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@crampell @openargs Wow. He’s called in all the giants in the fields of virology and infectious disease research. Good job, Mr President.
Man, @ewarren on @cnn town hall is so impressive. She has an answer, empathy and a plan for the most urgent issues…
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Trump's unqualified judicial nominees must be addressed at tonight's #DemDebate. The make up of the Supreme Court w…
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathI get nervous when everyone except Warren starts talking.
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathWe're an hour into #DemDebate & still no Qs about protecting & defending our democracy. Our Constitution & our cou…
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathWait. Was Bloomberg the first one to actually attack Trump for an actual Trump policy. Wow.RETWEET if you too would rather just see Warren, Sanders, and Buttigieg debate #DemDebate #DemDebate2020
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathBrett Kavanaugh is a justice on the Supreme Court *for life* because @MikeBloomberg funneled millions of dollars to…
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathThe Iowa Democratic Party could organize this better.
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathI'm beginning to think Mayor Bloomberg has some paid supporters in the audience.... #DemDebateEvery debate: Warren is the only one who brings up nuking the filibuster. Every time, I say this is the most import…
Retweeted by Skeptical Belgarath @TheRickWilson @CompleatMeadmkr I think it was Bernie.Let’s not take our focus off what matters If Bloomberg wins If Biden wins If Warren wins If Buttigieg wins If Sand…
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathBREAKING: The #DemDebate is a dumpster fire AND @BernieSanders is a SOCIALIST The end RT! #DemDebate2020
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathThe only one looking presidential on this stage is @ewarrenWhy is Biden attacking Steyer? Because he needs to peel away black votes from Steyer to beat Sanders in SC.
Retweeted by Skeptical Belgarath @MarcMcD @TheThomason I was going to vote, my ballot is sitting on the table. I'm waiting till it gets closer to p… ask Senator Sanders how he thinks he can win in the fall in Florida by praising Fidel Castro #DemDebate
Because I love her and think she has ALL the qualities of a great leader, as well as a healing way of communicating…
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathWe've had three years of Donald Trump, and people are afraid. Our democracy hangs in the balance in this election.…
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathFor the love of god UNMUTE THIS
Retweeted by Skeptical Belgarath @ATT sucks. @ATT sucks. @ATT sucks. @ATT sucks. @ATT sucks. @ATT sucks. @ATT sucks. @ATT sucks. @ATT sucks. @ATT su…
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathBloomberg May Have Accidentally Waived ALL His NDAs! @AriMelber @chrislhayes @maddow imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then @PeteButtigieg must really be trying butter up @BarackObama.
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Waitaminute?!! Bernie put that anti-vaxxing pseudo-spirit goon Marianne Williamson onstage with him? Like right awa…
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What bothers me about @BernieSanders campaign statement about the Washington Post article is that it sounds exactly… sat with Warren’s decision not to disavow a superPAC yesterday. And here’s what I came up with: Are you telling…
Retweeted by Skeptical Belgarath @seriouspod Some of the replies... wow. It’s completely obvious why Pution would help Bernie in the primary. He b…
I wish being painfully stupid was actually painful
Retweeted by Skeptical Belgarath @comcastcares Hey, I can’t seem to find anyone with the answer to this. How can I order the XB7? I’m on the Gigab… is totally an Andrew move.... @openargs @patorrezlaw
Of all the people on the #DemDebate stage, I’ve been a politician the shortest—but I've been the one out fighting f…
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathLots of thoughts on tonight but the topline is that this was Warren’s night — by a longshot
Retweeted by Skeptical Belgarath @JillFilipovic @ElieNYC I’d have guessed stabbed through one of the tires. @openargs Bernie took the exact opposite position tonight that he took in 2016. He didn’t think the person with th… @rabiasquared Maybe he wants us all to sign an NDA to never talk about this debate again.I love Wikipedia vandalism
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathYeGADS. Imagine how she'll be against Trump. Or Putin. That kind of fierceness in really protecting our people inst…
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathSenator Warren showed up tonight and did her homework, everyone else's homework, and then taught the class.
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathCritical of the Dem debate? Don’t forget...... Warren sent Pete out back to pick his own switch.
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathWow, Bloomberg is getting his ass handed to him.
