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1. be kind 2. shut up no one cares

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@TheRadDudeCaps Lol you’ll have to invite brendan over for dinner and make that for him @TheRadDudeCaps I’ve never heard of brinner nor frish @TheRadDudeCaps Never mind.. I did a sexyindex search @TheRadDudeCaps I don’t get the reference, but I love that Banksy pic 🎈❤️
@gregstone_ You may not be my friend, but I’ll share my fios login with you, Greg! I think it works for most movie channel apps 😄 @mattmovesmtns @TheRadDudeCast I’m scared to write that word.. I wrote it once on an Instagram comment, and I was… @mattmovesmtns @TheRadDudeCast LLOL @mattmovesmtns @El_Babirusa Voice recorder?? Do you sing, Matt?!?! @stollemache So cool, and you look hella cute in that leopard print skirt standing on a pickup truck! @CoreyVersus2 @JSS13 @TheRadDudeCaps Joey, I vouch for Corey.. he’s a real one ❤️
@BeggarAmazing1 @BeggarAmazing1 Omg stop being a martyr.. just be nice! @BeggarAmazing1 Stop irritating him and he’ll leave u alone! @BeggarAmazing1 you need to stop with the shit talking @BeggarAmazing1 here is the link to @JSS13’s comic book 😉 @CoreyVersus2 Ahahahhaha I feel like I should unlike that tweet bc I am unworthy of this company @CoreyVersus2 Haha I rarely click on links! They are almost never worth the trouble @CoreyVersus2 It’s a high price to pay.. @gregstone_ So that’s why my mom doesn’t love me! @TigNotaro @TheRadDudeCaps @danjperlman Cooooool 🙌🙌 @asiamaniapod @CoreyVersus2 @mattmovesmtns Yeah.. I am embarrassed this happened in New York @asiamaniapod @CoreyVersus2 @mattmovesmtns @SirynLove @CoreyVersus2 The dog sent the video to her boss
Retweeted by Siryn @mattmovesmtns @CoreyVersus2 😂😂 @CoreyVersus2 @mattmovesmtns Yikes.. Michael Che just posted that she lost her job too @gopackjo LOLOL @mattmovesmtns This whole thing is cringe, but I was more disturbed by the helpless dog
Me, when I meet a fellow comedy fan 🥰🥰 @TheRadDudeCast I’ll go broke if you guys set up a fans only page.. you know I get fomo on Rad Dude content! 🤣😂🤣😂 @ReedKellyurself lol omg reed @dan_harumi @CoreyVersus2 Lol @robertkelly @YKWDpodcast Ahahahha love Keith @Towelheady @CoreyVersus2 Hey! Glad you were able to find it 🤗 @CoreyVersus2 Lol
@gregstone_ You’d be the best golden retriever daddy ever! 🐶 @mattmovesmtns Hahaha I recognize that song from your YouTube vid! @danjperlman Ahahahha so many great jokes in this clip!! @CoreyVersus2 When I was little, I wanted to grow up to be Alex P Keaton @CoreyVersus2 Chicken fried rice. And lol yes that was funny @TheRadDudeCaps Lol why did u retweet this?? @OneLawnWrangler @podpanicattack Hahaha @NotSteveRogers is gonna murder that bird 😂😂 @p31mission @CoreyVersus2 @mattmovesmtns ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @BeggarAmazing1 @CoreyVersus2 You boys, play nice
@El_Babirusa @BeggarAmazing1 You’re famous! @El_Babirusa @BeggarAmazing1 Lol he’s just teasing @TheRadDudeCaps @dan_harumi It’s extra funny bc he’s being completely serious 🤣 @BeggarAmazing1 Shall I unlike the 10 tweets of yours I just liked? @TheRadDudeCaps @dan_harumi Too bad you live outside of dan’s 5 block radius @BeggarAmazing1 @CoreyVersus2 I don’t get why ppl love having lots of followers anyways.. if they don’t like your shit, they are worthless @BeggarAmazing1 @CoreyVersus2 Haha you tweet too much! I’ll just go in manually and like your posts periodically, ok? @BeggarAmazing1 @elisairs @Raanancomedy That’s pretty cool! @TheRadDudeCaps Bookmarked @TheRadDudeCaps That doesn’t explain why you yell at me all other days @dinyl3 @TuesdayStories @marknorm @JoeListComedy Love it!! @TheRadDudeCaps See Brendan’s last tweet, my son @EyreBud @BeggarAmazing1 @CoreyVersus2 Wow, a clean story.. I didn’t think you had it in you 👏 @CoreyVersus2 Lol it looks pretty straightforward to me.. just