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@disco_socialist "I'm going to pick apart every single thing you say for tone policing but don't you dare point out… @oranicuhh Also it will not be very high quality but eh compromises @oranicuhh Yes but only after the strike is over :)
Can't wait for @IWriteAllDay_ to way in on this. the GOP claims impeachment hurt our coronavirus response. CDC issued a warning on Jan 8. Trump was acquitted…
Retweeted by Bæřñåđ Břøþhəř @sable_sonya You mean the "tea is cultural appropriation" lady has bad takes? I'm truly shocked.
@sable_sonya Also important to note that she appears to be...steaming?? Smoking?? In her little fantasy bubble so a… @joshfoxfilm How's that working out for you?'re going to be saddled with four more years of Trump because insulated Harry Potter ass liberals are too craven…
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Anyway, happy earth hour, may this be the last one humans observe"Its simple math stop worrying stupid" - people who don't understand that acurate data includes time elapsed, apperently, 2k20The Rona really has people posting stuff like "well this many people die in a year so I don't see why all fuss is a… @disco_socialist As long as you maintain proper social distance! @EmilyGorcenski They're gonna do a little choke-slamming anyway, as a treat. @justiceaudre Incredibly powerful! 10/10 would surrender to when caught doing supervillainery
Slowly starting to realize theres not a normal after all this and that that's ok. @justiceaudre @WrittenByHanna Allow me to be the first of probably many comic nerds to come out of the woodwork to… the Bureau of Indian Affairs told the Mashpee Wampanoag that their reservation is being disestablished and th…
Retweeted by Bæřñåđ Břøþhəřbernie sanders: *yells about inequality* liberal feminists: this is basically assault former biden staffer: joe b…
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This is a national fucking scandal. Do your jobs, reporters, and act like it
Retweeted by Bæřñåđ Břøþhəř"We will solve this problem like we solve all our problems, by coming together to solve to this problem."’s the thing: even if every governor tells him to go fuck himself, it’s his job to help anyway. This is fucking…
Retweeted by Bæřñåđ BřøþhəřThis is actual insanity and unconscionable. How we're treating our healthcare workers tells us everything we need t… @OakyDeer It's a stressful time and I hate people feeling like they owe the world something when its treating them like garbage. @AndrewYang @daTalleyman @mayham_angle @awkward_duck See also also: the treatment and exploitation of undocumented workers throughout the US.Fewer cops more nurses @HoarseWisperer thoughts? :) @OakyDeer Quarantine doesn't mean suddenly you have to be super productive! Capitalism has lied to you your entire… how a neo-Nazi tried to blow up a hospital filled with Coronavirus patients like 48 hours ago and ended up dy…
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@soledadobrien Yeah this is definitely the thing to be focusing on rn you're nailing itI never want to hear any job in the food service industries referred to as "unskilled labour" ever again. @FelixColgrave I have a lot of family going in and out of hospitals right now. It's terrifying but please don't des… @oatmealish I don't agree with you. People are dying, establishment dems like Biden and Pelosi are showing their as… @oatmealish Steller job do far. @bombsfall @BidenInsultBot @bombsfall The most winningest setup ever.imagine being suicidal, broke, scressed, and sleep deprived for 2 years & having to push yourself to keep going. on…
Retweeted by Bæřñåđ Břøþhəř @CryptoPsi @oatmealish @AlexJayBrady Facts don't matter when you use your big-boy-smart-person-sounder-like words and are very intelligent.The constitution is the most important document to conservatives until it isn't.
Retweeted by Bæřñåđ BřøþhəřThe massive scandal about Republican senators trading on coronavirus intel didn't even last one news cycle.
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@LammaticHama How dare you, sir!!Hey there, I know times I dark. I know we’re all frightened. I know you’re struggling. We all are. And none of t…
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@OakyDeer @OakyDeer Can I be you're friend even if I don't have a switch yet (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)the fact that Bernie Sanders doesn’t give a single shit about his status in the election and is instead ONLY concer…
Retweeted by Bæřñåđ BřøþhəřI'm old enough to remember when Joe Biden said Italy has a universal healthcare system and they're struggling with…
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@AfrokanAmerican And never forget it 😈 @AfrokanAmerican @elonmusk You're dumb.Look at this. Share it with every damn person you know who watches this crap. They need to know.
