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Was Religious,now Spiritual.Hum Science ki taraf se hai !! NIFTY DATA ONLY FOR STUDY #Arduino #RasberryPi #Finance #automation #AI #DataScience #Python #Vegan

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@raja__rd @TraderHarneet Try eating raw meat then. @raja__rd @TraderHarneet
Huge pressure on Kohli to perform now. 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Nishant ShethBecause if its Baghdad its okay for this to happen...?
Retweeted by Nishant ShethSome very interesting data. That means 2-3 possibilities. India -: official death rate = 2.89% USA official death r…
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth @TraderHarneet Time to be vegan...:) u ll not took 6 years for me ,but totally worth it nowRavi Shastri is a BJP supporter. Anushka Sharma is a left-liberal. Virat Kohli is Johnny Lever from Dulhe Raja.
Retweeted by Nishant ShethSunday ScoMosas with mango chutney, all made from scratch - including the chutney! A pity my meeting with…
Retweeted by Nishant ShethCongratulations to the Astronauts that left Earth today. Good choice
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth @TraderHarneet Awesome sir.. One of my best friend in US was vegetarian sikh, he told me interesting thing - non ve…
Daniel Vettori, NZ legend and Bangladesh's spin bowling coach, has asked the BCB to give part of his salary to low-…
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth @SubhadipNandy Hi sir, In Auropharma, does this quantify to be bearish divergent? prices have actually just closed… @AnyBodyCanFly Body cannot absorb enough vitamin c, if it's vitamin d deficient. Most of people in India are vitami…
8381 recoveries in Maharashtra recorded today.
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth @indian_stockss Sold of vedanta stake. @DaveHcontrarian What about EMs?
@NorbertElekes Lower base?
@rrathore23 @InvesysCapital Yes, shud be fineMore cash, incentives to coax Metro workers to stay on | Good going Dr ACN and BSY avare. Over to you now, Uddhav.
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth @InvesysCapital Big gap down tomorrow, war sentiments all over.. The only positive is why did FIIs and DIIs buy so much on Tuesday.In memoriam: Gerald Appel, 1933 – 2020 Sad to share that my friend had died of old age. He was one of the giants of…
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth @ap_pune Awesome.. Uske Pehle Definedge ko NSE main long karna hai.. 😊😊 @ap_pune Had forwarded your straddles video to one of my friend in US. He trades in US markets. Yesterday he called…
@TheTrendScalper 88% delivery in HDFC bankThis is heartbreaking. Supreme level of contribution.
Retweeted by Nishant ShethIndia's population is 20X larger and incomes 1/20th.
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth @DataGuyRedux Total test cases 15,715/- @DataGuyRedux down three days in a row. Hopefully this trend continues, we should be corona free by 18th June. Let's contin… @prasad99v In this context its point of control.The highest percentage of deaths among doctors due to COVID19 are in General Practitioners/Family Physicians. The…
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth @aseem_singhal What rules do you have for small pivots and large pivots?
Do you know that @Techtrail has been conducting free webinars EVERY FRIDAY on TradePoint, trading, PnF, Relative st…
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth @zerodhaonline @pavan_yekabote @ZerodhaVarsity @karthikrangappa Karthik, few things on system trading and portfolio…
@InvesysCapital Eid Mubarak Zafar bhai. Best wishes to you and your family. Specially Lil one. Lots of love @InvesysCapital Zafar bhai, Yeh kya tweet kiya aapne.. 😁😁. Perennial Bulls like me will be upset. BN on 10,000. Let… @TonyNashOnAsia India, China has given loan to Russia. Once they side India, they no longer have to repay those. Co…
@AdiraDarya Narrow down on your favorite diary based foods to 3. Have those diary, meanwhile try to find plant base…“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” Watch to the end of the video and…
Retweeted by Nishant ShethOne of the best videos you will see today, which shows humanity exists in these difficult times. Sikhs in rural Ind…
Retweeted by Nishant ShethOn This Day in 1999, An Emotional @sachin_rt Scored a Brilliant Century against Kenya
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth @srvithal388 I wish I had trailed in Welcorp. Now struck in position. 😔 Zero zero tolerance on SL. #ZeToLS
Bharat Ratna for the maker of this one! 😂😭🤣😁😝
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth @AUThackeray @mehtahansal @OfficeofUT Aaditya, I supported you and your party in elections because of BJP. I was an… more, Request BMC to add asymptomatic cases out of this much patients tested. It will give fair idea. say, carrying a Put over a weekend has success rate of 18%. Max drawdown : 18% Max Gain : 44% Given this stat… of system & its rules : - - Rules broken often yields negative MTM - Rules followed but wrong execution…
@MumbaiPolice pls replyJust remember, you can vote your way into communism, but you have to shoot your way out.
