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skoog @Skoog Knoxville, TN

ok follow. idiot. writer? got a big ol' wagon. hey.

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@OffBrandHeels thank you so much @car_toast damn. hope everything works out for those two.Per the original tweet:
Retweeted by skoog @shannonsheehanx sry shannon @gracie_blizzard none @TinglesPussy some things just happen. i'm sry. @gwendumouchel the ouch is pretty large, yeah @TinglesPussy nobody hurt me, PussyTingles @ben_nowak17 like my father before me @ben_nowak17 i hate haters tbh @obviouslyamity no @gwendumouchel it has much business actuallypain @theroyallmess to make the world Feel @BittieBoss clout babeeeey @tomorowsmoney aw come on now @roxiqt just chilling. just being a real chill guy. that's what i do. is chill.60k followers? no. 60k people that have made a terrible, terrible decision. @j30553798 i couldn't agree more j30553798 @antisocialkelz my bwow this blew up. if you've never heard it, you should listen to "Church" by @alyandaj i'm listening to it right… @CACollingwood lol good to know @sophieg182 oh yeah no it got rough @jennna06 k cool. cool cool cool @roisinmack hey now @arkangyle clearly not @febreezefairy fun @geemilton you're my boy george @CookiesAndSouls @funflaps thnk u @natttwild c'mon manlotta people saying they cried reading this and i don't know if that's true but if it is... good @talialeahh ok @Jhojan010 joy @KaitlynCollier_ did it on a sunday originally but... yeah i get your point @jennna06 holy shit don't do that @MichaelOSteffan k but don't tho @tortleduv no you don't @sophieg182 you're welcome @ShortieD97 thank you so much @daehwihet hey. you canceled yourself. @waitwhat_gasp2 damn girl. thought you might want the power of poseidon over here but i guess not. @mars_arrianna just too wacky. the wackiest. @hedoobie unbelievable @daehwihet whoa whoa whoa. this is just why they don't deserve moons. @ChrisTomalty thank you so much"i'd do anything for you," i say. "i'd give you the moon." she smiles and pulls me close. "what the fuck would i do with the moon?" @everthinghurts it is now @LucyF3r8 1600 pennsylvania ave washington dc @wlspdf but you can @chunkyfila goals: ✅ make tweet that is art like big ass silver been @mostlysharks thanks nickylosing it at this @prisontatts maybe @notviking hey buddyjust discovered this man. i will never recover.
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@katielizabethjj it’ll be ok @on_da_spectrum lol yeah that shit is wild @AlyssaJPalmer no clue @abbyfloyd hmm? @FilipinaColada_ there’s no better time for it @grievable my b @thinkharderrr ope @Paronomaniac_SA k cool thanks 🙏 @iamwyatthall @alexiaaa_lee way to go making her read it too tho @rosebabyy_ stitch is also cake @TwilligBilly hemmingway can suck a fat one @ByYourLogic is that from something? @on_da_spectrum it’s a tweet man @Memphis_Mstar snacking on sadness @fhennerius cake @stephiesque sometimes cake is sadness. not this time tho. this time cake is death. @gardfeellasagna it’s terrible @INFPamela sounds about right @vampirebaby6 fer fun @_naraDee no idea @cryb0i boredom @edengjenkyn my b @stuuurling oh @holdmywhiskeyy and yet here it is @devastations c’mon buddy @kwordmeplease yup @simone0701 k @MagicTarbet_13 prolly not no @yeiseon lil bit yeah @Browtweaten lol i know it’s messed up if you don’t reply with a pin @chunkyfila sry man i dunno @gilltheamazon i mean i'm sry that happened to you but like... feelin pretty good about my writing abilities rn so @lormadi1 ok @gilltheamazon oh hell yes @lormadi1 k but like...maybe tho? @dylaina_ yeah.... yeah i know @helena_beaumont i deserved that @emilieboes ope apologies @kiraeileens wait no @wholesomdemigod the tweet stays @FerrantinoAlexa k sry @sierracallwood are you asking why a fictional character ages differently than you? @ElizabethGee2D2 aw for real? @wholesomdemigod money @aburridoms read my reply