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Scott Smith @SirScoots Earth...sometimes.

Gaming and competitive gaming (esports) fan. @dnpeek Co-Founder/Managing Director. Critical and outspoken. Lover of lyrics.

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Reminder: They are called Partnered Teams. In this scenario, the only franchises involved are the ones that might… y'all in a few hours 😏
Retweeted by Scott Smith @Vansilli I mean you grew up in frenchie canuckia right? So that might be the phrase there! There is the phrase g… @Vansilli Order of business is often the phrase used. My first order of business today is drinking this cup of coffee.BREAKING: VCT Challenger Announcement The path from Challenger to International has been paved 👇
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@JoshNissan @Vansilli @VALORANTING @geometric @boqcasts @dazzLeGO @ANPerfetto @CarlosR Man, these new agent skins...ugh.Trying to work on a fragmovie and this clown keeps getting in the way. Anyone have a fix for this? @CarlosR
Retweeted by Scott SmithIt's gonna be a good one @Vansilli, @geometric, and @boqcasts will be sitting down with @dazzLeGO and @JoshNissan
Retweeted by Scott SmithTHIS WEEK'S HOSTS @geometric / @Vansilli / @boqcasts Stay tuned to see who the guests are 👀
Retweeted by Scott SmithOn this day in 2014, @Hiko and @seangares secure the 2v4 for @Cloud9 giving us @OnFireAnders' infamous call
Retweeted by Scott SmithHelped out Rivalry with another mini fragmovie. @lattofps had the nastiest one tap in this one. @zerozeronation has…
Retweeted by Scott SmithWe don't only work in virtual production, we can also create in game content for you and your organization 👇
Retweeted by Scott Smith a @ZeroZeroBRASIL inicia sua caminhada rumo ao Major do Rio 🇧🇷 Adivinha quem está pronto, com a movimentação…
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@ScottGandhi Chilli out there busting ass all day while Bandit just fucks around at home all day...
@Sunset_SC2 @YouTube Yea, the HBO doc did a good job of covering the chaos, but this one really gets into "the mud" about it all! ;)Please tell us more about what is wrong with the industry and how to fix it while you cash your shady gambling site… you recently watched the latest Woodstock '99 doc, this account has many of the full sets of the bands from that… @matttwood Who would have thought a chair design ripped from racecar chairs that then belt your ass tightly to them… @Ashhtra'm never alone, I'm alone all the time. Are you at one, or do you lie? We live in a wheel, where everyone steals.…
Spoooky!’ve heard from many of you that you want a safer TwitchCon, so we’re updating our policy. Masks will be required…
Retweeted by Scott Smith @MarissaRoberto @MarissaRoberto Rally 'round the toilet... @DetroitPizzas tick tock tick tock ;) @JesseCox🤨 Let's talk about that tweet @andersin_val @geometric, @Vansilli, and @Tanner_Metro sat down with Andy to discus…
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the last thing you see before getting eliminated from LCQ
Retweeted by Scott Smith @DetroitPizzas You get that freezing unit to send them to me yet? @Maven The look back...what is this new bullshit...DAADDDDDD @roaldvanbuuren @FACEIT Ah that first Quakecon feels like yesterday...alright maybe not. End of an era for sure, g… Sky City: Cyberpunk Conspiracy is entering 𝗣𝗛𝗔𝗦𝗘 𝟮 😈 Get a quick recap from @TrmntdByGnomes before tuning into…
Retweeted by Scott Smith @OfficialZinnoc @aEvilcat @dnpeek Hmmmm....