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth @MumbaiPolice we have permission from our customer who is working for ONGC. He has issued permit for my company to… Afridi - Slowest to reach 8000 Runs (367 innings) - Most sixes (60) & fours (168) conceded by a bowler in…
Retweeted by Nishant ShethEvery expiry BO gets blocked, any particular reason, there were absolutely no signs of day being more volatile? @zerodhaonline @Nithin0dha @ndtv Chinese dollars that has been feed through your ass, the shit produced is evident in your mouth. I wonder how…
Hats off to my brothers in BMC, @AUThackeray @CMOMaharashtra. Exhaustive testing that Mumbai conducts, no other ci… @DEVENDRACHATUR1 Guruji missing your wisdoms. Now this message is music to ears. Needs positive reinforcements. Pls tweet often @charttechnical Right sir, got your point. Thanks @charttechnical Sir, the long setup was made looking at volume charts? Since there was no supply left at the bottom… @bhak_sala I supply welding and cutting equipments to metal fabricators. - Most of fabricators depend on their powd… @jitendrajain Gap up: Countifs ( column of open, o>previous close) NR4 Countifs ( column of close, range is lowest…
Here are some sample calculations for F&O positions in the new margin framework. Iron condors require 70% lesser ma…
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth @DoctorLFC - Hong Kong protests were beyond China's reach. - Trump wanted to break Oil cartel. - There were no glob… @BeSensibull No offense, but do two people approach markets with same mindset, goals? If goal is to only make money…
BREAKING: Moderna announces Phase 1 #COVID19 results: After two doses all patients in the trial developed antibodie…
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth
@InvesysCapital Positive expectancy is only thing which matters. 0.25 expectancy system has better RR over 0.35. Van Tharp is geniusA treasure trove of knowledge filled with articles and videos created by experienced traders
Retweeted by Nishant ShethMusic to my ears... India to massively ramp up #healthcare #infrastructure in every district around the country. Well done @nsitharaman !
Retweeted by Nishant ShethIf the world went vegan, it could save 8 million human lives by 2050, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by two thirds…
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth @AkashTrader @vihan13singh Oki doki @vihan13singh Y not all 3,wolves @AkashTrader @PAVLeader Sir, can you write few things about being discretionary trader vs mechanical trader? Pros and cons of bo…
@ap_pune We will follow price. Just from fundamentals - RK Damiani now holds more than 20% of India Cements now. 👍👍 @DataGuyRedux What's wrong with Punjab. How come 952 recoveries in a day. Website says they have been shifted to ce…’s aggressive testing rates appreciated by WHO. This vindicates ⁦@mybmc⁩ approach of not suppressing num…
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth @Maaachaaa69 Have snickers, because jab bhuk lagti hai tab tu heroine ban jati hai.. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣Its play time. @imVkohli and @AnushkaSharma playing cricket in #lockdown
Retweeted by Nishant ShethIn Gushan Kumar murder case, a lady lawyer from Mumbai appeared before a London Court and deposed that Nadeem being…
Retweeted by Nishant ShethTotal is 90k daily on average. now.
Retweeted by Nishant ShethOnly kids do paid tweets but legends get paid to delete tweets. 🙏🏻
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth @GauravPandhi Rahul Gandhi?China may have 640,000 coronavirus cases instead of 80,000, leaked data suggests
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth @ap_pune Happy Birthday sir. God blessLockdown gave opportunity to watch live price action videos by @charttechnical Uday Dave sir. By far simplest expla… vs Buffett over 20 years. Not even close. Gold up 532%. BRK up 322%.
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth @imVkohli brother is it you m confused 😂
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India needed a very good education minister, and Modi govt has definitely failed there.
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth @AUThackeray @DrMuffi Perfect reply Aditya. Keep good work going. We r together in thisDelhi has registered 443 ‘Covid funerals’ since 14 March, four times the govt death figures. Will go out on a limb…
Retweeted by Nishant ShethThis was a good read
Retweeted by Nishant ShethAapko maza ayaa? Aise maze karayenge hum!
Scientists at ICMR-NIV,Pune have developed&validated the completely indigenous IgG ELISA test for antibody detectio…
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth @ap_pune AP sir, pls ignore noise. Straddles and strangles are magic. Look at line chart of Reliance u gave As far… these are going to be shut down, then what next? Are you going to remove the "Jain vegetarian meal" option from…
Retweeted by Nishant ShethJain bakeries have a special place in our ecosystem. PURE vegetarians, who don't even touch meat, prefer places whe…
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Coronavirus stimulus package: 🇯🇵JPN: 21.1% of GDP 🇺🇸USA: 13.0% 🇩🇪GER: 10.7% 🇮🇳IND: 10% 🇫🇷FRA: 9.3% 🇨🇦CAN: 8.4% 🇳🇿N…
Retweeted by Nishant ShethTrump is unbelievable 😂 he is so not presidential.
Retweeted by Nishant Sheth @nid_rockz Are you still holding Welcorp? How's their results this quarter?Strong and independent Nehruvian India used to have long lines for basic food at ration shops, no telephones, only…
Retweeted by Nishant ShethVedanta Delisting proposal - A thread. Disc- Quoting some information out of what I remember, so please cross check…
Retweeted by Nishant ShethPM basically took 30 minutes to tell us that *My Finance guy will get back to you* 🤣
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