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skirt they/them BG artist when I die, I want to be an empty shell, having given every part of myself to creating

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@popwallah That's so sweet, thank you. Many people wanna live inside them which I find really fun to think about 😉♥️ @kuri_huang Forever a fan of yours Kuri 😊❤️ @eelbeats ♥️♥️♥️I actually have tons of new art I did on the side but it's a very specific fandom no one here is interested in so I… @Shindras_ Shelfy the linework is gorgeous, you've outdone yourself ☺️♥️Underwater
Retweeted by @skirtsan looking 4 work | DTIYS ongoing ✨there's no worth to a puppet who can't entertain others
Retweeted by @skirtsan looking 4 work | DTIYS ongoing ✨ @eelbeats THIS IS SO COOL MICHELLE @RobinOlausson Thank you so much 🥺♥️ @DevinElleKurtz Devin you are so great and hardworking, bless your heart 🙏♥️#ArtsOfVibrancy colours ✨
Retweeted by @skirtsan looking 4 work | DTIYS ongoing ✨ @BigSkyCastle Beautiful colours 🥰 love your art so muchhhhhhh
@shanazbyrne Wonderful use of colour. Really refreshing palette...loving your artwork!*beams colors straight into ur brain* #ArtsofVibrancy
Retweeted by @skirtsan looking 4 work | DTIYS ongoing ✨ @jellyflavor Colors = beamed thank you @RobinOlausson Robin I will genuinely admit that you are one of the reasons I keep painting and trying new things w… @bogboogie Irrationally excited for this thread @cartoonnetwork Hello! I'd love to be considered for a nice project like this :) here is my portfolio and some rece… @bountiperr PROUD OF YOU BOTH!! @terahsvent I love painting iridescent . Thank you! @Ruzhuu Lovely! @ELIOLIart ❤️❤️💃#ArtsOfVibrancy colours ✨
I am available for March and April! Please have me in mind when researching artists, I would love to work on some c…
no one: me: i was gonna say something but I forgot
Retweeted by @skirtsan looking 4 work | DTIYS ongoing ✨
Hope everyone's been doing better than me getting excited at sunlight 🤣❤️Having seasonal depression at a time like this is just "IS THAT A RAY OF SUN I SEE?! AM I FINALLY FREE?!" *Hiberna… @JennRavenna Jenn I think you won this, 100% @stephanie_draws You are much stronger than you realize Stephanie! Your hard work shines through and I can see that…
@perisceris I love the way you painted eyes here Michi! @Ruzhuu :)Happy anniversary #NieR #NieRAutomata ! Here are my old works to celebrate. @BigSkyCastle Zoe ❤️ I hope you've been doing well!Low tide turning evergreen (Posting on it's own because heck I am PROUD of this illustration and I will boast!!)
Retweeted by @skirtsan looking 4 work | DTIYS ongoing ✨ @eelbeats A little! Mountains here make everything twice as cold...And thank you, I will make sure to stay focused… @eelbeats Incredibly busy! And it's really cold!! All I wanna do is hibernate brrrrrold wave studies from F. Waugh @novidenB I opened Twitter at perfect time?! This is so beautiful. Incredible! Wonderful use of shapes and the way…, @Skirtsan has a DTIYS! #skirt23_dtiys Their art really inspires me so I'm happy I got to do this for them!
Retweeted by @skirtsan looking 4 work | DTIYS ongoing ✨ @eelbeats Love your art SOOO MUCH. Thank you for the tag, sending all my good wishes Michelle ❤️💓
@kuri_huang Beautiful as always Kuri! I hope you're doing well :)Thought of the day : I wish to have 4 more hands so I can be more efficient
@scorpionviscera Listen this is genius
@BonnieBranson Yeah. Light and sound, I get really irritated very fast nowadays :(
it's not monday but #mikusonamonday
Retweeted by @skirtsan looking 4 work | DTIYS ongoing ✨ @UltraCat7724 I'm gathering all the knowledge I can right now!!! Thank you for sharing 😊
Got new laptop battery and it seems to be working! Gotta catch up with work tomorrow 😊Introducing ․․․ ⫸ S k i r t ⫷ ! ╭━ ⋅⇣⋅ ━━ ⌞ ༒ ⌝ ━━ ⋅⇣⋅ ━╮ No, not the steak. 🥩 Our skilled Jujutsu artist! 😈 🙌…
Retweeted by @skirtsan looking 4 work | DTIYS ongoing ✨ @Shimimori It's so cool. I love it @Shimimori HELLO? LOVE THIS? @EverydayMerlin The lighting is so gorgeous 💟Art is hard. Celebrate your small victories.
