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#AR #VR consultant and blogger at The Ghost Howls. I love #gamedev, #China and hunting #zergs. Most of the time I've no idea what I'm doing.

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This device looks astonishing :O Wowed By Wowcube via @forbes @CharlieFink
Amazing comparison charts of all PC VR headsets! source: #VirtualReality #VR #technology to see the research on Metalenses going on... #AR #VR #technologyOh WTF... the #PokemonGo clone with #Hello Kitty o_O Hello Kitty AR: Kawaii World - Announcement Trailer… amazing weekly roundup by @CharlieFink and @mikenseer!! And it's cool to see our game #HitMotionReloaded th… new article talks about our game #HitMotionReloaded! Thanks a lot @quiplash for the shoutout!!!… Announces XR2 5G Aimed At Broader VR/AR Features di @UploadVR #AR #VR #XRIs Asymmetrical gameplay the answer to VR’s isolation problem? by @springboard_VR #VirtualReality #VR #gaming#VirtualReality #VR What a pity! Pimax Delay Their 8K VR Headset Models Once Again, 26 Months After Initial Kick… personal standing ovation for @tomemrich and his usual fantastic roundup of #AugmentedReality #AR #news. If yo… @CathyHackl Cathy, you're amazing!!! THANK YOU @brekelj @jeriellsworth @TonyRogersVAai Interesting... and unluckily I don't have the answers :( @germanrifter @CNET @Qualcomm I am super-excited as well! @MorningShin OMG, this is really dystopian stuff o_O @absolute_phil Nice objection @janoc200 @jeriellsworth @TonyRogersVAai I agree with you @TonyRogersVAai @ReckonerVR @jeriellsworth lol @jeriellsworth @TonyRogersVAai Cool! Thanks for letting me know @EricPresidentVR @SamTheSane I can't wait to try it @MattFedorovich @jeriellsworth @TonyRogersVAai Thanks for letting us know @DrewDyksterhous Thanks, man! @jendaviswilson @UploadVR Ahahahah the hard life of #VR #indiedev that must cut down expenses! @CraigEbonce Amazing headset @GamerToTheEnd BTW tracking is good. Controllers have not 100% fluid tracking, though @GamerToTheEnd I have just started using it. For sure it is not the best headset I have ever tried (the Index is be… Proteus preview: racing at full speed on the Oculus Quest #VirtualReality #VR @Benwhi @UploadVR The artworks are for sure amazing! @evankirstel @CharlieFink @ForbesTech @Qualcomm @facebook @oculus @Adobe @OculusMedium @BarronGames @insomniacgames @adrianleu Thanks for sharing, Adrian! @Asterlofts AGREE @CharlieFink @ForbesTech @Qualcomm @facebook @oculus @Adobe @OculusMedium @BarronGames @insomniacgames @magicleap @Asterlofts @NathieVR @ParadiseDecay @vr_oasis @RtoVR Cool! @MultiCallum Someone suggested me the 3m Amazon basics cable. He told me it was perfect for him. I found that Link… @beep2bleep I can feel it, really. It gives me a bit of dizziness @gabrieljbaker @tipatat @Asterlofts Yes, but it's results are overall positive. Anyway, still just one study on just 50 children @MFAminGP Not a good update. Rony said that next week he will announce some news... let's see! @avibarzeev Agree with everything. But I don't know if vendors will agree with such an idea. As an insider what do you think? @lesposen It is!! @kmalickisanchez @UploadVR Do you think next Go will still be 3DOF? @Asterlofts I remember that video. Amazing story! @EricYearwood @yarwad @LIV Beautiful!! @djngoma I've finally tried the Link. Very nice, but not perfect on my PC @Namenode5 @jbmcculloch @jhiggins @ga7ahad @Noah_A_S @Aidan_Wolf @reg_inee @_LucasRizzotto @JC_3D @JesseDamiani @ParadiseDecay @SkarredGhost
Retweeted by TonyVT SkarredGhost @DarshanDGayake @ViktorsReality @UploadVR @oculus No, it should upgrade to XR2!! @DarshanDGayake @UploadVR @oculus agree @Tyrielwood @AGraylin @Viveport @htcvive As soon as the update arrives at my Focus, I will write a blog post about… @Buck3131 I have 2 actually :D But that's because I'm in a studio that is making a game for it: @EDIMOSIP A good 5Ghz router should be enough for it @ViktorsReality @UploadVR Very interesting experience, actually. Thanks for sharing it! @anjin_games @ID_AA_Carmack I miss this one... luckily it has never happened @FixitVr I agree! @rabovitz @DZierler I am curious @riozilla @_leoz_ We don't doubt that, but we would like to understand what is