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Fresh out the slammer im a Flu Flammer

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@iMercii_ @may_wedda dont find a good team mate please @KnownAsLit @may_wedda I mean if I get beat by a cs/val player (not you) I might aswell just quit @KnownAsLit @may_wedda mean what @KaleiRenay @OnTheFlyTwitch @Bluex controller on pc is cheating sorry @nCaustic_ LOOOOOOOOOOOLMe and Archuro (@may_wedda) will be running this tourney. Good luck to anyone who cant do anything but hold an angle. @may_wedda delete and rt mine. @may_wedda u literally just stole my tweet dumbassGood luck. @peesh SHITTYBOYZZZZ @may_wedda ur soooo mad omg @may_wedda yeah cuz the wrong mouse is why ur aim is bad lololol @may_wedda no shes shay! @may_wedda ... @ookrach ok @Froste dude are you okay @katiebvg @xoxabstract @drixburger ok? @xoxabstract LOL THANK YOU FOR BUMPING @larryg092 @katiebvg @diamondswet999 @Froste @Stretched go off get this dumbass @katiebvg @larryg092 @diamondswet999 @Froste thats me in my pfp hey @JERMAlNE literally already know who ur talking about @Froste @katiebvg go off daddy oh my god @liImorg can u be apart of everybody and stfu @Mako @Avalanche100T @MyFavsTrash HOLYYYYYYY @may_wedda @koordell @Akademiks your shirts are the same size as shower curtains @may_wedda @koordell @Akademiks you felt this one didnt you? @Avalanche100T am I not enough? @WhosBreezyUK @JERMAlNE my mouth hurts from sucking dick you should look into that @WhosBreezyUK @JERMAlNE my arms hurt from work you should look into that @WhosBreezyUK @JERMAlNE my dick hurts from having sex you should look into that @WhosBreezyUK @JERMAlNE a lot of outside is you should look into it @Icy_Rapture @may_wedda who @may_wedda @shivisdumb LOOK AT GC @may_wedda this sucked私に日本の雌犬を必要とする!
Retweeted by FLU FLAMMER @may_wedda @yodogloI @SamManlol bk is actually good @jackiereyz lol got you @jackiereyz made you look lol @jackiereyz DID U CHECK DUMBASS @jackiereyz CHECK @jackiereyz check dms @may_wedda @liImorg @jackiereyz WOAH WOAH WOAH SLOW IT DOWNNNNNN @may_wedda @jackiereyz @xoxabstract me under them @jackiereyz @xoxabstract MAKE HER THROW IT BACK ONTO YOUR FINGERS @may_wedda im iconic @Exocism_ @JhbTeam @100Thieves @Nadeshot @Blackbeard im a exo fan I cant even lie @jackiereyz cool? @JhbTeam @100Thieves @Nadeshot @Blackbeard im funnier than him, better at video games (beat hikos aim labs scores),… @JhbTeam u literally just copied me @liImorg Gonna cry? Gonna piss you pants? Maybe? Maybe shit and cum? @optiuh LOLLMFAOOOO
Retweeted by FLU FLAMMER @JhbTeam @liImorg go off @liImorg @liImorg @liImorg @liImorg @liImorg @liImorg @liImorg @liImorg @liImorg
@zyereikcaj you one of the only females I can say that to and you wont get offended LOL @zyereikcaj these are literally the easiest transitions @zyereikcaj you look like one of those girls from chinese tik tok that walk down the street and get recorded but not as attractive @Froste @aimlab WOOOOO!! AIM LABS UP!! @liImorg anyways @aimlab loving the game especially this feature!! @peekm1d @Boy1drr @Schovee you cant aim off the buy menu @Schovee @Boy1drr @peekm1d who the fuck came in the background LMFAO @Boy1drr @peekm1d @Schovee all i see is two clips of people walking into a crosshair zzz. @may_wedda @Froste WHAT DID U EVEN TRY TO SAY LMFAO @Classify happy birfday nommnoomnomnomn @Froste god its so hot when you tweet like this I wanna just cum @xoxabstract @CrypticNo aint this you? @xoxabstract @liImorg does it make you wet? @xoxabstract @liImorg yes LMFAO @liImorg ratioed by me playing csgo @liImorg @may_wedda ik who and they said they are super scared of you @liImorg @may_wedda dumbass @liImorg @may_wedda but you care... about mine? fan. @liImorg @may_wedda u brought it up first??? @liImorg @may_wedda I get more likes on a cod vid than you posting your ass @liImorg @may_wedda 6k followers and average less than 10 likes @liImorg anyways wassup dawg @may_wedda @may_wedda @liImorg not even gonna post a vid literally just no one cares @may_wedda @liImorg dont care stan shoreline mafia @may_wedda @liImorg dont care stan SHITTYBOYZ @liImorg never come back @xkendizzle let jhb plow you @xkendizzle I do mind @dagostlno @Boltslol @nate_tidal no wonder you're both gay it makes sense @aimlab HELL YEAH BABY GRIND TIME!!! @JoeyTheSuperJew dont care @Froste @may_wedda what was clappin on my dick last night then? @WhosBreezyUK @FaZe_Rain *spits down your throat* @LazasBautista @100TJackiee @oFabz BRO I DEADASS THOUGHT IT WAS YOU LMFAO @100TJackiee @LazasBautista wait is this fabio?? @100TJackiee is this you LMFAO @LazasBautista