Retweeted by @skirtsan looking 4 work | DTIYS ongoing ✨ @jckielantern Class!!! And lots of sunshine :D @kiera_b_ Ily Kiera
Just a little update I'm now down to 1200$ away from the surgery cost. You are all incredible, whether you donated…
Retweeted by @skirtsan looking 4 work | DTIYS ongoing ✨ @morchlav Ahhh this composition...Cami I am ascending ⚰️⚰️⚰️depression induced amnesia
Retweeted by @skirtsan looking 4 work | DTIYS ongoing ✨ @BigSkyCastle This hurts so much! Being bombarded with subconscious decisions based on sm isn't fun :( @perisceris This is so cool. This attire is beautiful, thank you for sharing and drawing Miku so cutely too!! <3I am incredibly grateful every year people can donate and chip in to such a huge sum going to hospitals giving kids… every RT/comment with a hashtag #MastercardGrazWOSP Mastercard will be donating money towards a Polish charity… @qosicart 2 years? Of this song? The torment never ends HADJHAJDKAJS it's in my brain forever @roseflarea I care!!! Gorgeous blending technique here holy moly 😌🥰♥️ @huayecai820 Beautiful!
After all this time, it still hits all my doubts and worries about creation and self and how you piece it together… think every artist ever needs to watch/play the Beginner's Guide at least once in their lifetime. This game chang… @DevinElleKurtz Oh Devin the colours on buildings is incredible 🥺❤️ @angrygengars Rest in pieces Gé...holding your hand gently... @angrygengars NOOOOO!!! take all the shortcuts you can omg 😭😭😭Mask on the nose HELLO it's 2021 it's not like it's a new thing!!!!!!!!!!! BE DECENT I'M IMMUNO COMPROMISED!!! @UltraCat7724 I would like to learn someday how to do that! It seems hard but really satisfying in the end ☺️ @UltraCat7724 The rendering on armor is so good!! Looking at all those details carefully, it's so sharp and clean 🥺❤️ @Gumsbiter1 This looks lovely 🥰
Updated my portfolio a little and still searching! Sent few applications as well, if you or someone you know is loo… color theory im going to start coloring like i know something about shrimp colors that you dont
Retweeted by @skirtsan looking 4 work | DTIYS ongoing ✨ @MsDalfo I will rest a bit, thank you ❤️ I need to look at the charger only type of work if I want to try! @kaichowahoesama Thank you! @kaichowahoesama My battery lasted for very long and until now it worn out. I think I'm able to use charger only fo… laptop battery finally died. Rest in pieces while I can't work for few days 😞they drain blood from your love so it's no longer filled with warmth #HadesGame #Zagreus #Thanatos
Retweeted by @skirtsan looking 4 work | DTIYS ongoing ✨ @MafsSimps This rendering? Impeccable. Wondrous. Perfection. @HollyIeaf The shock is still within fact that researchers found the most likely cause of Dyatlov's Pass incident by using snow animation techniques… @Cy_lindric True, true! There's a lot of possibilities to think of when matching! @faroresmemory Thank you, I'm really glad they look cool!! I worked hard on them 😂❤️ @uhchiriri Thank you 😊❤️ @Cy_lindric Which is hilarious considering that some of them probably are good friends and some are sworn enemies a… @wwah00 And you are likewise, super cool ❤️ @EverydayMerlin Merlin this is incredible!!! I am immensely proud of you and the entire cast and I'm looking forwar…
@ichi_nese Thank you Ichi 💓☺️ @explodikid Bless your heart LySandra <33 Thank you @eelbeats Aw yesss, the colors are so funky fresh!! @perisceris Sending healing and love !! <3they drain blood from your love so it's no longer filled with warmth #HadesGame #Zagreus #Thanatos of my favorite concept art images I did for Magic the Gathering's Kaldheim set during my first concept push wi…
Retweeted by @skirtsan looking 4 work | DTIYS ongoing ✨ @Shimimori Oh YES this one is so cool, just tons of ringing bells that could ring at any moment heheI work a lot these days...and I applied for few really cool jobs...Wish me luck because my anxiety is high 😭🙏 @changge0U0 Change this is so cool! I love it! <3 @magictheft You are SO right. You are SO RIGHT!