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#AR #VR consultant and blogger at The Ghost Howls. I love #gamedev, #China and hunting #zergs. Most of the time I've no idea what I'm doing.

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Apple Glass Patent Just Revealed the possibility that new headset could make chroma keying directly on the headset.… @ElaDarling I have also included your GameLodge in my XR Week Peek, I hope it helps! Gentle Monster's Virtual Eyewear Uses Instagram Filters #AugmentedReality #AR #fashionThe XR Week Peek (2020.08.10): Valve Index gains market share, Hitman 3 is coming to PSVR and more! #VirtualReality didn't know you can already do a #VR #AR mockup inside @adobe #XD. #UX designers for #VirtualReality could find i… I mean, with @vreducation ENGAGE or even with @glue_collab they could have had far better lessons, all t… reality videos can help you feel calm and connected during coronavirus quarantine: study… #startups Why Startups Should Become ‘Camels’–Not Unicorns–During COVID-19 via @crunchbasenews
So will new #PS5 support the new PSVR games that are coming with the old PSVR headset? Hitman VR Might Mean More F… #VR Executive @boztank shares some insights about #teammanagement: if for a boss is better to be honest o… whole concert of #TheWeekndEXP on #TikTok powered by Wave for whoever has missed it The Weeknd Live on TikTok… Patreon-Powered NeosVR the Best Social VR Platform Now Out There? I don't know if it is THE BEST... but for sur… Incredible 'Dreams' VR Games You Can Play Right Now On PSVR via @VRScout #VirtualReality #VR #gamedevAnother great review of @testedcom , this time on the preproduction unit of the @HP Reverb G2! HP Reverb G2 Hands-… I the only one to think that this trailer of Tarzan VR is a full WTF? #VirtualReality #VR #gamedevAnother amazing hand interactions on the #OculusQuest developed by @DennysKuhnert! Who else would love to try it?… influencer @CathyHackl shares with us a little video of The Weeknd concert over TikTok + TheWave. It's cool th… Cao Fei On Grappling With VR #VR #art #ChinaThis new #VR gaming creation and sharing sandbox (a la Roblox) called GameLodge seems interesting. Compliments… of immersive news of the week, by @CharlieFink and @mikenseer! This Week In XR: Tencent Banished, Instagr… the Quest causing a reduction in visual quality in all the upcoming VR titles? seems a fun #storytelling #VR experience! Interactive VR Comedy Has You Staging A Fake Moon Landing For The T… you are a dev, you know that it is true Every programming tutorial via @YouTube #developer #dev #tutorial #funNice hacking experiment in #VR. I think it will never become mainstream and there are security issues, but I like i… @good_lly ahahah come on @MojoVisionInc there is a lot at stake, release these contacts soon! @vr_sam I miss it :( But I have @Nreal and @LeonHolSchipper 's Aryzon! @vr_sam Damn, your picture is so cool! @good_lly Ok, ping me in 5 years! Let's bet a beer/an apple juice/whatever @SeeCaroline @EpicGames @TencentGames I think he hadn't realized the consequences of such a law @gillesjobin1 Cool, how can people join? @Haulik @EpicGames Tencent owns a lot of companies, including Discord @TristanOfield @UploadVR I hope so! @germanrifter @UploadVR I can't wait as well! @newjorg @PwnProblems @UploadVR Yes, this! @newjorg @UploadVR Yeah, if an indie made the same game probably it would have been cheaper. But EA and StarWars brand... @blaublau_rpg @RtoVR looolInsightful post about how an actor prepares on how to perform in #VR (in this case, inside the metamovies by… @Virtual_Rook @UploadVR ahahah cool! Have you ever tried a VR threadmill? @joelsef It will be the market that will decide it. IMHO in this generation they won't become mainstream, but they… @jasonparksvr @alexqgb @kentbye Yes, the more platforms the better. But as a developer, you probably know that is a… @realWavelens @vr_sam @MakeRealVR @UploadVR cool! @IronStomachLLC @UploadVR LOL. Have you ever tried one? @kentbye Some minutes of wait? Yes, lots of times @good_lly ahhahahha @forseti000 Uhm, for the store? Yes. For gaming? Yes. As a whole device? Uhm... the Pico Neo 2 is actually better,… @anshelsag What are your thoughts about it, Anshel? @bizinovationist Thanks for sharing my