I'm just trying to figure out what his motivation is. @openargs I'm wondering about Bill Barr. I'm wondering if he's just corrupt or he's just implementing his vision o…
@openargs @AlanDersh @PsychopompGecko Why the hell wouldn't you be able to disclose a 302 that you have before you… @KWintie Precisely. @openargs @seriouspod Myth: Confirmed, Myth: Busted, and Myth: Plausible. @openargs @tribelaw I agree. But I do think it’s unprecedented for Federal Judges to weigh in on this, which shoul… @openargs
I’m tired of pussyfooting around this for fear of retribution I don’t like Bernie Sanders His supporters make me…
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No matter how many times she tries to dodge the question, we know the answer: The only thing President Trump has…
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathDear @LindseyGrahamSC, I made you a Valentine's Day video. Regards, Don Winslow
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathAgreed! years of salary. @seriouspod @openargsTruly terrifying.If you want to understand how the hell Trump supporters believe what they believe and how they can be so immune to…’m worried we may get President Sanders, but the price we pay would be a Speaker Jim Jordan and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. @maddow Well, now we know!
@openargs If I was on the Judiciary Committee, my first question to AG Barr would be: ‘Would you please list the l… feel good tweet of the day. should testify when their country needs them, not when it’s most advantageous for their book sales. @openargs I think Devin Nunes attorney, Stephen Biss is in trouble. It looks like he tried to subpoena @DevinCow ‘… there folks is the tell..
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathThis isn’t even the best line in this opinion piece. “As Trump seeks to settle scores, terrify future witnesses, an… @neal_katyal @Mimirocah1 @ChrisHayes Translation of Barr’s comments: “Dude! Ix-nay on the itter-tay. You’re making… @openargs this is exactly what bothers me about Sanders. Never a peep out of the Trump team about Sanders. They’re…
@DualityColle @washingtonpost @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump Right. Right. You know how to help with that? Sto… @openargs So let me get this straight. Only Republicans can be jurors for republicans and only Democrats can be ju… reason Putin uses polonium and military-grade nerve agents to assassinate his enemies in the west is to send a…
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathAnother firing @openargs Trump Fires Defense Official for Refusing to Break the Law judge sent the settler, the agent, the individual, AND the person to jail @openargsWatch this. Administration officials are apparently so terrified of incurring Trump’s wrath they can’t even ackno…
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That strikes me as a very good idea. Too bad NONE of you will follow through on it, @jimsciutto @openargs interesting. Why would this be sealed? Because it contained a Juror name? @openargs This ought to be interesting. @patorrezlaw @jonathanchait I never really had an issue with Bernie..... Some of his supporters, on the other had.… @openargs @marcorubio Your average Florida Voter? Let’s hope I’m wrong.We’ve had many terrible attorneys general in recent decades, but Bill Barr represents a unique awfulness. He wholly…
Retweeted by Skeptical Belgaraththese big fields are a very strong case for deciding primaries through ranked choice voting.
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathMemo to all career DOJ employees This is not what you signed up for. The four prosecutors who bailed on the Stone…
Retweeted by Skeptical Belgarath @NYGBCpod Why would he need to do that? He's got Twitter. Barr know what the hell he's suppose to be doing. Reme… @openargs So we suspected, now we know. @MarcMcD Aaaaaaaaannnnddddd Yang is out. @MarcMcD Also, please don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Bloomberg supporter. But I’ll vote for a cheese danish if it is running against Trump.There’s always a tweet. M’IRite? @openargs Job NH! Much better than my home state of Iowa. Within minutes we have actual vote totals coming in! @MarcMcD You know. The ones who ACTUALLY elect people, unfortunately. @MarcMcD Old people and Republicans @MarcMcD I ask about stories I saw on the news. Mostly I hear back ‘Oh? I haven’t read that in Facebook yet’ @MarcMcD See that proves you’re old fashioned. Most people don’t get their news from the ‘media’ anymore @MarcMcD Oh calm down you old fuddy duddy. They’ve been calling someone a front runner for over a year. @openargs @MarcMcD They’re looking nationally. He chose to not run in the first 4 states. But since he is spending multiple…
"It was unusual that DC US Attorney Jessie Liu departed before a Senate confirmation hearing was scheduled. Moreove…
Retweeted by Skeptical Belgarath @MuellerSheWrote Trump may not have called DOJ, he has lackeys for that plus twitter. Of course Shea knew he was i… the career men and women of DOJ, you are both the backbone and the heart of the Department. Your noble dedicatio…
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathIt is impossible to believe that Trump's tweet on Stone isn't tantamount to him signaling to DOJ what he wants done…
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathShare this far and wide: Judge Amy Berman Jackson has the power in the Stone case to DENY the motions to withdraw…
Retweeted by Skeptical BelgarathI guess so cc: @openargs @seriouspod @SenatorCollins