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@bellestardust Quick switchover to Nicktoons (whatever nicks your toons)the current ad campaign for Froot Loops: “Whatever Froots Your Loops”
Retweeted by Skylar Spence @kittaveli Do I have to change my artist name again because I totally agree @bellestardust Yeah this has completely been a shooting star in a shit filled sky*ad for These Difficult Times...* followed by playing the music video for “Candy Rain” for some reason is the best thing I’ve seen on TV all day. And I watched TV all day. @DomMcLennon What the fuck?!
@bellestardust what about Maps & Atlases
Retweeted by Skylar Spence @VAPERROR Manifest the Jazzwe should focus our energy to the legislative and judicial branch. We’ve spent so much time worrying about the exec…
Retweeted by Skylar Spence"I will stay on the ballot in all remaining states and continue to gather delegates... We must continue working to…
Retweeted by Skylar SpenceThank you @BernieSanders for pushing common sense politics into the system. it has taken a toll, and required treme…
Retweeted by Skylar Spence @pooldad Wow this is the most contagious tweet @jedwill1999 Thank YOU so much are you kidding you just saved the world @TBLskylar Thanks for the follow I hope you don’t mind that I’m gonna be tweeting about this until my hands are numb 😍😍😍😍😍FROMTHEHEART on Spotify on Apple Music @FalafelRapper I’ve thought overwhelmingly positive thoughts about it! My switch has not been charged for over a we… something and get the day started. @FalafelRapper 😂😂😂 I have not felt like starting days lately, but...🥳 ME 🥳 the @theFTHproject album drops tonightttt goodness @skylar__spence got me all hyped up about this bruh im so ex…
Retweeted by Skylar SpenceOne of my favorite songs of all time is coming out tonight!!! I cannot wait to share the love I have for all these… of the Year incoming 👀👀👀 @AestheticsPlus_ @skylar__spence When he said “I kept on sinning but I felt like a saint”
Retweeted by Skylar SpenceWhen I’m listening to “Can’t You See” by @skylar__spence & he said “Slowed some music down & called myself an artis…
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@joshua_bote does that mean i need three drake verses? or will the standard "two drake verses and a drake chorus" work here @joshua_bote drake 3 times lmao @umru_ @ericslickmusic look at you, UNFLAWED now look at me, plain overawed!!!!“wild horses” by @Prefabsprout
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@JJaccuzi @YouTube Tigerfor the past week, twitter has been this neil cicierega song I was on tour with @skylar__spence, @youngyeller_ and @___declan___ in 2015, we bought a used copy of the albu…
Retweeted by Skylar SpenceToday I want to talk about Burt Bacharach. Every time I listen to any of his songs I get extremely frustrated becau…
Retweeted by Skylar SpenceOne nice thing last week was having so many people come together to share favorite adam schlesinger songs. I though…
Retweeted by Skylar Spence @yungestbae 😭♥️ @peterberkman @ultimatwo @SPF420_inc pro DJ? @pretzelhead11 I’m playing “Unhappy” 10000% lmaoGET WELL JOHN 😭
Our friend @skylar__spence kindly gave us this copy when we met at Electronicon in Brooklyn last summer. At this to…
Retweeted by Skylar Spence🤯 Pit & @anamanaguchi present #NetherMeant Saturday, April 11 6PM EST performances by @americfootball
Retweeted by Skylar Spencesometimes DAVE is the only MATTHEWS BAND that can get your mind off everything else.
Retweeted by Skylar Spence @skylar__spence yo lol did you see his sponsored VERIZON PERISCOPE CONCERT where he played acoustic guitar in his a…
Retweeted by Skylar Spence @skylar__spence this is the only proof i have
Retweeted by Skylar Spence @VektroidLive ALL THE PROOF YOU NEED!!!! @VektroidLive when did this happen!??! @VektroidLive imagine getting any of this? @VektroidLive never forget
2020 @worldofequip !!!! @100pelectronicaliterally @peterberkman WHAT!!! @ashleyninelives ok so i thought there were two possible answers to this tweet and you have provided a third, super… @bellestardust A N Y S O N GZOOM ZOOM ZOOM @skylar__spence loud and clear brother
Retweeted by Skylar Spence @peterberkman @peterberkman hear me out... @jedwill1999 Fmagic the Hgathering @trillmoregirls @johnvvariety remember when rock was fuckin crazy
@Skeletonlipsti1 Woah i stepped away to eat dinner idk whats playing rn! I’m new to discord too :) @peterberkman Sicko/LocrianRoll something and get the day started.
Retweeted by Skylar Spence @daydream_deluxe There ain't no rules it's up to you! ;)Here goes nothing, playing some of my favorite records and you're welcome to join and chat ♥️ is some advice, might be obvious, might be wrong, but it has been true for me in distressing sad times: It’s…
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2020 something and get the day started. @MyPetFlamingoUK Could it be Hit VibeS(crawling across the vast wastelands of 2025 AD, Flea is my only companion, he has elected to ride on my back like…
Retweeted by Skylar Spence @tupacdurex @Roman_a_clef LONG LIVE!!!!!
2020 band ivy, one of adam schlesinger's many beautiful projects, provided pivotal inspiration to us at the moment w…
Retweeted by Skylar SpenceFUCK. Marr brought the mix of William it was really nothing over during the WLBD session – we then headed off to Di…
Retweeted by Skylar SpenceThe first time I heard Goodbye Lucille, Paddy sat at a piano and my brother Michael and his mate Paul Dent were chi…
Retweeted by Skylar SpenceAlways loved Wendy’s “Turn back the clock” at 3.32 – it’s chromatic and doesn’t resolve on the expected note #timstwitterlisteningparty
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@willycrooks 😳 @EnlightOne @Sneakyness i def didn't ban @Sneakyness i only just learned how to change a link lol @Sneakyness tf? it works for me?You know what time it is until I keel over from not eating! @Sneakyness thxICYMI: CASH WEDNESDAY @skylar__spence LIVE ON SPF420
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@timjawnders not aside from agreeing on such a cringy track title lolI know that I will probably really like The new 1975 song, "“Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America", but I am not going to be listening @KemonoGalleria @skylar__spence I still can hardly believe that album is real sometimes. So much of what I loved ab…
Retweeted by Skylar Spencelistening to @skylar__spence Mannequin Challenge again. It's got that crunchy texture that I can't get enough of!
Retweeted by Skylar Spence'DJing indefinitely on my discord" time! @feldou again, pinching myself @feldou yes and could i be considered on the longlistNot enough people. Music is dying!!!