekend? take a peek into the biggest moments: My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle on @tiktok_us Radio does @BrettFavre view the @Packers offense heading into the 2022 season? "Aaron [Rodgers] is always going to m…
Retweeted by SiriusXM.@llcoolj is bringing @RockTheBells Festival to his Hometown, Queens, NY and SiriusXM subscribers can enter for a c…'re ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ this performance of "Danger Zone" by @kennyloggins. hear his full #SmallStageSeries with… @IMS @Ericsson_Marcus @CGRTeams #IsItMayYet?
Who's the greatest gone-solo musician of them all? Celebrate Independence Day with 50 artists that went independent… was your favorite part of #ESSENCEfest 2022?? Let us know below! may be a wrap on #ESSENCEfest but these smiles are powering us until next year at LEAST. 🙌❤️
PATTI. LABELLE. ❤️🔥🙌 That’s it. That’s our tweet. #ESSENCEfest’s some kind of full circle magic going on with @NeYoCompound + New Edition at @essencefest 2022. Well… almost… iconic @essencefest moment, let's hear it. 👇 #ESSENCEfestDid you catch @DeVonFranklin live from #ESSENCEfest on @kirkfranklin’s Praise?? Catch it all at… @MsPattiPatti high note + shimmy combo is more iconic than any mic drop. #ESSENCEFest dance battles are an #EssenceFest staple. This joy is for everyone! #ESSENCE
Retweeted by SiriusXM.@MsPattiPatti at 78 years old, feeling (and looking) like she’s 20. An icon at any age 😍. #ESSENCEFest showed up at #ESSENCEFest and just DID that. 🙌🙌 #StillGonTrust, #ESSENCEfest, we're going to need a little commotion for @JekalynCarr's... everything. 👏👏👏 + @nowthatsMAJOR are out here kicking off #ESSENCEFest Day 3! call! Drop a ✨ if you've been tuning into #ESSENCEFest all weekend & head to to get all the info on Day 3!🔥 @KevOnStage @MrsKevOnStage @Pheelz @kevinrossmusic 2️⃣ at @essencefest was one for the books 💕 @NeYoCompound @mynameisraiche @TyLepley
a little groove with @KingBobbyBrown + @HearHeartSoul at #ESSENCEFest 🎶🪩 sounding sweet as ever 🎶 #EssenceFest 💙💕 @ashanti and @NeYoCompound reunion at #EssenceFest day 2, we’re out here! Listen live ✨➡️ scenes from @essencefest day 1 🤩 we’re out here having the BEST time at #EssenceFestival! our day 2 coverage… says you HAVE to pour the Indy 500 milk all over you.🥛 Watch his 'Green or Red Flag' 👉…, what do you all think? should @TheRealTank retire? 👀🙅 #ESSENCEFest @HearHeartSoul
@MadisonSiriusXM We’re so glad you’re sticking around. ❤️New Orleans! 🎺 what else have @TamarBraxtonHer, @TheRealTank, and @KimVFields got to try? 😋 #ESSENCEFest @WillieNelson 4th of July Picnic LIVE from @Q2Stadium Austin, TX @SIRIUSXM Ch59 starting 1pET Details here:…
Retweeted by SiriusXM.@RealEarthquake, @KimVFields, and @Rotimi just fully glowing ✨#ESSENCEFest we’re not crying at this clip of @KimVFields and @TamarBraxtonHer it’s just allergies 🤧 #ESSENCEFest on her current song obsession 💜😆 #ESSENCEFest’mon VOCALS @sevyn 😍 #ESSENCEFest ceo @wangawoman on the perfect way to spend the #ESSENCEFest weekend 🤣 is tired of the feud between @DorindaMedley and @vgunvalson. Catch her full interview with… @pandoramusic @citygirls @Usher 🔥🔥🔥omg we just got BLESSED with a surprise @TheRealTank performance at #ESSENCEFest brought the perfect outfit to talk to @HearHeartSoul 💜 @SiriusXMHits1 @tatemcrae happy bday queen @tatemcrae 🎉🎉🎉 @ridanaser @LoveIsland when they played a track from the new foxes album >>> @SXMOctane us no matter who we get is bringing the vocals to @essencefest with @MrsKevOnStage 🎤’re LIVE from @essencefest and @CaymanKellyshow is already grooving 🕺🕺🕺 to hang with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis last night, interviewing them for a live audience recording of my…
Retweeted by SiriusXMKick off the summer with some "Fun, Fun, Fun" & the return of Good Vibrations. 😎🌴 Listen to @TheBeachBoys hits and… your 4th of July weekend looks like, we've got the soundtrack for you. 🎇🇺🇸 From @ElvisPresley to…
