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Simphil @SkinnyKingSahil LA for the winter

26 | Software Dev @ Big Tech | Scored 21 on :/ | Honorary member of the quad squad | minors DNI

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Anyways if you guys want follow me on my alt @SexyKingSahil1, Im considering moving there and just starting anew but im not sure rn 😂 @hetrophyl @criiator ily guysrefuse to take anyone on here seriously anymoreI cant take this fucking app sometimes @dumb__crybaby 🤨 @tweeterthotiana I want to pet him so bad @kellyscarpone This is a really cute picture @weeniehutmenu @ktwms2 solidarity queenHurts my heart that there are ppl who dont like bananas. What could drive a person to have such taste @gagehateslife Bet? @kissprivately woah... @robbyissad Lmaooo no it was a joke I didnt actually marry Ty @dumb__crybaby @asscheesee See the quote :) @robbyissad No ❤️ @autiodrip LETS GOOOO @gagehateslife @asscheesee You wuz my crush gage... strike 3!!! @asscheesee insane bitches DM 😍😍 we'll have an amazing time and make Ty jealousLadies im single again, who want me @prettydense Plus tinder is like 65% guys @prettydense No it’s possible lol when you first create your profile you’ll be at the top of a lot of ppls decks. A… @lytchell And yellow @lytchell GreyIt’s always very nice when ppl leave the GC before blocking you 😂 @gagehateslife @AutumnTripet Pain
@rottenhippy No not really Hahahaha @vwhoreb 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 @huunte_ my badhiii @ktwms2 dark blue @ktwms2 Same @autiodrip WThis is the second time Ive successfully done this @prettydense Just say youre not a bot and youre good lmaooo @maddieloulou200 👫👫👫 @MelodramaticFit It says it in the tweet haha @dumb__crybaby W @maddieloulou200 HELL YES @maddieloulou200 LETS GOOOOOODM if you wanna see a $100 transaction in your Venmo @FrickinDelanie to peg ofcDoes anyone wanna lock arms? 🥺👉🏽👈🏽 @tatertothotbtch omw bestie 😍 @tatertothotbtch so true bestieDM if you want me to be your doormat (not the other stuff though only doormat) @asscheesee @vwhoreb @mononarunner Wine bros are mid @vwhoreb No but in a similar vein @vwhoreb C++ @prettydense FairHey babe I just liked 500 of your insta pics in a row do you want me now? @vwhoreb @asscheesee I wouldnt say im a tech bro outside of working at a tech company. I barely talk about my job o… @desukidesu @userjaymes ? @asscheesee Gym bros and gamer bros are fav Tech bros and frat bros least fav (not vib though he's a sweetie)reopening girlfriend applications since Anne Hathaway dont want me, lmk if youre interested @asscheesee Sad that I am right beside frat bros 😞 @asscheesee bros* @asscheesee I think Gamer gros should be much higher personally @hawttubdaddy Not the first timeHere’s the dance I broke into when my code worked pls no bully @rottenhippy I hadnt slept that well the night before lololol @gagehateslife I don’t have to imagineI think @parrspective tweet will reach 1M @vwhoreb I do it when ive been trying to find a very gnarly and annoying bug and finally find itThis is making me wanna have solidarity with leftist men oh god @hetrophyl @criiator Pull up @criiator @hetrophyl Silence @weeniehutmenu Lmaoooo @weeniehutmenu Its me from 2018 @hetrophyl @criiator Only girls are allowed to establish dominance over him like that @hetrophyl @criiator u down badwho wanna see the vid? @criiator beat that nerd up who tf is that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Do you ever just break into a dance because your code is no longer brokenYou couldn't tell me that Jax Briggs here doesn't look like Steve Harvey with a straight face Also I didn't knew t…
Retweeted by Simphil @vwhoreb he loves u too ❤️🥺 @vwhoreb You are not capableThis fella wants to toast you at your birthday celebration, wyd? @dumb__crybaby Max clean her room @nikki_falc GOOD LUCKI dont even take nudes any more I just take pictures of my thighs and cheeks @tatertothotbtch secure that bag @tatertothotbtch dont send them to him again @autiodrip I listen to music.... just not like as into music as the average person @autiodrip Pain @matchu_chutrain I felt thisIn pain, dont text 36!!!!! IM 36!!!! STOP THROWING THE BALL 😡😡😡🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀
Retweeted by Simphil @prettydense I’m 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺, ilysm B you’re an amazing humanyou graduate school and all of a sudden the universe is like hi you’ll never have a convenient and built in reason…
Retweeted by Simphil @cryb0i @autiodrip FIm old enough to remember the 2016 electionIve never had a myspace @autiodrip You talented af thats why @__xkhc This made my night ilysm @__xkhc ❤️❤️❤️ @autiodrip @eelswhere Yes autumn it is @asscheesee Ofc* @asscheesee Oh yes off @asscheesee Wdym no surprises? @enissophobic_ And u ❤️