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POG @Ganlord1 I’d rather go necro tbh idk the necro plate set hits diff @Ganlord1 Vampire boys if you wanna go BiS, I’m kinda pissed about it tbh @RemmyLaveau He’s the homie I just didn’t wanna shell out $40 when I had one at home 😂Does anyone else with a single parent constantly worry about that parents wellbeing Like I’m closer to my dad tha… just want to be done w law school so I can buy a dope apartment and furnish it the way I’ve always wanted @Sinistartko Imma just buy one tomorrow I spen way too much on booze drugs and the fucking preorder for launch night to not play @RemmyLaveau The router is in this weird ass hidden spot in our living room my dad would crucify me He’s the world… 6 hours back for thanksgiving, got my PC and monitors all set up, sat down to resub/cleared bags and realized…
@Smexxin Honestly yeah kinda could be poggers @thelxxi hoes do it all the time, it’s 2020 we all about equality now @coursxr Q ? @taymoo7 Energy drinks in general are fucking disgusting
@_faynar I looked for a switch for months and couldn’t even find one to play fml @thelxxi Just started day trading, had to do hella reading before I jumped in @RichardGrenell I’m barely a law student and even I know this isn’t true They’re really letting anyone say anything nowadays, huhit’s all fun and games until your entire income is based on live events and in person studio bookings in the music…
someone send me rylans new @ smh @aubrionna I feel like This is the equivalent of people who say they’re from Chicago but are from Naperville lmao
@notaclockworko shitty dealers always in their feelings smh like stfu and serve ur dime bags dog @Xeer_Grob I'd rather make more and not be working for the govt @Xeer_Grob Debating whether I just wanna sell my soul and go into corporate law at this pointDoing LSD with friends be cool til one of them admit to accidentally killing their younger brother
Retweeted by fuck cancer @Xeer_Grob idc about the partisanship, giving ANYONE a federal judgeship that a. is 8 years out of law school b. h… is scary as shit
Get your shit together , pay your bills , call off for work , mute your phone , leave your significant other. You g…
Retweeted by fuck cancerWhat’s best covenant for HPal and best for rsham I lit don’t even know what the abilities are cba @spippydabippy @irlshots @mythiccz I literally got like 15 reps to exalted, farmed like 40 mounts and did a shitloa… @coursxr @spippydabippy Same @notaclockworko 💖💖💖 @notaclockworko thought of another one, people who go to neurotic levels of minmaxing Like damn dude I’m just trying to relax an…
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Please enjoy a pumpkin beans a month too late @ObaharAddington @PlatinumWoW654 document of the 2020 end times
Retweeted by fuck canceri miss wod 💔
Retweeted by fuck cancerI will train my body to evolve past the need for food and exist solely on a photosynthesis-like relationship with my monitor
Retweeted by fuck cancer @theangiestanton You’re a dogshit politician who couldn’t even managed 1/5 of the votes after selling out to the Re… devs are literally dumber than blizzard devs at this point @fumbered Wumbo lackin
The BFA gladiators are hilarious @DalaranCrater @widezagain @RemmyLaveau @Xeer_Grob 100% depends on the state, it’s always Churches vs Popeyes and h… @widezagain @DalaranCrater @Xeer_Grob Midwest staple @DalaranCrater @Xeer_Grob Kum n Go are the absolute best fucking gas stations I’ve ever been in, Caseys is a v close second bc of the pizza @DalaranCrater @Xeer_Grob I’m PISSED, I used to go there all the time to go to PhotoPro, literally never knew @Ganlord1 It does @DalaranCrater @Xeer_Grob You sure?? I’ve lived here a while and never heard of an in n out @Ganlord1 You should be shot for this @Lorgokz @Naguura @Tweet4nita “Job” LMFAOOOO @Xeer_Grob Where the fuck is an in n out in Iowa I must be lookin in the wrong cornfields @wyntermitchell @ManMadeMoon Man went 4-0, absolute goat @coursxr I would shamelessly sob if my loans were forgiven I’m getting through undergrad super cheap thanks to gr… @voteforhani shoulda let him flatline @Xeer_Grob Hahaha I hope the old fucker got a brain bleed 😂why is it so hard to get dabs in fucking St. Louis @stelaed I’m trying to eat HEALTHY @lilgnar @LilKeed @InternetMoney drop a new skate vid pls @WallaBare @iJmillz how the fuck is this not your pfp you absolute GOAT @lilnativebambi If you guys put another up or if there’s any other ways to help let me know, I’d be happy to contribute + share around @Snakeblisken142 Love 🖤 @lilnativebambi Do you have a go fund meCold turkeying fucking sucks, inc tweet storm over the next few days 🤕 @taymoo7 Never went into one in the first place bc our governor may just be the dumbest woman in this country 😃In the last week I’ve made •Thai Coconut Red Curry •Beef Wellington Tomahawks •Stirfry that I got to taste EXACTLY… @Custom0525 People shouldn’t have to go into crippling debt to save themselves/a loved one because they don’t have…
@Seannahxdd feel this @nocaphatemylife Love u
mfs be 20 and getting their whole social interactions off twitter, go outside or go to college 😭DM for linkIght just got cleared for this whole playlist who wants some fire edm that won’t get you a DCMA
bitch ima thot, GET ME LIT
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Retweeted by fuck cancerI’m From A Town Of 30k People Anything Is Possible
Retweeted by fuck cancerSome of the artists I work with are gonna put together a dope edm playlist of copyright free music if anyone wants… @Ganlord1 INNIT
Retweeted by fuck cancerThe death of twitch is imminent all the bros out the can
This is Cleo. She gets made fun of for the way she sits. Tries not to let it get to her but it does. 14/10 don’t li…
Retweeted by fuck cancerKid Cudi says he was "trippin' balls" when he was dancing on stage during #MGMT's #Coachella set. "This was right…
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@irlshots We love pvt shots @moldymeatbox I’m not I’d just get them capped @Ganlord1 Depends how white you get em imo, I’m trying to have real looking teeth not chad teeth whiter than a yacht clubI don’t have a bad or ugly smile by any means I’ve just personally always hated it So $20,000 and some veneers gonna solve that real quickFirst thing I’m doing when I get lawyer money is buying all new teethsorry were you saying sumn
Retweeted by fuck cancer @SimplyVelca @Seannahxdd I have never seen someone lined up so immaculately @ashleyirl_ Storm shield
Mood @Custom0525 @widezagain Nah pussy come to aftonWe waited weeks to get a 3 minute interview with Chief Keef in a parking lot. Here’s what we got:…
Retweeted by fuck cancer @stelaed Reeeetweeeeet
Go ahead and play this video with the sound on. You won’t regret it. (TikTok: Birdsofoz )
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@Ganlord1 I thought that was a Busch lite and was gonna judge you so fuckin hard
It’s 3pma and I’m blacked already, god bless AmericaThey did this shit on Saturday so we could get fuuuuuuuuuucked up.
Retweeted by fuck cancerNEW: Conservative Twitter exploded yesterday with claims of proof that dead people voted in Michigan. We looked in…
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@Rocknocking @Ganlord1 @4everJuche @brittadal @RichardBSpencer No and it’s someone who fundamentally doesn’t understand how an absentee ba…