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Letting you know my thoughts on things you don't care about since 2008 (I really just retweet a lot) (he/him)

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That was RBG and Chadwick hugging ❤️
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Retweeted by DrewStewThey just unveiled the new Melania Trump statue in Slovenia.
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Retweeted by DrewStewHeaven, famous for being underground
Retweeted by DrewStewWhy don’t earthquakes have names? Imagine your house violently shakes so you check Twitter like “that was Travis.”
Retweeted by DrewStewThis is more or less the plot of Stephen King’s “Under The Dome”. up hold up I thought these were jokes? These people were being sarcastic, yes??????! work by all tonight
Retweeted by DrewStewMy 18 month year old was watching the news by my side like we do every night and he turned to me and said “the last…
Retweeted by DrewStewI’m obsessed with this dog bringing his bowl of food with him to snack on the couch.
Retweeted by DrewStewRBG greeting Chadwick: "King." Chadwick greeting RBG: "Queen."
Retweeted by DrewStewYou can put 30 different fruits in a smoothie but you put a banana in that mf it is now a Banana Smoothie.
Retweeted by DrewStewJust a reminder if they repeal Roe V Wade abortions won’t stop. But SAFE abortions will
Retweeted by DrewStewI see a LOT of people with real weird beliefs about the game industry trying to justify buying Hogwarts Legacy with…
Retweeted by DrewStewJustice Ginsburg dictated a statement before her death: "My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until…
Retweeted by DrewStewDiana and Alexander (have been together for 8? 9? years) sent out fake Save the Dates to remind us to vote..... I h…
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Retweeted by DrewStewThis is one of the funniest reveals I’ve seen in a long time. Whoever was controlling the speed of that tarp is a…
Retweeted by DrewStewJust order the sex toy, they said. Ships in discreet, non-obvious packaging, they said.
Retweeted by DrewStew*bangs fists on table* NO I want my she hulk to have BIG GREEN TITS
Retweeted by DrewStewSomeone said Caillou’s dad looks like David Dobrik😭
Retweeted by DrewStew.@AaronCouch with the scoop: MS. MARVEL Finds Directors in Pakistani Oscar Winner, 'Bad Boys For Life' Filmmakers…
Retweeted by DrewStewlmfao a bat right in the face
Retweeted by DrewStewIs Shia LaBeouf wasted or the greatest method actor of our generation?
Retweeted by DrewStew @bartOO8 @HotGirlVideos69 Serves me right for skimming. @decayinwtheboys Hey, that’s a good one!What if I’m eating cake, our top line finally scored. Lee Isaac Chung to direct live-action remake of anime hit YOUR NAME for Paramount and Bad Robot
Retweeted by DrewStew @bartOO8 @HotGirlVideos69 Actually @JeremyMonjo I paid $80+ for my Majora’s Mask pre-order at Wal-Mart. Kids these days...I love this video more than some close relatives.
Retweeted by DrewStewMiss Grand THAILAND 2020 contest as RPG job a THREAD : Summoner class
Retweeted by DrewStew“You have to wear a mask to enter this restaurant/cafe but you can remove it once you’re sitting” is one of the mos…
Retweeted by DrewStewi really can't process that this was barely over half a year ago
Retweeted by DrewStewWow I always knew I hated Ana!!!! #TheOC
Retweeted by DrewStewCastlehill in the morning darkness, Edinburgh.
Retweeted by DrewStewthat's quentin tarantino
Retweeted by DrewStewThis is rude as hell
Retweeted by DrewStewdon’t forget to turn your camera off kids
Retweeted by DrewStewThis is the greatest thing I've seen in 2020. McConaughey nodding along with a smile. Julia laughing. Morgan Freema…
Retweeted by DrewStewHow do people eat breakfast I have 0 appetite when I wake up I just starve untill midday
Retweeted by DrewStewAccidentally closed a browser with 20+ tabs opened . . . this must be what the scholars of Alexandria felt when their great library burned.
