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@SmartConsrvtive lol are you searching twitter for keywords so you can start shit? you're a goober @findingyayrv aw come on. it's a meme... @EmSchwegy fuzzy feet, no traction, needs to feel safe enough to run away @whatmaddness not only therapy but anti-depressants can help a ton. obviously i have no idea what the situation is… @SmartConsrvtive feels like that would make it worse tho @dxxnya zoom background babeyyyme and the homies once were allowed outside @findingyayrv damn... that's the perfect caption @_carlyb93 i say go for it @seanabides @Klovar holy shit im an idiot @xClitEastwoodx i got you boo @rockyourbroady miss youMe and skoog at Marie’s when we get the vaccine
Retweeted by Oh Skoog @SaltFund solid fucking goldthat alone has to be worth a 4 grand stim boy @xClitEastwoodx I WANNA STAND WIF YOU ON THE MOUNTAIN @xClitEastwoodx it's god's gift to us in troubling timesplaying it 15 times in a row to heal my broken brain @justky1018 @mayaisfiya @emaddeaux fair enough. you're a demon.this sea shanty craze has me thinking about this classic. it gives me chills every time. rn is like when your coworker fucks up and your boss notices, so you start busting your ass to look even bett…
Retweeted by Oh Skoog @justky1018 @mayaisfiya @emaddeaux "blech stop making a living and looking like an angel all the time" @megancgraham that owl just called you a liar mffour years of our lives. this turd occupied a space in our brain for four years. @megancgraham IF YOU'RE FLUENT YOUR BIO SHOULD SHOW IT NOT TELL IT @DrewFeller and then haters oversimplify and don't recognize the endearing qualities simultaneously written into each character-fluent in sarcasm -love tacos and margs -daddygang -"why am i even on here?" -"i bet i love football more than you… but the dating app world is so new to me and the psychology of it all is fascinating. like what tribe do your p… @drivingmemadi or you're trying to get fucked by a librarian @frankieplsrelax i apologizespecifically on dating apps, what is your intention if this is your chief attribute/interest? is it a lowest common… this point publically advertising an obsession with the office is like telling the world "I'm a late adopter who… @empireantzXx @crackwhore360 @viktheevegan also a compliment @empireantzXx @crackwhore360 @viktheevegan i've actually gotten this before. which is nice @frankieplsrelax grow up @AndrewsNotFunny yes. yes it is. @troy_lamas i got a media tabcoward’s ratio. nice. @justky1018 fair @justky1018 twitter has ruined your brain @ridha_____ exactly @dankvanna what happened?? @justky1018 it’s gross and i won’t apologize @scornedham goddammitbukkake videos disgust me @TheEpicDept Jeff Boot @StayLOVEleigh let it go @Jani__Gee i nod emphatically as i write another personal post that should probably be saved for my diary @mollywritescopy *validated @PallaviGunalan never heard sperm called that before goddammit skoog come on man @frankieplsrelax you grow up @frankieplsrelax because chaos @frankieplsrelax the office @stayinURlane21 she's an angelbabe are you ok? you've barely gaslighted all day @unacactus that makes me feel better. i do feel like she was a barn cat and had limited human interaction before me… @RonwellQDobbs yeah that's about where we're at @susannamllr she would ignore your sacrifice but that is the way of things @kronikcurtis yup....yyyyup @Klovar lotta weight on topi found your stash you addict literally rots your brain video is called "don't skip leg day" @saintyemmy i think this video is called "don't skip leg day" @onlyfronds a couple of cuties @JoeyMulinaro god damn it i'm so white. i love this @PissJugTycoon @CoolerRanchHeck jesushow do you guys get a thousand followers on here? and dont say "make good posts" im not doing that and neither are you
Retweeted by Oh Skoog @MarshStringer let's go baby @Chalk_Muncher oh my. chalk eater thinks i'm a cutie @justky1018 come overthis sounds like a setup to a bad joke
Retweeted by Oh Skoog @MelissaDistante SHE HAS FLOOFY GRINCH PAWS AND DOESN'T FEEL COMFORTABLE ON THE HARDWOOD BC SHE GETS NO TRACTION @justky1018 she will never let it happen. she is an enigma @yenknanyletak it's fine. i'll let her knowa tease only gets pet on rugs so i moved one closer to my desk. she still won’t get close enough for me to touch her… @deanboop like groundhog day but a little hornier @deanboop act like skoog time doesn’t know what revs your engine babyskoog time is rolling across the nation, rumbling and rambling, cozying up next to you, holding you by the nape of… @ellepierscionek mhm mmmmmhmever hear a song that is literally your life? @justky1018 ky timeI’m so glad a new generation is rediscovering the Marshawn Lynch at Applebee’s video.
Retweeted by Oh Skooghumans rock @CarlBovisNature i love you manFlying leg with a Lapwing attached..
Retweeted by Oh SkoogI just feel like maybe I need to cultivate seeking people in my life who aren’t drawn to experiences or hobbies for…
Retweeted by Oh Skoogthis is me tweeting @tylerdw @Codishaa @spencerhall494 @giannaoregano @Patrickopolis @mattjbutters @emilyandhercats and @tylerdw @dswainvevo likewise. and once again apologies. @dswainvevo i’m sorry this was too much. i got offended by the personal call out and that you dragged my genuine opinion. deletingImagine a little French girl named Cigarette
Retweeted by Oh Skoog @dswainvevo lol you quote tweeted me saying you were unfollowing me @dswainvevo oh so why didn’t you want to be friends if it’s the same thing? @styrojeff kinda feels like we’re on the same side here...
2021 if this triggered you i got bad news about the ex you dumped but are still friends with and i think you already know what it is... @dswainvevo civil distance also isn’t friendship. @dswainvevo are you coming at this situation from a place of offering the friendship or receiving it? how long was…