take it one step at a time @TheRadDudeCaps I warm them whole in my oven.. never toast the middle!! @mattmovesmtns @TheRadDudeCaps Haha there’s a pretty legit place by me.. I still have 6 everything bagels in my fr… @TheRadDudeCaps Ahahahhaha smart cousins 🤣🤣 (also another tweet worthy story IMO) I haven’t watched today’s rdc yet.. stop distracting me @mattmovesmtns @TheRadDudeCaps Hmm I will give bialies another chance on your behalf.. do you eat them plain or with butter? @TheRadDudeCaps You’re the pesky little brother I never had @TheRadDudeCaps I can’t tell who you’re calling a coastal elite, me or yourself @TuesdayStories @JoeListComedy made a hilarious asian joke on @gregstone_’s FNG last night 🤣 @TheRadDudeCaps If the bagel is baked properly in the first place, it doesn’t need to be toasted, you yahoo @TheRadDudeCaps Did you toast a freshly made bagel at your bagel shop before eating it? @TheRadDudeCaps @mattmovesmtns I think we’ve established that you are wrong about this. Also I realized after I wr… @mattmovesmtns @TheRadDudeCaps Really?? It’s just bread! Why get a bialy when are delicious bagels right next to them?? @mattmovesmtns @TheRadDudeCaps LLOL (also I don’t get the point of bialies!) @mattmovesmtns @TheRadDudeCaps Haha I’m kidding.. I just like calling Corey racist bc he gets so indignant @mattmovesmtns @TheRadDudeCaps I think there was an Asian drivers joke in there somewhere @TheRadDudeCaps @THEYCALLMEAHRI @mattmovesmtns @NotSteveRogers @gregstone_ Lol I think he’s trying to give you a panic attack in preparation for the show @gregstone_ @NotSteveRogers is gonna kill you 😂Everyone you see arguing about who is a 'real New Yorker' is from like, Minnesota
Retweeted by Siryn @danjperlman Hahahha a lot of ppl are gonna feel attacked by this one 😅😅 @TheRadDudeCaps @THEYCALLMEAHRI @mattmovesmtns I forgive you bc you know not what you say @mattmovesmtns @TheRadDudeCaps @THEYCALLMEAHRI @THEYCALLMEAHRI Lol this thread is hilarious.. who knew ppl had such strong opinions on bagels?? @mikeabrusci @THEYCALLMEAHRI Pumpernickel everything bagel?! 🤯🤯🤯🤯 @TheRadDudeCaps This is what you choose to use your new twitter account for? @TheRadDudeCaps You are a philistine @TheRadDudeCaps @THEYCALLMEAHRI You’re a misogynist @TheRadDudeCaps @THEYCALLMEAHRI Why are you only booing me?? Ahri started it! @THEYCALLMEAHRI @TheRadDudeCaps Toasting is for losers @THEYCALLMEAHRI @TheRadDudeCaps Everything bagel should be the only bagel on this list @TheRadDudeCaps @EyreBud @mattmovesmtns Corey, you need to befriend the booker of the comedy zone and make him/her… OCD’s dream 😅 (oh lord, this is gonna make ppl unfollow me..) @TheRadDudeCaps @gregstone_ @podpanicattack Welcome to the family @p31mission!! We are crazy but nice 😜😜 @mattmovesmtns @JoeListComedy @gregstone_ @AnthonyDeVito_ Lolol this picture looks crazy out of context. Maybe in context too 😂 @gregstone_ I agree! Your fans reflect who you are, and you are exceptional 🥰🥰 @gregstone_ Another fun one 😄😄. I’ve missed Gus Dakota.. you should ask him to sing karaoke next time! @TheRadDudeCaps Hahaha yes, more and more every week baby! The new viewers loved @gregstone_ — we are slowly build… @TheRadDudeCaps @gregstone_ I’m a proud minion! The stone delivers laughs every fucking time and i worship him for it ☝️👆☝️👆☝️👆 @CoreyVersus2 @mattmovesmtns @AnthonyDeVito_ Honey, you know I scrape the depths of the earth to get my hands on ev… @mattmovesmtns @AnthonyDeVito_ @gregstone_ @stollemache @ShakiForTheWin Hahaha I thought we were spelling Zumba wro… @mattmovesmtns @AnthonyDeVito_ Lol right?? Legend has it that these brilliant psychos went around to karaoke bars… @mattmovesmtns Now you know! Also watch this clip.. I didn’t recognize @AnthonyDeVito_ the first time I saw it 😅😅 @stollemache @gregstone_ @JoeListComedy Hahaha you really zhoozhed up the wig for the big performance 🤣🤣