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they/them + IGF nominated narrative designer/writer + play my games + made LIONKILLER + ft in @kotaku

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anyway, artoria pendragon, mordred, edelgard von hresvelg, lucina are all nonbinary or menidk like, i think it's easier and more believable just to make characters straight up nonbinary or transmasculine.…'m playing anime games and getting super uncomfortable at the troupe "cis woman dresses and acts like a man to esc… @rebheartsyou me: i'm going to rebel against the system by taking creative time for myself! me: *inevitably tries… sakamoto...joker's emotional support himbo
@StillNotSam i had a hot pot incident where i had to deliberate whether or not i had to call an ambulance for someo… Am Not Having a Baby, I Am Naming Characters - writer proverb @SixFeetZen studio goals @SahilBajaj1997 i describe this game to people as "victorian era grand theft auto" @cb_interactive_ oooh i didn't know this @eplerjc i've stooped low enough to reload over dodging chalk... but charm proficiency.... @eplerjc "equip the corresponding persona for an extra bond boost" lmao ok i guess i'm NOT doing that since i was… trying to minmax this game is making me cry. no two walkthroughs agree on an optimal path but i refuse to have… i really love about persona 5 so far is how tightly bound the mechanics are to the *characters*, which i feel… @babbygoth damn i feel cheated that this isn't the toronto that i experiencedlike some of these are warrior women who are supposed to be absolute beefcakes and i'm just like... did they skip l… i look at concept art and think "not every girl needs a thigh gap." you feel me??? @ghostordie i should start trying that out and see if i get a response faster 😂
@pkkaos damn, gamedevs are all the weird art kid in middle schooli am grateful to have so many more opportunities now than i did a year ago, but this often means that i have more p… @MOOMANiBE so persona 5 with more cake @Nadia_Shammas_ YOU'RE WRITING KAMALA KHAN!!!!!!my current status: @MOOMANiBE i am content to continue to imagine you as a cat @zerofiftyone_ CONGRATS BEN 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 @UnburntWitch ABSOLUTELY NOT @celechii i feel like unity is a prime example of "software gets really funky if engineers keep iterating on existi… try to repost this article by @AshiaMonet every now and then to remind writers that queer people of color are not… @celechii it doesn't have... colliders for cylinders?🖤 sponsored Game Developers Conference 2020 passes are available for Black game devs, please see info and apply or…
Retweeted by sisi ⚡️ 姜思琪 @Nadia_Shammas_ i only write m/f for trans people and bisexuals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's itme: *writes a m/f ship that wants to be each other's salvation, or their devotion approaches mutually assured (lovi… @itshannahflynn If the Overgoat Could Speaki try to be the latter but i also write m/f ships for queer people @drjclau @osamadorias at this point i'm convinced it's about the politics of "not giving in to the govt/social mand… @anne_theriault omg cc: @itshannahflynn it's fallen london @Jeremy_Gable @bengelinas the spirit of indie dev is truly "make the thing yourself if nobody else wants to take a gamble on it" @DevRelCallum hey, at least it's not going anywhere if you accidentally hit "send"!do you ever just... paste your entire multi-paragraph message in the "To:" line of your email? i am very Business @eplerjc @bengelinas i went to gdc on an expo pass that @necrosofty was giving marginalized devs, which lead to me… *exits out of the window prompting me to update unity* me: not TODAY, satan @bengelinas i spend every waking moment hoping nobody asks me how to break in because i can't tell someone "get an… @dialacina @ghoulnoise omg i played all the games and i never found out about an orange??? what does the orange do???? @ghoulnoise IM SO EXCITED ABOUT U DISCOVERING YAKUZA @StillNotSam this is a whole MOOD @noellemarie_w i used to devalue those skills because 1) engineer dudes were jerks about them and 2) i assumed ever… @Mike_Laidlaw "S2 is stronger" might be the motivation i need to finally finish the rest of the series omg