post, Clay! @whitetower Yes, but mobile games are very different from PC games. The Quest offers an experience very similar to… @Martin76x @Tyrielwood @skeeva @THESCOTTishGam6 @Shackl3r @TheSimplyChris @Rowdy_Guy @SideQuestVR @Thrilluwu @IIID1360III @RtoVR :((((((((((((((((( @3Mhwrh89Scp79xG @GendoWasRight Very well, thanks! This is my review of the device @anjin_games @Scobleizer @benz145 @vrbosenet @OlivierJT_SU @vr_sam @eminus @_LucasRizzotto @deep_rifter @kentbye @michaelpschenck Thanks for sharing my post! @ololralph @c_pruett @unity3d @oculus they say, a game that the jurors value more than $10. I think it means: poli… @JoshuaCorvinus @Scobleizer @benz145 @vrbosenet @OlivierJT_SU @vr_sam @anjin_games @eminus @_LucasRizzotto @OlivierJT_SU @Scobleizer @benz145 @vrbosenet @vr_sam @anjin_games @eminus @_LucasRizzotto @deep_rifter @kentbye @PixelStrikeInc @OlivierJT_SU @Scobleizer @benz145 @vrbosenet @vr_sam @anjin_games @eminus @_LucasRizzotto @eminus @Scobleizer @benz145 @vrbosenet @OlivierJT_SU @vr_sam @anjin_games @_LucasRizzotto @deep_rifter @kentbye @stevensato Yes! But you also pictured the 3DOF go, so you start with -1000 points @grobmVR A very solid headset. Tracking is not in par with Quest, and so is the store, but for enterprise it is vee… @byteframe What has happened to it? @CMDannCA Yessss! Bro Fist! @Achouffe2 So what are your predictions for Mojo? @technobaboo @thesaitec Agree. But the more we go on, the more they improv ein understanding the context around us @whydoisay I remember him during the scandal saying that he was sorry because it was something happening while he h… @drsallans Yeeeeess! @beep2bleep Nowadays yes, but I guess it will become smaller and smaller @cdhenry_xr WHAAAATTT? Please tell me! I'm curious now @anjin_games @UploadVR lol @FulbyTech Thanks! And yes, I hope that my predictions don't come true as well! @Prexence Especially, it shows a more profitable market @amyloudoherty Let me Ask @ProofVRlab ! @karanganesan @KenneyNL @TomFfiske I have not much experience with publishers, to be honest @dumas181 Well, I don't agree. Game studios are companies, and companies should aim at surviving. If Quest can give… @WeirdWizardDave I hope so, I really hope so. But as a dev I always had hard times making things cross-compatible w… @newjorg I don't think so, but I would love that you'll be right :) @JonVirtual @PixelStrikeInc @Anticleric @acmetransmedia Fun trivia: I sent some questions to SuperData for an inter… @JayHadHope Well, partly yes :D But we devs know this, we're prepared for it! Actually sales are good to bring more people in @drsallans @ragesaq The PSVR2 is where I put my hopes! @Anticleric @acmetransmedia Bringing @benz145 into the discussion, thenPico @PicoInteractive G2 4K Enterprise review: 3DOF VR is not over yet #VirtualReality #VR #technology @TimSweeneyEpic They want to control everything and take a share of everything. And probably they will share a simi… cool! #VR #WebVR #Netflix @petewoodbridge love it! @ctrlshifti @opaltats I agree with Einstein @Anticleric It's not usual, but it is something peculiar of you, so actually it is pretty nice :) @realColinMac :D @patosins I love that this maker decided to craft these shoes, but honestly speaking, they're so clunky they're nev… @cre8ivepark I love it! @DJAlonaB As someone in the #VR world since 2014, I think It's great that you are enjoying your QuestAll the #VR experiences participating to the #VeniceFilmFestival @GennaBain #VR Blogger (and sometimes Youtuber) here. I have no idea that what I do is important enough. I persona… @CuteEyedBee Other 5 months of this jumanji experience called 2020. What else is going to happen? @SunDhillon @TheWaveXR @theweeknd @tiktok_us I've seen the videos around and it was cool, compliments! We of… @towernter The fact that I didn't knew how frustrating it can become :D @SalsaKstream Wow!Game sales in China surge 22.3 per cent in first half of 2020 amid pandemic via @scmpnews #gaming #gamedev #ChinaImmersive Storytelling Programme Looking for UK, Canadian Creators to Apply @VRFocus me, what the F...?????!!! Trump’s ban against WeChat owner Tencent could have huge implications for U.S. co… Next PS5 Reveal Coming This Month, DualSense Has Updatable Software via @uploadvr #PlayStation5 #PS5 #VR