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Fresh out the slammer im a Flu Flammer

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@Treyarch I QUEUED FOR NUKETOWN 24/7 AND IT PUTS ME ON GARRISON I SWEAR TO GOD YALL ARE A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF FUCKING RETARDEDCasual COD is dead. That'll be my next vid but idk when that'll be Fuck @Activision, fuck everyone who works there…
Retweeted by FLU FLAMMER @Mako nothin maybe gaming but thats about it im a loser @Mako hi
Retweeted by FLU FLAMMER @madeintyo @IamMRMOSELY you fell off lol2 private quotes im gonna **** myselfMovement Meta 6
Retweeted by FLU FLAMMER @slamongfIobo @JhbTeam yo serna sup @JhbTeam good thing you just stuck to memes @may_wedda oh so you think you're funny? @may_wedda have you tried connecting it via USB @CUEARTT @puppyelise ? @choppagotrecoil @sophiesolit im not kidding i will triple you irl @sophiesolit hi @choppagotrecoil fuck you @CryptiicNo LOL @JERMAlNE especially ur virgin ass!! @FavsPriv yeah thats what I was mainly talking about, in your case it makes sense because you never bash people and… @vH9ZE you capping.Private accounts ruined this app @FavsPriv you just never shut up @peesh vouch dude hit radiant in like a fucking week LMFAO
@CryptiicNo @Boy1drr get him!!! @vF_KROADER @notchaselyons thoughts on this @JoeyTheSuperJew this shit is so popular in my neighborhood LOL @basedgodroman @Boy1drr what on earth did you just fucking say @HarryButAverage on god @Xouped @OpTic_Nadeshot u were 24 when u tweeted this @xoxabstract fuck the chips I just want him gone
@xoxabstract yooooo @YuhuuurSpam @JoeyTheSuperJew dude got lexieyuh to say his flannel was nice ONCE and this mf hasn't washed it since @CrypticNoOnee what is wrong with you @LazyBautista mine just make me look like a loser @peesh dude what the fuck @CorinnaKopf you should meet my friend cryptic @YuhuuurSpam dude got the SteelSeries PoopFlusher TKL @Yuhuuur @daiptix YOU TELL ME BRO I HAD FIRST SHOT AND EVERYTHING??? @Josh_Tries pulling my investments out @may_wedda @YuhuuurSpam Im so ugly that I havent even posted on Insta once, down terrible. @xoxabstract 500??? @UnRealChip @may_wedda @koordell yeah threads over @jakkuxd LMFAOOO @may_wedda @koordell EMOji? what about POPULARji? @may_wedda @koordell Almond? Joy? @Josh_Tries may's been gone were already in November! @may_wedda @koordell X, Y, Z? what are you trying to find the right spot for diamonds on minecraft? @may_wedda @koordell Froggy? Vee? @may_wedda @koordell It? Like the movie? @may_wedda @koordell Bobs? Like the two things on a girls chest? @may_wedda @koordell King? Like Burger King? @may_wedda @koordell Killer? Queen? @may_wedda @koordell speaking of which kordells IRLs are funny as hell LMFAO @may_wedda @koordell trix? like the cereal? @may_wedda @koordell find? like finding nemo? @may_wedda @koordell samman? what about flounder? @may_wedda @koordell gold fish? what about silver fish? bronze fish? @may_wedda @koordell fish? like go fish? @may_wedda @koordell bait? what are we playing valorant? @koordell the streets loving this one fr they all agree @h3RE_ @koordell yes @koordell he has one good song thats corny as hell and now hes falling off 😭 @koordell Polo G is the 2020 version of Macklemore @Boltsiola @SamManlol @DarienBMG im sure dafran is terrified of his spot being taken. @Yuhuuur I feel so bad for these companies they're just doing their job and they dont know how troll the internet is LMFAO @Boy1drr @Yuhuuur @may_wedda sbmm is so odd bro like one game ill drop 60 and the next game I go against twitter users in respawn
@Yuhuuur I HAD TO MUTE YOU MFS IN GAME BECAUSE YALL DONT STFU WHEN IM ON MAIN STAGE FLIPPING THE COIN!!! @Yuhuuur I DIDNT HAVE A KNIFE I HAD TO PICK ONE UP LMFAO @Froste @may_wedda @Valkyrae thank god she aint ever seeing me down that bad @xoxabstract You look foward to a man saying poggers to your ass, do not speak to me about being a loser woman. @may_wedda @Valkyrae ... @Mako @Class ? @may_wedda @xoxabstract LOL @may_wedda @xoxabstract weird flex @xoxabstract I love saying twitch emotes hellooooo @Valkyrae oh my god I love gojo we have so much in common lolIm installing overwatch again @FavsPriv can u unblock me on cashapp @ELPWSwastaken @Yuhuuur didnt u get first rounded you budget xqc @Schovee @Yuhuuur yeah I feel like if I knew how to play with a sub or AR in that game we could of had a better cha… @Yuhuuur thats it tho, I fucking suck at SnD LOL I was always a respawn player @Yuhuuur if the next one a sniper tourney im taking it home @Josh_Tries @Pro_SakaiTama I may have lost, but I was pamaj on the field... @Class REAL SHIT @TristanGHill WTF IS THAT DOGSHIT TWEET LMFAO @Class get the sponsor to sponsor a community tourney fr @Yuhuuur I cant believe it lagged my flick in this smh @finalmouse ur next mouse is gonna suck ass and ur game is gonna be a budget kovaaks we dont care bro!! @may_wedda @CryptiicNo gaming is your priority and you left it, thats like cheating on your girl. @may_wedda @CryptiicNo u flaked on me last time @CryptiicNo me and you have to team for the gunfight tourney fr fr @CryptiicNo fr he dont know what the streets like @Blathanos idk anything about it but I would trust this guys opinion the most @CorinnaKopf @CrypticNoOnee LMFAOOOOOOOOOO @leahdb98 I watch a lot of his streams guy is so innocent @Pro_SakaiTama by 2 months @jakkuxd @leahdb98 @leahdb98 cant believe they made him cry... @Schovee @may_wedda carried snooze