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President of @MassINCPolling, co-host of @The_HorseRace .Oversees the @WBUR poll. Past president of @NEAAPOR. Iraq veteran.

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@jbradleyrushing @ScamwellTarly Update: can now confirm they are still good.Lots in here, but as I read it the highlights are. - No talk of a COVID vax mandate. - Unvaccinated people should… @TracyNovick I don't see anything in here about whether vaccinated teachers and staff are required to wear masks. I… i watched cruella and also considered legal action
Retweeted by Steve Koczela @ScamwellTarly @jbradleyrushing Now I'm torn. Tub or bar. @jbradleyrushing I remember the good old days when for reasons never clear to me, there was free ice cream outside @WBUR on certain days. @datadyne007 Twitter is a good and supportive place. @sarahokeefe good tipIt's 11 AM and I could use some ice cream tbh. Need guidance.such a hard pass"A Republican-controlled committee plans to prevent the University of Wisconsin System from imposing mandatory COVI… Audiences Will Need Proof of Vaccination and Masks @skoczela He’s gotta steal the offsides flag and chuck it into the stands
Retweeted by Steve KoczelaAbout 74% of the Covid-19 cases in Provincetown, Massachusetts, are among the fully vaccinated — but there hasn’t b…
Retweeted by Steve Koczela @HeyRatty Somehow they'll call us offsides here. I know it. @JohnCluverius We need a full baseball coach-style meltdown. Sand kicked. Balls thrown. Hats thrown. Ejection. Just put down a marker. @ChrisLisinski My bad.9 goals. goals disallowed for the #USWNT feels like ... something.It was a goal. #uswntThe Pentagon has announced that members of the military will be subjected to the same vaccination and mask rules.
Retweeted by Steve KoczelaHUGE DEAL GO OFF @KirsheBar!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🥲🥲🥲🥲🤩🤩🤩🤩
Retweeted by Steve KoczelaRugby is a wild sport. Also USA beat Australia which apparently is a big deal. 🇺🇸Feels like I should write a thing about how to push through when your orders get extended. instant sartorial legend, setting the bar for all future VaxMillions winners.
@RobertDSullivan @skoczela baby steps. first step is to allow everyone to build a Dunkies in their backyard we c…
Retweeted by Steve KoczelaMassachusetts employer vaccine mandates draw broad support. @richparr79 wrote up the poll featured on this week's e…
Retweeted by Steve KoczelaA genius idea to immediately solve the Massachusetts housing crisis. known fact you can build Dunkin' Donuts by right in Massachusetts. There are no zoning ordinances, parking m… @statehousenews, Massachusetts "Treasurer, Auditor Mandating Employee COVID-19 Vaccines. Will Require Weekly Te… names Rupa Shenoy new host of ‘Morning Edition’
Retweeted by Steve Koczela @tomcatalini I have certain sway when it comes to the arrangement of chess sets in government offices.UPDATE: I am now told by trusted sources that this issue has been resolved. the Boston vaccine mandate question, we haven't ask specifically about all municipal workers, but have found bro… isn't a Renaissance painting but 𝙡𝙤𝙤𝙠𝙨 like a Renaissance painting? 🖼️👇
Retweeted by Steve KoczelaNEW: The Boston Police Department should have done more to protect the public after officer Patrick Rose was accuse…
Retweeted by Steve KoczelaQuentin Palfrey (D) has filed with OCPF to run for Massachusetts Attorney General. stress of the office has caused Charlie Baker to grow to 11 feet tall. @theDataCafe @MassGovernor That's even worse.Call the authorities.🚨 SCANDAL: In this photo I received, the chess board in @MassGovernor's office is set up sideways. When sitting beh…'s @revrenddoctor on remote work "...working from home in large quantities and many areas, downtown included, i… @alexjgoldstein So sorry to hear this Alex. We're all thinking about you today.The pandemic has greatly accelerated the consumer shift to online shopping. 24% of respondents do all or most of th…
Retweeted by Steve KoczelaCloudy with a chance of unthreaded tweet storm. @therriaultphd @statehousenews @therriaultphd @statehousenews Feels like they went all in on this and will just let the chips fall where they may.Widespread continuation of remote / hybrid will have far reaching impacts in MA. It affects transportation needs, b… @therriaultphd @statehousenews Seems they're not gonna just roll the dice.Delta variant impacts: per @statehousenews, Massachusetts Gaming Commission will delay its return to in-person work… @NumbersMuncher The family and friends reactions are one of the best part of the Olympics for sure.Key takeaway from this week's episode: Mass. employers and employees who have been remote see hybrid work as the fu… @MileahKromer I applaud his choice here.In the latest @Mass_Reboot podcast, @JDChesloff talks about the #futureofwork. Great to also hear from @maeghanbeth
Retweeted by Steve KoczelaI have preemptively muted @reillyadam and @LaurenDezenski until further notice. you love the poll writeup and then the toplines aren't posted. least 22 Massachusetts colleges and universities, including Harvard, MIT, Boston University, Amherst College,…“Either you accommodate the vast majority of your employees who want the safest environment possible, or accommodat… quarters of MA workers support vaccine requirements at their jobs. Click through the link for crosstabs.