Retweeted by Bæřñåđ Břøþhəř @AfrokanAmerican The way he abandoned the entire family to... his ass better be single HATE BEING QUARANTINED STUCK IN ONE STUPID BUILDING ALL THE TIME I WOULD RATHER GO BETWEEN THE SAME TWO OR THR…
Retweeted by Bæřñåđ Břøþhəř @tentwentysixpm And just as I was getting used to to this whole quarantine thing to!!This dude constantly proves to be terrible and people just keep going "but Obama ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" @AsteadWesley *Current Sexiest Man AliveStop buying avocado toast idiots I were an airline going bankrupt I would simply stop getting a latte at Starbucks every day
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@angryblkhoemo To be fair, he's asymptomatic so he only counts as a carrier.Honestly there's a certain poetry to this given Disney's history but Holy cow could capatilists take a frickin brea… @bombsfall Honestly my biggest hope is that after things blow down is that more people go "wait, we could have been… @garywhitta The answer is being rich or not being in america @GeorgeTakei People are dying, George. @bombsfall Aha! Surely Trump can't recover from zinger that strong! *puts hand up to earpiece* hold on, I'm getting… @IWriteAllDay_ Love our wavelength. Our pure, pure wavelength... @angryblkhoemo Clearly he's talking about the honorable service of the U.S. Marshels except he didnt even spell that right @OakyDeer You can cave my face in with a brick if you want uwu @IWriteAllDay_ Obviously your speaking about all the chaste, romantic constitutionals he could take you on around t… @WrittenByHanna They just hate to see the glow up 💅
@JoyAnnReid I mean, you would think that's all we would care about, them being lifetime politicians and all.Biden's argument for only putting in place "crisis covergage" that pays for testing and treatment of COVID-19 revea…
Retweeted by Bæřñåđ Břøþhəř @RadioFreeTom Wow! Now do all the times Biden just straight up lies. @MeetMckayla 🍽🍽🍽 @RadioFreeTom This crisis is a snapshot, thousands of Americans die every year from preventable causes due to lack…
Airlines couldn’t even make it a week living paycheck-to-paycheck.
Retweeted by Bæřñåđ Břøþhəřlink to article: 5 THINGS EVERY PERSON SHOULD DO TO PREVENT CORONA SPREADING the article in question:…
Retweeted by Bæřñåđ Břøþhəř @angryblkhoemo I refuse this was anything other than a bit their doing to screw with people. That's a trained rat o…
Hey @JoeBiden, the actual record shows you did NOT sponsor the endangered species act. What gives? Why did you say…
Retweeted by Bæřñåđ Břøþhəř @IanSams This is some pro level simpin my guy. @crazyfckinvegan [Citations Needed] @SethAbramson There's plenty of people getting tested it's just that none of them are in the USA warning from an American in Wuhan.
Retweeted by Bæřñåđ Břøþhəř @EricLevitz Trump has never read Poe in his life and and it shows.This simply must be watched.
Retweeted by Bæřñåđ Břøþhəř @Devon_OnEarth Its neutral news, but it could develop into great news!The Government has made an ad about the Coronavirus and its surprisingly honest and informative 🌍🦠 👉 Spread the me…
Retweeted by Bæřñåđ Břøþhəř @MtStHelensWA Get em miss HelensHow is biden going pay for these pie in the sky policies @troytheboyy Thinking about how dry their hands are gonna be 🥴🥴The irony is: The more successful these public health measures are The more people will say it was all blown out…
Retweeted by Bæřñåđ BřøþhəřTheres a lot to unpack here but at a policy level the idea that assuaging that kind of greed with...more money is b… you wanna know what @Yamiche was asking about, here's Trump ADMITTING to cutting the Pandemic Response Team in 2…
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@paddingtonbear from "democratic hoax" to "national emergency" in one week. Trump is an embarrassment.
Retweeted by Bæřñåđ BřøþhəřDoes everyone in USA understand Trump REFUSED Test Kits from World Health Org.?
Retweeted by Bæřñåđ BřøþhəřCool coooool just checkin'
Retweeted by Bæřñåđ BřøþhəřWe've spent months in a primary hearing how we can never pay for pie-in-the-sky policies like cancelling our $1.45…
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