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youtube video + stream + ep + hair pending 😎 📨 𝘽𝙐𝙎𝙄𝙉𝙀𝙎𝙎 𝙊𝙉𝙇𝙔:

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HOW IS IP MAN 4 SO FUCKING BAD @ehloanna @serinide Does that also feature guyI wish I had a better excuse to not be caught up on recent shows but in truth I’ve just watched six entire seasons of Guy’s Grocery Games. @nicoletters it’s so powerfulWHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO RUN ON THIS? INCHES?? @defcatofficial :3 @TLG_Zeus Oh my god that sound hilarious @defcatofficial This is probably one of the best takes I’ve heard about the game. Good shit brother 🙏 @Shoelace1942 no💖Idk who needs to hear this but Binding of Isaac is incredibly dated in it’s gameplay and mechanics and thus falls s… happens when the population keeps growing and AI keeps taking more jobs? A thread 1/?
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Troubleshooting and setting up a mega ghetto stream will keep you guys posted @yakkocmn I don’t CARE yakko suck my ASS @RedRiotRoss My computer is DEAD AAAHHHHMy goal is to beat ring fit in these 5 days that I literally have NOTHING TO DOO @lol0ptz @Senpai_Des I’ll let you know closer to the day but maybe late bc that’s when amazon box arrives @lol0ptz @Senpai_Des FRIDAY ART THOU AVAILABLE @Senpai_Des @lol0ptz I’D GO TO HIM BUT HES MOVINGGGHEY ARE ANY MUTUALS REALLY GOOD AT BUILDING PCS AND CAN HELP ME NEXT WEEKEND
Happy #NationalGirlfriendDay to the most thoughtful, loving, big butted person I know. @TSM @TSMDoublelift This is good contentBuilding a new PC hopefully by the end of the week so until then streams are gonna have to get creativeStrong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to w…
Retweeted by SkoochThis counts as my national girlfriend day post Reb I called itAh yes. Me. My girlfriend. And her way over-leveled four foot tall Mareep. (📸 @MartinWongPhoto)
Retweeted by Skooch @MartinWongPhoto @serinide @Pokemon LETS GOOOREB AND I GOT TO DO A PHOTOSHOOT WITH THE MAREEP DRESSED AS POKÉMON TRAINERS IT WAS SO FLAMES @Football_Head2 IS A LEGEND WAS SO COOLLLL into the dryer and now I’m 5’8 😔Holy fuck my girlfriend and my brothers are the stupidest people on earth I’m having the best birthday ever thank y…
@themattcastro Thanks man @SkoochLoL today you were born and God stopped crying
Retweeted by Skooch @VatsOfGoop @mercenarykat @serinide AHHHHHHHHHHAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU CLOWN me and @mercenarykat worked on a piece together for you! I drew you and Kat drew Reb hopef…
Retweeted by SkoochThese were probably my favourite drawings that i did for the jeopardy video, coincidentally it is also both of thei…
Retweeted by Skooch @yakkocmn THANK U STINKY Now let’s beat CupHead on stream coopOh my fucking god I can’t fucking believe it I’m gonna shit my pants this is the most insane gift I’ve ever receive… BIRTHDAY IS IN TWO MINUTES AND IM DRUNK COME HERE @Voyboy Thank you kid genius I can feel my IQ increasing with your blessing ☝️Alright so CWTAT nocturne isn’t coming out tomorrow. Just found out if you leave your PC on for three years your fans die 😔😔😔 @mercenarykat Nobody tells me this stuffI can't believe @SkoochLoL hasn't turned off his PC in 3 years
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WHAT ARE YA DOIN JUST SITTIN THERE? CMON IN HERE AND JOIN MY PRE-BIRTHDAY STREAM! you guys know that there are 70 episodes of Can We Talk About This? Like what the fuck bro LOLSeeing the recent controversy about high elo league streamers being toxic and it's just??? Bro league is the most… @PortSDG Friday yesbro @SkoochLoL
Retweeted by Skooch @gearbloody @serinide @chibiin Recently I’ve been listening to ugly is beautiful by Oliver tree. It’s so goodSo it ended up taking longer than expected and I’m just gonna call it today. I’ll stream on Sunday to make up for t… respect for listening to the people.
