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SK_Louie @SK_Louie Melbourne, Victoria

I make games/controllers/parties. I run @SK_BARSK in Melbourne. he/him.

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Didn't think we'd score a keg but hey it's pretty damn good! Come by tomorrow for a free pour at 7!! 🔮We are looking for a Producer and are accepting applications until midnight of Feb 2. Send us those emails ~…
Retweeted by SK_Louie$3300!!! have a beer on sunday if anyone is keen
Retweeted by SK_Louie @rokshocka It could have originally been @Rum_Buck 's idea? @oldmanranting @nightwatchman @Aerohaveno @LiberalAus @AustralianLabor Best part is you can sit on the edge with ju… @hxctropius Of course! You have to cable tie them together so they keep their shape. haven't tried it 2 crates high but I want to. @Hope_Corrigan Fine. @Hope_Corrigan No! Mine! @Woodweird @bonerman_inc My morning routine involves a few laps in a pool of dare ice coffeeWith all this book-murder discourse I thought it'd be a good time to show these babies from ~2014
Side note: making a lil pool with milk crates and a tarp is better and more sustainable than buying inflatable ones every year!If you want a good view of the quality of rain last night check out my milk crate pool :/ Sunday! Sesh at ours! flames! @bri_crick Don't break the dishwasher briHey if you liked the decal I made last week, you can come try the beer this friday! It was a limited release for a…!
Retweeted by SK_Louie @LeenaVanD Oh yeah like I'd take a bet that someone can finish reading an infinite bookOnce you buy a book you can do what you like to it?
@moomoomang Butt half @spookyspooooks I call it DISQUALIFIED because I cant figure out how you'd actually drink from it?These two are adjacent: the structural support and the modern art. full cheeks. The champagne cork. The smooth mover. The kiddy chalice. Fishnet. The juice cup. The angular fuckup. The smooth drop. @kindofsquishy @Serrels What's like...all this stuff? @Tezamondo Arsonists did hail stonesGonna do an aussie piss-take game thing this weekend! What's the best trash games about Australian "culture"? @bonerman_inc @moomoomang
@theboyofcheese I was a few beers deep and was pretty close to just entering my credit card deets :/Im only certain it's a scam because I was drinking with a guy from auspost when it came through. I was about to ent…! If you get a text from AusPost with a link that doesn't start with DO NOT OPEN IT! The… @dogs_R_cool @alexanderperrin Before you can'tIts what she would have wanted
@LeenaVanD Im a hoppy shower beer person, dayv is a sour shower beer person, I think this explains why we're so good together ♡ @skatebee Give it a spin!
Here it is! Three Pronged Fork, a colab between two of my fav breweries Hop Nation and Mr Banks ♡ They gave me Amer…
Retweeted by SK_LouieHere it is! Three Pronged Fork, a colab between two of my fav breweries Hop Nation and Mr Banks ♡ They gave me Amer… @Sonictail Im trying but it won't drink anything
Happy Friday! Here's three good things you can do today: 1. Get this bundle of rad games and support fire relief…
Retweeted by SK_Louie @heybonita_ Look he's judging my music selection @DahlHernschwink Ahh damn, yeah I was asleep Tuesday.Good news: bar has octopus @Woodweird @Tezamondo That's my birthday @Woodweird @Tezamondo I wish every day on Twitter there was just one photo that everyone absolutely demolished as a collectiveGood news: there's tinnie specials at sk tonight Bad news: the ice bank is off sick so no draughtWell they accepted it and seem to like it so I guess im done! Now to find out when im okay to tweet it.
