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anna @skyafk my couch

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tell ur 5th @ your first impression of them @whytrynasty BRUH ALL U BB ONG @beckalols Love u ty ❤️❤️
has anyone read the awakening (Kate Chopin) @evecantspell OMG THANK U BABE ❤️ @eIliely right back at ya ❤️ @hiinicolee THANK YOUU ❤️❤️ @laylakabz I like you too 😳 @sh4njuan ty ❤️😳🥺 @MYSTlCDREAM @TikoFn @qtNeo @Salma81115527 @gamergalblondie hope u had a good bday ms pretty ❤️snap saw it first, @ your crush ❤️ tell them how you feel @MixTheLegend u did
@Cented7 I gotchu guys @AggroSaiyan faze @Bxrry don’t listen to the haters, they’re fans @carysyui your style is immaculatealways put yourself first
Retweeted by anna @akaSierraaa you are perfectI fucking love this song
@egirlalana Tired asfff 🥱 @fadedwyd sheeesh omg ty 🤍 @cozella_ UR SO SEXY OMGGG 😩 @Bxrry love to see ittt @kaylinnss right back at ya ;) @fadedwyd Hi @xAlicias I ask that abt u all the time @Douryy 👍 @irrick_ok_ W @zelxys :D @egirlalana how are you sweetieee🥺❤️ @xAlicias omg higood morning cuties @sinixwyd thank you 🥺❤️ @Bxrry I’m cryingrip fishy/zeus you will forever be loved and missed ❤️ :( you were a good one
@Bxrry hi @sinixwyd go off @itsbredit I’ll be there @zelxys yessir :) @zelxys Apush is AP US history ahah @egirlalana now and now #newlyweds @lispynose @xAlicias yeah i remember how u talked abt how u wanted to drive her around in ur most expensive and nic… @TearFPS ur right it’s bad @itsbredit well it was supposed to become my main one but I had to keep logging back into the other one for either… @egirlalana ilym omg ty. Wanna get married? @EboyKale no I am @sinixwyd okay :) @lispynose @xAlicias no 😪 but ty for sending me that gift basket when I was crying my eyes out @zelxys APUSH, pilgrim church, physics, Spanish 3 honors @lispynose @xAlicias vouch, thanks for letting me borrow your GTR so I could impress that guy I liked @itsbredit I kept logging in between the two so they banned me for that :/ @TearFPS not really but kinda so yeah but no kinda like yes and no but yes at the same time with no but kinda so mhm @EboyKale oh I’m anna :D @jittefy imyt @fadedwyd @anna_shumate Aw I appreciate it 🥺❤️ @itsbredit did u not see my story? My new snap got banned, do u have my main one added still? @ryl3ighh hi ms cutie @sh4njuan f l a w l e s s @itsbredit ur very good @ talking to ppl I’ve noticed @hiinicolee Elite @abbyyyx3 you’re so pretty omg @wydesk I passed my license test with a 97% @jittefy hi @fadedwyd Meee @xAlicias I do @Douryy 🥺 @EboyKale hi there @egirlalana I have a crush on u @itsbredit yk bredit I think you’re onto something here @fadedwyd good morning faded @YTReZess I do have school @Douryy really? Relatable 💩I’m so tired I’m so tired I’m so tired I’m so tired I’m so tired I’m so tired I’m so tired I’m so tired I’m so tire… @ilyLazaro goo offf @miiawrld @Cented7 @xkajcx ur so stunning
daily quote for you guys: ❤️ Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who trea… :)) come say hi
@fadedwyd hii @YTReZess good hbu @StrasicB hi hi @draydenrr Hey :)hi cuties @Estherbutpriv omg right back at u hottie ❤️ @Douryy :D @abbyyyx3 ILYYY @anastwasia it rly be hard 😪 @MalHerself ILYYY @illvsn sick
@speedzfn @EclipseGob :( @fadedwyd hi hru faded @irrick_ok_ <3 @sh4njuan thanks babes 🥺🤍 but all you @KnownAsAmy oh shit hi baddie @EclipseGob @speedzfn neverIf you knew better you’d do better 🥱 u have to give up on people not because you don’t care but because they don’t.