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JER. 25 y/o music composer, performer, and CEO of SKA. // Trombone for @wearetheunion // They/Them

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The game. Capitalism 🤝 You’ll always lose, you can’t win, And t… 🥺
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them)candy as merch?! this is truly the future and I want to somehow make suzie true baby bottle pops
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Valentine’s Day skatune design by Christina Michelle! Instagram is here: MY SKALENTINE!!! Extremely limited skatune network Valentine’s Day merch is on the store now, and when I say it’… Network releases a second American Football cover, this time of "For Sure"
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them)Omg I’m so happy I found this thread. I had no idea this kinda music was still played by so many people. This stuff…
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them)needed this today
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them)skat unenetwork
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them)Ok yeah, I guess I’m hot
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them)cutie lil @skatunenetwork valentine postcards!! 💌 💌 💌 💌 💌 💌
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them) @Glen_solo @apl_cdr Skatune network will cover Taft street this year @JhariahClare @reedaretheunion
Going live on twitch, gonna drink this coffee for a few hours. Oh and I guess I’ll record some guitar and bass, too… @tysonwaters All I ever say is people can’t beg for new ska and ignore all the new ska bands. If someone says “all… @tysonwaters I’m never saying that, I’m sorry if you take it that way lol @tapegirlmusic They’re honestly what keeps me listening to ska at this point. I’d probably be strictly hepcat and t… this tweet to tell people to stream bad operation
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them) @BarneyBoom @BadTimeRec arsenal featuring @BAD_OPERATION_ @KillLincoln @catbiteband @greymattermi @0mnig0ne you like this tweet, then you’re legally obligated to follow @BadTimeRec because they’re creating an infrastruct… waiting for the ska scene to start supporting the new tone bands so we can get this new generation of ska to pop… @thaweakdays OK SOME MARCHES GO HARD THOhow does skatune always put me on 🥵
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them)They don't miss.
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them) American Football, but make it a rocksteady/ska banger 🔥🔥🔥 It’s maybe a real phone number? Only one way to find out
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them)trump at the white house tonight is experiencing the familiar diy touring scenario of “sure you can crash at our pl…
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@MrBigWhiteFish Depends on what it is thats needed lolThis sounds like La Dispute💀
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them) @JamClubRGV I’m gonna try my best to lol @conankitty Good question!It’s transcription Tuesday!!! Today’s solo is the trombone solo from Skalloween by the Skatalites 🔥🔥🔥 Heatseeker prepares for tour, check out this stacked LINEUP for the TOUR! (Part 1 of 3) @LastBand
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them) @derickhuth Hands down tightest ska band live, at least in America @iNZANE0ne Because some people think hating what’s mainstream will make them cooler or something
Got a mystery shirt from @Skatunenetwork and its soooo damn cute
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them) @kenpartridge @msreyes541 Yup! It’s pretty obvious their rhythm section plays those styles. Even when they’re not p… @msreyes541 @_badbeets Yeah I mean I get all that, but I think it’s just silly to say that when it without a doubt… THREAD, SKANTASTIC
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them) @snoopytears @rohanrindani This playlist does feature a few popular bands from the 90s, but mostly it focuses eithe… @snoopytears @rohanrindani I have a playlist for this very thing! honestly, a mix between w… collaboration of the century @CIRecs & Honey TV!! Thursday 1/21 at 9am PST 💕 featuring @momjeansca @osoosoband
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them) @_badbeets @msreyes541 There are also people who lump the bosstones And reel big fish into the same sound and every… really should be listening to this record if you’re not already!
