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Copywriter. Youtuber. Venmo: Sarah-Schauer. 🏳️‍🌈 Watch My Newest YT Video. ⬇️ @Brittany_broski ‘s cousin

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@maioboh_ Happy birthday!! @hyewontv Are your cats dating?just what the doctor ordered 🥺🥺 no. If I ever get rich I expect y’all to form a single file line and consume your rent! April Fools! Rent strike! Eat the rich!just finished editing this weeks video :) ohhhh I’m so excited @THERealM8ariou5 Aw @blood__bubbles :(Yes porn is so good, one might even say it’s excellent @bread_thunder Girl, same @bread_thunder I like itThis is very good got any cute, personal wlw stories to make an old hag smile? Plz. @antibreclub What’s your Venmo?I couldn’t find dopey and I realized I locked him out :( screaming @samglacorte okay now @schauer_me Okay sure :)thought this was me
@schauer_me I don’t believe youwhy are we stopping at 6ft apart? Let’s go for 7does anyone want to sit 6 feet apart and drink Mountain Dew Code Red?ok I took them off and cleaned my room, stop bullying me thanks Instagram, I already have a gf @davyjonesbaby nice @KallenMichaels Hell yea @mayme2k Yea, alpha phino, it’s a dick on a pair of jeans challenge @simplysabri_ Oh my god it’s Tuesdaydinner for tonight is three courses, first course is a piping hot cup of tomato soup, followed by a pb&j, then for…'m not just a hole, I'm several, and I live by that.POV: landlords sending out April’s rent reminder
Yes’m editing a video and I’m simply too lazy to make some images, if anyone with photoshop has the time and wants cr… I want the game cool, alternative girl in every coming of age movie @sIeepydobrik Okay?Quarantining doesn’t mean you invite your friends over every other day you dumb shite’s. Just because there’s only… DYING @thixxie is she single? @BiancaBear12 :)This is really good was never really good at math but I think I understand exponents now’s not 6 feet the walking route I’ve developed I pass two couples consistently, one is very old and they always wear matching… @jvyzxn I’m very sorry @funkyshnelpu_jr whomst?you’re annoying @_headass_ Cuz I’m happy to see other peoplewhenever I go on walks now I smile at strangers like they’re my husband returning from war @thixxie 😡:-) @conchfritterz Yestook an hour long walk today around my block, it was like 20 laps, and I realized someone else was doing it too but…
@schauer_me Maybe not, can I have my sunglasses back beforehand @calebsaysthings Get ready for a chant or two @calebsaysthings I’m ready @bread_thunder Been editing and filming and staring at things @schauer_me I’ll tweet about itOkay we are good! Thank you so much! Also to the individual who requested, I will kiss dopey. :) @simplysabri_ Take it plzCan 3 people send me $5 so I can get a pizza? Venmo: Sarah-Schauer @sIeepydobrik no. Please send itI WILL LOSE IT @crimethotline Yes @GirlsMakeMeYay I WANT GAYFuck I wish there was a gay filter on Tiktok. I’d be like *click* and only get the gay content. Please lord block t… @NYDeliveryGuy Ayeeeno. But a portmanteau is a word that combines two words, like “brunch” which is “breakfast” and “lunch” next weeks video. Can you guess what it’s about? @Tiffanany Yesediting 3 videos right now and I have 3 separate sponsored videos due in the next month, I’m on the verge of stripp… pulled up to skid row today and they came running. So far there have been no services offered to them during thi…
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@bri_clemens specialize in radiating such chaotic bottom energy that it registers as top energy to the untrained eye @joeygllghr THANKS JOEY! Soon it’ll be you! @userjaymes Thank you so much Jaymes!! ❤️ @maddiehren ❤️ @roxiqt Thanks roxi!!I didn’t realize I was making this much progress! ☺️ @Toxic_Morgan @SJSchauer new header?
Retweeted by sarah schauer 🦂 @nicolecombss @Toxic_Morgan YES @lawsonlmao I don’t have Snapchatdon’t joke reminds me of her state of madness - oh my god!
can everyone stop going live on Instagram for 2 seconds, watching stories is beginning to stress me out and I’m already at maximum anxietyI stand by this and I filmed two videos tonight and I’m so fuckinf excited!Lesbian Scar is so hot doesn’t begin at conception, it begins at 40 🥂
j u s t l i k e u s god, oh no videos of fat cats trying to shove themselves thru tiny cat doors, wishing human doors existed then realiz… @anthonypadilla I’ve been blesdt