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@nejihyuga4real Oops @dani_gras Let's try it out 👀go1 is actually a ginyu player (has the bnb's down) ginyu call + vanish @Lakym_ Same one i got! I love it#DBFZ_BVG #DBFZ_YAM Vegeta 214S OS against Yamcha wolf fang left right concept v1.24
Retweeted by .sTODAY Are you ready? @GO13151 v. @fenritti offline FT10 starts at 22:40 (JST) TODAY on Wat…
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Learned how to hit this combo 1/100 times today Shoutout to @SituationalDam (and @SkeezerMui)
Retweeted by .s @imJordan_B You're a bullyStream highlight from last night: What a game! Streamed at
Retweeted by .s*insert clever line about how I am streaming right now*
Retweeted by .s#DBFZ_JNB #NintendoSwitch well this is an interesting development..
Retweeted by .sGonna be outta town for a couple days but I’m back at it with the streams on the 15th. 📺:
Retweeted by .sCan't waittt! Why mildom though and not twitch? 9:40am EST btw match for the first time in a while... @GO13151 v. @fenritti offline FT10 will live at 22:40 (JST) tomorro…
Retweeted by .s @___Yashiro @jchewy95 😭😭 that's the silliest shit ever yo @jchewy95 @SkeezerMui I remember seeing you looking around genuinely confused at taku saying “who told him not to c…
Retweeted by .sThey said watch out for blueku's light shoulder at round start 😎 Me* backdash 2M'ed the shoulder 😎😎😎 I miss CEO T… @jchewy95 So funny that I actually can't remember lmao can't wait to play you offline again 😭
未来 #DBFZ_TNK 未来 𝔼𝕄𝔼ℝ𝔸𝕃𝔻 ℍ𝕀𝕃𝕃 ℤ𝕆ℕ𝔼 ℙ𝕋.𝟚 (Trunks Cyclone Flip Mix S3) Video Editing by : @xskillzzzx📽️ Track Arti…
Retweeted by .sThe God of Universe 7 himself RT's are appreciated!
Retweeted by .sDouble Hellspawn plus fit waifu?? #DBFZ_jnb KBU_A
Retweeted by .sLemme try this again
Retweeted by .sJust finished my first fight stick mod, had the art work done by @bearwitt_tv, and all the parts are from…
Retweeted by .sWhat's it like playing vs @GO13151 🤣 @TachikawaBR
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I think this season DBFZ is really good. Every character is strong. So I can’t decide my new best team🤣
Retweeted by .s未来 #DBFZ_TNK 未来 EMERALD HILL ZONE PT.1 (Trunks Cyclone Flip Mix S3) Video Editing by : @xskillzzzx📽️ Track Arti…
Retweeted by .s @Flokey_CT @SaGe_908 I actually have the most fun sets vs him offline at tournaments lol @Rhymestyle @LotusAsakura See me @SkeezerMui Is the best Trunks no Cap.
