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There are some surprising findings by @BrookingsInst on #AI and who will be most affected. @IndustryWeek🔔The end is nigh! 🔔 The end of year sale that is! You don't want to miss out on these savings and you don't want to…
Promotions are one way to retain your employees but @quartzatwork takes a look at how lateral moves can also keep y… key takeaway from @SIAnalysts report on finding and keeping top retail talent is offering flexibility.
@wyndall93 @HRJazzy @Elena_Valentine @RealEvilHRLady @BALANCEtrak you missed @Elena_Valentine and @RecruitingDaily's webinar yesterday don't fret! does learning happen? According to @Ginnyengholm, PhD, it happens right outside of your comfort zone. Join…
Retweeted by Skill ScoutYES! This is exactly what we're always talking about! This is an amazing example of brand storytelling using video… @wyndall93 @HRJazzy @Elena_Valentine @RealEvilHRLady @BALANCEtrak Here you are! out to Erich @HarmonyInsights and the #HRHotSeat community for another awesome year!
Retweeted by Skill Scout @wyndall93 @HRJazzy @Elena_Valentine @RealEvilHRLady @BALANCEtrak We'll send you the link! 😊
.@Elena_Valentine says that to get colleagues excited about participating in video creation turn it into a celebrat… it comes to creating a recruitment video: less is more. 1:36 minutes long, focus on 2-3 tasks.… first step in planning your recruitment video: decide which role you want to create a video for. Is it your har… now! Join @Elena_Valentine and @RecruitingDaily Film School for Recruiters! #ThisIsHowWeBRoll! Today! Join @Elena_Valentine and @RecruitingDaily at 2pm est for a Bootcamp for Recruiters learn how to tak…
Tomorrow! @Elena will join @RecruitingDaily for a recruiting boot camp! Sign up below to learn about brand storytel… you need a million-dollar budget to create great video content? No! Here are the 5 things you do need though! #ThisIsHowWeBRoll
@skillscout Thanks for the shout-out! We have some of the best in the business.
Retweeted by Skill ScoutHappy International Civil Aviation Day! From the ground crews to the pilots, thank you for helping us all get to wh… School for Recruiters: Video Content & Visual Storytelling Best Practices Elena Valentine will show you every…
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#hrtx #losangeles is HOT!! Thank you to everyone here with us today! @TangieRecruiter, @ronniebratcher,…
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When it comes to recruiting its quality over quantity! We couldn't agree more, @hrbartender!Got a big idea? @dmscott @chrisvconley break down their approach to getting others on board. @gravitytankinc
Retweeted by Skill ScoutWe are so in love with this project! Well done, @square @evenoddfilms. 👏👏👏 @noelcocca @RecruitingDaily 😂😂😂 That meme *chefs kiss* is perfect!Still time to join me and the @RecruitingDaily gang tomorrow for #HRTX LA!
Retweeted by Skill ScoutOn December 10th, 2019, join Elena Valentine as she shares her insight on the impact of video on jobs. What you'll…
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Don't worry if you missed #CyberMonday — our End of Year Sale is still going strong! 💪Have you signed up yet?? Click below to be apart of this live training with @Elena_Valentine. ⤵️ out lots of DIY video kits this week! till end of year!
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.@matapodaca shares 5 great tips to help in your #recruting efforts! We'd like to add a 6th tip of using video to c… December 10th, 2019, join Elena Valentine as she shares her insight on the impact of video on jobs. What you'll…
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Sure you can pay an #EmploymentBrand expert to do this for you, but how would your team benefit from designing and…
Retweeted by Skill ScoutDecember 10th, 2019. 2pm EST Film School for Recruiters: Video Content & Visual Storytelling Best Practices Join E…
Retweeted by Skill ScoutRegister today for @WorkhumanLive using @MESlayters code and get 🎉40%🎉 off of your registration! WHL20-MARSLA…
Retweeted by Skill ScoutWe are so excited to be a part of HRTX Los Angeles 2019 by @RecruitingDaily! #RDAILY is upon us! Check out our End of Year Sale and learn how you can harness the power of video to tell yo…☝️ “We’re here to build a #business to last.” @AbbyNeilson and @Elena_Valentine, Founders of @SkillScout »…
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From our team to yours, we hope you all have a wonderful #Thanksgiving! #ThisIsHowWeBRoll
We are excited to be a part of @TalentNet's live event coming up Dec. 6!
It takes a village to launch a book. Enjoyed my day with @skillscout and @RepCapital.
Retweeted by Skill Scout @Elena_Valentine @RepCapital @skillscout Thanks for being great collaborators and coaches. ❤️
Retweeted by Skill ScoutInterested in joining the #HRSocialHour sponsor family? We have exciting stuff coming soon, including the much ant…
Retweeted by Skill ScoutAnd that's a wrap! Props to @lruettimann for bringing it home.
Retweeted by Skill ScoutWe loved partnering with @SSMHealthSTL and @Shaker_Ad to help bring nurses to St. Louis.
New from @managingedmag! First They Laugh at You
Retweeted by Skill ScoutWhat should I wear on camera? Is a question we get asked a lot here are some do's and don'ts. #ThisIsHowWeBRoll. for the shoutout @ongig! #ThisIsHowWeBRoll for the shoutout @ongig! #ThisIsHowWeBRoll5 Reasons to Recruit and Hire Career Changers
Retweeted by Skill Scout @skillscout Thanks for the share! #yourock
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"..shifting recruitment efforts to focus on disability inclusion would provide companies with access to a new talen… doesn't love a sale? I know we do! Jump on our end of the year sale train before it leaves the station!