@ABigDumbBaby Hey buddy remember when you moved your wallet to your front pocket? Those were good times. Let's pret… @ABigDumbBaby I switched keys to back left pocket, wallet in back right, I just like farting on my stuff @ABigDumbBaby Ugh what no @Sonictail Tbh if they had the budget I'd hit that in a second. As it is, the main interaction will be pulling the… @RexSmeal If I do more of these I'll definitely design a process, and then do the Da Vinci thing and bail on it @jasonimms @LeenaVanD It's a porno @girlzard Always! @haraiva Ah I see @Sonictail Decal is the image on the tap, so only for keg beer, whereas a label is for package product so includes… @girlzard Balls! @beabravo An arts art is never artDoing my first paid gig designing a beer decal today. How do you like...tell when an art is... done? @beabravo I did it the gdc before last and it's real good 🏰
@j3rrytron I burn my fingers at least once a month cooking so yeah that's fine? I'd play it, is what im saying @jasonimms @ElPrezAU I have one with a hole in the middle... @laurclinn Like... any? Any ravioli, plus pesto, cheese and a bottle of lime soda water and that's my perfect meal @laurclinn Ravioli!Potluck: On Fire 12.0 ENTRY - $10 BYO mostly Donating all proceeds to animals and firefighters. 8 weeks to make so…
Retweeted by SK_Louie @Woodweird I remember this scent but not the movie??? @Woodweird Im having the same feeling as when I vaguely remember dreams.
@seannajs @microtrailers Judging by the amount I see on @microtrailers it's probably...a lot @Tezamondo @microtrailers Funny seeing you here tezHentai Vs Furries - New on Steam:
Retweeted by SK_LouieRock, Paper, Scissors Simulator - New on Steam:
Retweeted by SK_Louie @bri_crick Say hi to spanky for me! @steggy_
Hey naughty nerds! It's been less than 48 hours since the launch of our Down-Under Donation Dildo & we've been abso…
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Passed $2000 and climbing ♡♡♡
Retweeted by SK_LouieSEPERATE THE ART FROM THE ARTISTTo be fair I drink their beers because they're amazing not because they have good brewery wiringThis is killing me. This is brand new and it's wired like a rat's nest oh man I want to rewire this so bad whyyy country is burning, and we can’t leave it to the powers that be to take action on our behalf. Now more than eve…
Retweeted by SK_LouieAlso huge thanks to Woz, Harrison and Madi for donating time tonight to come help at the bar ♡
100% of sales from this month will go towards australian bushfire support. stay wet folks.
Retweeted by SK_LouieGoing to be playing a set of obnoxious bassline tonight at @SK_BARSK for this. Donate enough and i will stop
Retweeted by SK_LouieDon't really know how to express grief about the #AustralianBushfires at the moment so I made this palette from Aus…
Retweeted by SK_Louie
With @ApparentRaisin 's blessing I made a very special version of beerpong for the fundraiser tomorrow night… Laser Highway and @Dot_AY the tunes tomorrow night are looking rad 🤙 We also have 3 kegs to get through! O…
Retweeted by SK_Louie @TimesNTroubles @zaddybaghdaddy The bags around your brown eye
I've always loved the physical space around games, this is maybe made obvious by the controllers I make, but it's s… you've got friends coming round for a co-op game? How do you think they'll play if you pull out a slab of Corona… you're going to play red dead? Maybe you think whiskey would be apt, but it's a long form game so you'll end up… premise was aimed at AAA games (the only type I knew at the time) and how you might drop a hundred bucks on the… I was 22 I planned to make a monthly flyer to put at the counter of the bottle shop I managed. It was going to… played the first two episodes of this on a dark backyard verandah in Hobart amid creaking trees. If you play thr…'m 2 followers away from the elusive 3000, and I mostly tweet to feel seen and validated, so RT please? ❤️
Retweeted by SK_Louie @JigxorAndy Maybe you can, but I can'tThe uber driver was somehow listening to coles radio?This Friday we're raising funds to split between CFA and Wires ♡ 🎚⚫🎚 DJs from the Melb Chiptune Academy 🍺Kegs dona…
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@LeenaVanD YesJOB ALERT: now that’s we’ve opened beautiful new spaces @Library_Vic, we’re after an Experience Design Manager to h…
Retweeted by SK_Louie @VerbVirus Oh that sounds great, I'll have a think as well, maybe there's something we could do with it...The horror and fear the native wildlife is going through is unimaginable. please if you can donate,…
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