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Work in NHS communications and engagement @southern_NHSFT. My views are my own. loves cycling and sailing a laser ‘Melman’ 🦒

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We have an exciting weekend ahead. Filming today. Exhibitions opening at @SeaCityMuseum @SotonStories and…
Retweeted by Sarah Reed #stayalert @Mayflower400SC @SouthamptonCC @SeaCityMuseum @SotonStories @ArtGallerySoton @theboxplymouth My daughter and her fr… @Sarah_C0382 there anything else you would highlight as key to a safety culture? What has the reaction to #Covid19 uncovered?…
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@JohnElsey11 @SHFT_transforms @Sarah_C0382 @kathyJa22027245 @sisterclark21 @deangarrett @Quality_Russell Thank you… birthday presents from my work colleagues and friends thanks very much feel very special and thought of tod…
@Sarah_C0382 got our money back @SHFT_transforms @rachael_middle
#Staycation2020 #teamlymo evening sail evening sail
Love these two so much I dragged them round the solent today #Staycation2020 @Beth_Autistic SelflessSo proud to have been able to turn this amazing poem into a video @PeopleDevelopm1 @mel5689 @Southern_NHSFT @mel5689 @Southern_NHSFT @mermhart We did this at the weekend as my friends arrived for a BBQ I sprayed them with the sprinkler (misty sett…
@saracourtney3 this is what we were talking about Friday
@saracourtney3 I love those Birkenstocks do they do them wedding?#friends for dinner #birthdayweek #sohottonight @ThomkatPictures The showgirl!Staycation 2020 brunch to start our staycation @Sarah_C0382 @LouSalmon Are those Llamas on a plate? How cool@
Retweeted by Sarah Reed #stayalertLoved talking to these two! @magicfm we are in the garden just starting our staycation! Love listening to Magic so relaxing and great tunes we… @JohnElsey11 Love the purple ones I need some colour in my garden any suggestions oh wise gardener @SHFTSgTeam It’s out now of office is onnnnn see ya in a week! @SMullenHV @SHFT_transforms @saracourtney3 @LouWhiddington @boothroyd201 @saracourtney3 Ohhh another podcast opportunity Sara Courtney unplugged!Happy to say...I would 100% take this on!
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@jaynesc64 Fab footage Jane well done @ThomkatPictures She looks like a Lola @jaynesc64 You should have shouted - which boat are you on? We came in on a grey and orange rib called EddieLoved chatting to these two @SMullenHV @boothroyd201 very determined pair - very talented staff and @Southern_NHSFT @Sarah_C0382 @NathanClifford It’s rather expensively epic £22.99! @jaynesc64 Where were you?Fun on the water today and we went to Yarmouth - felt like a mini break! this and thought of you @NathanClifford it was enormous! @rachael_middle @SallyRo79317275 @SophieWoodford3 Hehe how did it Rachael?
I don’t know how to express how much I love this 👇🏼
Retweeted by Sarah Reed #stayalert @icediva63 afternoon, we're kicking of an @NHS_ELFT 'Shaping our Future' workshop to co-design together our clinical and…
Retweeted by Sarah Reed #stayalert @lucy_dennis01 I might try this option and stand at it like I’m ironing!It has been fabulous seeing so many Trusts taking part in #NoGoingBack If you have anythi…
Retweeted by Sarah Reed #stayalert @SHFT_transforms @saracourtney3 @karlmarlowe @deangarrett @Sarah_C0382 this is us you give me strength too this it’s very humbling and highlights the amazing work done in acute hospitals and how quickly they adap… @Liztaylor501 @deangarrett @SHFT_transforms Lovely to see and hear from you too - will check the latest list with… @SHFT_transforms @deangarrett @Quality_Russell @sisterclark21 @kathyJa22027245 @saracourtney3 working at home going well today computer is haunted by Hazel check out the date @HughesGethin Lush spot
👉Your view matters! Take part in a confidential independent research study @NHSCHECK1 supported by the NHS. Your in…
Retweeted by Sarah Reed #stayalertWe’re appealing for info about the owner of a white and burgundy Yamaha Waverunner jetski found adrift in the Easte…