"With nearly 700,000 people being released from jail and prison every year, employers must be open to hiring the fo… shares the reasons you should SEEK out the unemployed when you're hiring.
Hiring for Culture Fit Doesn’t Have to Undermine Diversity
Retweeted by Skill ScoutThis week's #VoiceOfHR is @socialmicole, creator of "The Most Inclusive HR Influencer List." Her list features 150…
Retweeted by Skill ScoutShout out to our friends over at @skillscout! Thanks so much for being gold sponsors in 2019!
Retweeted by Skill ScoutBrand storytelling is now as easy as lights, camera, action. 💡🎥👏 join the conversation, this Thursday:
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The @Gmail promo tab is where 99% of emails go to die a sad, unopened death. But not @Impactbnd’s. @naptownpint bre…
Retweeted by Skill Scout“ ‘Inspiration’ comes from the Latin, ‘to be breathed upon by God,’ ” @ahaval shares in an interview with…
Retweeted by Skill ScoutCompany culture is not a one-size-fits-all proposition...
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Some people in the U.S. are calling for the word "marijuana" to be cancelled because of its racist origins against…
Retweeted by Skill Scout @AbbyNeilson - found women and especially women of color unsupported in Chicago film she and…
Retweeted by Skill Scout @AbbyNeilson takes the stage - recruiting and EMPOWERING women. @skillscout knows how it is done. #RecruitCon
Retweeted by Skill ScoutOnly 4% of Fortune 500 companies include disabilities in their #dei efforts. @JulieSowash @DSTalentatWork
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Mike “Batman” Cohen brought the energy at the opening #RecruitCon2019 keynote on sourcing, messaging, and qualifyin…
Retweeted by Skill ScoutWant to know a little trick that's really helped me? I start each of my to-do items with a verb. So, instead of jus…
Retweeted by Skill Scout"...too many business leaders are still afraid to hire someone with a disability for fear that there will be added… "the largest group of unemployed Americans is still people with disabilities" "only 40% of working-age adul…
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We appreciate the mention, @ripplematch! Our focus is to elevate work across the board! #HumansAtWork
We are so honored to make this list! @socialmicole
#HRTX #NYC Thanks to: @Shally @ronniebratcher @tangierecruiter @GothamTechTalk @TheBrianFink @oracle @jackcoapman
Retweeted by Skill ScoutYou don't have to wait for Black Friday to save on video creation! Take a look at end of year promo:…
The new #HRHotSeat promotional video produced by @skillscout makes me smile every time I see it. What #HR pros in y…
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@AbbyNeilson Sharing why videos of your employees "on the job" are so impactful. We remember 65‰ of what we see vs…
Retweeted by Skill ScoutIt's been wild #mirecruits me in a couple weeks to walk through easy ways YOU can use video in recruiting (for free!)
Retweeted by Skill ScoutWe just heard from @GothamTechTalk about the importance of follow up. How many of those are repetitive emails? Grea…
Retweeted by Skill ScoutLoved traveling Michigan this week for @MiRecruits with this crew.
Retweeted by Skill ScoutCost per hire is a faster/cheaper metric. That's not a standard for recruiting and hiring excellence. Change the dy…
Retweeted by Skill ScoutTake a look at our webinar on effective ways to "crack the code" of how to attract Generation Z to #manufacturing j… was such a wonderful experience working with @Shaker_Ad on this project for @Wendys! #ThisIsHowWeBroll full circle at @KelloggCompany HQ w/ #mirecruits conference. Nearly 10 years ago we embarked on a project wi…
Retweeted by Skill ScoutI love when @Elena_Valentine goes off script. She's such an incredible interviewer and she jumped right in to show…
Retweeted by Skill ScoutLook who’s up there killing it at #MIRecruits... it’s @skillscout CEO @Elena_Valentine. Dropping all kinds of video…
Retweeted by Skill ScoutGoing back to where it all began! #mirecruits
She is pretty brilliant
Retweeted by Skill ScoutThis NYC activist is using augmented reality to erect monuments of notable people of color. Now his programs will b…
Retweeted by Skill ScoutLean into the suck! (Aka - keepin it real) @Elena_Valentine #mirecruits Employees are the expert of their experienc…
Retweeted by Skill ScoutHiring is hard. Duh. The reason it's hard is because there are myriad of variables we cannot control. But the one t…
Retweeted by Skill Scout @KatrinaKibben gets it! #mirecruits
Retweeted by Skill ScoutRecruiters always have opportunity to be better influencers and negotiators @kris_dunn #mirecruits
Retweeted by Skill ScoutThanks for the love, @StacyPollack! know what's a better feeling than making a list? When your advocates speak up for you when you didn't. Forever…
Retweeted by Skill ScoutCountdown to #michiganrecruits #annarbor in t-minus 10 minutes. @skillscout @ThreeEarsMedia @StacyZapar
Retweeted by Skill ScoutThe one and only @Elena_Valentine @skillscout kicking things off today. You're missing out if you're not here at M…
Retweeted by Skill ScoutOnly 1% of jobs have visuals. 13% of companies use testimonials. You're ahead of 90% of companies by using stories.…
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