HUUUGGEEE thank you to @geometric, @Tanner_Metro, and @andersin_val for joining us this week and putting up with…
Retweeted by Scott SmithSometimes you can do more on your own 🤷‍♂️ @geometric / @andersin_val 🔴📺
Retweeted by Scott SmithYou ever watch your friend's do something and say, "Yeah I can do that too."? @andersin_val did 😏 🔴…
Retweeted by Scott SmithIt's @andersin_val time, let's go 🔴📺
Retweeted by Scott SmithDo you think we could see our first Chinese team at Champs in @EDG_Edward? 🎙 @geometric 🔴📺
Retweeted by Scott Smith @girouxfilms That one shot...sooo good! @themikeserrano @dnpeek @VALORANTING @dnp_ian @Imaginemod Yep, this setup is VMIX + TC1 + Encode rig. Not as cool…, you take take a peek behind the screens of @VALORANTING, but just this one time alright? Come hang out with…
Retweeted by Scott Smith @girouxfilms I loved it, especially EP 7, so good! @nycfurby ;)OOOHHHH YYEEAAAHHHH @Vansilli + @geometric + @Tanner_Metro plus an interview with @andersin_val 👇 🔴…
Retweeted by Scott Smith @Jason_Atkins Yea, just the dub. @Jason_Atkins For me, the dub is a choice on Hulu. Is that geolocked for you? @JustHarryGG well the zeus ultimate is definitely getting nerfed or banned in pro play...that shit ain't right @JustHarryGG Do you think the shield will be banned from pro play?Oh, it's #InternationalCatDay? Yeah, that's why we were playing Stray on the wall....
Retweeted by Scott SmithSeems like we've got some jalapeño fans out there... 🔥🍕🔥
Retweeted by Scott SmithCovering everything from LCQ viewership to EMEA roster moves, @Vansilli, @geometric, and @Tanner_Metro will have a…
Retweeted by Scott SmithThis Source 2 beta bangs hard. can I buy a blue light diffusing custom PC from my favorite streamer?
Who has 30 fingers, 6 eyes, and decades of casting experience? @geometric, @Vansilli, and @Tanner_Metro obviously,…
Retweeted by Scott Smith @nycfurby Can you tell I have had to do something similar? Glad you got some help! @nycfurby You can solo this! One of the smaller cases sideways on top of the big one, leaning it and resting it on… @Alchemister5 the esports casting 101 book says yell the kill feed whenever possible. Probably needs updating. @bump a few esports events this past weekend. Which ones, if any, do you think made a profit or at least broke even?
@BikeMan If only I had power near my pooper, I love the fancy ones! @CoolGrayAJ
@OnFireAnders have state-of-the-art broadcast tech, but we like to have fun with it sometimes Check out our satirical commerc…
Retweeted by Scott Smith enough to dump, old enough to pump. @Alchemister5
@AskJoshy No idea, just remember the news of the change and the .@ slowly fading away. @AskJoshy Not for new tweets. Changed years ago.Just a few hours until @sullycasts' predictions are put to the test Good luck 🫡 Full LCQ discussion with @Vansilli
Retweeted by Scott SmithJust @SirScoots and @ItsTypho working on new virtual cam stuff, nothing odd to see here 🙂 @BitFireNetworks |…
Retweeted by Scott SmithIt's time.. The Red Sky City: Phase 1 Finale rerun 🔥 Let's see what trouble we can get into to finish off this fir…
Retweeted by Scott Smith @RyanAtDust2 @messioso put this in your bio ASAP - niche internet microcelebrity @jandrovarez @VellyCardwell I lived most of the time in Breck, so the resorts in that neck of woods and then a few years in Aspen/Snowmass.This is why events unnerve me. They find it all, a different story. Notice whom for wheels are turning. Turn again… @VellyCardwell Was a ski bum up in the mountains for about a decade, loved the state.
Sorry @TheTigress324 I stole your sign, I'm the babe now! @roffle900 Wait until you hear about the cocktail party small talk rules!By age 50, you should have a group of friends that talk AARP, early bird specials, and hip replacement surgery, not… chances of @Shanks_TTV playing in LCQ are slim, but they're never 0... Catch more of @Vansilli and @sullycasts
Retweeted by Scott Smith @jameskingmovies @OJBorg @BBCRadio2 How is this not on there? TOO MUCH DISNEY! NOT ENOUGH METAL! Don Felder - He…🔜🍕
Retweeted by Scott Smith night in AZ, hope we rigged it again! ;) @djWHEAT @TGM519
@erinasimon @nycfurby @Reversal_gg @iDomNYC @MistahCrimson @WSOLogan @msiUSA @XSET Figured it might be scheduling i…