Bowen Yang opens up about the, uh, interesting way he came out to his family. 😅 🏳️‍🌈 Check out @Andy's Stonewall sp… we see Kevin Durant in the Valley of the Sun? @adaniels33 reacts to the news that the #Suns are one of KD’s…
Retweeted by SiriusXM.@andersoncooper's reaction to Richard Gere is a HUGE mood. 😆 Listen to @Andy's full Pride special from… song that would save you from Vecna is the last song you heard, no cheating! #StrangerThings4
Retweeted by SiriusXMJoin us alllll weekend long to catch the best moments from @essencefest! ✨ all the biggest names and moments at @essencefest 2022 — from @MsPattiPatti to @TamarBraxtonHer — all weekend… right now 28 days, 7 hours, 41 minutes, and 5 seconds until RENAISSANCE but who's counting 😭🙌 your holiday weekend with @SoundCloud Radio on #HipHopNation! Starting Friday at 5pm ET. LISTEN:…
Retweeted by SiriusXM.@AlecBenjamin is all of us when we're robbed of a good sandwich. 🥪😭 @SiriusXMHits1“That is a massive coup for Travis Schlenk and the Atlanta Hawks.” @termineradio and @jumpshot8 love the Hawks blo…
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@SXMTheHighway strawberry shortcake outsold them all....@rinasawayama in the studio sounds more fun than most parties tbh!! 😍…and many more over on our @BTS_twt playlist! what are your fave #BTS interview moments?, 26 at the time, “We’re getting old.” 🤣 watch @ :19 💜➡️ sweet shout out to their bestie @halsey 💖🥺 watch @ 1:33 💜➡️ we learned that “Jimin” is a verb for someone being late 😅 watch @ 2:09 💜➡️🧨🎶 Jungkook introducing Dynamite + Butter 🎶🧨 watch @ 1:00 💜➡️🍉🍉🍉ofc we have to start with Watermelon Suga🍉🍉🍉 watch @ 1:28 💜➡️ most ✨replayed✨ moments in our @BTS_twt YouTube videos, a very cute and chaotic thread 🧵 lineup tho 🔥🔥🔥 your calendars! @TheBeachBoys Channel is back this Friday ☀️🌴't worry baby — @TheBeachBoys are back on SiriusXM in July. ☀️🏄 Hear tracks from the band's 60 year history, inc… inspiration behind @dariusrucker’s #OnlyWannaBeWithYou was his favorite football team losing?! 🏈 Talk about a ‘… #PrideMonth with @DCappellaMusic's @joecsantoni and 4*TOWN's Aaron T. (@TopherNgoMusic) from #TurningRed
Retweeted by SiriusXMwe think we'll just stay in and listen to them all instead! 👯 me on TOMORROW at 9AM ET, as I takes calls all hour long from listeners on business, markets, cryptocurrency,…
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We definitely know that @DiRealShaggy's performance of his new single "Mi Nuh Know" will get you up and grooving. 🕺… @julesss06 Hi, Julie. I have encountered a similar issue, so I totally understand your concern. Let me check the be… @plushguts Hi, there. Thank you so much for notifying us about the issue, and we're terribly sorry about this. For… @lizzo's electrifying disco opener to @Diddy receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award, this year's @BETAwards matter which you pick, you definitely won't be "Dead Wrong". 👑 Listen to @thenotoriousbig's channel on the SXM A… you a SiriusXM subscriber? Enter for a chance to win a trip for 2 to see @pitbull #CantStopUsNowTOUR LIVE ft.…, so @FrankieJGrande, what is currently the greatest thing ever? 🤔
we're so thankful for @alexander_olly and his pure olly-ness ✨ @mikerotchford essential!! @BangzSeymore omg yes @JimLaddRocks us making our list: a sonic road trip with us and @discoveryplus to hear your favorite #SoundsOfSummer 🌴☀️🚗 @paulhamill of course! @gilbertmpadilla a classic!Do you know what Red Skull has done to mutants?! Find out what’s to come in episode 3 of ‘Marvel’s Wastelanders: Wo…
Retweeted by SiriusXM#POV: you're cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway with the top down, wind blowing through your hair. what song is playing?