HEY I HAVE TO HELP REB WITH SOMETHING SO TODAY IS GOING TO BE A LATER/NIGHT EDITING STREAM UNLESS MY COMPUTER SHITS… really do be like that huh @TheFrostPrime LMFAOOO @EveryDamnDay__ @serinide @Pokemon ITS SO GOOD @LEC @NEOM Can you guys at least remove the pride logo before you act up and do something so fucking stupid please?Didn’t riot literally just ban Dom from co-streaming pro games because he made a joke about nail polish to a suppor… @megalonyx_ @tofu_thots It’s significantly more funny when you find out I was tryndamere and being pulled for five… @tofu_thots Tell me why we almost won a game but the enemy team had blitzcrank minions so they pulled me in differe… i love nexus blitz. It’s my favorite thing riot has ever done. But holy fuck the RNG is so fucking whacky. Some… TO BRING IT BACK BABYYYYYYYY for ending stream early gang. Drinking nothing but black coffee while eating only spicy food is a kind of a misplay I’ll be real @CrankGameplays HOLY FUCK THAT’S A REVERSE MUGGING
@serinide did she sandwich make kitchenhaving a gf is fuckin sick sometimes dudemy dad’s dead idiot. go ahead and try @MartinWongPhoto @serinide HYPEEEECOUPLE COSPLAY HYPEEEE am this close 🤏 to saying fuck it, streaming twice, and doing a music stream @daphitaphi AU NATTHIS SHIT BOUT TO BE HEAT WHEN I DROP IT (soon tm)
I just hope our immune systems don’t fail as bad as the Chainsmokers album.We can do two things on stream let’s have a vote to sway my decision @GeologyTime I’D LIKE MY TABLE RARE PLEASEmy league of legends career is over guys the world has found out i have a massive dumper to onlyfans i go 😔🎻 term microwave comes from its creator, michael roald waver, the first man to discover how to make old food taste worse
Retweeted by Skooch @ohhhhmyyyyyrib @TheFrostPrime 👁👁👁👁👁👁👁Would you guys judge me if I dye my hair two different colors because that shit is COOL as FUCK and I’m GONNA @rikognition I have not. But I have seen the Los Angeles Angels play live once and they got a grand slam so it was pretty sick @rikognition Television probably @syanne77 @syanne77 @serinide wait wtf nevermind @syanne77 thank you syanne i knew i could count on uBRO IF LA DON’T START WEARING MASKS SOON WE REALLY BOUT TO BE THE CITY OF ANGELS
yeah we both got cake, why do you think we’re dating each other?
Retweeted by Skoochi’m trying to film cute stuff for onlyfans and
Retweeted by Skoochwanna share the big tent? 🏕 ✨
Retweeted by Skooch @CaptainFlowers Agreed. Seed snipes are legendary and I will be playing her with dark harvest only for that exact reason.UPDATE: Just tried out lilia and lmfao nvm. She’s gonna be forgotten for being a champion with no sustain damage or…, IT'S ME BOWSER, STREAMING SOME VIDEO GAMES:
Retweeted by SkoochImagine being the people who spent all of their time and effort into making Lilia only to have her hype forgotten i…😭 @SkoochLoL
Retweeted by Skooch @tam_chaa Just kinda pulled him out and lifted him over the broken glass but ty for the tipON THE OTHERSIDE OF THE FREEWAY TYPO AHHH FUCKJust pulled a man out of a flipped car. He was ok, I don’t know what happened but his car smashed into the center d…
Just had to fully strip in order to take a dump in a stater bros how you doin