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them)Still find it funny how this whole pandemic thing has led me back to ska, the first genre I ever truly took a likin…
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them)Obsessed w this playlist by @Skatunenetwork
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them) @snoopytears @rohanrindani ska just slaps like I hear it and it’s tight. Idk why would anyone like any music! @sad13 You know a musician is really good when they first got into music through ska @mandolinorian Who gonna tell these people pop music slaps and it’s a compliment to say somethng has a pop sensibil… @GumpAndChase Willing to guarantee people with this take only heard the impression that I get @msreyes541 Basically when the ska bands don’t have any knowledge or roots of the genre, so their music lacks funda… @DwayneZackamore YUP! Literally every Orange County ska band fits that description way more lolI also can not trust anyone who says let’s face it isn’t an incredible record. The songs are bangers, incredible ho… I see people say the bosstones made ska too pop and lost the roots of the genre, I wonder what bosstones a… @ThisIsM53774380 Damn, sorry for the L 😔A thousand percent! #ska
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them)i can’t believe we have to charge $420 for our next record bc the libs want a $15 minimum wage smh
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them) @PaulBoudreau83 @NouveauArtPunk This is 1000% it. Nostalgia is heavy as fuck. That’s why people beg for ska and whe… I did a siiiiick new @Skatunenetwork design that I can’t wait to exist out in the world
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them)And I can guarantee that once the NEW TONE bands become big enough where people can’t ignore them, we’re not gonna… the end of the day, all I care about is these new talented bands having a following large enough where they can… beg for the 90s third wave to come back, but honestly why lol. Like all it was was corporate music industry… on your definition of recovered. I think the 90s was over-romanticized for ska. You may have had millions l… @SkaOrNah @AGoldmund @BadTimeRec Bad time records is making serious ripples. Pair that with a youth on tiktok who d…
My vote for band to most likely make people who swore they hate ska realize ska slaps @list_claire Not sure, but I’ve learned that 110% of the time, people realize they don’t hate ska when they hear st… how quick "essential worker" and "hero" went back to "burgerflipper"
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them)this is bcuz these are both things that make people with minds stuck in the past very scared.
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them)Shouts out to @Skatunenetwork and their Tik Tok for getting me into @TBOTWnj AND Millington this week! both hit di…
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them) @SoftieLexxsis in case you need it ska-jazz and rocksteady band who’s been crushing it recently, much more smoother sound, but hype nontheless tape girl! She records very BTMI-like music all on her laptop, it slaps gonna add Girls Go Ska to this list! Killin this more trad sounding ska from Mexico City! @MarkTheGoattt @MarkTheGoattt I personally think there’s way more cool shit happening now vs the 90s. The way we consume media is… @doritoson_acid It’s already sunday 😭😭😭 what the heck is time anymoreBefore I wake up to this poppin off, wanna point out ska is thriving right now, and if you miss it, you should chec… @fallonfairbanks We still exist! You can check out dozens of new bands who actively kill it, like how @BadTimeRec i… people don’t realize a huge reason we transition is to cause the next wave of skaMeanwhile the shows I played with kill Lincoln and Catbite were the best. Seeing members of every band dancing to e… is why I love playing with my friends and the new generation of bands more than the older bands. Like when a m… @mikaelajpalermo You gotta love having a specific problem and after properly troubleshooting, people continue to in… @Skatunenetwork covering 100gecs with @gettuffstaytuff is how I first heard about RB. It’s wild to be watching thei…
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them) the e-gig is lit so far! Come hang out, I got a set later!!!!
Split between playing with The New York ska jazz ensemble (featuring Kevin Batchelor, one of the trumpet players fr… @satyratl Yeah, y’all shred!I played a terrible set w/ my ska band opening for btmi, big d, toasters @ starland ballroom in NJ. Then I played g…
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them) @MRLS5H3 @shalfi_ @dusttodigital @oceanator @Bacchaeband @likerealproper @vagabonvagabon @mintgreenmusic Soulja boy really did tellem 😔😔😔 @MRLS5H3 @dusttodigital There’s plenty of black guitarists out there. @oceanator @Bacchaeband @likerealproper @capheind here’s my playlist showcasing the vastness of the genre without the mainstream st… @GoShibson That’d basically be grim luck @Wexx @BadTimeRec Ngl that bad romance cover may be responsible for skatune network existing @reallyfrom We love to see itWhat a difference a week makes
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them)A brand new video from OMNIGONE featuring some great photos of Adam’s days with Link 80. It’s short and sweet, go c…
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them) @est3bn_ @aaroncarnes @Beelzebat @BAD_OPERATION_ @catbiteband It’s easier when you’re not a band split across the c… there!!!!!!
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them)why do marvel movies need 3 hours to accomplish what the powerpuff girls did in 11 minutes
Retweeted by CEO of Ska (They/Them)Tomorrow! Virtual JER set going on in celebration of the new GET TUFF record! See you at the e-gig tomorrow!!! 🔥🔥🔥✨…