happening at Magic Leap now @ARealityEvent @VRScout Thanks for sharing it! We loved doing this game @bosedevs @HappyGiantAR Amazing stuff! @VRisMagic LOL @David_Jagneaux You look fantabulous! @JBergounhoux @hmltn I actually expected something more. I mean, 6,000 is like 15% of what HL1 has sold. I expected… @darianknight @Noah_A_S @rabovitz I'm not laughing either. If ML fails, the noise of it falling will be heard in al… @Heaney555 @ID_AA_Carmack Agree, I would love it @TheHappyLass So good for @_LucasRizzotto !!! @SuzanneBorders Even worse, they present the same 10 people every time. It's not AI, it's just stupidity that narrows our minds @steve_bambury OMG! That's amazing! Compliments!!Have you seen the new wireless streaming feature of the #ViveFocusPlus? #VirtualReality #VR #HTCVive #gamingExclusive picture on @cnet of the pre-reference design of @qualcomm XR2 future headset source:… Man-Made Meshes via Visual Driven Global Optimization with Minimum Intrusion #research #AR #VR #3DRadial-G: Proteus Races Onto Quest December 17 With Eight Game Modes di @uploadvr @Things3DVR #VirtualReality #VR @tomemrich I’m not quite sure, although some videos on the Chinese version suggest TikTok/Douyin is experimenting w…
Retweeted by TonyVT SkarredGhost @fncischen @tomemrich Cool to know! @ARstories @LouisVuitton @Adobe @Photoshop @creativecloud @LVMH @virgilabloh I love it!Adobe Acquires Oculus Medium Sculpting App From Facebook di @uploadvr #VirtualReality #VR #creativityHow to choose an LBVR product? #VirtualReality #VR #business#TwinPeaks #VR is coming!!! Twin Peaks VR: First Official Trailer & Screenshots! Lap Review: Mostly Competent VR Combat Racing di @uploadvr #VirtualReality #VR #gaming #reviewOculus SDK Drops Support For Samsung Gear VR di @uploadvr #Oculus #GearVR #VR25 New Creative VR Projects Up For 2019 New View Awards di @uploadvr #VirtualReality #VR #art#VirtualReality #VR: @htcvive talks in #China about our @ntwalkers game #HitmotionReloaded !!! #gamedev #indiedevThe Irishman or how they de-aged Joe Pesci. by Gianluigi Perrone A very interesting to trick to make De Niro and… always looks more like a tragic heap Magic Leap’s next-generation headset is reportedly ‘years away fro…'s not the first time that I read this reasonings, and actually I think it's not wrong. #VR can't generate proper…
My hands-on impressions with the preview of Radial-G: Proteus, an upcoming racing game for the Oculus Quest!… wow. Karl Guttag completely destroys the #HoloLens2 optics design. He talks about inconsistent color, unreadabl… on the #LBVR market in #China. What surprise me is that "The top 20 popular content are basically releas… looks very fun!! Neos VR Music Video - VR Full Body Tracking Dance di @YouTube game really looks impressive, I can't wait to learn more about it! Lonn Is An Impressive Physics-Based Cyberp… HYPE HYPE Geoff Keighley: Playing Half-Life: Alyx ‘Reminds Me Why I Love This Industry’… tests with the Vive Cosmos! It is not that bad like some people told on the web. It could be better for comf… Is A VR Skateboarding Game That Looks Like It Might Work di @uploadvr #VirtualReality #VRAce Combat 7, More PSVR Games Win Official PlayStation Awards di @uploadvr Support for ‘Dreams’ to Arrive Post-launch, Early Access Pricing Ends This Week di… incredible story of the journey of a startupper to port all its office in Virtual Reality Can You Work for 6 Mo… Arcade Racer ‘Death Lap’ Releases On Oculus Quest And Rift Today di @uploadvr #VirtualReality #VRHow to choose an LBVR product? #VirtualReality #VRAre we going to see some more #PSVR #VR reveals? Sony’s Next State Of Play Broadcast Arrives Next Week… Dominated Black Friday Searches in the US, Tied PSVR Worldwide. Anyway the most sold headset during black fr… Partners With St Jude Children’s Research Hospital For New VR Experience di @UploadVR #VirtualReality #VROMG the @Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 is doing live on device translation to Chinese. #SnapdragonSummit
Retweeted by TonyVT SkarredGhostHave you seen the new wireless streaming feature of the #ViveFocusPlus? #VirtualReality #VR #HTCVive#VirtualReality #VR #fitness YUR Releases Early Access Desktop App For PC VR Calorie Tracking di @uploadvr