Retweeted by .s @CookinWithJake why the quality so janky but I keep finding reasons to play this team
Retweeted by .sWhatever
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@ADsolo3 So sorry for you're loss AD 😔 my condolences 🙏🏽 @JustinAtLaw_ 0 bar Trunks tod? fuck lol i accept
@DeeCutz The things you have to deal w smh lol unfortunately even w rollback, lag switching is still a thing @DeeCutz !!!!! @kendeep_fgc The developer just confirmed that he has plans to add it from what i saw @AquaEsprie Relearn* @AquaEsprie I gotta learn it 😬 @CavinAnderson I've been apart of communities who made it happen so i do believe it can and they can afford itReference i truly believe 100% DBFZ will be getting rollback. I think it's amazing that it's basically confirmed for UNICLR @AWC_ULTIMUT 236H2 @AWC_ULTIMUT Yeah like early season 2 i think#DBFZ_CEL ex rolling crush level 3 oki explained. Don't forget you can hold 4 during 236H to stay same side
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@NoJustBilly Not sure :/
@Cko_botbot Steam link or PS4 remote play @Ukansuqmadiq @yamishibaiZed Just off my phone ( volume up + power button ) @yamishibaiZed Ps4 remote play app or steam client app on phoneTrying it myself lmao this dope ( feels like 1F delay ) i'm like 30 miles from my home on bad wifi @DenisKrey He is bro lmao @UchihaBlade_ Yep lol @gibby_gg Steam client app or PS4 remote play app @alexx_alaska Actually looks like 720p lolMans playing DBFZ at work on his phone lol @Karnage_202 Happy birthday bro bro
@AWC_ULTIMUT @OFA_Musketeer Whoever is hosting needs to go to the controller settings on steam and add configuratio… level 3 hellgate mix #PS4share
Retweeted by .s#dbfz_jnb proof of concept for now #PS4share
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DBFZ is live, kicking off at 2PM! Labbing, Parsec matches, the usual. Come hang - Art by…
Retweeted by .s - Check out my latest video in regards to @BandaiNamcoUS @Twitch @YouTube @ArcSystemWorksU
Retweeted by .s @DeeCutz @Vsvpsmiles_ 😂😂😂😂Offline with @Yasha94_ @ItsNoka
Retweeted by .sBueno este año arranco complicado pero de seguro se va a mejorar en los proximos meses Proximos meses del 2020 :
Retweeted by .s @Vsvpsmiles_ Beerus B 🤓Zamasu midsceen mix, not dbl jumping post vanish into skd gives left/right fly mix which iis good for reflecters
Retweeted by .sAsking for feedback about DBFZ netcode. Pls spam Rollback ( GGPO ) in the comments!! you want the developers to consider adding rollback to DBFZ go to this post and say it. Let's show them our inte…
Retweeted by .sThey're asking for feedback about the netcode.
Retweeted by .s @dbgame_official Rollback plss ( GGPO )!!
@Joemadic_ Same broFinding out Dougie govt name wasn't 10 anime betrayal's @SylverRye So sorry man 😥 my condolences brother!DBFZ Time has wrapped up for Tuesday! Big ups to all the viewers, @jmdrose89 for the games, and @GamerXEastCoast fo…
Retweeted by .s裏の裏のそのまた裏じゃ。 着地ガードのモーションがしゃがみになったため 硬直が長いアシストをガードさせると レバー入れでめくった後くらい高度が低くても空ダでめくれるってネタ。 #DBFZ_BLK #BDK_B
Retweeted by .smy gf said to post this have a good day
Retweeted by .sBluegeta seems to have a lot of practical ways to lead into Nappa's restand
Retweeted by .sDBFZ STREAM 🎲 ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
Retweeted by .s @lightspeedchamp Actual truth my friend @LuxxyFGC Cheap character @DragonVonDoom Let's run it sometime tomorrow.I love Nappa players 😭
@ChpDmg_Kiefer 😭😭😭Meeting you was mad chill yo. Baskin Robins run was lit😭 Also remember you having some cursed Cell/Yamcha shit is slept on
Retweeted by .sSuper Random PC Netplay matches Come Through
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Blocking is Toxic
Retweeted by .s @Daxiles I got youLot's of fun playing you man! I appreciate that alot yo. You're strong as well, let's run it again soon! GGs brot… @SRMDougie Call me yo
@gibby_gg I might come out of retirement from rankOrdered the wrong size buttons 🤦🏾‍♂️ so not quite finished yet but this is my fightstick so far S/o to @bearwitt_tv
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I wish I was good enough to do this @claytonsomedude combo in a match
Retweeted by .s @burnttwigs Not sure yet lol @burnttwigs It's out @Ptylio_ tryna make me cry bro
Hey wanna see some Orb Loop Piccolo combos? Here is an example of what I show off this my newest upload. This one i…
Retweeted by .s @cloud805 Definitely right lol had my hopes high yo shitmy heart can't take this 😭😭 plsssss let december be on for ceo SD+Assist hitconfirm OS. Gives airdash button on block, and hitconfirm on hit. It's SD, assist call, jL,…
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