Retweeted by Sarah Reed #stayalert @HughesGethin Just off Osborne House? @Liztaylor501 @sarahenglandnhs @saracourtney3 @hullpj @nicky1mac That’s a yes then will be in touch! @boothroyd201 @SHFT_transforms @SMullenHV No agenda before the day....? OMG! if you're filled with blind panic #commscampstayshome may not be for y…
Retweeted by Sarah Reed #stayalert @sophiestreet7 have we got the bottle to do this for the QI conference? @Sarah_C0382 something for your mum? Kemp...back home, thank you NHS
Retweeted by Sarah Reed #stayalertA key tactic in large scale change is to build a spectrum of allies. Otherwise, we end up in an echo chamber of sma…
Retweeted by Sarah Reed #stayalert @powen101 @kathyJa22027245 Thanks Portia will Dm youLove tennis and adore this! This is what a true sportsman is about - inspiring the next generation
Today we are launching our audio podcast channel giving listeners some top tips on restarting services and discussi…
Retweeted by Sarah Reed #stayalert @DanBuryTomorrow Is that on flame girl @DrRachel11 She has loads of designsShe’s also selling coasters loads of different designs here’s as few examples £1.50 each or 4 for £5… necklaces £5 each let me know if you are interested @DrRachel11 @kathyJa22027245 this was what I was talking about on our coaching course the other week! @kathyJa22027245 Fab Kathy thanks so much let’s catch up tomorrow @Liztaylor501 @SHFT_transforms @LouWhiddington @Southern_NHSFT @FabNHSStuff @verandernltd Your turn next!?? Would be good to do one with youBe part of #CommsHero week. 28 September - 2 October 5 days, over 30 speakers live & on demand, panel debates and n…
Retweeted by Sarah Reed #stayalertAlmost two thirds of people in England want to do more to support health and social care services due to #COVID19🏥…
Retweeted by Sarah Reed #stayalertNew product from my daughter available to buy for £4.50 exc postage sterling silver necklace with wire rose desig… must see video from Colin Brown, Morecambe Bay Trust CCIO on outpatient digital developments including Virtual Re…
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Put the year you were born in GIF and see what comes up. Just post the GIF.
Perfect !
Retweeted by Sarah Reed #stayalert @Tiffanyemma Harry (after Harry Potter as he was born under the stairs!)Five elements of good meeting facilitation. Effective facilitation is just as important for virtual meetings as for…
Retweeted by Sarah Reed #stayalertOne month today we pick up this lovely bundle of joy
Want to improve collaboration in your organisation or system? There are certain patterns that tend to show up in co…
Retweeted by Sarah Reed #stayalert @PeopleDevelopm1 @laurencolesshft @RhiSHFT @HayleyJSmith31 @DraycottPaul Fab giraffe name!Check out my daughters latest creations on her instagram channel @matjohnstone23 Omg 😮 I want to go !The PDSA cycle is key to QI! Anyone new to QI looking to get involved in #QISW2020 here’s some tips for starting at…
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@SMullenHV @boothroyd201 @Liztaylor501 @nicky1mac Save me a glass!! I’ve got the orange version so we could do orange and lemon gin!Quickest way to burn out? Being in a job you deeply care about but had no autonomy to bring about change.
Retweeted by Sarah Reed #stayalertWhen we do good we feel good. Join us for Altruistic August and help spread a bit more kindness in the world 🙏☀️🌎…
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This weekend's (Aug.1st) "NHS Spitfire" flypasts route and schedule, courtesy of the ARCo. #nhsspitfire #avgeek
Retweeted by Sarah Reed #stayalert @saracourtney3 There are some who ought to stay very quiet in this respect - if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all @LozStagg @SMullenHV @ginnytaylor57 @katewalters77 @Southern_NHSFT What lovely smiles! Have a great rest of the week guysGreat to see @RhiSHFT @laurencolesshft and @HayleyJSmith31 today giggling away at Tatchbury - meant to ask if the g… had my antibody blood test done at work - this surely warrants chocolate of some sort @Sarah_C0382 @samanthaclare @SHFT_transforms @Southern_NHSFT Thanks Sam @Sarah_C0382 will be in touch with you to s…
@SMullenHV @Southern_NHSFT @CAPTcharity