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@skoczela Also in this episode, new polling of the Massachusetts workforce. Support for "your employer requiring ev…
Retweeted by Steve KoczelaEpisode 5: Work Will the Massachusetts economy ever be the same? Or has remote work changed it forever? And what d…
Retweeted by Steve KoczelaWait til their employees see what's posted about this on Facebook. @rachdele Trying to figure out how to talk trash about crypto but I can't.They have absolutely had this tweet saved in Drafts for 𝗺𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗵𝘀
Retweeted by Steve Koczela @rachdele Let’s fight. @jmpaquette Yeah that's happening more and more these days. @mcinerney_mg @Bostopianews @statehousenews No joke though this is a case study in how the Mass housing market hurts all of us (1 / 3,500) @mcinerney_mg @Bostopianews @statehousenews yah if you're not already here there's just no hopeOh well that clears that right up. TIME: For run of the mill Twitter trolls, which do you do more often? @apbenven @LaurenDezenski what @ThenaEliot So sorry to hear this.Thank you to @RaskyPartners for extending their sponsorship of Mass Reboot through the end of the season! Their sup…
Retweeted by Steve KoczelaIf I had to buy a home in Massachusetts today, I couldn't afford it. I couldn't even afford to buy my own house if…
Retweeted by Steve KoczelaIf you support #BlackBusiness you need to get vaccinated and you need to make sure the people you live with, love,…
Retweeted by Steve Koczela @ScamwellTarly Crop dust American cities.One thing we've heard over and over again doing @Mass_Reboot is how suddenly things have changed during COVID. Sudd… @POLITICO_Steve I have not been dunked on this hard in a while. often listen to The Daily while I run, and it's really weird to be in a place again where episodes from a day or… Americans have voted for Democratic presidents every election since 1988 other than Bush 2004 and yet the Supr… @tomcatalini @tomcatalini It’s the Army ethos.Sometimes I remember I used to iron my clothes, shine my shoes, and wear a tie.This tweet leaves me speechless.
This is a good time to repost this gif of Senator Ted Cruz trying to dunk a basketball. @_catWillDoomYou Is that a technical term?This issue is changing very quickly. @BioTurboNick Perhaps? It also doesn't really make sense in that it doesn't really account for hybrid. I might go… question doesn't make any sense. "When do you expect you will shift back to working out of your home, like you… CDC recommends that all students in kindergarten through 12th grade should wear masks when they return to s…
Retweeted by Steve Koczela @rachdele I bet @anthonymamore could hook this up.- Reporters: Did you see the hearings? - GOP leadership: found 73% support requiring state employees to be vaccinated (76% in Boston)
Retweeted by Steve Koczela @HeyRatty End the tux rental racket.Median home sale price in Massachusetts for June 2021 was $555,000, up from $440,000 in June 2020, per…, for our "Work" episode, we'll be releasing our new Massachusetts poll on employer vaccination requirement…
Retweeted by Steve Koczela @jbradleyrushing If I'm going back I want my own tank division. @jbradleyrushing Brigadier General Rushing has a certain ring to it.This is exactly why we do polling. Otherwise you only hear the loudest voices. question: what does enforcing subpoenas actually look like? Getting impeachment flashbacks here.