i know engineers at my university liked to joke that liberal arts was the unemployment degree, but i have started t… @chenchenwrites holy shit that's just blatant in-your-face racismALL video games are the "standard" onesi just think it's very Telling that people who bemoan "standard" video games costing $70 are telling indie devs whi… @SixFeetZen OMG I THOUGHT THAT WAS FOR BUY PRICE @SixFeetZen i hope that's for like... a three bedroom.... @dialacina minish cap wasn't THAT bad omg @DA_Jarrett baten kaitos is the queerest jrpg i've ever played. like not just in terms of guilo being nonbinary as… @eplerjc i'm also playing p5 and they're so expressive! i feel like hyper realistic 3D faces aren't as effective wi… @histoftech MASK4MASK IS AMAZING, PLEASE @bradenleague who 👀 @tha_rami I'M SO SORRY omg that's why you're snarky towards california @s3rioussam i mean don't get me wrong, art is important, but it's also so... intensive in terms of amount of work +… @s3rioussam my face when i found out that graphics were more important for pitching games to publishers than gameplay -> 😬 @NorthSkyStudios i would take a baten kaitos puzzle game at this pointvideo games won't have to cost $70 if we accepted 10 hour campaigns with ps2/gamecube/xbox era graphics 🙂 @jesklash @davidmpickett the academy often likes to pretend that their beloved topic isn't a business 😂 but so many… @davidmpickett @jesklash oh lord 😂 i don't even remember the CONTENTS of that thread, and it's being discussed in g… for a european job in america is like me: yes, *smiling as i grit my teeth* i would love to speak to you at six in the morningOTTERS WEARING HATS OTTERS WEARING HATS OTTERS WEARING HATS OTTERS WEARING HATS OTTERS WEARING HATS OTTERS WEARING…
Retweeted by sisi ⚡️ 姜思琪 @xoxogossipgita big solidarity from texas, where i didn't think i could hate my mayor and governor more than i already did @eplerjc i sympathize that the government has not paid them to stay closed but. it sure is an american thing to sue… @eplerjc i am never having sympathy for small businesses again after a bunch of bar owners tried to sue the governo… @eplerjc as a texan, i have hated abbott for a long time but i've spent the entire quarantine in a constant state o… @SixFeetZen no no i understand, the irish are europeans @SixFeetZen LITERAL IRELAND CANCELLED ST PATRICKS DAY BUT NON IRISH AMERICANS CAN'T AHHHHHHHH @eplerjc i try to rationalize it like "maybe there hasn't been a good enough government information campaign" which… remember ppl telling me that asian americans cancelled lunar new year because we had more proximate knowledge of… @anon_koala im cursed with the inability to shut up + fear of being perceivedsometimes industry people irl tell me they've seen my tweets and i start breathing heavily like "you've SEEN my tw… @heartimecia how are your reaction images so good @even_kei give me ONE movie where the queer character reacts to homophobia by drawing their sword and decapitating… @unormal i understand this is the primary motivation of gamedevs who work in teams Please, You Program or Draw Instead of Me @even_kei can't wait for the queer asian american film where queer acceptance is achieved by destroying the mc's enemies @unormal i don't know any js or c# so i get excited about css as Something I Can Actually Do lmao @unormal i learned css before the flexbox era so i would just do table workarounds lmao @LeenaVanD isn't this just being a fiction writer @MOOMANiBE @catacalypto man........sounds easier to just hire more smart people to do smart things @catacalypto i just want to have to build less levels by hand ;____; my dreams are plagued by cubes @MOOMANiBE @catacalypto STOP CRUSHING MY HOPES AND DREAMS @catacalypto so basically existing with a hell brain except with lower stakes! @catacalypto i just want to make half of it and it can propagate on its i see the appeal of procgeni don't understand why lawmakers are begging americans to wear face masks as if they don't literally have the power… @Marri @lecrivaillante @mariejasmin_ marri you're going to love chinese because our whole schtick is fitting as man… @lecrivaillante i haven't met a single game writer who enjoys writing about themselves, that's why we love to write… @lecrivaillante im a writer and the cover letter is the Worst part of applications lol @qorquiq in order to reap the rewards of being loved, we must subject ourselves to the mortifying ordeal of being known @qorquiq what are your musical tastes @MOOMANiBE yeah but if they didn't ask you 5 times if you're sure about the spice level, then there's a very good c… @MOOMANiBE god bless every south asian restaurant that has just tried to kill me outright @davemakes ok but imagine living in one of the cursed studio apartments of new york and bathing in the same room you cook in @Teknogrot oh yeah sorry :( i'm not european so i overgeneralized a bit there @Delafina777 *side eyes literally every major european war until the treaties of westphalia*