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Retweeted by DrewStewRemembering my years in the restaurant industry this morning
Retweeted by DrewStewHoly sh*t. Mike Pence’s lead staffer @OliviaTroye comes out for Biden and says she was shocked by the WH’s COVID r…
Retweeted by DrewStewThis is 100% what it’s like to show up 5 min early to a poli sci class
Retweeted by DrewStewWhy he flex like this 😭😭I love to see it
Retweeted by DrewStewnew contender for the greatest tweet of all time
Retweeted by DrewStewMe trying to make the most of 2020
Retweeted by DrewStewThere should be a test to be a Senator
Retweeted by DrewStewME: Oh shit, this game looks awesome. I gotta play this right now. I think I’ll buy it! STEAM: You actually bough…
Retweeted by DrewStewBusting my brains trying to decide if I would rather be dead or lose 12.2% GDP
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EXCLU: Tatiana Maslany is your SHE-HULK for Disney Plus series
Retweeted by DrewStewHere's my opinion on the Hogwarts game: it's ok to not support an IP that was created by a massive transphobe. And…
Retweeted by DrewStewShout out to the devs who made the HP game who are going through it. Also shout out to all Trans game devs who are ALSO going through it.
Retweeted by DrewStewThat a moral dilemma that every person facing the conflict between their fandom and desire to support minorities ne…
Retweeted by DrewStewCan you still respect and support trans people if you buy the new Harry Potter game? Absolutely. Are you further…
Retweeted by DrewStew @Polygon How many franchises can you think of that feel the need to distance themselves from their creator in the o…
Retweeted by DrewStew @uzionmain Yeah, that probably has something to do with it. But still... I pre-ordered the PS4 from Best Buy and I… too.
Retweeted by DrewStew @uzionmain No 😭. I was hoping it was maybe just a placeholder date and that it’s get bumped up as we got closer to… husband [M25] keeps making distasteful jokes about my [F22] little female 6.5lb cat
Retweeted by DrewStewthe officer down memorial page lists dogs that died in the line of duty, let's pay our respe-
Retweeted by DrewStewLMFAO is going to buy their annualized AAA franchises for $70 without blinking while giving an indie game a thum…
Retweeted by DrewStewHaving cross-gen games at launch is not the same as saying every game released for the next 2 years will play on th…
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Retweeted by DrewStewHad a small moment of joy today
Retweeted by DrewStewthis is one of the most chaotic things i’ve ever seen
Retweeted by DrewStewWhy do I not remember these movies looking this good? opinion: The outrage about cross gen first party games on PS4/PS5 isn’t because people are genuinely upse…
Retweeted by DrewStewthat the monument a fascist built for himself barely 60 years ago is apparently now a huge part of christiandom tel…
Retweeted by DrewStewIf you take the blue states out, nobody died on 9/11.
Retweeted by DrewStewIt occurred to me that while #XMen is wildly popular, the same few arcs keeping getting adapted so most people don'…
Retweeted by DrewStew @uzionmain How’d you get November 12th delivery? I did Best Buy as well and they’re saying November 16th.Remarkable, must-read thread about the California wildfires.
Retweeted by DrewStewJack White looks like Michael Cera, if he went as Johnny Depp for Halloween.
Retweeted by DrewStewFirefighters literally fight fire. Also firefighters fighting conspiracy theories on TikTok. Not all heroes wear…
Retweeted by DrewStewToday more and more Americans are more interested in getting a Playstation than making time to Pray(for our)nation
Retweeted by DrewStewAnd boys friend just texted me from a trans-Atlantic flight saying folks are on their hands and knees looking for not one,…
Retweeted by DrewStewThe only problem with this argument being that by not buying the game, you’re also hurting thousands of people who… 5 launch games announced today - War Wars: Wars of War - FyghtWeapyn: Chronicles Saga - Britain Sword…
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Retweeted by DrewStewGet an exciting new look at Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: #PS5 #BeGreater
Retweeted by DrewStewPS5 Global launch schedule:
Retweeted by DrewStewSee you in November!
Retweeted by DrewStewCould there be any more inspiring studio name than ‘Creative Business Unit III’?
Retweeted by DrewStewAs a lawyer I’m just gonna put it out there that you should ABSOLUTELY NEVER tweet your lawyer’s litigation/negotia…
Retweeted by DrewStewI told the girls we had a big surprise.. little did they know Daddy was home from the @NHL bubble ❤️
Retweeted by DrewStewTotally normal things happening on the Upper West Side
Retweeted by DrewStewAll the replies to this are “This is SO dangerous! Your math is factually incorrect! We only need 2.5 MILLION DEATH… be mentioned that nobody *just* flips burgers. They do back breaking cleaning, prep, and constant cooking to…
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