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skirt they/them when I die, I want to be an empty shell, having given every part of myself to creating

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@laweyD Congrats!! To 30k more!! :) <3 @_emnays weird, but I love when it thunders very gently too, somewhere far away as I sit under my blankets with the rumbling noise @Shiroi_Raven Good luck, it sounds so exciting! @laweyD One, single one each week cause it's such a pain to schedule sometimes 🤣 Don't overwork yourself!!Happy birthday to the absolute wave of creation @JennRavenna ! I'll be forever inspired by the continuous hard work… @yasutatsu_ 🥺❤️❤️❤️ @maariamph This shouldn't have made me laugh so hard ☠️☠️☠️☠️Thanks everyone, I got some leads! Word of advice for young artists : read what's written for the job and act accor… Parade
Retweeted by @skirtsan @klegsart Always a joy to see your colors and perspectives!!! ❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️ @pemprika Pumpkin soup is really easy and really tasty too!! @eelbeats Uahh! Sending kisses!! ❤️❤️ @LKiKAi So pretty!! @eelbeats Uff...I'm sending you all my love and care Michelle!!
Right I forgot to mention that if you know someone or you're one yourself can you post your rate and portfolio here? Thanks!Anyone knows good character/portrait artists with commission on that are able to pull off Victorian clothing and fl…
Retweeted by @skirtsan @salukipop Arwen this is exquisite ❤️❤️ @Velnna Biggest heart eyes 👀😍 @Picoffee (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ @TincekMarincek The true power lies in chibi and small squiggly animal doodles (me) 🤣❤️ @TincekMarincek THAT'S SO CUTE akfjakfjskfkslsAre you having fun creating? Then you win at art actually @bogboogie A what is happening? This sounds so unbelievable... @CutTimeComic (gently kisses the baby) THANK YOU FOR THE ZOOOOM all my love is stored in bunny @CutTimeComic I love the bunny so much 🥺🥺🥺
Rage doesn't comfort inside you; it stretches mercilessly, uncomfortably into shapes you're afraid of.
Retweeted by @skirtsan @mrotisky I love this...the concept...aaaaaaaaaa @mrotisky 👀👀👀👀 @LennysanArt Lenny!!! I love the second one, the sparkly shiny gems ♥️ I hope you've been doing well!! @xylophonetic They will all get it <3If you don't know what's going on, shame on you! /j No but seriously, check my webcomic that released recently :… OC from my webcomic Awakening would you like to know about more? I'll do them all (illustrations and refs) bu… @Anontloudeac Also thank you. Your art is wonderful! @Anontloudeac Hi! The font definitely could be thinner but I was worried about readability for visually impaired :)… @earthclass3 Awwwh 🥺🥺🥺❤️ @kvkki Thank you Maren, you're the sweetest ❤️I create my illustrations for free. RT can go a long way, so have Kofi for anyone wanting to support me @sh0d03 It hurts so much haha @sh0d03 I keep pressing the shopping button instead of my notifs... 😭😭😭 @v_0_3 Ajfhajdjaj I'm proud of u ❤️ very thematically accurate @v_0_3 I love them all. I love the site, I love the lines I love Lynn!!!! Caleb looks like a sharp character my ey… @v_0_3 IT'S HERE WOOOOOOOO❌MAD DOGS, a cyberpunk crime story with queer detectives, is out now! Hope you enjoy!
Retweeted by @skirtsan @v_0_3 JSHDKSJFJS I THINK YOU CANT GET MORE ICONIC THAN THAT... @v_0_3 OH MY GOD...DID... PEOPLE BREAK THE SITE AKFHKSKX @mrotisky Thank you honey 🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️ it means a lot!!! @Shindras_ Shelfy ilu ❤️ thank you for your kind words, always !!People looking at their TLs and thinking "wow everyone is creating everyday" while the truth is, I struggle to put… @loveariddle_ Riddle I'll give you the best dessert out of it 😔❤️ @yuseirra Yusei you are such a sweetheart...thank you. I'm far from happy nowadays but creating gives me at least l… you for all the support on this! Been in real art slump lately with my tunnel vision on perfectionism. Makes… @OOTTY8 Thank you, I'm glad but also I'm sorry it's relatable TT @Jack_V_L Thank you! I'm quite proud of it. @RousseHs Thank you Rousse. I hope you're safe and feeling good 💓💓 @alphabettacarp ♥️♥️♥️ @japhers I bet he has perfect time travelling story shenanigans @noctresque ❤️❤️❤️ @Shindras_ And you're always so inspiring!! I should go ham and draw something self indulgent with my OCS too... @Shindras_ How you are so cool!!!! @acnhbrainrot Thank you~ @cellswordrin Thank you! @Shindras_ I have hearts in my eyes as I listen with love and attention you deserve @Shindras_ Preach
@v_0_3 Thank you!!! I love going WHOOSH with brush hehe @dvrmouse Thank you Pom :)surviving I see "required : +7 years of experience" I age very fast and crawl back into sea cave @morchlav AJSHDJKDHFKEJD @bogboogie I can't say anything cause my week was god damn awful but I hope next one will be better!!! Sending all… @morchlav How does it feel to be so legendary @noa89 Not @ me trying to DM someone and I unfollow them because my fingers are flying everywhere 😭😭😭 @Shindras_ SLEEP WELL @afternoontm The underglow omg 😍 @shewhoran These lines are wonderful 💓🥰 @stephpeppery I can't decide oh no...
@ThomasScholes Yes!!! They are really wonderful inspiration whenever I'm gaming or drawing. :) @ThomasScholes You did that Arah dungeon piece! It's one of my favourite illustrations for any game ever, wow!!Manifesting energy to create and good health ✨✨ @JubyPhonic_P I read the sequel a bit but they're so understandable and so relatable, I need to portion myself!! It… @JubyPhonic_P The first one... I love rereading this manga, it's very intense @Shindras_ ♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @wishchu The bunny is so cute oh my god!!! @wishchu Manifesting real hard for some bg gacha gigs..hello Genshin can u hear m @vicious_mongrel They look really cool! Antagonists in stories are my fav usually and they're very nicely designed!!
@morchlav I'm making a comic rn about melancholy...what a coincidence... @morchlav CAMIIIIIII AAHHHHH 😭💗💗💗💗I specialize in environment concept art. I'd love to work in games, illustration, cover art! My schedule for late 2…
Retweeted by @skirtsan @HenTattooer This is brilliant ♥️❤️ @mmmjoos Tree Lady is just so cool. Incredibly inspirational stuff!!! @Shindras_ Your expressions are top 💯 as always 😊❤️ @Shimimori I'M LOOKING... I SHALL DO THESE @safifesse Exciting!!! 😊❤️
@Giraffaloops Love these! @TechnoGhost2124 Yes I was thinking of something like that!
Definitely I want to make character bios for my comic and I'll perhaps post them here! All the little notes and gim… begins collab with @tamensou #MagnusPod #TMA
Retweeted by @skirtsan @laweyD 😏💗💗💗30 min EVA 001
Retweeted by @skirtsan @Notch_memo This looks beautiful!